Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA f Debuts on PS Vita this March

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Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA f Debuts on PS Vita this March

Hello again, PlayStation aficionados, Miku fans, and gentlemen and ladies with fine taste in music games. Aaron from SEGA here, and we’re excited to confirm with you all that Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA f will be releasing for your PS Vita this March!

The game will be available on PlayStation Store, and will also feature a completely separate set of Trophies from the PS3 version (go for that double Platinum)! We’re also happy to confirm today that we will be bringing over the DLC that many have asked us about: the Snow Miku 2013 DLC, the Extra Character Modules Pack, and the Extra Songs pack will all be available at launch in March. We’ll be announcing details on pricing for these, as well as the full game, here on the Playstation Blog soon.

It’s amazing to look back and see how far we’ve come over the last year. For that, we have nothing but thanks for each and every one of you who picked up the game (or plans to) and is part of that story. From a Facebook post asking for your likes and shares, to a PS3 version announcement and successful launch, and now, for all the PS Vita owners, a portable version of Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA f in just a month. A lot can happen in a year!

Questions? Comments? As always, we’ll be around responding to your notes below. Drop a line and let us know what you think!

P.S. Do you live in or near Birmingham, Alabama, or Kansas City, Missouri? Stay tuned for our next blog post if so!

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  • I hope this will be either no seperate set of trophies from the japanese vita game or available at retailers OR coming to EU…. I don’t like musicgames I cant even play/earn trophies for :/

    Got the japanese retail version and PS3 PSN version already and cant wait to get my hands on the sequel – Chance I’ll import the game: 100% xD
    But I’ld totally get Diva f again if there will be a third list available to me in Germany ;)

    • Good news for you, Alexandria: There is a European version coming out for Project DIVA f, and it will also have separate trophies from the PS3 copy! :)

  • @Aaron Weber, Your avatar is Break from PSO Episode 3, correct? Phantasy Star has been one of my favorite rpgs since Phantasy Star was released on the Sega Master System back in the day. lol

    I once wrote Sega a letter when I was in elementary school about my love for the Sonic the Hedgehog games and they sent me a response letter back. That was really awesome of them and that made my day.

    • Bingo! Well spotted.

      When I was a kid, I wrote a letter to myself in 5th grade saying “When you grow up, you better work at SEGA!” It was surreal finding that letter last Christmas break and reading it again.

  • Also just an idea to throw at Sega’s advertising department, should Yakuza 5 come out the the U.S maybe you should hold a contest to meet Toshihiro Nagoshi in Kabichico (I probably misspelled that) and give them little challenges like locating certain locations from the game in the real world (unless said buildings are no longer there)
    I nominate myself as a participant, I mean its not like Ive played Yakuza so much I know the layout of a town ive never even set foot in, better then the town ive lived in my whole life

    • Ah, nice. The setting of Kabukicho in the Yakuza games is surprisingly lifelike and true to form. I’m afraid I don’t have any news on Y5, as mentioned, though.

  • I Swear PSO and Mario Party are some of the few games where fist fights actually broke out lol

    • Haha, you have some pretty intense friends! Most of my red box ninja-grabs were online, with a dial-up modem protecting one from the rage.

      On the plus side, you (probably) don’t have to worry too much about that when playing Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F / f. :)

  • @Teflon02 Aaron’s definitely right.

    I hadn’t even heard of Hatsune Miku before trying out that PS3 demo, but once I did I was HOOKED. I can’t even say how many times I’ve played “World’s End Dance Hall” now lol. But now I can easily get an “Excellent” rating on Normal difficulty on all the songs in the demo so I feel ready now :)

    @Aaron Thanks again for bringing this over. Sadly, I STILL have not picked up the PS3 version, but when you came on here a couple months back and said this game would be coming to Vita, you best believe it moved to the top of my most anticipated games list! Can’t wait!

    • I’m really glad to hear that, BlueBl1zzard! Thanks in advance for picking up the full game, whenever you do so, as it really does support the series coming West.

  • Hey Aaron! Remember me from the last time? Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA looks fun and challenging. I more of a Sonic fan tho, but Ill give this game a try. Your amazing Aaron, responding to everyone’s comment. Thank you for doing that. Any news for Sonic games for PS4 or Vita? And thank you and tell SEGA that I said thank you for making Sonic and SEGA all-stars transform Racing free for PS+! SEGA is awesome!

    • Hi Derby! Welcome back, how are you? :)

      Thank you for the comment! You should give Project DIVA a try – there’s a free demo up on PS3 right now. I bet after a few plays, you’ll be hooked! (It’s really addicting.)

      No news on the Sonic front from my side, but I grew up a big Sonic fan, too (Sonic 3 & Knuckles all the way). I’ll pass on your comment to our folks at SEGA.

      Have a good one!

  • Oh and 1 more thing. I still have a SEGA Game Gear and it still works!

  • Looks like I’ll be getting three of the same platinum.

    • Triple-dipping? You, sir, get this shiny Playstation Blog Medal of Awesomeness, which I just made up.

      But in all seriousness, major thanks for supporting the game and the series so much.

  • Ah yes, PSO for gamecube…my friend, my brother, and I have some fond memories of that game. And Aaron I know exactly what you mean with those red boxes! Half of the suspense came from seeing if it was an item or Special Weapon. And if it was a special weapon…it could be the best feeling or the worst feeling in the world (especially if it was a cane and you are a melee-weapon wielding android : \ )

  • Thank you, SEGA!!
    Also, PLEASE LOCALIZE 龍が如く!!

  • I will certainly pick this up for my vita and may entice me to double dip on a ps3 version. After playing dj max technica tune I am in the mood for something more light-hearted for a rhythm game. Thanks for the update!!!

    p.s. You can just tell me since I live within Birmhingham, AL what the secret is, I wont tell anyone.

    • Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F / f has a nice mix of both lighthearted songs and also some pretty intense ones. (Like “Unhappy Refrain”.) I think you’ll really like it, if you enjoy rhythm games.

      As for what’s to come in AL – you’ll have to wait just a little longer. :) Thanks for being patient!

  • I know you have no info to share about Yakuza 5, I was just throwing that out there

  • Oh god I remember the day me, my cousin, brother and someone else (I think there name started with a “S”) were all playing and we all converged on the red box, and I want to say it was the Yamamoto swords, my brother picked it up (mage who couldnt use it) then everything was kind of a blur but it went from arguing, to fist fight, some thing else, to laughing our asses off.
    Sadly I couldn’t play online at the time, didn’t even have the internet at home. I am tempted to track down a broadband modem for the gamecube and playing on the fan servers just to see what online was like

    • Good luck finding one of those broadband modems – they can be pricey! The blue Yamato swords were one of my favorite weapons at that point in the game.

  • Now that the game is nearly here on Vita, do you know whether or not this version interacts with the PS3 version at all?
    Also, I’m hoping that a decision gets made on Project Diva F 2nd relatively soon as I’m heading to Japan in September for TGS and need to know if that needs to be on my shopping list (along with Ryu ga Gotoku 5 and Ishin). Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, Aaron!

    • The PS3 version and the PS VITA versions are both separate, and won’t interact. (The silver lining here being that as a result, each set of trophies is also unique.)

      No news on F 2nd from my side. Thanks for your questions and your support, DualEdge!

    • Edit: One quick correction to make here – the two versions can actually see each other’s Edit Mode data, so if you have the PS VITA version, you can still grab edit mode data by a PS3 user, and vice versa.

  • @DerbyManiacB
    I believe the next two Sonic games are Nintendo exclusive, unless the Olympic game counted as part of that three game deal (did it Arron?)In which case the next game is Nintendo exclusive and then starting 2015 we will see Sonic PS4/Vita and so on.

    Btw if you could somehow relay this to Sonic Team
    Not a mini game collection, not some Olympic tie in, I mean an actual Platformer crossover co-developed by Sonic Team and Nintendo R&D1.
    I and im sure others have been wanting to see that happen, and im sure it would be a good shot in the arm for both teams (working on levels that could support both characters play styles could be a fun challenge)

  • I’m doing great Aaron, thanks for asking! @61 DaMann22, hey I live in Athens AL =). My Game Gear screen is kinda mess up tho, I had to play it at a different angle to see the screen but i can have it to be fixed. Have a great day Aaron!

  • I promised a friend i’d play this when it came out on a system i owned. Welp, i guess i’ll be getting this now. ;)

    And yay, Luka! Her voice actress Yuu Asakawa is one of my very favorites.

    • A promise is a promise! (And in this case, you’re also getting one of the best Rhythm games ever created for the PS VITA, so hey, that’s a plus.)

      Luka has a couple really nice starring moments in different songs within Project DIVA f, so it should be a nice moment for you when you unlock those. :)

  • Thanks for the news, Aaron. The wait for some Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f news has been killing me! I just got my 64 GB memory card recently and can’t wait to download this masterpiece of a game on to my Vita! :)

    • Nice, you’re all set! As to the news, you’re very welcome. Glad you’re excited for the release next month! :)

  • @Hayterfan
    Well they came out with Sonic Lost Worlds wii u and 3ds, Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games wii u. I have both wii u and 3ds as well. Im not sure what the next Nintendo exclusive will be. I can’t wait to find out.

    • Guys, guys, we’re on the Playstation Blogs! ;) Let’s keep the chatter of non-Miku / Sony items to more appropriate places if we can. (Glad you’re excited though!)

  • If I have the money to spare i’ll probably buy this again. I’ve been hyping the series up to all my friends so hopefully that builds more interest in the franchise.

    Miku domination! xD

    • If you do, thank you for the support! And even if not, thank you for being a champion of the series to all of your friends. :)

  • Will there be a Physical edition for PDf? I’m running low on my Memeory card so it will likely affect my ability to purchase (and enjoy!) the game :(

    • The PS VITA version will be digital, but we did release a physical version for the PS3. It’s good feedback though – thank you for letting us know!

  • YESSSSS FINALLY I was messing around in mmdagent waiting on this :D ….yeah i’m still working in there.
    this has been the best news of the new year so far . well back to class :D

  • Double dipper here as well but that only means I will enjoy it much more. Will be getting all the DLC as well.
    Really have to tell you guys my thanks for bringing this game stateside so keep at it and bring the next one as well!

  • Awesome! Thanks so much!

    It’s too late for the PSP ones, but I hope Sega will show this kind of support for any future RPG titles that they make (Shining, Valkyria, Phantasy Star, etc)!

    • You’re most welcome, and thank you for supporting games like this! No news on the future, but fingers crossed that we can make Miku on the VITA a big hit. :)

  • MUST HAVE! I loved the ps3 version and I’m sure I will love this version as well.

    • Glad you liked it! I think you’ll find the star mechanics are even nicer on the VITA – curious to hear what you think when you try it!

  • I only have a Vita so this is my big chance to finally have a Miku game!

  • OMGz WOW Sega I’m super excited and happy that Project Diva f is finally coming to Vita! I’ve been dying and waiting uber patiently to get the game! I already own the PS3 version and I just love it so much! So getting the Vita version would be perfect on my long trips and on the go! I’m so glad its coming and I plan to buy the game on the day it’s release in March! And again THANKS SO MUCH, Sega!!!! xD Love Miku all the way!!!!

    P.S. I hope there’s plans for PDf 2nd release for PS3 and PS Vita although by now you already heard it already. ^^;

    • You’re welcome, thanks for your support, Nyanko! Now you can tap tap tap on extreme mode in all those long road trips. :)

  • Is this game going to be a download or well it have a Physical copy too?

  • Two things…

    1. Looking forward to Miku for my Vita next month.

    2. On the topic of PSO.

    When I started playing on DC, I ran into a nice JP player who ran around with me a bit while he was waiting for his friends to show up. We went through several areas, him drawing the attacks, and me firing from a distance. Finally his friends showed up, so he headed off, but not before giving me a gift… the Riot Autogun. I was way to low level to actually use it, took quite some time, but evetually I got up there. It wasn’t the best weapon by any means, but I used it with pride, despite racking up much better weapons.

    When the game finally hit the GC, I saved up my Meseta and placed a “bounty” on the Riot Autogun. Most that anybody probably ever spent on the weapon. Continued to honor my kind JP benefactor by using it, albeit it a little less frequently.

  • Well, at last – the english version is released on a platform where it belongs. Time to add some money to the account and buy the game for the fourth time (after japan Vita version, japan PS3 version and US PS3 version).
    Aaron – thank you for your work with the community. It’s a pleasure to see people who really care about their audience.

    • MadCat – thank you for the support!

      As to responding to the comments, it’s not a problem at all. Happy to be here. :)

  • I’ve been playing a lot of Sonic and Allstars Racing Transformed. It’s amazing! There is a problem though. I just recently unlocked Vyse in the game, and now all I can think of is a Skies of Arcadia HD remake. It seriously is my favorite rpg ever! I need to play it in HD on my vita NOW! Please!!?? I’ll be your friend forever!

    • Such a great game, right? I beat Skies of Arcadia something like… six times? Love that game, but no news on anything in that realm, I’m afraid.

  • No physical copy?

    • The PS VITA version will be a digital release on PSN. We did a limited run of Physical Copies for the PS3 version, which sold out relatively quickly last year. Amazon should still have a few copies in stock if you’re a big fan of physical versions and also own a PS3.

      Likewise, we always appreciate getting feedback on which method you guys prefer to pick up your games, so don’t be afraid to share that with us in the comments. Thanks!

  • Release date in Japan – August 30, 2012, you took your time.

    • For the VITA version, yes – but that’s because we didn’t begin development on the PS VITA version until much later, some time after the PS3 version had released. We’re excited to bring it out after so many people in the lead up to the PS3 release were clamoring for it on PS VITA.

      The PS3 version came out in August 2013, just six months after the Japanese release in March of the same year. From a localization + game development perspective, that’s pretty fast!

  • Not getting another dime until PSO2. It is somewhat unbelievable how long it is taking and haven’t heard any news about the localization in ages. Is it even coming?

  • ahhhhh all these comments and news has made me soooo excited to get this! Wasn’t a fan > now becoming a fan

  • Vocaloid eh? Not a big fan of it.

    • Not a fan, you say?


      Let’s see if I can find some vocaloid songs you’ll enjoy.

      To start, what kind of music do you prefer?

  • Is there any chance of doing a limited Physical release for the Vita? I would definitely pay an additional $10-20 if it came with a case and nice (e.g. full color, not just legal info, etc.) manual.

  • @LUCIFERSGLEAM You don’t really need to be a fan of Vocaloid to enjoy these games. The core gameplay is pretty addicting by itself :)

  • So no word on a physical release or the AR cards?

    • It’ll be a digital release on PSN. We will be releasing the AR cards in some fashion for fans to enjoy in the West – more news on that in the next month.

  • I know you said that the PS3 version and Vita one don’t have any interactivity, but I thought I’d double check on saves. Can I use my PS3 one or not? Also is there a way to use a Japanese save on the US version? I have both the US PS3 version and Japanese Vita version and would absolutely love to grab the game again to support it, but want to know if I’ll have to start all over again or not. Also, I’d like to add that I’d also love to see F/f 2nd (Already pre-ordered a Japanese copy, but would buy an English one too) and the Miku avatars, as well as Miku Miku Hockey over here in the US.

    • Alright, finally back! Let’s answer some more questions…

      The saves are separate, which is also what allows for a unique set of trophies in each game. The two platforms will connect when it comes to Edit data, which you can download or share online regardless of platform. Hope this makes sense!

  • Platinuming the PS3 version in around ten days, I was really looking forward to more DLC, specifically the Toro Inoue PoPiPo pack. Please consider it for the PS Vita NA version! Oh and will this version support Augmented Reality? Thanks! (。◕‿‿◕。)/

    • Yes, the PS VITA will support the AR feature! We’re excited to show you guys how the cards will work out soon. No news on the PoPiPo DLC pack from my side.

  • So then how big of a file size is this going to be?

    I generally only get small games as digital releases, and was planning on importing this game if you guys decided to forgo a physical release.

  • Already got the PS3 version but I really want to play it on my PSVita! Well, I’ll buy it again just to show all the support for this games in America and you can’t resist to bring the second part too!

    There will be a demo just to see the controls on the PSVita? Thanks!

  • I’m relieved that Vocaloid is becoming way more attracted because of this Western release of the games! Hope someday, you’ll localize F 2nd quicker than localizing F 1st.

    And say, I know this is not relevant to this topic, but….

    Are there more DLCs for Racing Transformed in development? The DLC that I most look forward to is none other than Miku. We tried so hard to make her playable during the DLC campaign and really wanted to see her race against the FASTEST THING AL-AAAIIAAAIIAAAII-VE! Racing Transformed is surprisingly astounding as I love racing games!

    • We’re excited to see it growing and expanding here, too – I was introduced to a lot of amazing music I hadn’t heard before when I first started checking it out.

      No news on Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed DLC, but glad you enjoyed it! We had a lot of fun working on that game. :)

  • Thank you so much! Keep bringing over Vita games!

  • I’m excited for this game. I would like a physical release, but I’ll live without it. :)

  • I probably have more music games than your average gamer. I have more than 65 music and rhythm games across the PlayStation 1, 2, 3, Portable, Vita, Wii, and iPad. The vast majority of them are imported from Japan including my two iPad music games jubeat plus and REFLEC BEAT plus where I pay more for the Japanese song packs. Hatsune Miku does not interest me too much let alone the whole Vocaloid movement.

    • Awesome, that’s a good start. Well, everyone has their own tastes, but I’d recommend giving the demo on PS3 a whirl if you haven’t already. You might be surprised. :)

  • hi sega may i know there will be a physical copy version??of the project diva f psvita ?? english version of course

    • The PS VITA version will be releasing on PSN, so it will be coming out digitally. The PS3 version had a physical copy run, but sold through most of it – some may still be available at Amazon or select retail stores.

  • Wooot!! glad to see Miku making her debut on the ps vita <3 cant wait looking forward to it ^_^

  • sweeet! already got this on ps3 and probably gonna get it for PS Vita since its such a awesome game. Hope there will be news on the sequel soon.

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