Super League Football Releasing Today for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita

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Super League Football Releasing Today for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita
Zen Pinball 2: Super League Football

So who’s up for some football (I mean soccer… whatever) PINBALL competition? Well even if you’re not into football, there is an awesome new pinball table to play, and depending on your club affinity (or lack thereof), you should definitely get involved in this. Super League Football is releasing today for Zen Pinball 2 on PlayStation Store for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita!

If you’re a fan of Arsenal, Liverpool FC, Barcelona, Real Madrid C.F., A.C. Milan, Juventus Football Club or A.S. Roma, then the choice is simple — you better support your team! For the rest of you who don’t have a club to cheer for, we invite you to join Zen Studios F.C. This team of game devs is ready to take it to the pinball playfield against these ‘other guys.’

Zen Pinball 2: Super League Football

Who are those guys? THOSE ARE ZEN STUDIOS DEVS! But let’s get serious – what do you get for your hard-earned $2.99? When you download Super League Football you will get to pick a single team. Please note: YOU DO NOT GET ALL TEAMS. That’s right, you have to pick one! We can’t have you cheering for everyone! That’d be blasphemous, right? Once you pick a club, you can start playing in league play, win all sorts of Trophies, and help out your team on the global leaderboards.

A few words on Cross Buy: If you buy this on PS3 or Vita, you are Cross Buy entitled, and you can also import to PS4 (in case you do not yet have a PS4). If you buy this on PS4, you will not get any Cross Buy entitlements (I know this sounds unfair but it’s just the way it is for now). If you have questions, please leave a comment and I will be happy to clarify.

Zen Pinball 2: Super League Football

I know many of you are wondering if there will be more teams added. We are working on it – since the announcement there have been other clubs knocking on the door to get involved. It’s great that there is interest! Let’s see how this little experiment goes and we’ll decide where we go from here. Feel free to let us know if your team isn’t on the roster!

If you want to see the table in action, be sure to check out the table trailer on the PlayStation YouTube Channel.

I’ll be representing Zen Studios F.C. and I hope the rest of you are ready to bring your game, so… Game ON! Or, whatever those sporty types like to yell at each other. COME AT ME, BRO.

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  • as cool as this table looks, I won’t be purchasing it I believe. I’ve played ZP2 on PS4 a few times now, but with about 2/3rd’s of the tables gone between Vita and PS4, I find myself very quickly and easily bored with the remaining tables on PS4. It’s essentially lead to me still having the game, but never wanting to play it. I just can’t justify spending any more money on ZP2 if I have no appeal to play it with 2/3rd’s of those amazing tables gone. Sorry, but I think this is the end of ZP2 for me as a consumer, however I totally wish you guys look in the future and hopefully if Zen ever makes ZP3, they’ll learn from their mistakes of ZP2 next-gen.

    Good luck!

  • Not really a fan of soccer and I am still debating wether to buy this add on or not. If only we could see some exclusive tables for ps3 or ps4 of something interesting. I hope in the future the team at Zen can make a more creative table that would appeal to everyone instead of just a small crowd.

    • I’m unaffiliated, so I’ll be playing for Zen FC! It’s still a blast even without being a huge fan of the sport, it’s a really fun table and does some stuff that we haven’t done before. There’s always the demo so you can check it out before you decide :D

  • Guess I’ll be the first one to jump in and be positive.
    Looking forward to checking this table out. I’m a passive fan of soccer, but I’ve loved every table you guys have released, so I’ll definitely be picking this up. And thanks for being clear with the cross-buy entitlements.
    It’s nice to see this table coming so soon after we finally got Dr. Strange on PS4. A steady stream of content is very welcome.
    Keep up the awesome work!

    PS: What’s up next for Zen Pinball? If I’m not mistaken, there should be 4 more Star Wars tables, as I recall you announcing it was a 10-table license you acquired, but the Marvel tables are done for now, right? When can we expect an announcement on new licenses or just new table themes?

    • Thank you! :)

      We have 4 more Star Wars tables coming, which we’ll be getting ready to announce soon and we’ll have more Marvel stuff this year… as well as new licenses :D 2014 is looking like an insane year for Zen Pinball 2!

  • I really wish i would have known about this cross buy PS4 problem before i got all those tables. (star wars and 3 individual tables) I kinda feel burned. Anyways I’ll still be picking this up, because i love Zen Pinball too much to stay mad. Looking forward to this table.

  • Don’t follow soccer but it’s a Zen table so I’ll be getting it. Any suggestions on a club to pick?


  • About cross-buy entitlement,

    If you buy PS3, you also get Vita and PS4.
    If you buy Vita, you also get PS3 and PS4.
    If you buy PS4, you only get PS4.

    Is that the right interpretation? Or is it…

    If you buy PS3, you also get PS4, no Vita.
    If you buy Vita, you also get PS4, no PS3.
    If you buy PS4, you only get PS4.

    • The first one! Buy it on either Vita or PS3, import to PS4 for free. If you buy it on PS4 first, you can only play it on PS4. Clear as mud? :)

  • Do people over here even care about Soccer?

  • I’ve bought all my tables as the Vita version, pulling them into the PS3 later. I’ve been able to pull what (I’m assuming) have been currently ported to the PS4 version for free, no problem.

    And I want to say, I REALLY appreciate the free part. As someone that’s bought ALL of the tables for both Zen and Pinball Arcade and knowing that there IS work to be done as part of the porting process, having them updated on my PS4 for free is awesome.

    I’ve uninstalled PA on my PS4. Again, I understand there’s work/cost involved in porting, but what PA’s asking compared to what I’ve already spent. It’s just too much. =(

  • You lost me a “I mean Soccer…”
    @8: Over here? Like people on the blog or people in this country (USA)? If it is about the country, then the answer is easy: USA likes to do the inverse. What are kilograms? What are kilometers? What is this sport called “Football”? Do they really use their foot to kick a ball? Nah, that isn’t “Football.”

  • Id like to say, thank you to the Zen Pinball team for going this route & bringing out Football tables. Im so buying this, cant wait to play on the Arsenal table.

  • Does this table maintain a persistence like Epic Quest?

    • In a way, it does. Each ‘season’ consists of 10 games against 5 other teams in the League. Of the 5 teams, you will face 1 easier, 2 average and 2 more difficult teams, and they are different every season.

  • I’m a little confused about picking a team : Do you have the option to pick one team for the PS3, another for the Vita and yet another for the PS4? Do you have to decide which team before you purchase the game or once you start playing?

    • The first time you open up the DLC after you download it, you’ll pick your team. If you are doing Cross Buy, it will only import the team you originally picked, so you can’t do different teams for different platforms unless you pay to unlock more teams.

  • sweet, I personally can’t stand watching soccer, I literally would rather watch paint dry (Holmes on Homes).

    That being said this table looks (like most of your tables) to be a ton of fun and I will be buying it as soon as it’s up.

  • I have pretty much every table for Zen Pinball there is, but this table doesn’t interest me in the slightest. I’m sure it’s a fun table to play on, but I hate soccer for the most part and even if I pick the Zen FC team as has been suggested, I doubt I’d feel ambitious enough to earn trophies or beat my friend’s high scores. When a friend beats my score in something like the Plants vs Zombies table, I immediately get this (ir)rational compulsion to kick his behind. But on this I’d be like “meh, he can have it.” *shrug*

    p.s. also still hoping for that Disgaea-themed table I suggested 3 years ago. T_T

  • Will wait for manchester united XD

  • Any chance on MLS teams in the future? Would love to play as Toronto FC.

  • I was confused when it said football because I thought you were making a soccer table! Stupid Americans calling football soccer :D

    Anyway, this looks fun :D

  • This looks good. I have all the other tables for Zen Pinball 2, so I’ll be picking this one up as well. I’m looking forward to trying it out. I’m also looking forward to the new Star Wars tables you mentioned. Thank you Bobby, and by all means, keep coming up with great new tables! If you’re selling, I’m buying!

  • @ Ryumoaner

    I don’t know… seems like every high school in the country has a soccer team (boys and girls), the olympic teams are always real popular, and MLS has been growing more and more popular every year. So, what do you think, troll?

    And it’s not like this plays like an actual soccer game. It’s not FIFA. It’s a soccer-themed pinball table. It’s a pinball game, and people “over here” like pinball, troll.

    FUN FACT: Some of the most popular pinball machines of all time (in the U.S.) are the soccer-themed tables. Oh no!

    You don’t like soccer or pinball, so why’d you even click on this, troll? To troll? Is that all you ever do? What a pathetic life.

    @ Barbie

    Looks good, looks fun. Day-one purchase, as always. :)

  • Real Madrid can’t wait for this

  • The cross-buy strategy that you guys have is a win win situation for Zen pinball 2. Unlike the other pinball game that doesn’t have this idea. But on a another note it would be a grand idea if you guys for marvel did a silver surfer table. And some videogame iconic characters tables & also some DC tables.

  • the table is alright but I’m not gonna buy tables if i buy off ps4 i only get ps4! what the H E L L is that bs, so if i owned a vita (which i plan on buying a new one. i sold old one because memory cards cost way to much an i download games only like on my ps4 i will never buy a disc again) but it doesn’t make any since that i can’t buy on vita or ps3 an get ps4 but i can’t buy on ps4 an have them later on my vita? thats bs an needs to be fixed or I’m never buying tables on your game

  • The table looks awesome and I can’t wait to pick it up! Thanks for all the original tables you guys come up with!

  • also please change the title, ur making americans looks stupid by calling soccer football an soccer is fun, football isn’t an thats my opion

  • LOL looks= look, i hate trying to type fast because i ether add a letter or forget one

  • Instant buy on the Vita to get the PS3 and PS4 versions… Thank you! Just curious, are there any plans to import the large chunk of tables missing from the PS2 Zen Pinball 2? A lot of good tables left off.

  • @ juggalorider: Considering the entire rest of the world calls this particular sport “football/futbol” and the US is the only country that calls a handball game “football”, and taking into account that Zen is a European company, it makes perfect sense for them to call this table super league “football”.

    For your edification, “opion” is also spelled wrong. The little red squiggly that would have appeared underneath it had you added punctuation afterwards would have given it away.

  • cool i misspelled one word an mexico calls this soccer to so learn your facts, i have no clue about any other country but i do know america an mexico call it soccer not football

  • @ juggalorider

    Just buy the PS3 version in the web store. Problem solved. You’ll get all 3 versions for the same price. I think.

  • @ i don’t own a ps3, i sold it for my ps4 even thro i most likely will buy another ps3 so i can play my all time fav game. GTA online

  • ops i just checked an i guess mexico calls it fútbol, it doesn’t make since. all the mexicans i talk to form mexico say soccer is there national sport an they never called it fútbol. they always say soccer buy the word fútbol is spainish for soccer! so I’m really confused an mad. what do those countries call football?

  • so maybe I’m right since in Spanish fútbol stands for soccer or is google translate wrong like it is sometimes? I’m still learning Spanish an i know viva means long live but google translate can’t translate that word both ways for english an Spanish, one way one works but if you switch it doesn’t

  • translate viva from Spanish to English an it says alive but thats not right its long live. but translate long live form English to Spanish u get viva which is right

  • @Bobby Loertscher what does your country call football?

  • @ juggalorider

    I understand that you don’t have a PS3. But you don’t need to own a PS3 to BUY a PS3 game. If you want to take advantage of the cross-buy feature, and have the Vita version in your download list for the future when you buy a new Vita, then buy the PS3 version in the web store to gain access to all 3 versions. You’ll get the PS4 version for now, and you’ll have the Vita version ready to download for later. You can obviously just ignore the PS3 version. Again, I THINK it’ll work out. I’m not exactly sure if the import feature works that way, but I think it does.

  • @31 also i brought the ps4 for the new kingdom hearts an it loads games 3 times faster an because of one of sonys lies, they said you could try all ps4 games for an hour so you can decide if you want to buy it or not an it also said you can play games as soon as a portion of the game downloaded. both u can’t do an both a sony ps4 expert said that sony never said that an when i offered to email her a link to or an vid of sony press conference that said that she wouldn’t tell me a email to email it to an keep saying that was never sonys plan

  • @38 will i might but I’m still mad that they can’t changed the name to how my country calls it, but thanks if i will most likely try that an hopefully i can get it on my vita as soon as i get another one

  • Lemme know once West Bromwich Albion are involved and I’ll pick that table up.

  • @23, 25, 26, 29, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 37, 38…

    + juggalorider on February 18th, 2014 at 1:30 pm said:

    @38 will i might but I’m still mad that they can’t changed the name to how my country calls it, but thanks if i will most likely try that an hopefully i can get it on my vita as soon as i get another one

    really?!? OMG Dude your a troll or just plain ignorant, just stop typing and embarrassing yourself and your fellow Americans lol.

  • I’m curious about how this competition with other teams works. It intrigues me, but I don’t understand what happens. You pick a team and then compete against the other teams… how?

  • Footbal, Soccer, or whatever? Perhaps you have a doubt of whether to call it on name or the other. Well I’d be glad to help ya there. The sport is called ‘FOOTBALL’ period. De nada!

  • OK…I really hope this is JUST a marketing try out type of table…I love zen and have a majority of tables…But paying for different teams ,themes and schemes??? Please dont tell me this is how future tables will be sold!! Why would i buy the same table 8 different times?? For trophies and the love of a team i think not…U could have easily just charged 9.99 and called it a day…but $2.99 a team?? Not today tommorrow or ever…Sorry to vent but im very disappointed….Wont be getting these….

  • Not a huge footie guy (Hey I’m American and used footie instead of football and…/gasp soccer) But I’m digging the Team Zen F.C table. I’ll buy a few teams towards the weekend.

    But now…

    What could be added later is the World Cup team tables?

    How about NHL tables? Euro-Hockey team tables? Rugby tables? NFL team tables? MLB tables?

    and @ 43 They have/had to charge $2.99 per team table due to licensing rights to each team. Thats the rationale I heard and makes sense. Like it or hate it… it is what it is.

    The best bang for your buck is to definitely buy it on the ps3 or vita first then import/redownload the team table I bought on the ps4.

    (btw… when I went to import the table on the ps4. I saw no import tool to do so. I restored the license in hopes of seeing the import tool. did not, but went to the ps4 ps store and my team’s table was there listed as free. Downloaded the table freely.)

    in closing… Its fun. I dig it, but wow what an eye strain it is getting used to the football ball instead of the tradition pinball. Both normal and 3d its quite the eye strain… to me anyways. Fun table and different.

    #stokedformorestarwarstables. ##wouldlovetoseeZENDCthemedhero/villaintables.

  • @40 im not a troll I’m just really mad that they can’t call it what USA calls it, the pics looks stupid saying football but its soccer, you may think I’m plain ignorant but the people who made this post are because I’m on the USA blog not the stupid European blog. so if that stupid country wants to call soccer football then they can do that on there stupid blog but not the USA because its called soccer not football here. i don’t live in Europe for a reason an i never will move to that stupid country

  • if i visit there its just because its legal to pay girls for adult favors an its the only part of the world i know its legal, well that an marijuana but my home state (Washington State) has marijuana legal an by the looks of it the USA should have it legal on the federal level, next legal H O O K E R S like the only very few good things about europe

  • @ #45 juggalorider

    Here’s another interesting fact for you: Europe is a continent, not a country.
    Do yourself a favor and stop posting any more stupidity.

  • This table is really fun. I love everything about it from the theme to the colors, the voice work and the music (I love the celebration music after scoring a goal), the layout of the ramps… everything. Awesome job Zen.


    You don’t have to buy them all. Just pick one. Every team plays on the same table. The only differences are that different teams have different color schemes. They’re just skins, basically. And the players names and photos will be different too, of course.

    I bought the A.S. Roma table because I liked the way the orange bumpers looked against the main green playfield. Some of the teams’ skins have red bumpers,another one is black and white stripe pattern, another is turquoise. There are pictures of all of them in the PS Store. Just pick the one you like best and enjoy the game. It’s a lot of fun.

  • Pay $3 for 3 versions of the table (PS3, PS4, PSV). That’s $1 per table version. Wow.

    Zen, you horrible, greedy bastards. How dare you. :)

  • “Lets see how this liile experiment goes and we’ll decide were we go from here.” Well i hope thats all this table is…Just an experiment does each $3 purchase come with its own trophies?

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