Persona 5 and More Confirmed for PS3 in North America

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Persona 5 and More Confirmed for PS3 in North America

Persona 5

I’ve gotten your emails, your tear-stained letters, your carrier pigeons, and the erstwhile smoke signal. We’ve read them, and we — finally — can fully and officially reply to them with the best kind of confirmation ever: ATLUS is bringing three new Persona games to the PlayStation family starting in fall of 2014.

“But John,” you’ll ask, “what are these new Persona games of which you speak?” Well, I’m glad you asked that, illusory writing device! Let’s just cut right to the quick. Persona 5 is coming. In 2015. And will be the first Persona RPG developed for the PlayStation 3 system. That’s about all we know about the game, because the plot, characters, and everything about it is being kept under wraps. The one thing we do know is that series director Katsura Hashino hinted that the storyline will be about throwing off the chains of oppression to find one’s true self. But how that theme is addressed in Persona 5? We have no idea.

Persona 4 Arena UltimaxPersona 4 Arena Ultimax

Next up, we have the sequel to Persona 4 Arena ­­– the hit fighting game for PS3. The number “2” isn’t powerful enough for all the awesome new content in this game, so we’re calling it Persona 4 Arena Ultimax. What does Ultimax entail? A brand new story mode that continues the plot of the original, new fighting modes, the inclusion of classic Persona 3 characters Junpei Iori and Yukari Takeba. Oh, and new to the series is the mysterious, scarred, red-headed Sho Minazuki. P4AU will be on PS3, coming in fall 2014.

Finally, we have Persona 4: Dancing All Night. This is a rhythm action game for PS Vita, with 30 brand new tracks/remixes showing off the Persona Sound. It’s also being made in collaboration with Dingo, the development brainchild behind Hatsune Miku: Project Diva. Does that sound crazy to you? Well hold on to your britches, because it stars the cast from Persona 4 who are investigating the disappearance of Rise’s pop group juniors, Kanamin Kitchen.

Persona 4: Dancing All NightPersona 4: Dancing All Night
Persona 4: Dancing All Night

They disappear to a mysterious place called the Midnight Stage, and surprise surprise, combat doesn’t work there the same way it did in the Midnight Channel (that’s the game world from Persona 4). No, on the Midnight Stage, the fighting is done with dance moves, and will boogie its way to PS Vita in 2015.

I know that’s not a lot of info to go on, but we’re super excited to bring this latest crop of Persona games to the North American PlayStation family! Stay tuned to PlayStation.Blog in the coming months for news about these titles!

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  • My guess is there may be a Demon’s Souls 2 but Atlus won’t be publishing it west this time.

    • Isn’t it called Dark Souls 2 and being published by some other jerks? Like next month?

      (j/k about the jerks bit, <3 you, N/B!)

  • I just want to know why not aim for PS4 instead of PS3. ???

  • I have a very big question, does the P4 Dancing All Night will release in both physical and digital version or the latter only?
    And will P4A Ultimax being region lock or region free?

  • John, thanks for all the info! I have two thing I’d like to talk about with you:

    First, regarding P4DAN. As a fellow musician, Shoji Meguro is one of my greatest inspiration, so the idea of a game in which the main focus is his music is AWESOME. However, I have never played a rhytm game in that style, mainly because I can’t stand vocaloids, so I don’t really know how this kind of games feel gameplay wise. Is there going to be a demo of the game for those who are in my situation?

    And second, regarding P4AU. Given the HUGE ammount of costumes in P4G, I was kind of dissapointed that P4A only had palette swaps and not different costumes, not even in DLC. Will this be different with P4AU? I mean, I would literally throw money at the screen for some Neo Featherman costumes, Halloween costumes or the Gekkoukan uniform for the P3 characters.

    Anyway, I can’t wait for these games. THANK YOU!

    PS: I really need Naoto or Adachi as my PSN avatar…

    • Not sure about a P4DAN demo, we’re still pretty early in dev. I also had to look up what a vocaloid was, and now I’m sincerely hoping we avoid them (but don’t know for sure.) Demo would be awesome though, and I’ll definitely recommend that.

      I think Yukari’s default costume is the Pink Neofeatherman, so at least we have that covered? I’m not sure what kind of DLC will be available for P4AU, but we definitely already made some suggestions along those lines. Whether or not they get implemented? Time will tell.


  • Can’t wait!

  • Dancing all night getting localized is everything I could have hoped for. I’ve always wanted a Persona rhythm game, and I must say I was pretty surprised it is actually happening.

  • Can’t wait for Persona 5. Will get the P4AU and P4 Rhythm as well.

    Now with these announcements I have to turn my attention to P4G and P4A from my Atlus backlog.

    Thank you Atlus, I did not expect the Rhythm game of all them to make it here. I loved the songs so much, I listen to P4G channels more than playing the game.

    Also happy that P4AU is not a remake but rather continues from P4Arena, would justify me buying it at full price.

  • No screens, John? You wound me… Send Bottomless Ramen bowl STAT!

    • FWIW, I sent the awesome dudes at PS Blog several, but they chose the P5 teaser image because it’s so baller. DO NOT DOUBT THE PS BLOG DUDES. (also, a google search should help you out)

  • I have 2 questions:

    1) Are any of these games region locked?

    2) Do the North American versions of any of these games feature Japanese audio?

    • 1) we’re trying to avoid the region lock pitfall the original P4A experienced

      2) we’re localizing everything into English, but if we can include Japanese is still TBD. :(

  • Would be awesome if Atlus released some Persona Avatars with these games, would be extra cash for you all.

  • Guess this means no one has the Hardcore Risette Fan info. It would be nice to get official info on that trophy. Cause when you are naturally really good at the game it puts you at a major disadvantage and I want to platinum it but haven’t done so cause that trophy is destroying my Mojo, cause I can’t find any official word on how it works (whether it carries over or not).

  • Persona 5 and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax WILL be mine Day 1. Thank you Atlus. I’m glad I still own a PS3.

    And Shoji Meguro coming back? Looks like I gotta get my body ready to hear more classic tunes.

  • Man, the PS3 just keeps adding great content. With P5, Tales of Xillia 2 and Tales of Zestria (which imagine will be localized too) I will be set on JRPGS!

  • Hey John Hardin,

    please tell Atlus to put an enhanced version of P3 portable with all the content from P3 FES, and P4G on a PS3/PS4 disc collection. Thanks!

  • Why aren’t the arena games onPS Vita?

    • I assume it’s because Arc Systemworks is too busy cramming extra awesome into the home console versions.

      In actuality, I don’t know.

  • @114, naw P4G should not be put on any other console, PS Vita’s highest rated full title should not lose it’s exclusivity, Vita’s get sold cause that game, it’s hard enough for Vita. The P3 sounds like a good idea though, both versions are missing stuff you’d want in the other version.

  • Persona 4 Arena should have a Vita port. I’d buy it again for the Vita

  • If persona 5 comes to ps4 it will be a day one buy. I ask very nicely if that can happen.

  • I look forward to Persona 5.

  • I don’t want to sound like a brat, but I want it to be 2015 already. Persona is easily within my top three RPG franchises of all time, and I want to get this as soon as possible. I would just import a copy, but I can’t speak/read Japanese.

  • In the Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Teaser Trailer.

    What is the song that plays during the end of the video?

  • With the Heart broken about hearing such Bad news about Demons Souls 2 for ps4…. i say thanks for answering. Its better to be heartbroken with the truth than to hold my breath for something its not coming T____T…..

    Can At least u guys punch yoshida or someone at sony in the face for me for not following this?

    (JK its not a good idea to punch yoshida XD)

    No but really Pls initiate talks with Sony about it! PLS!

  • Good timing to hear that Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is coming to North America. Now that it’s announced, I’m thinking about selling my disc copy of Persona 4 Arena. When it comes to physical copies of fighting games, I rather have the up-to-date version of that fighter. Since the sequel plays exactly like the original with a few minor tweaks of gameplay, I don’t think I’ll bother going back to the original on disc (That’s why I never bought any of the BlazBlue games). But don’t worry, I’m planning to buy P4A digitally that’s currently on sale right now and will only play it when my disc drive is broken or want to do a quick match with some friends.

  • So will there be a dual audio support? Hope you guys will have definite answers soon so that I know if I should anticipate the release. I was happy about the Conception release for a long time until I got the message that my support wasn’t needed.

  • DAMN! Thats a really good announcement. Questions though. Is there a possible vita port of the 2 persona arena games or one combined one for the vita? and persona 5 vita? :D

  • So excited for Persona 5! Please don’t ruin Persona like Square did with FF though. Keep it turn-based. All I want for Persona is an awesome story and characters and better looking Personas and skills. I would actually prefer less social links and personas if it means better side stories and better looking personas.

  • I cannot wait for Persona 5!!!! 2015 is gonna be a loooooooong wait!!
    Thanks for the other Persona games also.

    If it wasn’t for Persona 4 Golden I would’ve never found out about this wonderful JRPG series.

  • I now people have already ask for this, but a PS4 and VITA would me amazing. Just let me know in time so I know if I have to buy a new ps3 or just keep my vita and upcoming ps4. Great games and i hope u keep them coming Atlus, since P4G I started buying all your games and i love them all. Keep the good work

  • Awesome news indeed. Cannot wait for Persona 5 and Arena 2 for the PS3 and that new dancing game for the Vita. Although will there ever be Persona 4 Arena 2 for the Vita, seeing as Blazblue for the Vita looks really great?

  • I can only wave as a passerby at the P5 hypetrain as I don’t own a PS3, but I am an avid Vita junkie and there’s plenty left in the P4 universe for me to chew on. I’m not even being facetious, these are legit (ie. stupid) ideas I would fork money over for:

    Persona 4: Aiya Cooking Stars Megabowl EX – a cooking/restaurant management sim where we learn more about Aika Nakamura and you have to fight off hunger, which manifests as Shadows (duh).

    Persona 4: Magical Detective Stories – an adventure game cum visual novel where we follow Detective Loveline aka Nanako Dojima as she solves over 28 mysterious cases around Yasoinaba. There’s intuition points totally not borrowed from another detective/adventure game where you can call in assistance from her dad or Naoto, via a clue system.

    I’ve got plenty more where that came from (I don’t). We can sort out where my corner office will be later, John. I’m thinking something with a plaque on the front door? Is that too much?

  • Awesome news! Looking forward to getting all of them! The wait is going to hurt though, and having P5 on PS3 so late is just…ugh

  • Disregard on my question for Arena 2 for Vita. I guess I’ll bug Arc then.

  • Oh Atlus!. Why must you tease me so, you play with my heart and my mind. Now you tell me I must wait until 2015 to feel the splendor that is Persona.

    Can I freeze myself like Cartmann?

  • Well Atlus I could have waited until 2015 to buy my PS3! Except that I picked one up to play P4Arena!! I <3 you so much Atlus. So much. Every time I start reading about a game that looks awesome it turns out that Atlius released it!

  • Welp, there’s some more of my money going to Atlus. That’s pretty much where all of my money has been going, ever, until NIS America came along and released Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc.

  • Yukari Takeba confirmed for Ultamix? Instant buy. Thanks, Atlus!

  • PS: Another vote for Persona Avatars.

  • So when are you stubborn guys gonna actually put Dual Audio this time around?

    Persona 4 Arena Ultimax will definitely have dual audio knowing Arc System Works.

    Persona 4: Dancing All Night needs to have a dual audio just because the music is in original Japanese. I don’t really want to hear some dub singers trying to match their voice(sorry but it’ll just not compare)

    As for Persona 5, Persona Q, for Persona Q i already expected them to be Dub only since Atlus US are lazy. That and they’ll find an excuse that the 3DS can’t store it even though they are other games that are just heavy in dialogue but in Dual Audio like Fire Emblem Awakening and Bravely Default.

    Persona 5 DEFINITELY needs to have Dual Audio. No More excuses this time or any BS “reasons”. NIS, Xseed, Aksys, are fighting hard to keep the original voices.

  • Even Namco games tend to have dual audio, and Baba-san already said that future Tales games will start to have one like Symphonia HD Chronicles.

    Square Enix US is also paving the way, by making the voices DLC, same thing with Sony with Soul Sacrifice.

    So i don’t know why this company keeps being stubborn and refuses to do it in these day and age. Even if it’s DLC if you have to go to that route then i don’t mind.

    You have tons of cosmetic DLC’s with overprice tags(looks at DOA5; still love you though!), I don’t know why an important part of the game like this is being left out.

    We’ll just have to see, I may only buy the Persona Dancing game since it’s in Vita.

  • Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, i barely played the original game and i kinda regretted not holding off since their offering an all DLC pack on PSN at 75% the price i paid.

    Persona Q, not sure about this, I’m guessing there will be tons of references from the Arena games, so i may have to play those before i get to this. That and it’s not in dual audio so ehh.

    Persona 5, we all know Atlus Japan(ACTUAL Developer not US) are gonna make an upgraded version in a few years for PS3 and Vita or even PS4 if we’re lucky, plus tons of anime adaptation of the game, films and manga.

    So i’m in no hurry playing the game at all, that and I’m learning Japanese right now.By the time they released all of these P5 works, i may have at least a good understanding of the Japanese language and may be able to read and understand some of the dialogue.

    Oh well if you still don’t put it then it’s your loss, I also know you guys remove a lot of content(P2 Scenario Story) or edit a lot of stuff on the dialogue and names of the demons so another reason why not to buy this censored versions.

  • Also thanks for not bringing Persona 2 Eternal Punishment PSP!! Sure must be nice spend that money on bringing garbage games like The Cursed Crusade and Game of Thrones instead of your own parent companies game.

  • Can’t wait for Persona 5. I wish we’d see some other SMT games on PS3 too instead of the going to the 3DS.

  • I’m shamelessly port begging for PS Vita versions of Persona 5 and P4AU. Because old people like me who don’t work in the industry can only play games mainly on portable systems. :P

    Also, you guys really need an European publishing arm. Time to put that newly established SEGA relation into action.

  • I hope that you finally realize that many of your customers prefers a dual voices option. NISA, TecmoKoei, BandaiNamco, SE, Idea Factory, Xseed and all the other companys do their best to give us customers this option.

    And all that you have to say is TBD, that is dissapointing Atlus!

    If you release Persona 5 with english voices only then I can’t support you, sorry.

  • Not sure what I can say to voice my support of dual audio any further.

    Can you guys maybe take these sentiments to the devs in Japan and say “hey, look our Western audience wants dual audio” ?

    Atlus USA has made a lot of…I won’t call them “excuses” but there’s also some sort of reason for not including the original voice acting.

    Hypothetically, what would you even do in P4 Dancing if you make it dub-only? Dub over all the character songs?

    Please consider this.

  • Why isn’t Ultimax coming to the PS4 in addition to the PS3? It would make sense.

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