PS Plus: Remember Me, Street Fighter x Tekken Free for Members

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PS Plus: Remember Me, Street Fighter x Tekken Free for Members

We’ve got a one-two punch for PlayStation Plus members tomorrow, when Remember Me (PS3) and Street Fighter x Tekken (PS Vita) join the Instant Game Collection.

In Remember Me, you’ll create your own combos via the Pressen system, wherein successful attacks can heal you, lower your cooldowns or dish out extra damage. Your ultimate goal: take down an evil corporation that’s corrupting the minds and memories of the citizens of Neo-Paris.

Street Fighter x Tekken contains a character roster that pulls from two of the most iconic fighting games around, so pick a fighter from the legendary Street Fighter or Tekken series and get to battling it out with your friends. Fun fact: you can play against your friends who have the PS3 version of the game.

Also, we just released a new PlayStation Plus TV spot — watch it here!

You can download Remember Me and Street Fighter x Tekken after PlayStation Store updates tomorrow.

PlayStation Plus 2-18

PlayStation Plus: Instant Game Collection

Remember Me (PS3)

Free for PS Plus members

Remember Me
Neo-Paris. 2084. Personal memories can now be digitized, bought, sold and traded. The last remnants of privacy and intimacy have been swept away in what appears to be a logical progression of the explosive growth of social networks at the beginning of the 21st century. Remember Me is a 3rd person action adventure where players take on the role of Nilin, a former elite memory hunter with the ability to break into people’s minds and steal or even alter their memories.
Street Fighter x Tekken (PS Vita)

Free for PS Plus members

Street Fighter X Tekken
A dream collaboration between the two biggest fighting game franchises is now a reality! A deluge of highly demanded characters join the fray in this tag team-based game! The second round of this war begins now!

PlayStation Plus: Discounts

Game Title PS Plus Price Original Price
Gunslugs $1.99 $2.49

PlayStation Plus: Last Chance

Last Chance (Leaving on 2/25)

Instant Game Collection
Smart As (PS Vita)


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  • Really looking forward to playing through Remember Me. It was the February Game I was most excited for (I know right!?!)

    I think I’ll be done Infamous 2 sooner than I thought, so this should hold me over until Second Son

  • @48
    I’m a jerk lol
    ohh well
    When ppl start “I’ll wait till it’s on PS+” on everygame release. You’ll understand.

  • I recall actually purchasing both of these titles from PSN and receiving extra digital content on top (SxT came with all the premium character costumes and RM came with all the avatars and theme backgrounds). I think they were just there to reward the first thousand or so gamers downloading them. I wonder if any lucky gamers will be rewarded with those freebees tomorrow.

  • Hope those looking forward to playing Remember Me know that it was an underappreciated game. Sure the Sci-Fi of it was a bit convoluted but the world you get to play in is unique and the game sports one of the most entertaining, custom combo systems. I had fun with this game. I give it a solid 8.0!

  • Is street fighter x tekken cross buy? Is it a ps3 version as well??

  • Great stuff, PlayStation team.

  • Great week for Vita Owners!
    Thank You!

  • I have been waiting for this day~!

  • I like the Vita game coming earlier in the month. That’s a nice change, although I bet it only ended up that way because there are only four Tuesdays this month. Also, I’m not thrilled about the game. Trust me, we have enough fighting games to last a century. Please, no more.

  • Nothing new from PS+ for the PS4. Thanks for nothing.

  • @49

    You do have a point. But remember, PS+ subscriptions DO cost us money, and who knows, Sony may have something in place that gives developers a bit of money for every download from the IGC.

    I mean, if you look at EU, they have lots of AAA games on the service. I don’t see any of those devs doing badly because of it. Yeah, they may be losing money in the short term, but they may make even MORE money in the long run, because if people liked the game, they would want to buy all the future games in the series. And if their sub runs out, those people may even buy that game, too. So, in a way, I think the IGC is a tool that helps developers, just in a different way.

    And then there’s devs who actually want the games we suggest (if there is enough demand) on PS+.

    As for Neptunia, the stories are all self-contained, but do yourself a favor and stay as far away as possible from the first game. I’ve already played Mk2 and Victory, and I think the latter is the best one.

  • You should post all the game collection from all of the years catalog like you did for the first year into Flickr. :D

  • Waiting for next month PS+ freebies ;)

  • I can not find confirmation of this anywhere not on square enix twitter or anywhere. I do not care if its preorderable or not I just want to know if there is going to be a ps4 digital copy of thief on the 25th again not worried about if i can preorder it I just want to know if digital will happen at all. I even tried yesterday on the drop but no response from you all please let me know because I prefer digital copies.

  • Finally! I’ve been wanting to get SxT for a long time… and now I get it for free :D

  • Yay Remember Me thats a great addition to the IGC…and SF x Tekken is a great addition too…both games are perfect for the IGC,great choice I couldn’t be more thankful.Really looking forward to SF X Tekken on Vita…does it come with the DLCs for PS3 like the retail version?……btw why is Gunslugs so cheap?…damn I might have to buy it this cheap.

  • @49 And by the way, if there’s a game I like that’s coming out soon (games like Strider, Hatsune Miku, BlazBlue, etc.) I’ll buy it day one. I wouldn’t wait for them to go free on PS+.

    If I suggested every week for Hyperdimesnion Neptunia (any game in the series) to be added, and I hadn’t already bought it…I do wait until the next month’s preview, so I won’t feel like I wasted money (even though I would’ve supported NISA as well as IF/CH). And I know Neptunia isn’t for everybody, but I do feel like it (and the JRPG genre as a whole, especially the niche titles) needs a bit more exposure.

    Actually, thinking about the comment @49 depresses me a little, but at the same time, while we’re not paying NISA (as an example) directly out of our pockets, not only is people exposed to the brand (so they can make even more money), but I think Sony is paying the devs to have their games on the service.

    So all in all, it’s good for devs too!

  • @49 They get a part of the sub fee, too.

  • i hope ps4 get great IGC next month

  • Quick Question?

    I know that the PS4 just came out, but when can we start getting PS3 games for PS4 for PS PLUS. There’s over 1000’s of PS3 full games why not make them FREE for PLUS member on PS4.
    Like Remember Me, why is that only for PS3 owner and not PS4 owner?

    Other then that it’s a great week for PLUS members.
    Keep up the good job. :D

  • Why do you want me to end up single Sony?? Remember Me and Street Fighter X on the same day? I’ll just make the couch up now.

  • @69 That can only be done via streaming (which is not officially available yet) or via code change to compliment the x86 structure like Tomb Raider Definitive Edition. An later does cost money and has be done by some game developers.

  • i want free sf vs tekken free for ps3 >_<

  • Thanks guys. Remember Me looks good :)
    I hope to see soon Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed PS3 version, free to PS Plus, and The King Of Fighters 98 Ultimate Match & 2002 Unlimited Match as PS2 Classics, I miss that games :'(

  • The free rental game for PS4 each month provided by PS+ will be from the indie game catalog.
    The retail game catalog is just too thin and new. It will take some time like it did with PS3. The only time when I believe there will be a retail game free for rent will be before some event to promote PS+.

  • did anyone get to beta test ps now? when its coming out for everyone and how much is the subscription for psplus members…
    and just 5 days until ps4 comes out in japan, hope its “made in japan”, i want made in japan ps4 not made in china…. and sony shoud bring to the west Ryu-ga Gotoku: Ishin, doesnt even need to dub just trow in english menu and english subtitles and make it digital only for ps4.
    when is sony gonna release a new ps4 firmware with support for media stream. and when is hbo go coming out for ps3… >_<

  • @Tjoeb123
    – You’re on point. I have looked up as much info on PS+ as I could find cause I was curious how it could possibly be successful lol. It’s like you say for the most part, sometimes only gives the devs some cash to put on PS+ and sometimes a agreement is just worked out, maybe with a some dev perks and so on. Like if it’s a dlc heavy game they might expect a bigger dlc profit too etc. Idealistically what you said is 100% true, it helps both devs and sony. Win win. But it’s the side affect, you give ppl exactly what they ask for and initial sales will drop because they know they’ll get what they want. Luckily some people like you will buy it, but I’ve already seen the sad “I’ll wait till it’s on PS+” comments start. It’s insulting factor is only the one key thing I said lol. So you’re just as right as me.
    – On the other hand, I actually heard ppl tell me not to play the first, it’s good that I only see MkII and Victory in stores cause they’re the only ones worth playing. But I really want to start from the beginning. But I’ll but MkII and Victory, then wait to see if the vita upgrade is coming if not, I’ll do just what you said lol.

  • Are discounts for plus members fading away because it sure seems so. I know we don’t get discounts on triple AAAA titles when they launch anymore what gives. I own lots of the IGC before it becomes part of the IGC so what’s in it for me why should I keep my plus account.

  • Great week! I look forward to playing both.
    My Wishlist:
    Max Payne 3
    Crysis 3
    Tomb Raider
    God of War: Ascension
    Splinter Cell: Blacklist
    GTA V
    Beyond Two Souls

    Sound Shapes
    Dragon’s Crown

    A game that doesn’t scare the living crap out of me! haha lol.

    Thanks Plus team, You guys are awesome!

  • gonna pass on Remember Meh, back to Payday 2

  • @51: “I hope they never. I think suggesting games is a bit disrespectful imo…”
    That is being a jerk.

  • exelentes juegos para mi ps4 y psvita, muchas gracias playstation

  • great games for my ps4 and psvita, playstation thank you very much

  • No plans to celebrate PlayStation Vita’s second anniversary this Saturday by offering discounted prices? I mean for Vita games…

  • Wow thank you, this is a great way for me to try a game that I wanted to try but didn’t have the money to buy (Remember Me)!

  • Good month but where are the rpgs? We are mostly getting shooters and action games. Give us some variety. Some psp sales would be nice too.

  • Remember m eis an easy PLAT for the trophy hunters out there like myself but otherwise its almost worthless play something else wit your time

  • Say what this lineup be out of site, now i need my PS Vita memory stick to show up from Japan this week & i’m set.

  • Been a great month, I hope March doesn’t disappoint, but probably will. :(

  • I downloaded so many PS Vita titles but I don’t have a Vita LOL. But I already Pre-ordered the Borderlands 2 PS Vita Bundle. Can’t wait to play those games on my PS Vita on March 31st!


  • @81
    If you think that’s being a jerk I feel sorry for you. Technically asking for that game to be on PS+ instead of just buying it is being a jerk. I’m being honest and straight forward. That’s not being a jerk. ATLUS has a amzing gme with P4G and not only do they have it released. it’s price dropped in stores and it’s been put on sale like 3 times within maybe half a year. For someone to ask for it to get put on PS+ is being a jerk.

  • YES! Very happy to finally play Remember Me. I could also go for a few rounds in SFxTekken. I haven’t played it since launch.

  • guys asking for ps4 games for free just wait the system just came out so thres not many games out yet and there not going to give out new games like cod or nfs or ac for free on a new system for psplues members. and if you say you should not of gotten a ps4 because you don’t get free games then your stupid as anything for saying that..

  • This is my most-anticipated IGC addition to date, since becoming a member in November of 2012.

    I already bought SFxT for PS3, and am definitely looking forward to having it on-the-go at any time.

  • Forget what I said in @30, because I just remembered that the Vita version comes with the 12 characters for both version.

  • @ Teflon02

    You weren’t being a jerk at all.

    carlpeon just doesn’t like to hear the truth.

    I agree with you. People should buy the games they’re interested in and stop asking for them to be given to them for free.

    And of course, we could easily play carlpeon’s game, and pretend that a completely innocuous statement is somehow offensive. Observe:

    carlpeon on February 17th, 2014 at 8:59 am said: “Just 1 discount? Well, hope to see more next week. I’m not going to download Remember Me. I played the game a couple of times and I didn’t like it.”

    Jeez! What a jerk! (Also note how “jeez” is spelled with a J.)

  • My 32 GB card is already about to explode.

  • Gotta hope that PS Vita TV has a decent amount of internal memory at this rate too.

  • I have Street Fighter x Tekken on disk, this game offer as ICG is great so I don’t need to use my disc anymore.

    And please, even I was one of PSP supporter, seems like you always give us wrong game… so please just no PSP (last time even it’s GTA or Worm it’s just so old).. well IF it’s RPG on PSP it’s okay I guess, the graphic is not that much needed but for other genre (see how awful Tekken/Soul Calibur PSP now) please just no…

    And Gunslug, I planned on skipping it, but for 1.99$ I’ll gladly support the dev. Nice price point for a game I never interested (retro style…)

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