PS Plus: Remember Me, Street Fighter x Tekken Free for Members

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PS Plus: Remember Me, Street Fighter x Tekken Free for Members

We’ve got a one-two punch for PlayStation Plus members tomorrow, when Remember Me (PS3) and Street Fighter x Tekken (PS Vita) join the Instant Game Collection.

In Remember Me, you’ll create your own combos via the Pressen system, wherein successful attacks can heal you, lower your cooldowns or dish out extra damage. Your ultimate goal: take down an evil corporation that’s corrupting the minds and memories of the citizens of Neo-Paris.

Street Fighter x Tekken contains a character roster that pulls from two of the most iconic fighting games around, so pick a fighter from the legendary Street Fighter or Tekken series and get to battling it out with your friends. Fun fact: you can play against your friends who have the PS3 version of the game.

Also, we just released a new PlayStation Plus TV spot — watch it here!

You can download Remember Me and Street Fighter x Tekken after PlayStation Store updates tomorrow.

PlayStation Plus 2-18

PlayStation Plus: Instant Game Collection

Remember Me (PS3)

Free for PS Plus members

Remember Me
Neo-Paris. 2084. Personal memories can now be digitized, bought, sold and traded. The last remnants of privacy and intimacy have been swept away in what appears to be a logical progression of the explosive growth of social networks at the beginning of the 21st century. Remember Me is a 3rd person action adventure where players take on the role of Nilin, a former elite memory hunter with the ability to break into people’s minds and steal or even alter their memories.
Street Fighter x Tekken (PS Vita)

Free for PS Plus members

Street Fighter X Tekken
A dream collaboration between the two biggest fighting game franchises is now a reality! A deluge of highly demanded characters join the fray in this tag team-based game! The second round of this war begins now!

PlayStation Plus: Discounts

Game Title PS Plus Price Original Price
Gunslugs $1.99 $2.49

PlayStation Plus: Last Chance

Last Chance (Leaving on 2/25)

Instant Game Collection
Smart As (PS Vita)


If you’ve got feedback on today’s Plus update make sure vote in the poll and leave a comment below. To discuss all things PlayStation, including this update, you can also head over to the PlayStation Community Forums where you’ll find topics you can contribute your thoughts to, or start one for yourself.

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  • Awesome Update!!! I wanted to buy tekken vs SF and now its free! I think it just came out recently too. How could u not be PS Plus member?? i get to look foward to something every Tuesday! for 50 bux. You must be missing something in your brain if your not a member.

  • Glad to see we are finally getting games EU got. Remember Me is a game I’ll never buy, but I wouldn’t mind playing it. Couldn’t get myself to continue watching a walkthough so playing it would motivate me. Sadly, I already own Street Fighter X Tekken thanks to some credit Sony gave me. Well, at least it’s better late than never and good for those who don’t own it.

    @PrimeroIncognito I honestly thought he was, but probably just to me though. He kinda did bring up an unnecessary subject that didn’t involve him one time. Sure I suggested that “thing” again, but that’s directed to someone else I was speaking too and said thanks anyway. He just butted in and said I have no sense when I wasn’t even talking to him. Who the real jerk here?

  • @bball230 I second that software update because I’m at UW-Whitewater and they use that security too! It’s annoying that Tablets and phones support it too, but not yet the Vita! Who does Sony think the Vita is targeting? College students, but yet they don’t support the WiFi most college campuses have! If I want to download a game, I either have to use my Ipads personal hotspot(4glte so its not that bad) or hook my Vita up to the PS3(PS4 not even supported) to transfer the downloaded file.

  • Really nice line up Sony!

    Can’t wait for Remember me!

  • Man I love Playstation Plus. Easily the best thing going next to Steam as far as gaming networks go. Snag that Sonic all stars racing game if you haven’t, I had no interest at first but since it was free I gave it a shot and it was surprisingly fun.

  • Nice finally a new Vita game. Now if you guys would only replace wipeout, uncharted, and gravity rush.

  • I thought I could clear out my IGC by finishing Grid 2, DMC, Don’t Starve, and Outlast this week.
    I was so wrong.

    Please keep the games coming! This is crazy fun.

    Mandatory IGC Wishlist:
    PSV: Silent Hill: Book of Memories
    PS4: Driveclub
    PS3: Portal 2
    PS2: King’s Field IV: The Ancient City
    PS1: Terry Pratchet’s: Discworld

  • Man I bought remember me on a steam sale, game is way to linear. No freedom at all, after no more than 2 hours into the game I removed it from my hard drive. Can’t wait for street fighter though! Highlight of my month ftw!

  • Good month.

    I would like to see these games in the US PS+

    1) Red Dead Redemption
    2) Max Payne 3
    3) Darksiders 2
    4) Batman Arkham City
    5) Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch
    6) Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
    7) God of War – Ascension
    9) Psychonauts
    10) Limbo
    11) L.A. Noire
    12) Beyond Good and Evil HD
    13) Dark Souls
    14) Lone Survivor
    15) Tomb Raider

  • Hmm… interested to check out Remember Me. not a fighter fan (except MK and Injustice) so SF-TK isn’t for me. but awesome for anyone else ;)

    though…i owuld like to see Dark souls on PS+? I actually started playing Demon souls and I still can’t believe how much fun im having on that game :D

  • I need a firmware to play ps2 games on my vita stat…that is all

  • Definitely going to be downloading Remember Me. Saw TheRadBrad playing it on his YouTube channel and it looked pretty interesting.

  • I’ll skip Street Fighter x Tekken and wait for a (not blazeblue/blazbloo/blueblaz) Bazblue x Guilty Gear game. I wonder which will sell more.A game made up of an old series (GG) and a new series (BB) that are both good or two old series (SF,TK)?Imo honest opinion SF is overrated from what I played but thats just “My opinion”.

  • @1-Ha I’m #112 and #113 (if sent in time).I have more ones in myplace than you have fans for you getting #1 >>.Now back to downloading Pso2 because right when I was tuping this the dumb download reset itself a second time.

    @People that work for Sony-I think its about time you listened to the people telling you about all the annoying errors the vita has because I’m starting to think that some of the people in charge of the updates are done are just don’t care anyome.Bubble based UI,repetive download errors like downloads getting reset on thier own and stacking 69k minutes till they finish,horrible web browser when JavaScript is on (which is something we need to use in order for things like sending messages on here from a vita),single accounts on the vita system unlike the PS3 (doing system resets is annoying as hell!),etc.,etc.

    I wonder why I even wasted my time typing this when nobody will read and/or respond to it…

  • Now I’m about to rage inside my head since this vita is getting on my nerves =_=.

  • were not worthy of these blessed games.

  • yes I agree with adrenalin 101 for la noir for ps+. everyone ask for la noir.

  • This game is awesome finaly its gonna psn plus free


    Are we going to get the demo (in the US) tomorrow?

    Also, will we be extended the same Strider 1 & 2 PS1 codes when buying STRIDER??


  • I personally think SF x Tekken has lost most of its hype and it simply cannot keep up with the likes of other fighting games like Injustice or even Super SF4. It was a nice idea but I’ll reserve some space for other games and only get Remember Me instead.

  • nice price for gunslugs with ps+ , ill take it,
    remember me is one of the best game from last year :)

  • Is it update>? why i still haven see any update~ thx

  • not sure to download remember me or not, it gets a lot of bad reviews

  • hopefully GTA V will be on PS PLUS, still haven’t gotten a chance to play

  • I know it might be a bit off topic, but when, if ever, will brave fencer musashi make it’s way to psn. I have wanted to play that game for a while. JPN psn has it why not us

  • The store happens to update on my b-day, so thanks for the nice surprise of SFxT for vita, doods! I think I should change my avatar to Kuma now. Street Fighter, Tekken… It’s like CHOOSING YOUR FAVORITE CHILD.

  • @96
    Glad someone understands
    Secondly + Gamerzlimited is surely beyond a jerk if anything. When I asked when will the PSOne Crash games come to Vita. He/she said stop complaining if you want crash then download crash tag team racing (PSP). Like someone who’s actually asking for the PSOne Crash games will be satisfied with that. So pretty much I’m not allowed to ask in that persons opinion, so I told em, you don’t understand value (don’t be disrespectful to someone asking the blog a question).
    Next + Gamerzlimited suggested a week or so later the same to a next complaint. Get this though, I said look who it is, and joined the convo saying Game still doesn’t understand the value of the PSOne Crash games etc.
    (this person had the audacity to inbox me spewing curse words, offensive stuff etc. Saying why am I nosey jumping in ppls convo, contradicting himself, because the question wasn’t initially for him in either mine or the other persons place)
    Point is (to Gamer) be careful. If I was a jerk I would have reported you for offensive stuff, screenshot on my PS4 and Vita though for future reference so spew nonsense (PS I have my msgs screenshot too, just to show I ain’t the trouble)

  • nice week!!!!!

  • Ahh excellent, Remember Me, probably the absolute most underrated game of the last couple of years, at least, and a shining example of the pathetic inaccuracy of modern professional game reviewers. Everyone who has not given it a try yet, I would certainly suggest you do so, whether you think you would enjoy it or not, as it’s a beautifully crafted and intelligent science fiction tale that deals with it’s subject matter in the most interesting ways. If that weren’t enough, then the melee combat system which is very strategic and variable will give you something to enjoy on top of the great story and beautiful artwork.So in other words, just try it out as you have nothing to lose anyway. :)

  • @129

    Completely agree with you on “professional game reviewers”, They’re mostly no more than jumped-up opinion givers with a generally pretentious attitude about them. I’ve never been one to care about unknown people’s opinions anyway. I prefer to listen to people on the blog, and forums after getting to know them (as much as you can digitally). I’ve seen some pretty good debate from here and the EU blog, and these conversations have given me much more buy suggested games than a self-proclaimed “reviewer” who may or may nit be a fan of the genre he/she is “reviewing”.

  • Question: Any estimated time of arrival (Eastern Standard Time) of Playstation Plus instant game collection? Thanks! :)

  • I was just able to successfully download Street Fighter X Tekken off of the web-based store. $0.00 for the price, and it didn’t try to charge me anything.

    No such luck yet with Remember Me, but at least when I get off of work, I will have SFxT waiting for me.

  • Gunslugs should definitely be a must buy for anyone with a Vita :D

  • lel, so glad i didn’t buy a ps4 system yet, it would just be sitting there. The only game worth playing on it is Battlefield 4 and that is glitched from head to toe..So keep bringing these sexy ps3 and vita games, oh and please do better on the discounts, i got money to burn.

  • Gah! I’m gonna have to drop a bill on the JP 64Gb Vita card soon… I already have 4 or 5 full games I’ve had to delete to make room…

  • It amazing what you get being a PSPlus member, Triple A games that the almighty (and cocky) XBOX doesn’t give. Metro Last Light, Remember Me, BioShock Infinate and more. Its good to be a PSPlus member. (We need more games for PS4).

  • What about The last of us for March?

  • I can’t do anything but laugh at the people who ask for games like GTA V and The Last of Us to be added to the IGC. Granted, I expect better than ports of 99-cent Android titles (ahem, 2013 IGC), but asking for games that literally just came out and are still selling at close to full price, retail? That’s quite the sense of entitlement.

  • 128
    + Teflon02 on February 18th, 2014 at 6:12 am said:(this person had the audacity to inbox me spewing curse words, offensive stuff etc. Saying why am I nosey jumping in ppls convo, contradicting himself, because the question wasn’t initially for him in either mine or the other persons place)

    I CERTAINLY HOPE you forwarded the email to the sony team. their live chat service is phenomenal.

  • They really need to add nice games for ps4 every month..hate to wait for it when having to pay almost $600 for a console and get nothing nice..

  • TLOU came on June 2013 and I’m asking it for march 2014… I think that is good deal… what about some MP FPS games… Black ops 2 maybe

  • I just got my PS Plus :)))) and most for Street Fighter x Tekken Vita version :)

  • Hi Guys,

    I find it hard to keep up and follow what new releases are on the PS4 and what new games make it into PS+ every month. I would like to be able to subscribe to a newsletter or something. But cant find out how I can do this, I even tried to subscribe to this blog. For someone like me, who owns a PS4 bought and still located in the Middle East. What options do I have to get updated on the latest game releases and PS+ instant game collections? To what and where should I subscribe? I do not want to google every single month.


  • Clarification: Middle East as in United Arab Emirates/Dubai.

  • This reasonable guy says I’d love to buy a Vita for all these great games….but the proprietary memory and expense for it is downright offensive.

  • I do , I really do ….I try to say to myself…., Self, pretend you don’t have 3 college degrees and quit doing comparisons to GB per dollar ratio compared to standard memory and realize your getting shafted. Just be stupid until you complete the checkout process and don’t back out. Forget that you had the same longing when you bought the PSP day one and you dont mind falling for it again…..Self, SELF! Listen TO ME! ….darn.

  • How come the US is getting so many more free titles than the UK and Europe? Have you forgotten about us?

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