MonkeyPaw Games Retro Rush Week 6: Tomba! 2

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MonkeyPaw Games Retro Rush Week 6: Tomba! 2
Retro Rush Week 6: Tomba 2

It has been a wild and fun six weeks releasing classic game after classic game with the Retro Rush. What’s the Retro Rush? We’ve been releasing a new import PSone Classic on the PSN for PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and PSP. So far, the Retro Rush has included Double Dragon, Lucifer Ring, The Firemen 2: Pete and Danny and Wolf Fang.

We’ve gotten a lot of great response from everyone and it’s made us happy to see these games being enjoyed again.

However, the Retro Rush has all been leading to this point, the game that we’ve gotten the most requests for out of any other game we’ve released: Tomba! 2. Tomba! 2 is a title we’ve wanted to release for the longest time but we’ve had to overcome some technical hurdles first.

On February 18th, you can download the Japanese import version of Tomba! 2 for your PS3, PS Vita and PSP. Since the title is in Japanese, we’ll be providing a complete walkthrough on our website for players.

Tomba!, for those who are just learning of our wild jungle boy, was created by Tokuro Fujiwara, who many gamers will recognize having a hand in other classic games like Ghosts ‘n Goblins and MegaMan. Tomba! 2 picks up where the first title left off and puts our hero on a magical platforming journey full of memorable moments.

Tomba! 2 continues the adventure of the wild, pink haired jungle boy but this time, he is out to save a friend that mysteriously disappeared. That will lead Tomba! on a quest through some unique locations that will highlight the blend of 2D/3D platforming gameplay that makes the series so unique.

The critically acclaimed sequel brings with a slew of improvements along the way like suits that give Tomba! special powers and heavier use of 3D models to bring the game world to life. The Adventure Point system makes its return too that keeps the gameplay fresh all the way to the last boss.

The Retro Rush will start to slow down now that Tomba! 2 is out but that won’t stop our commitment to classic, retro games. Video games have such a rich history and we’ve made it our mission to continue to digitally release titles like Double Dragon, Lucifer Ring, The Firemen 2, Wolf Fang and Tomba! 2.

Have suggestions of games you want to see next? Find us on Twitter at @MonkeyPawGames and let us know!

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  • first post ;-)

  • Sorry, won’t buy this in japanese =(

    Big disappointment

    • We did everything in our power to bring out the English version but it was clear we would have to keep waiting to solve some problems that cropped up when we moved toward release. We thought that bringing the import version was the best option we had.

  • well first of tomba 2 was release in US so why not giving us the english version….
    – for sure i wont buy this (even if you guy included a walktrought) and sadly many will do same.
    it apprear you guy just shoot yourself in the foot

    (bad bad move releasing japan version went US version is available)

    Double Dragon – was ok but not enough character 6/10 worth 5$ or less
    Lucifer Ring – was ok but repetitive 6/10 worth 5$ or less
    The Firemen 2 – was good but just to short 6.5/10 worth 5$ or less
    Wolf Fang – was good but short 7/10 worth the 5.99$
    Tomba! 2 – japenese 0/10 worth only if free… not gonna paid 9.99$
    (went i know US release was available but they choice jap)

    here my opinion thx again for trying to please us (but try to listen more) i guest for tomba 2 it was cheaper with japenese license then US one….

    • We tried to get the NA version of Tomba! 2 but some issues appeared and we had the option to continue to wait (and possibly a very long time) or bring out the import version of Tomba! 2. We’ve been promising the game for so long, we wanted to bring it out so it could be enjoyed again and did what we could do on our end to make sure the help is there for those that are still interested in playing the import version. It wasn’t what what a cheaper option, it came down to what options there were to release Tomba! 2 in North America.

  • in japanese – epic fail

  • I am so saddened that people complain all the time for only getting the JP version in the US. Nobody seems to be happy for getting the game as is. MonkeyPaw have had serious reasons for not bringing the US version stateside. These are stated on their blog. Only in the comments but they are there. For the US NTSC version, it was just to buggy in its emulated state to make it available for purchase. And publishing the english EU PAL version in the US was not possible because of legal issues.
    I don’t quite understand why they didn’t bring that to our attention in a more public way but at least they said it. So, please people, before you complain next time do some more research -.-.

  • tons of oldschool fans are dreaming for SUIKODEN II to get on PSN

  • I was so excited about this release. I had 10 bucks saved in my SEN wallet for weeks, since the announcement. I appreciate that you guys are releasing this underrated gems, but you should have told us that kind of information before.

    What the hell happened? Can’t you guys patch it later?

    • We ran into some problems with the North American version that held up the release and we had no idea when we could bring it out. We had to make the call that releasing the import version was the best option since we’ve been promising this game forever. Could a patch happen? Anything is possible but we have no idea when a North American version could be ready at this point.

  • I will still buy this to show some support because I love the Tomba series so much, but sadly I guess I’ll have to take out the old disc version I have in order to fully enjoy the game, I like to hear dialogue I can actually understand :P

  • This is upsetting :/

  • Can’t wait to pick up Tomba 2 tomorrow.

    Also, I have some requests: Einhander, DonPachi, DonDonPachi, and Little Princess. The first one had an English release but the other three have never been released outside Japan. All of them are available on Japanese PSN.

  • Please work out deals to bring Japanese versions of Strider 1&2 and Einhander to the US!

  • Really disappointed to find out this was the Japanese version. I’m sure you have good reasons, but I’m only interested in owning English games. I thought I’d be getting Tomba 2 for my birthday :(

  • Sorry, not a buy because it’s in Japanese. Luckily I still have my original disc version.

  • Well, at least I still have the original for the PSOne. I would have bought this day-1 just to be able to play it on the go on the Vita, but no way am I dealing with the Japanese version, having to deal with a translation faq, etc. This makes zero sense to me, but oh well. Guess I’ll put that $10 to better use elsewhere.

  • It’s good to see the PS1 classics make a rurn after a long hiatus. At some point i gotta check this out because i can play them on my PS Vita how cool is that!!!!!!!!

  • really wish I could support this but the lack of English for a game that was released in America in English I just can’t justify spending $10 on it

    keep up the otherwise great work though!

  • Japanese version ? Ouch, what a slap to the face. Expect a lot of complaints from people using PSN who unknowingly download this version not realizing it’s in a foreign language. In fact, I’m sure that mistake will happen a lot. And I doubt Sony will be reimbursing their cheated customers.

    Downright insulting…

    • We’re making sure people know it is the Japanese version and it will be reflected in the store description too. For those that are still excited for the game, we’ve provided a guide to help walk them through.

  • Do you guys plan on doing any PS2 or PSP games in the future?

    • For sure! What games did you have in mind? I keep the master list of all the requested games. Just keep in mind that it takes a loooooooong time to get some of these games released digitally but we’ll continue to work on it!

  • Shame it isn’t in English, but thank you for trying. I loved the original Tomba and I never played the sequel, so I think I will buy this and try it out with your walkthrough. :D

  • Oh, this could be dangerous:

    Darius Burst
    Exit 2
    Parodius Portable
    Ridge Racer 2
    Salamander Portable
    Twinbee Portable

    I know there’s more, but I’m at work and drawing a blank.

  • I think I speak for planet Earth when I say please look into bringing over Berserk: Millennium Falcon Arc: Chapter of the Holy Demon War for PS2. I appreciate the work that you guys do. Don’t let negative comments get you down.

  • Although we are getting the import, is it still possible to bring the English version here? Ever since I asked about Tomba 2 being the Japanese version a couple of weeks ago, I just can’t bring myself to spend $9.99 on a import that has been localized. I’ll plan to buy the other imports though, just not Tomba 2. Sorry.

    Hope you still bring more imports to the states though! We want the opportunity to play various imported titles without having to jailbreak our older systems. Like Bomberman Wars for example, please consider this one!

    • It is still a possibility, it’s just we are unclear when the North American version would ever be ready.

      Thanks for the suggestion too! I’ll add that to the list of games we should be taking a look at.

  • I’ll add my vote for Darius Burst from PSP, also it would be AWESOME to have Raystorm and the other Ray shooting games and Dodonpachi as well from PSone. I would love to see those on the US store playable on my Vita! Thanks, gonna probably get Wolf Fang soon, just saw you guys released that last week!

  • I’m sorry, I mean, thank you for the game at all, but I’m also a bit iffy on the Japanese version, I’m just not sure if I’m going to buy it any time soon.

  • What? I was so excited to see Tomba! 2 come to PSN. Why would I want to play a text-based game in Japanese? How does going with the import version help get rid of those problems? Whoopee Camp said on Twitter that if the first game does well they would consider releasing Tomba! 2 on PSN with you guys. Instead of solving the problems getting the US release out, you go with a Japanese version because it was easier? How does that work exactly? Sorry no cash coming from me. $9.99 for a game that’s fun but I won’t be able to read the story or whatever I need to read to learn whatsoever? If you’re going to import, at least translate.

    Also why can’t I play Crash or Spyro or Soul Reaver on Vita yet? :”(

  • If there’s anything to put on psn it’s Pangya Fantasy Golf for the psp, it was incredibly well done, filled to the brim with content, however the company that brought it over Tomy have stopped localizing games and focused solely on children’s toys.

    Please check it out monkey paw!

  • Im amazed that we arent getting the north american version. No way in hell I am buying this and Tomba 2 is my favorite platformer of all time. The shocking bit is that you are still charging a 9.99 premium instead of 5.99 for a game that very few of us can even understand. Also you guys used the north american box art in the retro games rush promotion so this is a pretty big insult every which way you look at it. Not buying this and probably not any monkey paw games anymore. I also read that it had to do with emulation reasons and I simply dont believe that.

  • I hope these comments get through and MonkeyPaw actually fixes the alleged problems to get the english release on PSN but I sincerely doubt that will happen.

  • ” Also you guys used the north american box art in the retro games rush promotion” this part might of been on other gaming websites and not actually you guys. my mistake and sorry for triple post

  • Oh man I got my hopes up when I opened this page… I can’t justify buying a Japanese only game, sorry guys. Good effort though. I’ll just keep wishing for Vandal Hearts and Suikoden 2 then…

  • I can’t believe all the whining I am reading here, so it is a japanese release. I for one will buy it because it is the japanese release and I can’t stand the annoying voices of Zippo and Charles in the english game

    thanks Monkey paw Tomba was of my son and I’s favourite games when he was young and my copy of Tomba went missing whilst I still have Tomba 2 the thought of playing it on my vita gives me thrills

  • No English, no buy.

    You can make it up to us by getting Ore no ryouri on the store.

  • Ugh.

    I was so excited for finally being able to play my favorite PSX game again, and just as I had worried, I find out it’s the JP version. I understand that you guys had problems so I’m not really directing any angst at you or anything, but sadly this equates to a non-sale for me.

    Its great that you guys did a walkthrough to try and alleviate the frustration, but I don’t want to use one and keep switching back and forth because I have no idea what the text says. I’d be fine if it were just the voices as its not like the acting was great in this game, but not having the text in english kills it for me.

    Oh well. Maybe SOMEDAY I’ll finally get to play this classic again without having to pay out the ass for it on ebay.

  • Glad to see you guys working so hard to bring over these rare gems. Any chance of the King’s Field series making its way to the Playstation ecosystem? I’d love to see some of the roots of Dark Souls series.

  • Oh oh, if your taking requests on titles to bring back as classics, can you try to do the SCEA published Level 5 titles?

    Specifically Dark Cloud 2 and Rogue Galaxy?

    I know your gonna end up getting requests from those that demand the original Dark Cloud(cause it was first doesn’t make it as enjoyable). Any of the earlier Level 5 action RPGs would be great either way.

    As for you guys piping up about Tomba 2(specifically the whole Japanese thing), they gotta get it out now or they may never have a chance again. Some people need to see numbers before anyone can fuss with fixing the issues the English version has. I’m quite sure that Monkeypaw noted that they will be keeping their eyes out for a chance to patch it up.

  • PS2 Classic wish list:
    – Silent Hill Origins
    – Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria

  • @31, I very much concur about the negative comments. It’s baffling how many people refuse to play a platformer in a foreign language. I could understand if it was an RPG or Adventure where the text really matters, but I’m sure in this case it’s almost purely fluff. I only ever played the first game before, but I doubt the second is such a departure that lack of English text would break the game. The commentators come off like a bunch of spoiled brats. I think we’re lucky to get the game at all, and all previous mentions of this release made it pretty clear that it would be in Japanese, so I don’t get why this should come as a shock to so many.

    I do agree, though, with those who think the 9.99 price tag is a bit high. Is the game really in such demand that we must pay a premium price for it? This thread would seem to indicate the answer is no.

  • I would love to see Vandal Hearts on the classics list!

  • PS1 Import Classic requests :

    -Chippoke Ralph no Daibouken (Adventure of Little Ralph)
    -Asuka 120% Burning Fest. FINAL
    -Addie no Okurimono : From Moze to Addie
    -Mad Stalker : Full Metal Force
    -Gunners Heaven
    -Panzer Bandit
    -Silent Bomber
    -ThunderForce V

  • I also second Silent Bomber for PS1 imports. I only played a demo version back in the day and loved it. Also Jade Cocoon if you can.

  • Also! Requests! Seeing as how you guys are making a list to work on. :-)
    PS1 Classics:
    Parappa the Rapper (for PS3!)
    Crash Bash
    Ms. PacMan Maze Madness
    Ball Breakers
    Jade Cocoon

    PS2 Classics:

    Okage: Shadow King
    .dot Hack series
    Xenosaga series
    Dark Cloud
    Dark Cloud 2
    PacMan World 2
    Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex
    Crash Nitro Kart
    Crash Twinsanity
    Crash Tag Team Racing
    Spyro Enter the Dragonfly
    Jak X: Combat Racing
    Klonoa 2

  • I’ll have to beat the first Tomba! to see how much text really affects the game before I buy Tomba! 2 but I probably will! I love the fact that people are still supporting old games like these! Although the Japanese version obviously isn’t ideal, I’m still really glad we’re getting it all.

    It’d be great to see some titles on PSN like Suikoden 2-5 and the rest of the Wild Arms, Xenosaga, Shin Megami Tensei and Grandia games. I’m sure my wallet wouldn’t be able to resist!

    Keep up the good work! Thanks a lot Monkey Paw Games!

    • We’ve posted the first 15 minutes of the game on our YouTube channel and we also have a guide to help you through the game on our website. That should give you an idea of how much text and such there is. The good news is that that platforming is universally fun, no matter the language!

  • I know this will get ignored, but how bout getting suikoden 2 out on the classics list. Pretty sure there’d be a lot of people happy about that being on the store.

  • Could you localize Ape Escape: Million Monkeys?

  • I don’t have any issues with jap voices… but I need at least eng subs but the big thing is that this game means a lot for me so I need to play it in the same way that I used to….

    I guess that the evil swine won’t return yet!

  • Well, I’m a little sad that it’s the JP version of the game, but I’m still super happy that it’s finally come. Tomba! 2 is still easily one of my favorite PS1 games. I’ve beaten it 100% enough times that trying to beat it with the language barrier shall simply be a good memory challenge. I know you guys went through some serious hardships to bring it over, so thanks for that!

    Oh, but the hundreds of dollars I’d spend on a Tomba 3…

  • Game I would buy in a heartbeat, Star Ocean:Till The End Time for PS2 classics. That is my biggest wish for this!

  • There’ve been some great imports coming out! Is there any chance of IQ Final, Hell Night, Bloody Bride, or Internal Section seeing the light of day in the US…?

  • Would like to see the following PS2 games come to the PSN Store:

    The Thing
    Freedom Fighters

  • Ha finally…would prefer this in english but whatever I just want the game….good job….man I have some damn good memories of this game…some damn good memories.Unfortunately I lost my PS1 CD of Tomba 2….so now I’m happy I’ll have a way to play again.Thanks MP Games.

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