Basement Crawl Out Today on PS4

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Basement Crawl Out Today on PS4

Right everyone, this is it. Basement Crawl is landing on PS4 February 25th, which means that you can grab the game on PlayStation Store after it updates this afternoon. We have been pretty secretive about what we have been planning over the past few weeks, but just stay right there because it’s time to let you guys know what’s up.

Basement Crawl on PS4

First though, a quick recap for those of you who don’t know what this game that looks kinda like Bomberman on an acid trip is.

Basement Crawl is multiplayer, PS4-exclusive, fast paced, grid based death. It’s inspired by the likes of Bomberman and Spy vs. Spy, as well as more than a few horror movies. It features 4-player local multiplayer, 8 players online, or a mix of the two so you and a few friends play locally against a group of strangers online.

Basement Crawl on PS4Basement Crawl on PS4

So, what have we been doing the past month? We’ve been taking feedback we got from journalists about Basement Crawl and building on it. We changed the way bombs react when kicked or when they crash into another player to make it a more fluid and balanced system. We also worked on the the game’s aesthetics — the feedback we recieved was positive, especially for the minamilistic on-screen display, but we did have a complaint from one journalist (I’m looking at you Chris Bratt) about the leaderboards covering the entire screen when viewed. We addressed this by adding a small indicator on the screen, eliminating the need for a large scoreboard.

I know you guys probably have questions about the game — details I might have missed, what the best bomb or power up is, and more about what you’ll get for your hard-earned $9.99. So feel free to ask away, I will be lurking around the comments and will answer any questions you guys have.

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