Persona 5 and More Confirmed for PS3 in North America

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Persona 5 and More Confirmed for PS3 in North America

Persona 5

I’ve gotten your emails, your tear-stained letters, your carrier pigeons, and the erstwhile smoke signal. We’ve read them, and we — finally — can fully and officially reply to them with the best kind of confirmation ever: ATLUS is bringing three new Persona games to the PlayStation family starting in fall of 2014.

“But John,” you’ll ask, “what are these new Persona games of which you speak?” Well, I’m glad you asked that, illusory writing device! Let’s just cut right to the quick. Persona 5 is coming. In 2015. And will be the first Persona RPG developed for the PlayStation 3 system. That’s about all we know about the game, because the plot, characters, and everything about it is being kept under wraps. The one thing we do know is that series director Katsura Hashino hinted that the storyline will be about throwing off the chains of oppression to find one’s true self. But how that theme is addressed in Persona 5? We have no idea.

Persona 4 Arena UltimaxPersona 4 Arena Ultimax

Next up, we have the sequel to Persona 4 Arena ­­– the hit fighting game for PS3. The number “2” isn’t powerful enough for all the awesome new content in this game, so we’re calling it Persona 4 Arena Ultimax. What does Ultimax entail? A brand new story mode that continues the plot of the original, new fighting modes, the inclusion of classic Persona 3 characters Junpei Iori and Yukari Takeba. Oh, and new to the series is the mysterious, scarred, red-headed Sho Minazuki. P4AU will be on PS3, coming in fall 2014.

Finally, we have Persona 4: Dancing All Night. This is a rhythm action game for PS Vita, with 30 brand new tracks/remixes showing off the Persona Sound. It’s also being made in collaboration with Dingo, the development brainchild behind Hatsune Miku: Project Diva. Does that sound crazy to you? Well hold on to your britches, because it stars the cast from Persona 4 who are investigating the disappearance of Rise’s pop group juniors, Kanamin Kitchen.

Persona 4: Dancing All NightPersona 4: Dancing All Night
Persona 4: Dancing All Night

They disappear to a mysterious place called the Midnight Stage, and surprise surprise, combat doesn’t work there the same way it did in the Midnight Channel (that’s the game world from Persona 4). No, on the Midnight Stage, the fighting is done with dance moves, and will boogie its way to PS Vita in 2015.

I know that’s not a lot of info to go on, but we’re super excited to bring this latest crop of Persona games to the North American PlayStation family! Stay tuned to PlayStation.Blog in the coming months for news about these titles!

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  • PS4U That be the one i’d buy… Fightin’ Games FTW! But FALL 2014??? WOW that’s a long wait right now isn’t it?!?!?!


  • Persona 5. Thank you, Atlus.

  • Will buy all of these. I may have a problem.

  • Also since this will not be out till FALL 2014 I bet it’ll be the Last Fighting Game of the Year we get on PS3. Then we have to wait and see if we get anything in 2015 for PS3. Or by then if they all goto PS4 Only… Arrgg!

  • man…why is this game not getting a PS4 port is beyond me…. but oh well..might as well..

  • We NEED persona 5 for PS4 or persona 5 golden on vita!!! by that time most PS3 users will be already on PS4, think about it.

  • No Persona 4: Dancing All Night for PS3 as well? Bummer. Happy to hear the other two are hitting PS3 though.


  • Oh Altus you made my day! Totally!
    Persona 5 will be mine in 2015. Also the wonders of Dancing All Night on my Vita! So can’t wait.
    P4AU… I need to finish the first one! Ohh, can there be a setting so it’s not all in fighting game lingo. Or at least a tutorial where D symbol equals triangle or something. Trial and error and memorization for what button it which makes me not play it often. I just wish they’d work better with the system your playing on.
    You do that for P4AU, I will so buy it! My fingers will hurt but I’ll try it.

  • But John, I no longer have a PS3 so I can’t play/buy Arena unless it gets a Vita port like the BlazBlue games…which would be an instant buy for me-even though I suck at fighting games.

    I can, however, purchase Dancing all Night but won’t if the game uses Vocaloids.
    I HATE Vocaloids!

  • I hate the idea of P4DAN when they could have made a next RPG, or even put Persona Q on Vita. But I will end up buying it for Vita either way just cause it’s persona… I hope the 3DS game is reconsidered to atleast release on Vita as well. But w.e lol

    My biggest question to you guys at Atlus Please get me this answer.
    On Persona 4 Golden after 3 playthroughs I still can’t get Hardcore Risette Fan, I see some people believe it can only be done in one playthrough and some believe it carries over lines from the previous save because they’ve unlocked it incredibly early on a second or 3rd playthrough. Which is right, so I know how to go about getting it on this 4th playthrough?

    • I understand your sentiment, but like P4A, it was cool to stick Persona in the Genre Blender. I think Dancing All Night is gonna be a trip, esp. with the brand new soundtrack (30 new songs, I think?)

      RE: Hardcore Risette Fan, I have no idea, lemme ask around.

  • I, too, recently started playing Persona 4 Golden.

    My reactions prior to playing the game: “High school students? Fighting demons? And a weird cartoon teddy bear? Sounds pretty dull.”

    My reactions after ~5 hours in: “This game is really pretty fun!. Seems sort of lighthearted, though.”

    ~10 hours in: “Wow, these characters have some darkness to them that’s actually believable.”

    ~20 hours in: “Did they really just introduce a character who’s struggling with being gay?”

    ~40 hours in: “Did they really just reveal one of the characters secretly wants a sex change and is transgender?”

    ~70 (!) hours in: “What an incredible game! The story’s superb. The characters (even Teddie!) are really well-crafted. And the ending scenario is something I wouldn’t have guessed, and yet is still satisfying.”

    If you haven’t played Persona 4, you should. It’s way better than any recent Final Fantasy game, and it’s one of the BEST games on the Vita, hands down. (If you can’t be bothered to play the game, the anime adaptation is on Hulu and it’s quite faithful to the story.) The spin-offs are just icing on the cake since they let you return to the world of some truly incredible characters.

  • a persona dancing game… well at least it’s on vita… also P4AU looks good i just wish we can get a remake for P3 for vita. don’t want to dust off my ps2 to play or buy it on PSN… oh well at least it’s been it’s on the ok side of things.

  • john why don’t you guys put some persona avatars on the psn store? /: I’m sure a lot of us would love that

  • i can’t wait i own every persona game

  • Persona arena for vita and ps 4 #blowmymind. Please I’ll buy it all

  • Logged in and commented to say please bring P5G to Vita ASAP! :)

  • P4G is the first Persona game I’ve played and still not finished. Love it soooooo much. I’m sad P5 won’t be on the vita. :( The others don’t interest me. Try get P5 on PS4 and Vita

  • Like i needed more games to add to my backlogs :P

  • my wish list
    – Tales of Xillia 2 for Q3 – 2014
    – Persona 5 for Q1 – 2015
    – Tales of Zestiria for Q2 OR 3 – 2015
    – FFXV for Q4 2015

  • John, do you know if there’ll be a chance of Persona 5 ALSO coming to the PS Vita? I REALLY enjoyed P4G a lot. I think that would be the icing on the cake for Persona fans who might only own a Vita/wants the Persona action on-the-go.

  • I’m calling it hear & now this is the year of PS Vita!!!!!!!!!!!

  • why is P5 only on the last gen PS3? Please at least port this to the current gen PS4 so that I dont have to get my PS3 out of storage next year just to play this (plus then we could do remote play on Vita!)

    Regardless Im super excited for this!

  • I will have a PS4 this summer, and I don’t plan on buying a PS3 game next fall. PLEASE do a PS4 port. I don’t care about the graphics, I just want the capacity to play the game on the PS4.

    With a Playstation 4 port you will have my money ^_^ (ALL OF IT) :P

  • I love Persona!!!!!!!!

  • Persona 5 in 2015?! Guess I’ll need to keep my PS3 around until 2016, lol! Like God of War 2 and Shadow of the Colossus were the swan songs of PS2, Persona 5 could be the last hurrah for the PS3. Oh yeah… Ditto on the Persona avatars!!!!

  • Way to tease us.

  • Long wait, but worth it.

    Any info on if we will ever get a localized Persona 2: Eternal Punishment for PSP?

  • Love Atlus’ exclusives on Playstation. P4G and Demon’s Souls are 2 of the very best games and I will pre-order the CE of Persona 5 and will not wait years for a PS4 or Vita version .

    Yukari was ok but hard to believe people were clamoring for that dooshy Stupei in Arena. He was the weakest link in my P3P playthrough. Even the dog and the 12 yr old were better fighters, lol.

  • I will be buying all 3 of these games, but I have 1 request….

    Can you please please please please please port Persona Q to Vita? I’m surprised it isn’t Persona 3 and Persona 4 are huge in the Playstation family, we deserve this game too. Please port this over, Persona is my favorite series, and I do not own or plan on getting a 3DS. PLEASE, I will give you money! !

  • PS4 version please and take my money!!!

  • Atlus for life

  • PERSONA Q for Vita!!!! DO IT!

    also I will be one of those who will enlist on the “P5 Port for PS4!” list. While I still have my ps3 I will gladly pick up a better version for the ps4 :)


  • You should get in contact with Gio Corsi ‏@giocorsi and make a PS4 port happen. Really want to play Persona 5 :D

  • Mmmm….more Persona goodness!

  • Hey John, I am among the millions of people excited for Persona 5 & Arena 2 and cant wait to play them.
    Will Sega be publishing these titles in the EU ? So that we can get them within a reasonable time frame. (Less then 6 months)
    If not can we get these titles day 1 digital ? Also is Arena 2 going to be region locked ?

    • No details about EU yet. We don’t have anything set up with Sega or any other EU distributor. But when we do get something set up, we’ll make it known!) And yeah, hopefully within that timeframe.

      (inb4 calling bullsh!7 b/c of SMTIV)

  • Just wanted to say thanks for the update on these games coming out! :D so pumped for all three! I hope DAN and p5 are spread out next year so I can get through one before the next. Atlus you are my favorite.

  • I need to get the address of Atlus’s NA branch so I can send them my wallet.

    And an IOU for the soul of my firstborn.

  • I have to admit. Persona 4 couldn’t get through the first dungeon. I kept getting warped back whenever I got close to the boss and couldn’t figure out what to do. So I stopped playing. It was fun however. I’ll have to try again at some point.

  • As a die-hard Shin Megami Tensei and Project Diva fan, bring on Dancing All Night! I can’t wait to try this. The PERSONA series has had its fair-share of concerts in Japan and the footage looks incredible. We already know the music in the SMT/PES games is amazing, so, hopes are high for this release. Needless to say, I’ll be importing all of the titles before their US release ‘though I may have to skip out of PES 5 as my Japanese isn’t all /that/ great.

    Time is my greatest nemesis.

  • Yessss, thank you so much for posting a high res version of the Persona 5 teaser photo!

  • Just all my money saving $300 bucks just for these games in LE edition and more.

  • Yay a release date! Can’t wait for all these games! Hopefully there will be collectors/limited editions! :)

    Do you think the Persona team will eventually make a Catherine sequel/”spiritual successor”? Those puzzle mechanics are just too good to not be used again!

  • Okay someone start a kickstarter for Demon’s Souls 2 now!!!

  • Tell me Atlus, is P5 going to stay a PS3 Exclusive or also be eventually released on Xbox 360?

    • I don’t even know if you’re allowed to mention *that* console on this blog, are you? WHERE YOU AT, MODERATORS?

      In seriousness, all we know for certain right now is that it’s for PlayStation 3.


    John Hardin’s Avatar
    + John Hardin on February 25th, 2014 at 2:12 pm said:
    PS Blog Exclusive: can 100% confirm there will NOT be a Demon Souls 2. :(”


    Does Sony not love excellent games or something? It’s not a generic shallow linear QTE western pewpew interactive movie or something?

  • @84

    No Demon’s Souls 2 makes me very sad. Although very happy about Persona goodness.

  • Thanks for the response John. So any word on Day 1 Digital for Persona 5 and Arena 2 ?
    I’m also praying you guys dropped the region lock on Arena 2.

    • We’re definitely trying to avoid region locking for Arena 2.

      Nothing’s concrete on digital, so I can’t say :(

      But I think Day 1 digital is pretty common these days (assuming you have the HDD space, unlike my 60gb PS3 dinosaur)

  • Is that Tohru Adachi I see at the end of the trailer there?
    Oh dear. It’s happening again. ATLUS has stolen all my money from me. Curse you devilish fiends!

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