Basement Crawl Out Today on PS4

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Basement Crawl Out Today on PS4

Right everyone, this is it. Basement Crawl is landing on PS4 February 25th, which means that you can grab the game on PlayStation Store after it updates this afternoon. We have been pretty secretive about what we have been planning over the past few weeks, but just stay right there because it’s time to let you guys know what’s up.

Basement Crawl on PS4

First though, a quick recap for those of you who don’t know what this game that looks kinda like Bomberman on an acid trip is.

Basement Crawl is multiplayer, PS4-exclusive, fast paced, grid based death. It’s inspired by the likes of Bomberman and Spy vs. Spy, as well as more than a few horror movies. It features 4-player local multiplayer, 8 players online, or a mix of the two so you and a few friends play locally against a group of strangers online.

Basement Crawl on PS4Basement Crawl on PS4

So, what have we been doing the past month? We’ve been taking feedback we got from journalists about Basement Crawl and building on it. We changed the way bombs react when kicked or when they crash into another player to make it a more fluid and balanced system. We also worked on the the game’s aesthetics — the feedback we recieved was positive, especially for the minamilistic on-screen display, but we did have a complaint from one journalist (I’m looking at you Chris Bratt) about the leaderboards covering the entire screen when viewed. We addressed this by adding a small indicator on the screen, eliminating the need for a large scoreboard.

I know you guys probably have questions about the game — details I might have missed, what the best bomb or power up is, and more about what you’ll get for your hard-earned $9.99. So feel free to ask away, I will be lurking around the comments and will answer any questions you guys have.

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  • Right everyone, this is it. Basement Crawl is landing on PS4 March 25th, It says today?

  • Does it launch today it says March 25

  • Might want to fix the month on this post…

  • Possible to disable the floor “Lighting up” where the bombs will explode?

    Since I’m assuming your bomb trail gets bigger as the game goes on, players should have to pay attention to that themselves.

  • I’m actually pretty excited about getting this today, looks like it has the potential to be a great online game for a group of friends late at night. My only worry is that there are currently zero (0) reviews for Basement Crawl thus far and it’s noon on launch day… Can we get some impressions/review copies out in to the wild please?
    Other than that, I’m ready to play this and Thief later tonight despite the reviews, I absolutely loved Knack aka Crash PS4.

  • so excited… i will finally use the $10 psn credit that comes with my ps4

  • Was waiting for this game Woot cant wait

  • What is a “Acid Trip” ?

  • Can’t wait to check out some of the reviews, looks like it has potential!

  • Will this game come with a demo?

  • i thought this was supposed to be freeone time

  • Hey, I was looking forward to this game. I have just one question.
    Does the game have local bots?

  • So, if it’s being added this afternoon, does that mean the 2 sales announced will also go live then? Does the store generally get updated in the afternoon?

  • can’t wait for 1pm

  • So what you’re saying is this is a must have game? Ok, buying today.

  • The original delay was said to have been because of “exciting opportunities” with several new partners. What happened with that?

    • Hey buddy,
      We will be announcing more about out partnerships in the coming days, we are really excited about this but we can’t talk about it just yet. Stay tuned and you will get an announcement very soon. Sorry this is a bit vague but as soon as we can go public we will.

  • Guys watch this before buying this blindly ….

    I was excited for this too but it seems like it’s not the game I hoped for.

    • Hey Zod,
      Yeah this is of an old build of the game, we took what Chris Bratt said on board and made changes to the game based on what he said. He is pretty happy that we took his advice. Also, we listen to what you guys are saying in forums and stuff so we are open to changes being made to the game depending on what you want to see, so let us know :)

  • Was the “exciting opportunities” to remove single player because back in January there was said to be that with bots?

  • Would be nice if there was a demo for this. Since it’s so unique, I don’t think I’d risk spending my money without getting to try it first :)

  • I would love to support your efforts but i’ll have to pass. I’ll buy your game once you add some bots for offline mode. You know, like old school Bomber man did on just about release.

    Thank you

  • Edit * like old school bomberman did on just about every release *

    Thank you

  • Will be picking this up as soon as the store updates!

    1. does the game support 3D?
    2. if you have no friends to play locally, can you still play? (forever alone) i.e. are there AI characters?
    3. are there any plans for DLC in the future? Characters/maps/modes etc

    • We will be doing updates and DLC we are really going to focus on expanding and improving on this game after release. I think that supporting the game and the players that chose to drop 10 dollars on a game we made is the least of what we could do. But as of right now, there are no AI bots. Multiplayer only.

  • Really looking forward to picking this one up today. I heard it has no way to play by yourself (bots). Is this true? Buying it either way, i just would like to see bots in the near future.

  • I watched the whole video.

  • So this actually means this is not going to be the IGC game for PS4 on march. I wonder which game it will be.

  • There’s not a single review, or any gameplay whatsoever except the one teaser trailer. I’m interested in this game, but I’m really suspicious.

  • I hope we get a AAA game time. Knack at least? ;D

  • Still plan on buying this. Scared of the suspision and lack of review though.

  • You guys said you’d put up a gameplay video almost a month ago, so now all we have is random youtubers. That’s not a solid way to market a new IP that has the feel of a game that’s precious to many of us.

    Now I’ll consider this instead of an instabuy, we’ll see :)

  • I love Bomberman so I really want this to be good. Anyone buy the game yet?

  • I just remembered the ‘exciting partnership’ talk from a few months ago. If I buy this today it won’t be announced as next months free PS4 game in a week will it? That would be a terrible move from a PR perspective.

    • Hey we will be talking about our partnerships very soon, we just want to get past launch and get all the bugs worked out first. Give you guys a solid good game before we start worrying about throwing extra stuff in the game. BUT, with that said, do expect more info on this partnership soon :)

  • this game looks like nothing i thought it was going to be like the first trailer was missleading

  • @32 yea that first trailer made no sense because this is a bomerman type game I think. I will watch some live gameplay to see if I like it since there is no demo.

  • Now this seems like a interesting title, might check this out!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ps4 only have lame exclusives.

  • @32 lmao i thought the something i thought it was gonna be a scary horror game lol

  • when are we gonna talk about PS+ for March?

  • I was interested when I saw the teaser trailer. Thought it was gonna be a horror game. Then I found out what the game really was.
    Not gonna get it. =/

  • This doesn’t appear to have a Single-Player w/Bots mode as I previously understood it would. Can I get a refund or am I out ten bucks?

  • I wanna try this out

  • Is there any reason I cannot join one of the many online games? I see about 10 lobbies, each with anywhere from 2/8 to 7/8 people in them. I click one, which takes me to an empty list and it says “waiting for the game to start…”

    With no offline play whatsoever, you need to have your act together with your online. I know it just came out, but I’m this close to trying to get a refund from Sony since your game (presently) doesn’t work at all.

  • I cant seem To play global multiplayer…there is like 10 rooms and i cant get in…it keeps me in a waiting screen for like 20 min and meh wtf is this game…i am About to call Sony and get a refund Just don t buy it…or fix it…Make it playable

  • this is ridiculous there isn’t offline single player (bots) and you can’t get into online games. if they add bots and give the ability to actually play online id recommend, until then don’t waste your money.

  • So it’s like Bomberman but rated M. Seems interesting.

  • Wow!! Thanks for the complete waste of $10 Bloober! You guys really created something special here by taking a step in a horrible direction. Maybe if you created a single player vs bots option, people might actually be able to play the game instead of sitting in ridiculous loading screen pattern. I tried for an entire half hour straight to launch into a game and no luck at all. I’ve checked for gameplay footage from other users and it was the same thing. I can’t even convince people on my friends list to bother throwing money at this waste of space. Updates needed big time, if you’re gonna copy bomberman then at least go with the simplistic single player style that made the game such a success.

  • How dare you! i just bought this awful game and its broken! the lobbys dont work and i think this is one of the worst games
    i bought since the nes. I trusted this game. NO ONE should buy this game. Please save your money!

  • Hey, all of you experiencing problems with the online. Just to let you know, we are aware of this problem now and we are all working full speed to fix it.
    I will keep you guys updated!

  • So you gave this game to a bunch of journalists for feedback and not one of them suggested adding a single-player mode? Suggest you look for a different set of “experts” to judge your future efforts.

  • This game isn’t good. I can’t believe this is what $10 gets you! How can you have matches of 8 players with only 4 character types? I spend most of my time playing trying to figure out where I am on the map! By the time I do I have already died a handful of times without even knowing about it. This is infuriating!

    So many glitches and boring, uninspired, rushed gameplay IMO.

    • Hey we are aware of the bugs and we will are working to get them fixed right now. We were suprised by them at launch since both ourselves and Sony tested the game, wthout getting any problems, before launch. With that said we will iron out these wrinkles and then start to work on giving you extra content :)

  • I would like to see a indicator where I’m at in the game. When you die you just pop up anywhere at random. It’s very hard to distinguish where you’ll be next.

    Every map is on a angle and there’s that angle where you cannot see well.How about birds eye view?

    AI bots…? We need them to play local.

    I feel I wasted $10 bucks and the offerings I got with PS+ was better. Hopefully the developers support this game and I’ll give it one last shot otherwise I’ll just delete it.

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