The PlayStation MVP Program Wants You

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The PlayStation MVP Program Wants You

If you’re already active in the PlayStation Forums, any of the various multiplayer communities, or even other gaming sites across the internet, then you might have heard of the PlayStation MVP Program.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the program, the PlayStation MVPs are a team of PlayStation gamers who volunteer to help us host exclusive game events and online tournaments, create content such as walk-throughs and help articles for fellow gamers on the PlayStation Forums, and share their expert opinions on PlayStation products through exclusive panels and discussion sessions with the PlayStation Community Management team.

Quick Look: PlayStation Forums

Many of our PlayStation MVPs got in to the program based around their activities in the PlayStation Forums. Whether you’re a PlayStation Forums veteran, or are just now learning of their existence, check out the new look and learn how you can build your own community reputation on the PlayStation Forums, and share your gaming stories, tips, and insights.

PlayStation General hosts a variety of discussions across the entire spectrum of gaming.

You’ll also find the official home of community for Naughty Dog for each of their marquee titles including The Last of Us and Uncharted.

Santa Monica Studios, developers of some of PlayStation’s biggest and brightest titles including God of War, Sound Shapes and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale also host their official forums here as well.

We’ll be building out more new areas and functionality on the PlayStation Forums in the coming year, so we hope you’ll join us!

– Morgan Haro, Community Manager

PlayStation MVPs

At E3 2013 we invited members of the PlayStation MVP program to attend our press conference and meet with key people from PlayStation, World Wide Studios and our third party developer community on the show floor and in private feedback sessions. This past November we brought some of our MVPs out to join us at the Standard High Line in NYC for the launch of PS4. And recently our MVPs have even helped assist in the development of community programs for Guerrilla Games and Naughty Dog.

PlayStation MVPs

It’s truly been an awesome year for PlayStation, and our PlayStation MVPs have been there with us every step of the way. We have big plans for 2014, so if you’re a passionate PlayStation gamer who would like to contribute to the PlayStation MVP program beginning this Spring, you can apply here.

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  • I like the concept behind this, I will have to check into to this further. This could lead to some spectacular opportunities!!!!!!!!!

  • Canadians free to sign up? :)

  • Yeah how do Canadians get in on this great opportunity?
    Very interested and would like to be a part of it this year.


  • I’ve been in the program since October and I must say, it’s an awesome program. I’ve gained a lot of friends/followers and it’s nice to know that my feedback can possibly help shape the future of certain games/products (such as boxart, multiplayer, etc.)

    I encourage anyone to sign up. Just be aware of the NDA, they take it very seriously. This is a voluntary privilege, and should be treated with respect.

    I extend a warm welcome to all potential and future MVPs! :)

  • Sweet … Playstation is the place to be

  • The MVP program has a lot of potential and I look forward to seeing more activities from those involved this year. :)

  • What’s the minimum age on this?

  • Sounds interesting

  • Ahilyou it’s 18 and up.

  • Fantastic! Playstation has really embraced their community with the launch of the PS4. Never, as a gamer, have I been happier with the connection I feel between my games and the company and people that provide them!

    • Thanks me2! There’s no way to express how seriously we are taking our relationship with the community. Glad it shows!

  • I Live in Guatemala, Central Amercia and i’ve seen a growth of Playstation presence all over. Am I able to sign in?

  • I just singed up I hope im picked my friend is a sony mod and ive been bugging to get to work with sony the fact of helping others I love

  • Wow, I’ve really been trying to get more involved with the gaming community, I think I’m definitely going to give this a shot and apply.

  • Would love to be a part of this program. I just sent in my information on average how many people will be chosen?

  • @12 just though I’d point out, this isn’t employment with PlayStation or Sony, it’s strictly voluntary.

    But I still hope you get in :)

  • Nice, I’d love to get in on this. :)

  • Sure, I’ll sign up.

  • ” I just singed up I hope im picked my friend is a sony mod and ive been bugging to get to work with sony ”

    I know a lot of the MVPs and they seem to really enjoy volunteering their time to the MVP program. I like that Sony is there working along side of the MVPs and having Sony support only makes it a better program.

  • I use to be part of the gamer advisory panel for until they ended the program, it would be great to be part of this as well.

  • I’ve heard about the program before, it looks like a great program.

  • Sony you are a big time sponsor in the champions league in europe can you please bring an app for ps4 so i can watch the best sport in the world here in the usa it doesnt matter if i have to pay to watch a game, make it happen.

  • I guess the term “active” is relative in this instance. I would consider myself an “active” gamer, with an “active” passion for everything PlayStation. Unfortunately I’m not a particularly “active” on forums or gaming sites, etc. I would argue that I frequent them as often as an “active” participant, but I prefer to quietly read, watch, learn and enjoy. The MVP Application is clearly not for someone with my type of “activity”. Good luck to those who apply.

  • Signed up so pick me. HAH. Honestly though I would love to be a part of this brand.

  • well i have been coming to this site since i got a ps3 a year after release but i never heard of this an i don’t really have the time to even see or look into about it

  • @ mendezgato: When I started reading your comment, I totally thought you were going to lead into a “but then I took an arrow in the knee” joke. Thank you for not doing so. :P

    I’ll have to check into this more when I get home from work tonight. Looks really cool and sounds like something I’d like to be a part of.

  • I take it Europeans can’t sign up? :/

  • It’s a great program. Good luck to the applicants!

  • Already an unofficial Playstation ‘Evangelist’ (and GAP member), I just wish I could take the time off work to be able to do all these fun events.

  • This is cool, Sony is really making things happen for its community. Are you guys going to be promoting Warhawk Day this Saturday? I brought a used copy just to support. I really like Starhawk and hope it comes to Playstation Now. To everyone signing up for MVP good luck.

  • trying to add details to some of the fields and they are giving me an “Enter max of 250 characters” can you fix the fields to a memo so that there isnt a character limit for giving a comparison in regards to online friends and real life along with describing your most challenging online experience.

  • Is there a age limit on something like this? And if there is can you get a guardians consent?

  • @31 18+ confirmed. The good news is that this program looks like it will be around for years to come.

  • Hey Paul you turned me down because I was too controversial for you. But you then gave the mvp title to known trolls, hackers and ISE abusers. Who didn’t behave nicely afterwards. So what chance does any real loyal helpful and constructive psn user have doing this?

  • Is this like another ps underground? Or gamer advisory panel? Because i was in those as well.

  • Well I hope I get selected this time :D

    Good Luck Everyone! :)

    @Jersquall Hi Old friend

  • I hope my future come true being an MVP i have been very active on the forums :) @Paul Sullivan if you are ever invited to E3 do you has to pay to join or is it free like a birthday party? LOL most MVP live in Canada so I’m hoping it free to travel oh really so you can meet key people too? can you have an interview with them & flim them on YouTube? hope I’m selected Paul pinky promise ;)

  • Hi there Tony Damiani :) I hope you’re well. Hello, Strider367 as well /waves

    Tony, You probably know how this works already. They select a group and then select another down the road. wash and repeat. Good luck man.

  • I’d love to be a part of this. Gaming is what inspired me to get into technology and science. As of late, I have been thinking of a better way to give back to the gaming community. This sounds aces.

  • It’s a great program that I’ve applied and selected to join in since I happen to love gaming in general, and what cards I can bring to the table since joining early February. :D

    I encourage others to sign up and see what they can contribute to the PlayStation community.

  • So if I become a member will I be going to press events, E3 and other things? Will I get free airfare or hotel rooms? Just wondering. I would love to join once I am of age.

  • While there are about 15 Canadian MVPs that I am aware of now, it would be good to have more representing us, our ideas, locales and our needs, so if you have something to offer, then apply.

    Also, age is no big obstacle. Many MVPs, including me, are what many might consider to be older, so don’t let that hold you back, either.

  • reynolds-wrap1: Being of legal age is a requirement, but so are your own resources. We can’t all afford to go to all events, and there are other limitations, but doors do open every now and then.

  • If we signed up for this before, but never received a response, can we sign up again with updated information?

  • While I would love to sign up for this, I’m afraid I’m not the type of gamer they are looking for. Active in playing, provide feedback when requested/needed….but I’ve never been that active on forums. I mean…I’ve been here for who knows how long(underground and gap member) but look at my post count.

    But I would like to wish those that do apply the best of luck :)


  • I just signed up! How many people are you guys looking for and what’s the chances of getting on?

  • It has been quite a privilege being a part of this program for the past year. I most value the opportunity to share my opinions within a small group on various Sony topics with Sony and their partners which may influence the final product.

  • i part of the gamer advisery panel i still have the shirt (kinda big on me) and the certificate signed by jack him self on my wall. i hope greatness is awaiting me soon.

  • Sounds cool!!! I might do it, does it happen in the summer on 2014 cause when summer break comes up i gonna be play’n video games and going online almost every-day!! Wait does this actually happen in the summer of 2014, or on a different month and date.

  • This sounds like a really cool program. Can’t believe I hadn’t heard of it before. I will definitely sign up!

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