Super League Football Releasing Today for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita

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Super League Football Releasing Today for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita
Zen Pinball 2: Super League Football

So who’s up for some football (I mean soccer… whatever) PINBALL competition? Well even if you’re not into football, there is an awesome new pinball table to play, and depending on your club affinity (or lack thereof), you should definitely get involved in this. Super League Football is releasing today for Zen Pinball 2 on PlayStation Store for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita!

If you’re a fan of Arsenal, Liverpool FC, Barcelona, Real Madrid C.F., A.C. Milan, Juventus Football Club or A.S. Roma, then the choice is simple — you better support your team! For the rest of you who don’t have a club to cheer for, we invite you to join Zen Studios F.C. This team of game devs is ready to take it to the pinball playfield against these ‘other guys.’

Zen Pinball 2: Super League Football

Who are those guys? THOSE ARE ZEN STUDIOS DEVS! But let’s get serious – what do you get for your hard-earned $2.99? When you download Super League Football you will get to pick a single team. Please note: YOU DO NOT GET ALL TEAMS. That’s right, you have to pick one! We can’t have you cheering for everyone! That’d be blasphemous, right? Once you pick a club, you can start playing in league play, win all sorts of Trophies, and help out your team on the global leaderboards.

A few words on Cross Buy: If you buy this on PS3 or Vita, you are Cross Buy entitled, and you can also import to PS4 (in case you do not yet have a PS4). If you buy this on PS4, you will not get any Cross Buy entitlements (I know this sounds unfair but it’s just the way it is for now). If you have questions, please leave a comment and I will be happy to clarify.

Zen Pinball 2: Super League Football

I know many of you are wondering if there will be more teams added. We are working on it – since the announcement there have been other clubs knocking on the door to get involved. It’s great that there is interest! Let’s see how this little experiment goes and we’ll decide where we go from here. Feel free to let us know if your team isn’t on the roster!

If you want to see the table in action, be sure to check out the table trailer on the PlayStation YouTube Channel.

I’ll be representing Zen Studios F.C. and I hope the rest of you are ready to bring your game, so… Game ON! Or, whatever those sporty types like to yell at each other. COME AT ME, BRO.

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  • “decide’ not deddie…Typing on ps4 . Lmao

  • WOO! Just hit #1 on the leaderboard! For now, of course. I’ll be down at #100 in a couple of weeks. :)


    Yes, each version has it’s own trophies. That is, each console version of the game. Not each team’s table skin.

  • AS Roma *o*

  • So you said bring it I brought it lol… You said come at you BRO! I came for you lol Now I am sitting on top of the scoreboard 1,403,435,194!!! For now… My psn is the same on the game to ,if your wondering. But just answering the challenge that was set out there. I think Zen Pen Ball and Zen Pen Ball 2 is the Bee’s Nee’s and the Shizz Nizz, I have been playing since launch of both platforms I have all the tables (Zen Pin Ball Junky!), I hope you reply and not just leave me hanging out here..I mean Maan I am Number One on the scoreboard.

    P.S. I would like to get involved in tournaments with PlayStation or other and I don’t have a clue how to do so, and what I have tried is not working, if you can help with legit information it would really be appreciated.

  • OOO NOOOO! :(

    Bobby Loertscher… =/

    I can´t believe Zen Studios is following the Capcom school = Putting a lot of DLCs to “change Skins” for your games!

    That´s the first Zen Pinball table disapointed me a lot!

    It can´t be! =(

    I have the FULL COLLECTION of Zen Pinball Machines, but not this new yet! That´s the First time I don´t know what kind of “skin = team” to buy! =(

  • I bought the FC Barcelona table on my vita hoping I could also play it on my ps4. The table will not import to ZP2 and says the purchase is unavailable in the store. I’ve restored the licenses on my ps4, same problem. :-(

  • Hello,

    I bought a football table (FC Barca) on my Vita, but in no way i’m able to download it on my PS4
    I know how the cross buying works with PS vita to PS3/4.
    But when I want to select FC Barca on my PS4, and I wnat to download it (for free off course because I already bougt it on my Vita) I’m getting an error. I’m able to download any other table, but not this one???

    Any suggestions?? I don’t want to pay again for this table.

  • Wow. I wish I had read this post before I bought the Arsenal table on my PS4. I tried to download the Vita version of the table this morning, and I thought maybe these tables were not cross-buy. Honestly, I feel a bit ripped off right now… Is this a common cross-buy issue? or just with this table?

  • The tables are supposed to be cross-buy if you purchase on vita or ps3, you are then supposed to be able to import to ps4. Supposedly it doesn’t work if you purchase on ps4 hoping to import to ps3/vita.

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