Ragnarok Odyssey Ace Launches on PS3, Vita April 1st

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Ragnarok Odyssey Ace Launches on PS3, Vita April 1st

As I write this, we’re putting the finishing touches on Ragnarok Odyssey ACE, a revised and expanded version of the original Ragnarok Odyssey set to launch on April 1st on PS3 and PS Vita. Now that we’re just about done, we can go into more detail about what’s in the game, and what newcomers and returning Ragnarok Odyssey veterans can expect.

Initially designed for play on the go, Ragnarok Odyssey gets players into the action as fast as possible, either solo or with up to three companions. Players complete a variety of missions in a Norse-themed wildland, collecting treasures, components and ingredients along the way. In between missions, players can roam their home base – a fortress on the edge of the civilized world – and assemble their loot into new upgrades and abilities. The game’s highlights are its battles against enormous bosses, in which players use their gravity-defying powers to fly circles around the giants and take them apart piece by piece.

ACE takes the original Odyssey’s core gameplay and expands on it dramatically. The first chapter alone introduces a buffet of new features, and the game’s former ending is now its midpoint. The first new features are right there in the character creation screen, which now offers even more options for customization (including eight brand-new voices, four each for male and female). For solo players, ACE offers a dozen elite AI mercenaries, any two of whom the player can recruit for a given mission (and one of whom happens to sound a lot like me). For multiplayer, each class has several new job-specific powers, called ACE Skills, which enhance characters’ roles as team players. Clerics, for example, can now generate a persistent, movable healing aura. (Speaking of multiplayer, ACE supports cross-play; PS3 and Vita players can play together at will, with no extra steps required.) ACE also introduces a new special weapon type, known as Halomonas weapons, which grow in power as the characters do.

Ragnarok Odyssey Ace on PS3 and PS Vita

But that’s just the beginning. Once players complete Chapter 9 – which was the endgame of the original Ragnarok Odyssey – a vast new dungeon appears, complete with its own story, all-new bosses, and new kinds of challenges. All told, the new Tower of Yggdrasil has 400 floors (not 100 as previously reported – more on that in a bit), each of which changes its layout with every visit.

(One other correction: In our previous blog entry on ACE, we reported that there was new story content throughout the game. There are new characters and dialogue sequences, and plenty of new content throughout the game, but the bulk of the new story content kicks in once the Tower shows up. Apologies for misleading anyone on that; we were still putting the game together at the time, going by the best info we had, and didn’t fully see how it all fit until later. We’re older and wiser now.)

Ragnarok Odyssey Ace on PS3 and PS VitaRagnarok Odyssey Ace on PS3 and PS Vita

In addition to the major new features above, returning players can enjoy a variety of enhancements that make Ragnarok Odyssey more convenient to play. ACE’s tavern (which, as before, functions as its multiplayer hub) now includes a set of old-timey speaking tubes, through which the player can buy and sell from the fort’s merchants without having to leave and come back. Several new control schemes allow the player to lock on, dash, and maneuver as he or she sees fit. Another new feature is the Billionaire Pot, a magical urn that converts old junky loot into fresh new goods. And, Thor’s name be praised, the benefits of weapon refining are no longer random.

That’s not even getting into the upcoming content patches, two of which have been released in Japan and will both be coming stateside soon. These patches introduce even more new features, including special daily quests, random card draws, login bonuses, leaderboards, additional ACE skills, and (in the second content patch, which may arrive in the States at the same time as the first) a new boss rush mode in a new area called the Prison of the Gods.

Ragnarok Odyssey Ace on PS3 and PS Vita

Of course, all of that leaves one key question: What about players who already have the original Ragnarok Odyssey? Returning players can import their characters from the original game – to either the PS Vita or the PS3 version of ACE, after which the characters can migrate between both – and have the characters’ name, appearance, and cards transfer over. (Be sure to unequip any cards from your outfit before you initiate the transfer, as cards equipped on outfits do not transfer over, nor do the outfits or weapons themselves). Story-wise, new and returning characters alike take it from the top, though returning characters are likely to blaze through the early game quickly, with all the new content to enjoy while they’re at it. And, to answer one of the most popular questions, Trophies earned in the original game stay in the original game. The good news is many of the Trophies are new, and most of the not-new ones are the kind you won’t have to go out of your way for.

With its cross-play, saved game importing, content patching, and other bells and whistles we can’t go into detail about just yet, Ragnarok Odyssey ACE has been an interesting technical challenge for all of us here at XSEED and at its developer, GungHo. We hope you enjoy the results, which will come flying at you April 1st on PS3 and Vita. The PS3 version will retail on PlayStation Store and on brick-and-mortar shelves for $39.99. The Vita version comes in two varieties: A physical limited edition, featuring a soundtrack CD (with 25 total tracks from various artists, including Nobuo Uematsu) for $39.99, and a digital edition, without the soundtrack, for $34.99.

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  • 01 Apr 14? It was due out yesterday, then pushed to 11 Mar 14, now 01 Apr 14… If this was any other game besides a Ragnarok title, I would have passed on it until it hit the bargain bin. A bit disappointed, but I can’t wait for it! Day one buy for me still.

    • We don’t mean to string you along! :) The release dates you see at retailers are sometimes placeholders; generally, the date’s not official until the publisher makes an announcement about it. That said, thanks for your patience, and we hope you’ll find the game worth the wait.

  • love you XSEED. Preordered – WOOT

  • Great Game looks like the graphics are way better than first episode :)

  • That moment when April 1st comes and clicking the “Buy” button of this game will take you to another page that say “April Fool’s Day!”.

  • Good thing I missed out on the first version.
    I’m glad it was ported to PS3.

  • @Gorvi that’s what party chat is for man, me and my friends didn’t have any trouble with the first game. Of course skype is a background application and might work too.

  • Other games when re-released with an updated version on includes the previous version’s DLC, is this the case with ACE?

    When reading up on this game on wiki it seems like the JP version of ACE included all the previous DLC but the NA release does not mention that at all… it just says you can use it if you had it previously.

    • It’s a little complicated, but basically, if you could download it in Ragnarok Odyssey, you can download it in ACE. If you’ve already paid for it in Odyssey, you won’t have to pay for it in ACE again (as long as you’re still using the same PSN account). If you haven’t already paid for it in Odyssey, you can still pick it up in ACE for the regular price.

  • For ages I have been waiting for this game, but there is one specific news that made me mad, angry an then sad: “Be sure to unequip any cards from your outfit before you initiate the transfer, as cards equipped on outfits do not transfer over, nor do the outfits or weapons themselves”. After the announce of RO Ace, I sold my copy of the game. Now I will loose my best cards, including the rare versions of many cards…. Only because there is no way to make a programming line to fetch and export those cards. Please, RO Ace programmers, that is not that hard do do.

  • Might get a “PS4” for my birthday!!! Any way off topic this game looks like street fighter for ps vita cause in this game called Ragnorak Odyssey it’s different cause these characters just “fight” thats all. Someone who made this game must of wanted gamers to play a better game than street fighters but, just on “PS3”.

  • hope thy fix the RETARDED censorship the game has, you cant have a full conversation with someone new to the game without 80%of the convo being censored, I really like the game and I preordered months ahead but its pretty stupid to censor words like “boss” and “damn” or “ghetto”.. this games rated T FOR TEENS not little immature kids… why set up a way to talk to people if nearly all words are blocked?

  • Day 1 buy!!! I have the origingal and It was fantastic. This looks even better. Keep these games coming to the vita!

  • I love this type of genre, its too bad that this game is seriously lacking.

    Its potential is good.

    Would much rather see Phantasy Star, over this.

    Try learning from Online MMOs for computer. Many have limited graphics capabilities and yet still out perform.

  • I’m guessing this isn’t a cross buy?
    What happens if you do happen to get the game for ps3 and vita, is the saved game shared between the two platforms?

    • It’s not a cross buy, but it does support cross saving. If you have both the PS3 and Vita versions, you can turn on an option to transfer your save data back and forth between the two.

  • I know this is a bit late, so I hope to get answer(thought not expecting one)..will our saves from the original RA on Vita carry over or do we have to start all over again?

    • Your character’s name, appearance, and cards (except for any cards either equipped on your outfit or acquired via Near) do carry over. In terms of story progression, everyone in ACE starts at the beginning, but there’s more to enjoy along the way this time around, as well as new equipment to build up for the late game.

  • Since Sega is really, REALLY being stubborn when it comes to talking up Phantasy Star Online 2’s western release (for any platform; I’m crossing my fingers for a PS4 release), I need a game like this RIGHT NOW. But I’ll wait until April 1st, XSeed :D Just thanks for bringing something that’s a quality entry in this genre. Even if it isn’t a stunner, it’s still colorful & charming like Game Arts’ & Gung Ho games should be, and it looks like just sort of online co-op hack-n-slasher we need a lot more of. This is a pre-order for sure – wanna be there Day 1 on PS3; take advantage of the great community!

  • @Ryan Graff Please tell me we’ll have some kind of voice chat, if not typing to newcomers before a mission or in the middle of a boss fight is going to be a pain.

  • i saw that it was already answered

  • If PS3 going to have awesome RPG Action games like this, then I guess its time to buy a PS3. Been playing my PS2, Tales of The Abyss, Rogue Galaxy, Valkyrie Profile, Berserk Japan Import, Shining Force EXA, Star Ocean Till the End of Time.

  • Hey, instead of giving monsters and bosses 9999999999999999999999999999999 hp bars. Why not make them dodge, block, and counter attack?

    What’s the point of being called a boss or monster, if you are not more skillful than the main character? Gaming should change 9999999999999999999999999999999 hp bars into,”Dodge, Block, and Counter Attack”. I bet they would be a lot harder, and even more of a challenge. And monsters and bosses should only have 200 to 300 hp bars max, and the main character should have 100 hp bars max. Use timing, skills, and technique to defeat monsters and bosses, instead of infinity strikes to kill them.

    No wonder some murderers think real life is like an RPG, and stab their victims infinity times. Because enemies always have 9999999999999999999999999999 hp bars in rpg games. I feel sorry for their victims, because their murderer has been playing too much rpg games. :(

  • I have two questions I would like to ask.
    1. On the twitter page xseed said we might be losing one or two costume sets. Please tell me that the NA version still gets the tales of symphonia costumes.

    2. I know there is going to be a digital version up for download for the Vita but, will the ps3 also have a digital version up for download?

    • Hey, pardon the late reply. In answer to your questions:

      1. Yes, although for licensing reasons, we can only offer it in the store until mid-October. It’ll be free of charge, so you can download it at no cost anytime before then, and you can keep it on your Vita or PS3 after it disappears from the store. (Just be sure not to delete it from your PS3 or Vita after that, because unfortunately, there probably won’t be any way to get it back at that point.)

      2. Yes, there’ll be both physical and digital versions for both the Vita and PS3.

  • I miss the first one, is this game multiplayer online or just ad-hoc mode, it’ll a must buy if it has MP online, cause y dont have friends who play psvita ¬¬

  • I’m still not an 100% sure if PS Vita users can connect to PS3 users over the internet together..?

    I’m planning to get the PS3 version and am hoping I’ll be able to connect online to friends that have the Vita version, will this be possible? Or can you only play together locally?

  • Ryan Graff, just to ask, is there any chance that progress from the Region 3 version of Ragnarok Odyssey Ace, could be carried over to the North American version? I imported my ROA copy from the Asian-English R3, and play with a US account.

    I wouldn’t mind starting fresh with the ROA on this version and my proper region, especially since it keeps pace with the Japanese version much more than Region 3. I would appreciate knowing though if there’s any chance it could happen, since they do both come from the same developer, GungHo.

    If not, I’ll gladly start over again. It’s a long, but enjoyable ride.

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