MonkeyPaw Games Retro Rush Week 6: Tomba! 2

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MonkeyPaw Games Retro Rush Week 6: Tomba! 2
Retro Rush Week 6: Tomba 2

It has been a wild and fun six weeks releasing classic game after classic game with the Retro Rush. What’s the Retro Rush? We’ve been releasing a new import PSone Classic on the PSN for PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and PSP. So far, the Retro Rush has included Double Dragon, Lucifer Ring, The Firemen 2: Pete and Danny and Wolf Fang.

We’ve gotten a lot of great response from everyone and it’s made us happy to see these games being enjoyed again.

However, the Retro Rush has all been leading to this point, the game that we’ve gotten the most requests for out of any other game we’ve released: Tomba! 2. Tomba! 2 is a title we’ve wanted to release for the longest time but we’ve had to overcome some technical hurdles first.

On February 18th, you can download the Japanese import version of Tomba! 2 for your PS3, PS Vita and PSP. Since the title is in Japanese, we’ll be providing a complete walkthrough on our website for players.

Tomba!, for those who are just learning of our wild jungle boy, was created by Tokuro Fujiwara, who many gamers will recognize having a hand in other classic games like Ghosts ‘n Goblins and MegaMan. Tomba! 2 picks up where the first title left off and puts our hero on a magical platforming journey full of memorable moments.

Tomba! 2 continues the adventure of the wild, pink haired jungle boy but this time, he is out to save a friend that mysteriously disappeared. That will lead Tomba! on a quest through some unique locations that will highlight the blend of 2D/3D platforming gameplay that makes the series so unique.

The critically acclaimed sequel brings with a slew of improvements along the way like suits that give Tomba! special powers and heavier use of 3D models to bring the game world to life. The Adventure Point system makes its return too that keeps the gameplay fresh all the way to the last boss.

The Retro Rush will start to slow down now that Tomba! 2 is out but that won’t stop our commitment to classic, retro games. Video games have such a rich history and we’ve made it our mission to continue to digitally release titles like Double Dragon, Lucifer Ring, The Firemen 2, Wolf Fang and Tomba! 2.

Have suggestions of games you want to see next? Find us on Twitter at @MonkeyPawGames and let us know!

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  • PSP games for digital release on PS Vita and PS3

    – Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core* priority
    – Crimson Gem Saga
    – Zenonia
    – Half-Minute Heroe
    – Lunar: Silver Star Harmony

    PS1 Classics for PS Vita

    – Metal Gear Solid* priority

    that’s all I ask for.

  • how about u put crash bandicoot 1 2 3 on the vita already?!

  • darknight_2012 you can put metal gear solid on your vita you just have to put it on the ps3 leave it in bubble form plug your vita in and transfer it i play it on my vita and crash 1,2,3 would be great on the vita please put these for vita download

  • I just wanted to say that Tomba! is my very favorite game. I have the second one too…they are the gems of my collection, and are what made me a life long Playstation fanboy AND collector. I wish so much these would get an HD remix and released with trophy support…I’d be ecstatic. Thanks!

  • How unfortunate. No English version of Tomba! 2 results in no purchase from me.

  • Is the issue you’re facing a similar issue that is keeping the old Psygnosis (Colony Wars, G-Police, etc) games from being released as PS1 classics? I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to see either of the aforementioned series get released and would be a day 1 purchase for me.

    • The trick with bringing these retro classics back to modern consoles is that each one is a unique case and different things could happen. So I couldn’t speak to those games in particular. I will add that to our list of games to take a look at!

  • The store description makes no mention that the game is in Japanese. And it even uses the North American cover art. That’s really not cool to trick folks like that.

  • I cannot believe how many dopes seem to be refusing to play this – A GAME THEY WANT – because of the language option available. Yes, it’s not ideal. But this is TOMBA we’re talking about, not Chrono Cross. This isn’t dialogue heavy; you can stumble through a PLATFORMER without having to know the language :P I’m playing through ACE – R right now on my PS3 – I don’t know a lick of Japanese, besides a few greetings. But I’m getting through it, because you know what buttons are “enter” and “cancel”, you know what options are, there’s some basic english in there already, and all enemy targets are clearly defined during gameplay. There’s A LOT about video game UI design in Japanese games that is pretty universal; there’s a lot of English in there most of the time anyway. Have you never played an import before? Unless it’s ABOUT THE STORY, Japanese games are mostly super playable – have some spirit! Try something new! Stop whining, and play a fun game… you all sound like babies looking for a reason to give up.

  • @58 Good luck later in the game when the Quest clues in Japanese leave you stumped. There is no way to beat this game without a guide. Have you played this before? Tomba 1 is even text heavy with the quests.

  • As the #57 said there is no mention of this being a Japanese import. You guys got to get Sony to clarify it in the description they probably got confused on which version is on their store themselves

  • more power for bringing back retro games. really excited about this project.

    Big BIG disappointment to find out i paid for a jap version when everything i read in the psn store says its the english version. if it was jap copy cant u post it saying tomba 2(jap import)?? waste of my money, time, and data downloading this version. how am i suopposed to know what to do when i have no idea what the hell theyre talking about.

    big disappointment again

  • Very scummy that you guys used the North American box art on psn and there is not a single mention on the page that it is the japanese version. I hope everyone you tricked gets refunded and that you dont make a dime off this one.

  • I think Monkeypaw should still release Tomba! 2 (English), whenever those hurdles are behind you.

    It’s a shame the amount of people who will pass up the game because of the language barrier.

  • You may want to do something about the advertisement on the PSN then if it’s the import version. It is not mentioned anywhere on the PSN, and the NTSC box art and title are being used. I purchased it without knowing, and am now in the process of getting a refund for it. There’s some serious false advertisement going on there.

  • I’ll have you know I’m not happy. I booted up my PS3 to find Tomba 2 advertised as the English version. Only after the money was deducted from my account was it revealed to be the Japanese version. Tomba 2 is my absolute favorite game of all time and now I feel cheated. I would have gladly waited longer and even paid the $10 pricetag then be tricked into paying $6 for this version. This better be resolved and I expect to get the English version at some point.

  • If you’re trying your hardest to make people aware that the game is Japanese only, then why is it not shown in the description? Hell, the Japanese title isn’t even the same as the US, it’s Tomba! 2: The Wild Adventures, instead of the american Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return.

    Just put the title as “Tomba! 2 (Japanese import)”

    And also, I personally would rather wait another 10 years for english, than spend money on a dialogue heavy game in a foreign language.

  • omg yes!!! i’ve got the actual PSone disc and it’s still playable :)
    I’m most excited to see that it was such a popular request! Growing up I was the only person who played it. love love love this game! I still quote it. I think i’ll go play it now….

  • not sure if it was intentional but right at beginning of this thread they said:

    that yesterday
    + Ryan Olsen on February 17th, 2014 at 1:12 pm said:

    We’re making sure people know it is the Japanese version and it will be reflected in the store description too. For those that are still excited for the game, we’ve provided a guide to help walk them through.

    and today (1 day and 5 h later:) you guy had enough time to make sure that wouldnt happen… but it did…

    + Ryan Olsen on February 18th, 2014 at 6:32 pm said:
    The boxart and lack of description of the Japanese text was a mistake. We’ll be fixing that ASAP.

    well for sure i will double check from now on.
    (i wonder how many fell to that trap…)

  • Got Tomba when it came out and had a blast reliving some old school memories ! Was looking forward to the day when Tomba 2 would be released and sadly this game is unplayable due to the language barrier !

    Oh well !

  • I understand that Monkeypaw ran into issues getting the english version of Tomba 2 up but i would have gladly waited a bit longer to be able to play the game in english and enjoy it again as I did when I was a child. I have read through their replay to most of the disappointed comments and I really feel what was done here was just a cop out. I appreciate the guide with the translations but I dont want to have to rely on that to enjoy a game that I could play in english when I originally enjoyed the game. Please get the cover art and get something on the PSN ASAP to make it more clear what everyone is purchasing. Thank you Monkey paw for the effort but in my eyes you really fell short on this one and for my first time to hear about you, I am dissappointed.

  • Wow they sure got me… what a waste and a disappointment…

  • You know it sucks i just paid 6 bucks for tomba 2 just to see its not the american version. im so upset! i was looking forward to this game so damn bad. Now i cant even read it. And you posted it as the NA name and art you could have post the Japanease name AT LEAST. I had no idea this was coming out in Jap only. Cant beleavle i wasted the money. Im hoping maybe u can put out the North american version soon as either a patch or free download for those that have the version out now. Half the glory was the story and its pointless if you cant read it!


  • For anyone who did buy this expecting the English version, contact Sony for a refund.

  • Excuse me Ryan Olsen but in an earlier reply you mentioned that the psnetwork would make it clear that Tomba 2 would be the Japanese version. AT NO POINT did it mention anywhere on the description in the read more box that it was the Japanese version. The other PS1 imports are clearly marked but this one does not and has the cover art for the US version. I purchased this and was surprised by this issue. I know its only $5.99 but this just wrong.

  • This was on my list to buy until I saw that it was in Japanese. You could argue that you don’t need to know Japanese to play it, but it does make a difference. I had bought a Mega Man game and found out after I downloaded it into my PS Vita that it was the Japanese Import. I could not get past the title screen. Never played it and erased from the Vita. Yeah, I could have played it, but it ruins the atmosphere (mood) when I don’t know what the title screen is and how to find options for example. I am too lazy to try to find some guide to read the screens. How hard is it to transfer it to English? The code is pretty much there. I am still interested in the English version if you release it.

  • I checked the 15 minute video. There is a lot of text in Japanese. Also there are sub-menus all in Japanese which appear to be some type of power up menus, needed to fully experience the game. Please release English version.

  • This morning I woke up and checked this week’s new releases and was ecstatic to see Tomba 2 was there. This was one of the games that I played the most when I was just getting into gaming. I spend my money, download the game only to see the Japanese version on my system. Thinking maybe I did something wrong, I tried again. Same thing. It was only after reading on this blog that I found out that I have been duped by Sony. The cover art used in the store is the US one. The description mentions nothing about the Japanese version. I feel cheated in multiple different ways. First off, financially since I had no desire to purchase a Japanese version. Second, thank you for wasting half a gig of my capped internet for the month. Lastly, thank you for making me feel like a child again for a little bit, only to quash it. I’d like to speak with someone on the Sony team (not customer service) through a more direct way instead of posting on a forum.


  • Well I was one of the unfortunate people who was tricked into buying this, initially thinking it was the NA Version. Luckily, I’ll still play it since it’s one of my favourite childhood games despite the fact I’ll have to find walkthroughs that provide english translations for every single text throughout the game. But still, I’m still kinda disappointed it’s not the NA version.

    Why you do this to me Monkey Paw Games? ;___;

  • How do you save a file in the Japanese version I tried but I can’t save a file

  • i did not know that is on Japanese, there was not indication that it is ! so i just trow away 5.99$

  • Dear monkey paw games,

    This is very disappointing news, I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that the English version is a must have. Tomba 2 text and voice acting was a large reason why I enjoyed this game so much as a kid. The gameplay is still going to be fun but there is no immersive experience for non Japanese speaking/reading people. Which is why I cannot justify buying it YET. I didn’t say never.

    If you guys at monkey paw games can find a way to translate this game I’m sure every one of these gamers in this blog would not hesitate to purchase this even at the full price. We have already waited a long time for this port, I can wait awhile longer for an English version.

    Please promise us there will be further efforts in bringing a translated patch. Don’t give up on us yet and we won’t turn our backs on you as long as we know you’ll work on it.


    A Fan

  • Did not realize this was the jap version till I booted the game up. Description was for North America with no mention of this problem. Big disappointment.

  • What the…?? I love Tomba and I bought it yesterday from the store, but its in Japanesse!! How the hell? In the store there where no mention about it being in Japanesse… Very disapointed.

  • How come you guys couldn’t get the EU version? I wouldn’t mind the import if I could understand what the characters are saying. I played and beat Tomba 2 on my pc years ago but I didn’t complete all the side missions so I was hoping to do it again on my tv screen.

    Since it’s been such a long time since I’ve beaten it, I’ve forgotten how to do a majority of the story missions. I know there’s a guide but how many people like to look at guides constantly throughout the game because they don’t understand the language?

    Especially us adults it’s kinda embarrassing, we like figure things out on our own. I told my sister about this and she was disappointed, she even said she would’ve waited longer for the english one.

    She said she would’ve been just happy if you guys just announced that you were trying to bring it over here. I appreciate you guys trying but the language barrier is a big deal. If I wanted to play Tomba 2 that badly I would’ve imported a Japanese psn card and bought it off the Japanese store long ago (since it’s still cheaper than buying it used online). I honestly think you guys should just remove it off psn since barely anyone will be buying it because of this.

  • It’s a bummer that Tomba 2 is in Japenese, but I am thankful to stil have it. This is seriously one of my favorite games so I don’t mind paying 6$ when I spend that much money easily on starbucks.Yea it sucks for the people who bought the game not knowing it was in japanese, but for those who haven’t, get over it! You don’t have the buy the game and can wait to see if the english version comes out.

  • I too purchased Tomba! 2 on the PSN store thinking that it was the english version since the store description shows the NA box art, title, and doesn’t mention it being in Japanese anywhere in the description. I called Sony’s phone support (800-345-SONY) and was able to get a refund since the store description is obviously incorrect and it would be wrong to not provide a refund when the product was advertised incorrectly.
    I am disappointed that I still won’t get to play Tomba! 2 on my PSP/Vita/PS3 and I really hope that Monkeypaw is able to get the English version (any english version) into the PSN store soon.

  • If PS2 games are a possibility in the near future…
    Bring the Devil May Cry series up to the Vita and I would love you guys forever~

  • I couldn’t believe that you guys would use the Japanese file and NOT label it correctly on the store. I understand that you have mentioned it elsewhere but I can guarantee you that many customers downloaded day one not realizing what they were buying, especially since you used the North American cover art and used the PSOne Classic designation instead of PSOne Import. If that part of it was more Sony’s move than yours, then I understand and apologize but I think honestly most people who don’t speak/understand Japanese would have much preferred waiting however many more months it took to get the English NTSC version going properly. I can only hope that in the future there is some kind of patch, file replacement, or that if you own the Japanese version you can have a free code for the English version – something, at least. I would appreciate you guys at MonkeyPaw doing everything you can to fix this annoyance.

  • i love the game, but im not sure i some would have justpaid for the japanese version… i didnt look into it onlie, and nothinng in the vita play store indicated it wasin japanese… is there any way to get this undone? or to at least patch the language, because i have no clue whats going on, and i dont want to have to flip between gaming and a walkthrough while im gaming… sorry, its just that there was nothing that even mentioned the translation problems…

  • OK so i get there were problems with the English version but why not have English sub titles at least??

  • Count me amongst those annoyed by this. I was browsing the online store saw “Tomba 2: Return of the Evil Swine” box art and immediately purchased it. There was absolutely zero indication I was buying an import version until after I downloaded it. And even then, I could forgive a lot of that, if this wasn’t a game with a fair amount of story/RPG elements. Yeah, it’s not exactly Final Fantasy, but this isn’t really a game that’s easy to jump into if you can’t read or speak Japanese. And when I did a search online to make sure I wasn’t alone on this, I see this blog where you indicate a walkthrough on your website and it’s not even there. I loved that you guys brought the original NA release of Tomba 1 to the PSN, but you really dropped the ball here with the sequel.

  • Can i get a refund? i would have been nice to know that it was in Japanese so i didn’t waste my money. So basically i have to sit on my laptop and watch a walk through so i can see what they r saying -.-. i should have just downloaded a ps converted and the torrent and played it on here.

  • so basically after reading the comments AND their replies i have affirmed that no one will get a refunded (by the way they avoid answering that question) nor do they know if they will be able to get the US version. Its been 4 day since its release and i see no change in making it clearer that the game, someone is about to purchase, is in japenese. we have been offered a walkthough for those who dont read or speak japenese but that was just a horrible idea. nobody will buy this game knowing whats being offered to replace the english version.

  • So i checked the playstation store 5 days after the game has been released and they still have not fixxed the art, description, and title. I feel like that purposely scammed us. and yes you can get a refund call customer support and tell them u can not play the game due to language barrier and you will be refunded.

  • WHAT I WANT TO KNOW AND EVERYONE ELSE will they continue work on getting the English version out on the psn store. a reply would make everyone happy!

  • For the most part, gamers would not mind the wait if it means you can release the game properly. These is SO MANY games for the PS3 / PSP/ VITA that we would not even notice the time flies by. I was looking forward for this too but there is still some satisfaction if you can still understand the dialogues or the menu items and screen. Hope you guys will still continue to work for the release of the English version .Tomba Fans will still be waiting

  • So. There is really no hope for Tomba 2? I was excited when I finally finish downloading it. On the PSN promotion, it was all in English, even the box art was the North American one but surprisingly, it was in Japanese. Hayyzzz. I want my money back D:

    Anyways, any plans on releasing Legend of Legaia? I’ve always wanted to play it on my VITA. Oh oh! And also Brave Fencer Musashi!!!

    As for PS2 classics. Any chance that Wild Arms: Altercode F would be released? I’ve always wanted to finish that game but my CD keeps on lagging after the Airship cutscene. The screen just turns black afterwards. I know there’s PS2 emulators for that but I want to finish it using on a proper console, using a legit software :D

  • Please bring over the King’s Field series for download on the North America psn. I would love to play them on my vita. Thank you for considering my request.

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