Basement Crawl Out Today on PS4

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Basement Crawl Out Today on PS4

Right everyone, this is it. Basement Crawl is landing on PS4 February 25th, which means that you can grab the game on PlayStation Store after it updates this afternoon. We have been pretty secretive about what we have been planning over the past few weeks, but just stay right there because it’s time to let you guys know what’s up.

Basement Crawl on PS4

First though, a quick recap for those of you who don’t know what this game that looks kinda like Bomberman on an acid trip is.

Basement Crawl is multiplayer, PS4-exclusive, fast paced, grid based death. It’s inspired by the likes of Bomberman and Spy vs. Spy, as well as more than a few horror movies. It features 4-player local multiplayer, 8 players online, or a mix of the two so you and a few friends play locally against a group of strangers online.

Basement Crawl on PS4Basement Crawl on PS4

So, what have we been doing the past month? We’ve been taking feedback we got from journalists about Basement Crawl and building on it. We changed the way bombs react when kicked or when they crash into another player to make it a more fluid and balanced system. We also worked on the the game’s aesthetics — the feedback we recieved was positive, especially for the minamilistic on-screen display, but we did have a complaint from one journalist (I’m looking at you Chris Bratt) about the leaderboards covering the entire screen when viewed. We addressed this by adding a small indicator on the screen, eliminating the need for a large scoreboard.

I know you guys probably have questions about the game — details I might have missed, what the best bomb or power up is, and more about what you’ll get for your hard-earned $9.99. So feel free to ask away, I will be lurking around the comments and will answer any questions you guys have.

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  • good to see Marc Colhoun in here explaining some of the issues. If they can fix the few issues this game has i have no doubt it’d be one of the best indies on ps4. The lack of AI bots should be added if its even possible at this point. Also, maybe an option to remove character abilities so its just the classic experience. A Character indicator needs to be over each head so you know where you spawn. And of course the online needs to be fixed to a level of PLAYABLE. I’ve only been able to play about 5 1v1 offline matches, and i can tell itl be a fun game, i just want to be able to actually play online and possibly single player with bots.

  • Although somewhat frustrating at first with some of the overall glitches. Being a big fan of grid based multiplayer games, this is quite fun. I do think it is somewhat challenging to have to come in first place in order to rank up, as I have tied many people for first peace but was placed second for some reason. I would also love to have some level of customization, simply being able to choose from 4 characters becomes somewhat repetitive. Overall I am pretty happy with my purchase and I hope that these features can be updated

  • Of all Bomberman or Bomberman type games only Bomberman 64 was actually decent. (in my opinion)

    Would have loved to see more of that gameplay style. I think they strayed away from levels that were 1 floor and the explosions had a circular area of effect (as opposed to the cross explosions).

    oh well.

  • i can’t help but think of bomberman when i see this game but would love a demo to check it out before purchasing.

  • Really wish I could play this game that I just spent $9.99 on. Should have read this first but I was very excited since I have wanted it since I saw the teaser. Since they removed any AI Bot option, and none of my friends have bought this, I CANNOT PLAY AT ALL. I have even tried to jump into several “Global Multiplayer” matches and just sit there “Waiting for the game to start…” for an excessive amount of time. Not a good way to promote indie game development and support.

  • Why the dark feel? Completely out of place for a party game… Visuals too dark, can’t really see anything. Ended up muting the music. Oh man… Lots of things to fix yet… Bought it yesterday, couldn’t log onto a match until today. Was so disappointed that I was compelled to write this short blurb. Happy to see someone is reading these comments, please fix! You had such a simple formula to follow!

  • I bought this game but trying to play but it stops on the game loading when i joined the room. I want refund if i cannot even play.

  • Everyone .. breathe. The game is great, but yes, it has a couple problems. Being upset is understandable, but being compassionate and understanding is also reasonable. Their an indy developer and went through testing internally and with Sony. Most of the problems are network related and can be easily addressed in a patch. As a developer I just want people to understand, you can go through testing until you’re blue in the face, but until something is actually live, and 1000’s to millions of people are playing the game, you can’t catch everything, it’s impossible. Give them a break, without indy developers like this, and housemarque and the support of Sony for them, we’d be left with not a whole lot right now. They make great games and Marc and the Team @ Blooper do an amazing job of listening to the community and trying to help! It’s an amazing thing to see!

    I even went on Playstation Live the other day to check out the game while someone streamed it and Marc was in there answering questions gathering feedback. How often do you see that kind of commitment from developers?! I thought it was super cool!

    – kristofffff ;)

  • First off, I want to say the game is fun and I love gameplay. The only complaint I have besides the multiplayer bugs which you’re already working on. The camera shake makes the game a bit disorienting for me. Is there any way that you could include a feature in the options to disable the camera shake for players that feel the same as me.

  • @59 yeah, actually when I was watching on Twitch a couple people wanted the option to turn that off as well.

  • I have to say that I’m incredibly disappointed with this game. It’s really an empty game that isn’t complete, and I’m actually very upset with myself for spending $10 on this without checking reviews beforehand. On the plus side, this game has taught me to really read into reviews and check gameplay instead of getting excited based on the trailers. Speaking of the trailer and the opening scene, where is story mode? There is potential for this game, but its opportunities are wasted.

    I can only hope that some major patches and items are added to this game so that it isn’t just one game mode with honestly only one map (they’re all the same map really). Unfortunately, PSN won’t refund my $10, and this game will most likely be deleted very soon.

  • I hate to sound so entitled but this is the absolute worst 10 dollars ive ever spent on a video game and I own bomberman act zero there is only mp which never works theres 8 people good luck trying to figure out which one you are on tiny boards it moves too fast to actually require tact and skill like bomber man and the worst part is no patch or dlc can fix this this game is just bad and who would buy dlc after buying the game
    basically I feel ripped off especially when 8 dollars a month gets me amazing games like outlast resogun and dead nation and thats not including the ps3 games

  • I’d like a refund on this broken game.

  • Okay…….

    I buy this game this evening as the thought of a bomberman style game sounded fun.
    installed and im sat for 15 mins waiting to find global players so i can actually play this game.

    Gave up in end, seems there is not enough players online to even constitute starting a game…. Sigh, lets see if i get a refund or not.

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