The PlayStation MVP Program Wants You

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The PlayStation MVP Program Wants You

If you’re already active in the PlayStation Forums, any of the various multiplayer communities, or even other gaming sites across the internet, then you might have heard of the PlayStation MVP Program.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the program, the PlayStation MVPs are a team of PlayStation gamers who volunteer to help us host exclusive game events and online tournaments, create content such as walk-throughs and help articles for fellow gamers on the PlayStation Forums, and share their expert opinions on PlayStation products through exclusive panels and discussion sessions with the PlayStation Community Management team.

Quick Look: PlayStation Forums

Many of our PlayStation MVPs got in to the program based around their activities in the PlayStation Forums. Whether you’re a PlayStation Forums veteran, or are just now learning of their existence, check out the new look and learn how you can build your own community reputation on the PlayStation Forums, and share your gaming stories, tips, and insights.

PlayStation General hosts a variety of discussions across the entire spectrum of gaming.

You’ll also find the official home of community for Naughty Dog for each of their marquee titles including The Last of Us and Uncharted.

Santa Monica Studios, developers of some of PlayStation’s biggest and brightest titles including God of War, Sound Shapes and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale also host their official forums here as well.

We’ll be building out more new areas and functionality on the PlayStation Forums in the coming year, so we hope you’ll join us!

– Morgan Haro, Community Manager

PlayStation MVPs

At E3 2013 we invited members of the PlayStation MVP program to attend our press conference and meet with key people from PlayStation, World Wide Studios and our third party developer community on the show floor and in private feedback sessions. This past November we brought some of our MVPs out to join us at the Standard High Line in NYC for the launch of PS4. And recently our MVPs have even helped assist in the development of community programs for Guerrilla Games and Naughty Dog.

PlayStation MVPs

It’s truly been an awesome year for PlayStation, and our PlayStation MVPs have been there with us every step of the way. We have big plans for 2014, so if you’re a passionate PlayStation gamer who would like to contribute to the PlayStation MVP program beginning this Spring, you can apply here.

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  • Hold up, you got to be a sertain age to go this program?(or playstation program)

  • Sounds great but i’m in the dark not. ;) I love to steam my gameplay Live from the PS3 if i had the gear and info to do it. With PS4 you can without the hardware but it won’t stand out if everyone else is doing it unless i make it good to stand out.

  • What if your thirteen but really know about video games and all the requirements for the program and your parents allow you to be in it

  • any chances to see this program in europe (in france please !) ?

  • I suggest anyone to apply if you’re 100% serious about PlayStation and are great with interaction.

  • Hey Everyone, I just want to drop in some knowledge to those of you out there who are considering filling out the application.

    Stop considering it and just do it already.

    There is no limit large or small that you as a Playstation consumer can contribute to the program. Since when does a surfer of the interwebz not have an opinion? Here is your opportunity to have your ideas and thoughts run straight up the pipeline, not only is it welcomed it’s also requested from time to time.

    To all you former GAP members. I too was part of the GAP way back when during it’s glory days. Those days are again upon us now with the newly revised MVP program. No it’s not the same as the GAP was before it closed. What we have today is an amalgamation of some of the best parts of how we as GAP members interacted with each other and with Playstation. In fact on many levels it’s better with regards to communication and feedback.

    So what are you waiting for? Here is your opportunity to be part of something great!

  • For those of you that are thinking about joining the MVP program, please keep this in mind:

    If you are selected, you are bound to the terms and conditions of the MVP program, and you are basically agreeing to follow the guidelines that professionals must honor in a standard Non-Disclosure Agreement, so anything discussed within the program MUST be kept confidential until the point in time where there is clear evidence that the information has been made officially public by Sony.

    If you don’t feel like you are mature or responsible enough to follow these and other rules as they come along, then please don’t bother signing up.

    If you feel like you can follow the rules, then by all means, you are more than welcome to sign up.

    As long as you are at least eighteen years of age.

  • Newbie MVP here, but long time forum member. I’m looking forward to what others may bring to the community.
    Good luck to those who apply.

  • G.A.P 4 lyfe

  • If you have the time and enjoy being a part of the Playstation community you should consider signing up to be on the Playstation MVP program. I love it and hope to see the community grow into something even more incredible than it already is.

  • Just did it hope im not to late, i’ll pray that they look my way.

  • Well I am very interested in this honestly,and would love to Volunteer for this! I already Have a Youtube channel, and also am in the works of a Gaming Guide For multi platforms, Shooters, RPGs, All that fun stuff! I am actually a unknown awesome Call Of Duty Gamer, that still is waiting to get known for my skills on the battlefield. I have Games that unbelievable, and I can help others be as good as me, with commentaries for tips,and also Class Guides, Spots for new people who are new to the game.I am willing to do many guides to any in particular game, because honestly producing content, can help others with anything, and also can help yourself. I am not just a shooter player, I play many other games, and have Great experience in Gaming. I am 19 Years old, and love to play games, and am willing to do much research if I am not huge on a topic, to help others, and answer there questions. This sounds awesome,and if I could be a Volunteer it would be a great experience, I always wanted to help fellow gamesters. :) If someone could link me a place to fill out for it, it would be awesome! Happy Gaming everyone!!


  • How Long Is active for, I just applied!! :D

  • This is Fantastic reaching out to the community! I am really happy I applied! I wanna do great things for the community as well as for PlayStation. I did have one question though. How long does it take to get a reply or something back from applying, so we know that PlayStation got it, or if we are accepted? Thanks


  • can turkish gamers sign up??

  • People need to be wanting to sign up for the MVP Program for MUCH more than just wanting free entry to E3, come on guys, it’s meant to be an ‘Ambassador Program’, not a way to get free handouts!

    @ #40, No, you pay the airfare!!


  • @Paul Sullivan

    How about some PSABR and Twisted Metal tournaments for this MVP Program? :)

  • Used to be a Gamer Advisory Panel member when that was around and extremely active in the forums. Programs like that are great

  • Have to agree with the <250 character limit. That is a real shame. Is there any chance that can be altered. Because for Posts that makes sense, but not for these applications. I didn't want to send my responses in on that note, so I have it backed up on standby. I feel like I can't say anything barring any sense of intelligence, nor answer the question. Give me a list to put. 250 "Characters", not words, is fine. But not for "what do you think of the differences between online and real-world friendships?". I cannot answer that in 250 characters. It is just not possible without seeming generic, and not truthfully answering the question.

  • Also, it’s my birthday. All I would like is a response, Usually don’t ask for much.

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