Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f Comes to PS Vita Today

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Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f Comes to PS  Vita Today

PS Vita owners, rejoice! The big day is finally here, and Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f is available today for download on PlayStation Store for PS Vita in North America!

The game releases on PSN today for $29.99, and for all you European readers, it will be available next week on March 12th in Europe! If you’ve never heard of this game before, here are the basics: Take the world’s most popular digital singer, add in over 30 of her most beloved songs, turn it all into a super-addictive rhythm game, and you’ve got Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f. We released the game last August on PS3, and following huge support from fans, we’re so excited to finally bring you all the PS Vita version of the game today!

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f on PS Vita

We’re also very excited to announce our DLC Cross-Buy promotion, effective immediately for anyone who owns the Snow Miku 2013 DLC or the Extra Characters Pack DLC for the PS3 version of the game. If you already own this DLC content, you’ll unlock it for free when you pick up the PS Vita version of the game! (And vice versa, if you pick it up for PS Vita first.)

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f also comes with a built-in video editor mode, aptly titled “Edit Mode” – here, you can build your very own rhythm game tracks and music videos with all the in-game tools at your disposal! PS Vita owners will also be able to share and download their Edit Data with PS3 users!

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f on PS Vita

Some of you were wondering if we’d bring out the Extra Songs Pack in the West – and we’re happy to confirm not only that it’s available today, but that we’ll be releasing it for only $9.99! We lowered the price on this compared to the Japanese release, because we wanted to ensure that PS Vita owners weren’t paying any more for the full Project Diva experience than their PS3 brethren. We hope you all will enjoy it!

This pack includes the songs below, with four difficulties for each:

  • Tell Your World (By livetune)
  • Tokyo Teddy Bear (By Neru)
  • Dream-Eating Monochrome Baku (By Nem)
  • Sweet Devil (By Hachioji P)
  • Rin-Chan Now! (By Owata P & sezu)
  • Senbonzakura (By Kurousa P (White Flame) )

Thank you all so much for helping this Miku dream of ours come true. You’ve been nothing but supportive from the first day we asked for your likes and shares on our Facebook post, and since then, we’ve come all the way to the launch of Project Diva, not just on PS3, but finally today, on PS Vita, too.

It’s a journey we’re so humbled to have made, and so thankful to have traveled with all of you behind us and supporting us.

Happy Miku Vita Launch Day, everyone, and thank you, once more!

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  • Great! Now get this team back to work localizing Yakuza 5!

    • Haha, I recognize you! ;) Good to see you around here too, Deek! (And to answer your question, sorry – no news on Yakuza 5, but good work with your fan tumblr!)

  • yay! Cant afford it right now but i’ll definitely be getting it soon

  • 5PM EST can’t come soon enough. Can’t wait to put my money down and support this franchise. Sincerely hoping PDf2nd is next on the docket, and we eventually get localization announcements alongside new Project Diva title announcements so as to save me importing every Japanese version at launch, haha.

    Thanks so much to the team that made this happen, and a sincere thanks to Sega for making what must be the best annualized franchise continue to be great for nearly five full years. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store.

    • +10 points for the kind words, and another +10 for supporting the series. Thank you Liam – it’s thanks to fans like you supporting us that the story behind this game unfolded as it did, and we appreciate that more than a starving man appreciates a surprise new york style cheesecake.

  • Great news!

    Lets go for the 3rd Project diva F platinum ^^

  • I’ve been refreshing the PS Store all morning waiting for this to show up. I’ve wanted it since it came out in Japan. PS3 version is a no go for me because my wife will kill me if she has to listen to it.

    • Thank you in advance for supporting the game, Matsu, and hopefully in time your wife can be slowly swayed over to the dark side. :) (And by dark side, I mean the most excellent side of addicting musical goodness.)

  • So the day has finally come….It seems like only yesterday when you came on this blog Aaron and announced a Vita version of Project Diva f was coming to NA. I will definitely be picking this up when the store updates later today (and I am very tempted to get that DLC as well).

    Thanks again for bringing this title over!!
    (now, about that Phantasy Star Online 2….)

    • Right? Time does fly… but you know, I really appreciate that you remember that, Blizzard. Thank YOU for sticking with us every step of the way and being here to support us now.

  • I can’t wait for this. Thank you for bringing it. Hopefully it won’t be too long for PS4 Miku game ^.^

  • Project Diva f for Vita contains the same tracks from the PS3 version, minus the Extra Songs Pack (This was included free with the PS3 release) right?

    • Almost, yes! Since the PS3 version has those tracks included and a higher price point ($50), we wanted to ensure that PS VITA owners weren’t paying any more than their PS3 counterparts to get the exact same amount of content.

  • @Matsurosuka just a heads up, the store doesn’t usually update until around 2pm PST (5pm EST).

    • If you get too bored waiting, just let me know – we can just watch awesome cat videos on YouTube all day.

  • Not touching another SEGA title until you people get your a$$es in gear and bring out PSO2. I’ll take it on PC even. And what ever happened to the Shining Series in the west? This company does nothing but squander its IPs and then complain about Western penetration. Well, you won’t penetrate if you don’t even try, and not everything can be a hit. But hey, we’ll get another 5/10 Sonic game next year. I’m actually quite a positive and enthusiastic consumer, but SEGA could take several lessons from TecmoKoei or even Bamco in how to utilize their IPs outside of Japan.

    Or just wither away into obscurity. That’s also an option, and the path they’re headed toward.

    • Hey Christian – thanks for the comment!

      While I don’t work on PSO2 or anything related to Shining Force, I was a big (read: really big) PSO fan, and played the originals for a good 3-5k hours across different platforms. As to SF, I only heavily played the Genesis versions, but I really loved those.

      One thing that I do want to note is that a title like Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA f isn’t something you’d probably expect to see here in the West. We worked really hard to try and bring this series out for you all, and I hope you can share in the joy that Miku fans can have today at seeing the game release. I appreciate your dedication!

  • You have my support once again for Project Diva f. Bought the PS3 version on release and will do the same for Vita.
    You can tell a lot of love and care went into this game from its artistically crafted cinematography for each video and thoughtful button presses that goes perfectly with the beat of each song.
    Project Diva F was my personal Game of the Year for 2013, not The Last of Us or GTA V. Even though those two games have unique experiences of their own, Project Diva F kept me coming back to better my performance with each song with its addictive gameplay.
    Hope to see Project Diva F 2nd in the West soon, you will definitely have my support once again!

  • I dont see it on my PS Store on my Ps vita what should i do to get this
    Im super excited to play this game

  • Looking forward to getting this today. :)

    Obligatory “We want Yakuza 5 and Phantasy Star Online 2 to come to the US” comment. ;)

    • Glad to hear, Moses.

      And ha, I was just thinking we hadn’t had enough obligatory comments like that yet… ; )

  • Awesome! Going for my second Platinum with this game! Will Project Diva f 2nd come to the states?

    • Nice, good luck Chrismo! (And congrats on your first platinum.) Thank you for supporting titles like Miku. No word on F 2nd from my side, but supporting the first game and picking it up is the best way to tell SEGA that you want to see it!

  • Great! I wish there was a PS3+Vita bundle to download as well.

    • All feedback is appreciated! :) Thanks in advance for supporting Miku, Pancakes!

      … your name has me really hungry for pancakes, now.

      (Whoops, I accidentally posted this below as a regular comment. This is what happens when Pancakes and hunger get involved.)

  • All feedback is appreciated! :) Thanks in advance for supporting Miku, Pancakes!

    … your name has me really hungry for pancakes, now.

    • This comment is a mistake and I fully blame the thought of delicious pancakes covered in melting butter with gooey syrup dripping down the sides.

  • exelente, ya quiero que se actualize la ps store para comprarlo, ¡Gracias SEGA! :)


  • Instant buy + dlcs ! Can we get some miku/vocaloids psn avatars too?

    • Thank you for supporting the series, Alarion! No word on PSN Avatars right now, but it is something we’re checking out!

  • Thank you for supporting the series, Alarion! No word on PSN Avatars right now, but it is something we’re checking out!

  • Also obligatory “pls bring pdf2nd tot he west too!”. You da man aaron, you can do it! :D

    • When you guys pick up games like Project DIVA, you speak the loudest in support of these kinds of titles! Thanks again for doing so. :)

  • Thank you so much for bringing Hatsune Miku to Vita!! I can’t express how glad and excited I’m to get this game today as soon as I come from work. I was not a Miku fan a few months ago, until a friend of mine introduced me with her songs and I fell in love of the game….Now here I am waiting for the store to be updated in order to purchase it on the release date!

    Happy Miku release date for everyone!!

    • That’s really awesome! Thanks for sharing that story – we expected there would be many people who were probably being introduced to Miku for the first time with the game or the music this year, so hearing that directly is really nice.

      Thank you so much for supporting the series, Pith!

  • is the Vita Demo releasing today? I promised I’d give it a try and if I like I’ll get it, but I wanted to wait for a Vita demo to try the version I’d have ended up buying if I do.

    • Yes indeed! Give it a whirl – start on Easy, then hit up Normal as soon as you clear it! Hope you have fun.

  • Any chance we can get some Project Diva avatars like the japanese store?

  • Wait so the extra song pack is just the songs labeled extra on the PS3 version?
    Anyway planning on downloading it later in the week, as soon as I get some extra cash, and I make some room on my vita (probably finish my vita save of The Walking Dead)
    Also really contemplating on downloading F 2nd when it hits the JPN store, unless Sega announces a U.S release soon after the JPN release
    So about that PSO2, Yakuza 5 and Ishin localization?

    • Hi Hayter – yes, that’s right. Since the PS3 version has a higher price point and comes with these songs, we adjusted the prices for VITA to make sure that you wouldn’t be paying any more than a PS3 owner would when you finally picked up every piece of content. Thanks in advance for supporting it, it really does make a difference!

  • Hello Aaron.

    I have my money ready for Miku, I’m just waiting the PSN update of today to start downloading the game and the DLC.

    Thank you for bringing Miku again and let’s hope we can have more news from her again soon :)

  • I hate to go off topic but I cannot see a Japanese Sega game being released in America without bringing it up, is there any news for Yakuza 5? Yakuza is one of my favorite franchises and I’m still counting on seeing more of them come to America.

    • No worries, though I don’t have any news on that title, sorry! I had the pleasure of getting to work on Yakuza 3 and 4, and really loved those games.

  • My account is ready for the Miku.
    One quetion, I recall you mentioning that the AR Cards would be made available in some form (I do believe a .pdf would be appropriate, eh?), any news on that?

    • That’s right! Good memory. :)

      We’ll be releasing those on our Project DIVA f website, as well as introducing a new interactive community element called the “Mikustream”, where you can submit pictures you take using Project DIVA f’s portrait mode, which will show up on our official page!

  • I have a question; is it true that this game is region exclusive? If it is, then I cannot buy the game because I live in Malaysia, so I will be using Asian store… I really like this game a lot… so… is there any chance for this game to come to Asia?

    • Our release today is for North America. I’ll check in to see if there’s any news about it being available in Malaysia!

  • Well that`s another game to add to my Vita library. Will be buying this and its DLC when my paycheck gets deposited later this week.

  • Can I buy only the DLC on EU PSN and play it with my japanese retail edition of Diva f?

    • I’m pretty sure the DLC is tied to region, but I’ll need to double check to confirm. That said, the EU version will be coming out next week, on March 12th!

  • Uuuuuuugh. I can’t wait till 5 PM! I don’t have the PS3 version to tide me over! I am glad we’re getting it. I am. Really. Why do you update so late, Sony? Why?

    • Thanks for the support, Pariah! :) Here’s to hoping the time goes quickly today so you can play soon!

  • Thank god for sickness. Emotional zombiez, KOing Meth Tweekers and Vocaloid goodness!

  • Any idea about its download size?

    • Yes!

      The full game will be about 2.5 GB. If you want to download all the DLC, be sure to free up about 3.2 GB and you should be fine!

  • @30 No it wont, if you have a japanese edition you need to get the Japanese DLC
    You can go here to playasia to get JPN cards, will cost a few bucks more for example a 1000 yen card (roughly $10) will cost $15

  • AAAARGH!!! Update the store! I needs to get my Miku on! LOL. Off work for Mardi Gras, I can’t wait to get the Vita version. I broke down over the weekend and bought the PS3 version and am addicted. I can’t explain why… and I’m horrible at this game, but I can’t stop playing it. Does anyone know if the saves transfer? It’d be nice if my unlocks were available on the Vita version, but I guess it’s not a big deal if not.

  • I have a question about the price difference of the US and EU versions.
    Why is it 36,99€ in Europe?
    That’s far too expensive if you look at the exchanges between US Dollar and Euro.
    29,99$ (US Price) are ~22€.
    That’s 15€ more than people in America are paying!
    The PS3 ver. had a fair price with 49,99$ in the US and 44,99€ in Europe.
    Why this difference now?

  • I never played a Hatsune Miku game. But the trailer caught my eye. Is there a demo available so that I can try before I buy?

  • @33 the JPN store says its about 3.3GB, throw in the DLC and its might be closer to 4GB

  • @StalkerD look on the PSN store, there is definitely a PS3 demo. It’s pretty good, too. It had several songs to try out but it’s missing all of the side stuff (like the Diva Room, which honestly I feel a little creepy about… but I think I like it.) Not sure about a Vita demo, though.

  • Yay! I bought a ps3 for this game so of course i bought a vita for this version as well! Nice to know the price is reduced from the ps3 version! So… I’m assuming we’re not getting the DLC with popipo and the kuro and toro customization items that was available as DLC for the Japanese version.

    I’ll be waiting for an announcement of the sequel. Also what time does the psn update and is it going to be possible to transfer save files?

    • You bought both a PS3 and a VITA just to play Miku? That is some dedication! Very impressed, seriously.

      No news on the Popipo DLC from Japan, and even though that one wasn’t possible, we did our best to make sure we brought over as much content as we could.

      Thanks so much for your constant support of the series!

  • finaIly, I’ve been expecting your blog post Aaron
    now I can finally download dlc because my import version won’t run any dlc from Japans store

    I’ll buy this in a heartbeat. in day one.. Nooooo it’s an hour one download

    • Thanks for waiting! Really appreciate the support, Divine – and hope your download goes as fast as possible today. :)

  • I cannot wait for the store to update. My wallet is ready for Miku and so is my memory card.

    Thank you guys so much for localizing this.

  • Whats the Vita download size?

  • Wooooooo Now get working on Project Diva F 2nd! :D Definitely getting this and already have PDF 2nd preordered from Japan which is out at the end of the month!!! Will definitely pick it up again when it gets localized!! Can’t wait! :D

    • Thanks for picking it up, Sackboy! Picking up a copy of the Western release is the best way to support the growth of the Miku game series here!

  • And I just wanted to say it’s very kind of you to read and reply to all these comments!

  • wait so the dlc is cross buy but not the game right? I have this on ps3 and the snow miku dlc

    • That’s right – the Snow Miku 2013 DLC and the Extra Characters Pack are both supported by Cross-Buy, so if you own those on PS3, you’ll get them automatically on VITA.

  • Really been looking forward to playing this on my Vita. Gonna buy and download as soon as I get out of class today :D

  • Aaron can you explain if pdf will share the trophy list with the Jp version? This will decide if I buy the game or not

    • Separate trophies between the West and Japan! (And separate trophies between the PS3 and VITA version, too.)

  • I’m so getting this when it’s posted to the PSN! I’ve had the Japanese release since its release back in 2012, but I was annoyed when the PS3 release came out that it had more songs that I couldn’t get. I’m happy that I don’t have to get a PS3 now just for this game and those additional songs.

    With that said with the game itself I’mma get that $10 song pack and play the heck out of the ‘new’ songs.

    I have one question though: When I purchase and download this US localized version of Project Diva F will it be able to access the same save data file that my Japanese cart can? I’d prefer to not start over since I have a few songs on ‘hard’ where I’ve achieved EXCELLENT status. Not easy to do for me.


    • Thanks for supporting the series in the West, Shigg!

      The save data will be separate between the Japanese and US versions, but the good news is that also means you get an entirely new set of trophies too.

  • Thanks for listening to the fans! I hope it really pays off for you!

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