Assassin’s Creed Freedom Cry Standalone Version Out 2/18

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Assassin’s Creed Freedom Cry Standalone Version Out 2/18

Assassin’s Creed Freedom Cry, originally released as a DLC add-on to Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag, is launching later this month as a standalone game for PS3 and PS4. Now’s the perfect time to set sail as a master assassin!

In Freedom Cry, you assume the role of Adéwalé, a former slave rescued by pirates and trained in the ways of the assassin. After finding himself stranded in what is now known as Haiti, Adéwalé joins the battle for freedom in support of a slave rebellion… but how will he balance his newfound cause against his obligations to the Assassin Order?

Assassin’s Creed Freedom Cry Standalone Version Out 2/18

The Standalone Edition of Freedom Cry offers:

  • Brutal Assassin: Beyond an exceptional sailor and pirate, Adéwalé is a melee master, wielding devastating weapons such as his signature machete and deadly blunderbuss.
  • Unique Environment: Port au Prince, Haiti serves as the verdant backdrop as you rebuild the Maroon slave resistance in an attempt to overthrow the deeply-entrenched slave trade.
  • Peril on The High Seas: Command the Experto Crede, Adéwalé’s cherished brig, and improve it as you play through upgrades and collectibles!

Cast off the shackles of oppression in Freedom Cry Standalone Edition! Coming February 18th to PS3 and PS4 for $14.99.

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  • xFuzylilManPeach, he said in his post he already bought the DLC. Obviously he doesn’t NEED a platinum to justify a purchase. The fact of the matter is that there is NO difference between the DLC and the standalone DLC. He was asking if there would be extra trophies, namely a platinum. That doesn’t mean he only buys games with platinum trophies…you can even look at his trophy list.

  • I’d like to amend my statement…apparently he is a bit of an addict. I looked up the wrong person. >.>

    Even still, his original point was looking for a reason to buy something that is identical to something he already owns.

  • To all the people saying they chop up a game & sell it in chunks as dlc … I just don’t see it that way the games they make nowadays are vastly larger than games of past … When they offer dlc it’s a way for me to get more content for a game i already like … Without the dlc the game would have less that content just simply would not exist … I’m thankful for the extra content

  • INFIDEL_JIHAD…You need to go and play some of the old classics. Games back in the day were actually significantly larger than games that we get nowadays. And that came pretty much standard. Now we get games like God of War, which you can complete in a few hours.

    The only games that compare to the older games are games like Elder Scrolls, which have a ton of of content.

    The only thing games nowadays have over games from the past are quite simply, graphics. Freedom Cry is an extremely chopped up version of the full game and it really added noting to the title. Releasing it as a standalone title is a bit of an insult, especially with the price tag they are giving it. There are actually quite a few games out right now that have infinitely more content for the same price tag…and they were released with that price tag, not simply given a higher price tag later on when they decided to copy and paste the code. It should have been a free add-on and considered a demo for Asasassin’s Creed 4 and given away for free.

  • Why would anyone want this? AC:IV is a GREAT game, why not buy the game AND the DLC? I don’t understand why they would release DLC as a stand alone just a month or two after releasing it as DLC. Why would they do that (besides for more money)? More importantly, who is buying this and why??? I really don’t understand this move.

  • We can agree 2 disagree I have no problem paying for content that I see value in to extend my gameplay & encourage them to come out with more content the best way i know how by paying for it … If you do not see value in whatever the offer is that’s defiantly your choice as a consumer … Side note I’m no spring chicken I have been gaming pre ET crashing the gaming industry 83 I believe… look at game sizes from ps2 days and (MB/GB ) and compare it to say KSF 49 GB i believe on ps4 … Some of these AAA games have huge teams behind them look it up plz… & it still takes them 2 yrs minium most of the time go look up how long it took them to make GTA5 … 5 yrs with over 1000 people working on it … Games are much larger much more complex than years of past

  • INFIDEL_JIHAD, you have a lot to learn about how games are actually coded. A bigger file size does not mean a bigger game. Killzone is actually very short and there’s nothing impressive about the things you can do in the game either. The only reason the file size is that large is due to the graphics. Take your Grand Theft Auto 5 game as an example…FAR more content and a much longer story, yet it isn’t even half the file size.

    I’m simply flabbergasted that you think games like Killzone deserve even the slightest credit, just based on file size…Do your research chief…

    On a side note…”Defiantly” is most definitely not the word you want to use…

  • @Death8u4u I don’t mind seeing them dedicated to getting all of the trophies in a game, but what I don’t like is seeing people bragging about it to companies. If you keep pestering them about that, they’ll consider you spoiled like I said. Keep that type of nonsense to yourself. Nobody wants to hear about it.

    But still, I can see why people don’t like Ubisoft though. They’ve been recently re-releasing their Assassin’s Creed related stuff to see if they can make a few more bucks out of it. I didn’t notice it at first with Liberation HD, but releasing Freedom Cry standalone makes me notice it now. They definitely want to make more money. They’re not the Capcom greedy type, but they just want to see if they can make a few bucks extra for their pockets.

    He can get it if he wants. I ain’t going to stop him, that’s his decision to make. I just don’t like to see him complain over little things.

    @genius527 I never called you a spoiled brat. Not everyone who cares about trophies/achievements is, I mean those who keeps bragging about it like spoiled yazter here. Also, I don’t play that garbage of a COD game. Why should I? Anything Ubisoft makes is many times better than what crud Activision offers.

  • Again be the heck quiet gamezlimited you don’t know what what u talk’n about and again quit lieing man!!! you know you called me an spoiled brat!! Just get the heck along with me for once in your life man please!!!!!

  • genius527, you need help. Seek ir. Shrink perhaps, possibly just rehab…maybe both.

    Gamerzlimited where do you feel he was “bragging” about it? He was asking if there was a new trophy list and saying he wouldn’t buy it AGAIN if there wasn’t a reason to do so. There’s no bragging in his entire post….nor will any company think that he’s spoiled for asking a question, especially when he already bought the content the first time around.

  • Death8u4u be the heck quiet don’t you dare tell me i need help you need help telling me i need help please u don’t know what u talk’n about or both u and gamerzlimited don’t know what ya’ll talk’n about so quiet talk’n man!!! and don’t you dare tell me he was bragging he was being rude see Death8u4u you just don’t get it don’t you man!!!

  • Wow chief…seriously. Get help. That second part of my post has literally nothing to do with you. Reading comprehension courses are cheap, I suggest you take them.

  • Yeah gone somewhere Death8u4u propbly over here think you cool trying to play on your ps3 or ps4 get out of here man!!! And make sure i play “you” on call of duty ghosts on ps3 and check to see if you have a ps3 think’n you guy !!!

  • 1. Ghosts is a terrible game.

    2. Managing to kill someone in a Call of Duty game (as difficult as that is!) doesn’t mean you are any less of an idiot for failing to understand basic English and general common sense regarding sentence structure.

    3. No point in getting a game on PS3 when it is on PS4.

    4. I agree, I am Mr. Cool Guy.

  • you kinda being a dum nut you don’t get it it’s difficult but, it’s a pretty cool game man!!! And a dum nut is when u can’t think right and i gotta say even though you making me mad u don’t get it and your not making sense and i was being sarcastic when i said think’n you Mr.Cool guy see you don’t get it man!!! You younger because i can tell your acting like a younger guy man!!!

  • You do realize there is a “b” in the word “dumb”, right? Figured someone who is older than 25 would know that by now…just to dumb that down for you, I’m 25.

    Call of Duty is the most simplistic game out there in the FPS genre. You can’t call it “difficult” when there are so many simpletons playing it. The story was absolutely horrible, the new game mode is lackluster, and the online is forgettable…There’s little no groundbreaking feature of that game.

    About “Mr. Cool Guy”, I have to admit…I am impressed that you know how to spell sarcastic. I am willing to bet spell check has something to do with it however…

  • you in your 20’s too i just finded out that gamerzlimited is in his 20’s too so ya’ll can be friends on ps3 or ps4 do hear me man!!! and you didn’t know your talking to someone in their teens, don’t u say let me dumb this down for you think i’m 8 or 9 don’t you and you still think you all that sense you 25 just because your 25 doesn’t mean your the best guy in the world cause your not “MAN” and you think i didn’t know dumb have a b in it already know that i just forgot man don’t correct me again ok Death8u4u!!!!

  • I don’t think you’re 8-9. I simply know you’re an idiot who likes to spam comment sections with what you think is “English”.

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  • I called you an idiot because you act like one. Quit acting like one and nobody would call you that.

    And no, I said spam because of what you’ve been doing on these blog posts. Scam is an entirely different concept.

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    -The above is what you should have posted. The fact you were nowhere close to it is why I have told you the obvious.

    What should I be fearing that you will do if I don’t stop making you mad exactly?…Going to hop on your Big Wheel and egg my house?

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  • LoL I’m fairly knowledgeable concerning my games but think what you will … It’s just your opinion and that’s all it is not an issue of what you think or believe u know the size of the enviorment has little to do with my point … Ur still not getting it … But go on thinking you know it all and your opinion is the only that matters … It doesn’t affect me :o) carry on goodday sir

  • Opinion? INFIDEL_JIHAD take a few classes regarding programming. Should only take one to figure it out, but I doubt one would be enough for you.

  • LoL I can see your level of maturity by your interaction with others … On here I said good day to you sir you lack the ability to have an intelligent conversation on here without having to resort to insulting others intelligence in some way … An intelligent individual wouldn’t need to resort to insults … save it for someone else … Peace out

  • Just because you insult people for choosing to avoid education doesn’t make you an unintelligent person chief. That makes you rude and blunt. Key difference. I told you to educate yourself, you chose not to. Don’t blame me for the piss-poor decision making on your part.

  • You only sound intelligent to yourself I seriously doubt that People are on here telling themselves that death guy is one smart guy … I know i’m not … TBH it sounds like your quite full of it and yourself … But whatever you say LoL … Keep trollin buddy no one cares

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  • Hey genius527 thx for the lookout I’m familiar with the type :o) … I don’t ever let it get to me

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  • + Death8u4u on February 7th, 2014 at 8:11 pm said:


    Dan Quayle all over again. Look that one up. :)

    Spelling trolls need to learn how to spell. Worst thread derailment in quite some time, BTW. Congrats?

    In other news, there’s a standalone game being released apparently. Something to do with AC4 I believe. Ah, who remembers…

  • Someone needs to go back to the drawing board…Figure out what quotes are for chief, then come back.

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  • I’m curious if this is the exact same as the DLC because if it is, I have $10 sitting in my PSN Wallet that I could use, or go pick up another $20 and get the season pass. I don’t really care about it having standalone trophies, but I am a trophy hunter.

  • Is this standalone version exactly the same as the other? only difference is it doesnt need the disc right? because i want to buy the DLC but im not paying extra since i have AC 4 but if it has extra missions etc on the stand alone then ill get it.

  • Can anyone who owns the standalone please answer a simple question. For example, if a person hypothetically owns ACIV on a WiiU, and that person hypothetically speaking, wants to buy Freedom Cry Standalone, is that person going to get this…

    ACIV……. ……….. 20%
    — ACIV Blag Flag (Main Game) …. 0%
    — ACIV Freedom Cry DLC………….. 100%

    Can anyone on Earth answer a simple question? Can anyone link to a video on youtube or photos as proof? Thank you.

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