Assassin’s Creed Freedom Cry Standalone Version Out 2/18

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Assassin’s Creed Freedom Cry Standalone Version Out 2/18

Assassin’s Creed Freedom Cry, originally released as a DLC add-on to Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag, is launching later this month as a standalone game for PS3 and PS4. Now’s the perfect time to set sail as a master assassin!

In Freedom Cry, you assume the role of Adéwalé, a former slave rescued by pirates and trained in the ways of the assassin. After finding himself stranded in what is now known as Haiti, Adéwalé joins the battle for freedom in support of a slave rebellion… but how will he balance his newfound cause against his obligations to the Assassin Order?

Assassin’s Creed Freedom Cry Standalone Version Out 2/18

The Standalone Edition of Freedom Cry offers:

  • Brutal Assassin: Beyond an exceptional sailor and pirate, Adéwalé is a melee master, wielding devastating weapons such as his signature machete and deadly blunderbuss.
  • Unique Environment: Port au Prince, Haiti serves as the verdant backdrop as you rebuild the Maroon slave resistance in an attempt to overthrow the deeply-entrenched slave trade.
  • Peril on The High Seas: Command the Experto Crede, Adéwalé’s cherished brig, and improve it as you play through upgrades and collectibles!

Cast off the shackles of oppression in Freedom Cry Standalone Edition! Coming February 18th to PS3 and PS4 for $14.99.

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  • Cool, is this digital only or is it also coming to retail?

  • That’s pretty cool. So is this going to have the same or a little bit more trophies than it’s DLC counterpart?

  • uhhh wait, the DLC version is exactly the same as this standalone right? And it’ll still be available? I’m getting my PS4 (and Assassin’s Creed 4) in June….. not paying $15 for a standalone mini game when I can pay 10 for the same thing as DLC…

  • THANK YOU! #DayOne

  • Day one for me to.

  • can you pre-order it? and will it look like AC4?

  • ANOTHER pirate game?!

  • new trophies or platinum??

  • @febplus66 there are only trophies, no platinum. I may still at some point buy the AC4 game.

  • I hope people enjoy this. I’ve had well over 130 hours between ps3 and ps4 on ACIV and I’ve enjoyed Freedom’s Cry so far. Taking my time to finish the story since pirating as Ade is too much fun to end too soon.

  • Pretty cool that it is a standalone game. Never really got into AC, but might check out this smaller chunk of the AC world and see how it goes.

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  • Pretty damn smart move, Ubisoft. I didn’t buy AC4 (decided to wait until it dropped in price after being really disappointed with AC3), but making this DLC as a stand-alone title just made you a sale. $15 is the perfect price, and I’ll be picking it up when it comes out later this month!

  • Definitely will grab this! Was going to get it as DLC, but I like this even better.

  • Platinum?

    Because no plat = no buy =(

    Already got 100% in the DLC, an incentive is need to (re)play this.

  • No plat = no buy, seriously? did you somehow find a job which pays you to earn trophies? is someone holding your family hostage until you earn a platinum? are you trying to compensate for not earning any real trophies in at school? It’s called a video game, we used to play them to have ‘fun,’ don’t know if that rings a bell.

  • If this has it’s own trophy set I might buy it. I haven’t bought the Season pass or this as dlc yet, so if it has a separate trophy list I think I’ll get it.

  • @16, I’m your fan now! :D

  • I’m guessing that since I already have Freedom Cry, this standalone does me no good at all. At any rate, it was a lot of fun to play.

  • @16 why should your opinion matter to me? No seriously I am genuinely curious

  • @16
    he has 100%

    if the game has new trophies but no platinum, still buying?

  • I cant play online or go to the psn store I keep getting kick out of the psn server (80028ED6) pls fix psn

  • wow it toke sony this long to get this add on it was on xbox 360 before xbox one and ps4 was out nov 15 2013 on xbox 360 anyways im watching night on dvd since I cant buy or rent movies on psn network you guys sould make the vedio store avable for usa im from Canada but on usa ip adress

  • Can’t wait hope maybe i get it on ps3 or psvita(Assassin’s creed Cry on 2/8)

  • @yazter Because you’re a spoiled brat? I lived in an age where trophies/achievements didn’t exist. Since you only care about that stuff on video games, are you 10 years old?

  • nah he’s proly15 or so…. lol I’m like you, in my 30’s, played games to play GAMES, not get stupid trophies that give you nothing. Honestly, I’ll go after every trophy I can w/o it being a pain in the arse (like MP COD, or most multiplayer..), Trophies ARE kinda cool…. but I play games for the GAME, not trophies. I could care less if a game has them or not, and anyone with a brain SHOULD feel the same way….. if the human race had any brains .left….. that last part is debatable sometimes

  • @DragonIrons I’m glad I ain’t the only one. You’re right about him being 15. A person who’s 10 probably is too dumb to figure out how to use a PSN account, be able to type on this blog, and wouldn’t have PS+. I only said 10 because they would have started playing video games in the mid 2000s. It’s funny people like him would throw their own lives away just to get a digital gold medal. That doesn’t mean you are a winner in the real world. Life doesn’t work that way.

    Back on topic, I probably won’t buy this since I already own Black Flag and the season pass is $5 extra. Might as well buy that instead. And if anyone does plan on buying it, it should include cross buy since the season pass does for a limited time.

  • @Gamerzlimited a Are you implying that I am immature in your comment? That’s rich, but typical of one of the ubiquitous “back in ma day” crowd. If you love previous generations so much, why not stick to them?

    I mean I could stoop to your level and throw petty insults, but thankfully I had amazing parents who raised me to be better than that. Have a great day :)

  • if you two are in your thirties/lived in an age where trophies didn’t exist, then you should have the sense that god gave a billy goat not to start a trophy war on the playstation blog.

    he already said he has 100% in the DLC, so he wants to know if there’s any point to him buying the standalone version. i lived in an age where trophies didn’t exist too, so it’s nice to finally have something to show for playing a game besides loading up your save file from you memory card and showing your friends when they come over. that’s probably one of the reasons that playstation incorporated them, and for others, they’re just another way of completing a game. trophy collecting isn’t mandatory, but when people don’t even try, it tends to look like all they can do is pop a disk in a box and seahorse around for a couple hours.

    and please don’t be that guy who is like “i’m an old school gamer. i remember when we had to spend money at the arcade and games didn’t have training mode” because i’m only seven years younger than you, and even i’m tired of hearing that. catch up.

  • Gamerzlimited and DragonIrons, if either one of you is half the age you try claiming to be…you should be more mature and realize people have different interests than you do.

    The guy in question already bought the DLC. Buying it again would need a purpose for him to bother. If there aren’t any new trophies for him to earn, in this case a platinum, he simply doesn’t have an interest in paying any extra money for something he already owns. There’s no reason to act like he is a child just because he doesn’t feel your opinion should matter to him. He’s perfectly justified in feeling that way, you’re some nameless guy on a blog that is incredibly overconfident about his own age…talking about how “I lived in an age where trophies didn’t exist”…What, something like 10 years ago?

    The both of you have a lot of growing up to do before you can try dragging age into any argument.

  • What a great game/dlc for the month of February (WINK)
    Say it loud!

  • @yazter Thank you very much. I’m enjoying both current and previous at the same time. Back when you had to unlock the content and not pay for it using money. Would you rather live in that age?

    @Husteen & Death8u4u I’m not actually in the thirties, I’m actually around the twenties and I did start playing video games back in that age. I done most of my gaming on my PS2 because I didn’t get a PS3 until the end of 2011. So that trophy stuff was new to me at the time.

    I’m just saying that digital trophies do not make you a winner at life. Cool he got a platinum trophy in a video game, but that doesn’t mean he should go out and take on the world. For example, I managed to get all of the trophies in NFL Blitz. Does that mean I’m a professional football player and can compete at the Super Bowl? Of course not! I play video games to have fun, not to win.

    If he owned the DLC already, he should just forget about it and move on. This is only for those people who hasn’t bought Freedom Cry yet like myself. Who in the right mind would pay for DLC twice? Sounds like a type of business practice that milk customers for money. Spend your $14.99 elsewhere. I don’t know, like an actual game and not a DLC you already played.

  • Is this cross-buy PS3 and PS4?

  • Only for PlayStation! Sweet!

  • I’m not saying it is a logical choice to buy the DLC standalone. Hell, I’m actually annoyed that I bought the actual DLC when it came out because it was actually pretty dry and incredibly boring overall. His interest, however, rests in what trophies he can get with it. That is his personal hobby. Something I even share. That isn’t something for you to judge however. None of us go after trophies and say “We can take on the world!”.

    Trophy hunters just like having extra goals to work for and compete with our friends (or globally for others). You compete with trophies to prove your skill or dedication towards games in general or a specific game. You don’t use that progress to dictate how well you’ll do in the real world…just like someone who wins a superbowl in the real world doesn’t think he is unbeatable when playing whatever football game just got released on X system.

    If the guy wants to use his money on buying the DLC again because they released a platinum trophy for it (not going to happen), then let him. No skin off your back so it really shouldn’t bother you. Some of us out there have money to blow and we don’t lose sleep over doing so.

  • Be good goyim and buy both the dlc AND standalone version!

  • i love how we’re in this age of gaming where we chop games up and sell them over and over.. so what does this mean for season pass owners

  • @ John-Shooter: That they saved $5 on this specific piece of DLC? Considering all the other content Season Pass owners got with their purchase, I don’t think Ubisoft deciding to release this DLC as a stand-alone title really affects them at all. In fact, I just finished getting 100% in the main game and getting all the single-player trophies, so I went ahead and purchased the Season Pass to get this DLC and all the multiplayer DLC so I can work on those trophies. If this stand-alone has separate trophies (which I’m sure it will), and if I enjoy Freedom Cry, I may just purchase it again for the extra trophies. I’ve still got almost $50 in my wallet.

    I see this as similar to Blood Dragon, except that was never released as DLC for Far Cry 3, it was always its own thing. Not really a big deal, and kind of cool for those who didn’t buy the game but might be interested in testing out the waters for a smaller price. For new players, if this impresses them, AC4 proper will blow them away.

  • I can’t believe people are attacking someone for liking trophies. That is so stupid and immature. Does him liking trophies affect your life somehow? I play the games I like, trophies or not but I do think trophies give an extra incentive…and he did say he already played and beat the game…why would he buy it again unless he had some incentive to do so?
    And by the way, saying that ten year olds are dumb does not make you smart or likable. It makes you rude.

  • @ 15 yazter – Always with the same stupid comment….typical comment of a trophy whor*.

    Freedom Cry looks like one of the best DLCs ever….I wanna buy the standalone game.But by the price…I see that it’ll be a PSN game….more like Liberation HD edition.I wanna know if this will have way more content and if it’ll be longer than the DLC.If not then no reason to buy.

  • I haven’t played AC:Black Flag but i was a huge fan of the naval battles in AC3 and i do enjoy the whole pirate theme. Im also diggin this standalone/DLC is for PS only, gotta like the exclusives. So this definitely peeked my interests.

    @ yazter, i feel bad you let something so insignificant as a trophy determine your buy of a game. There are TONS of great games that don’t have a platinum but you can still 100%.

  • my ff xiv realm reborn ps4 dlc code is not working

  • xFuzylilManPeach you would buy something you already own if there was literally no difference between the version you have and the version you’re buying? That, is what I would call sad.

  • interesting to see a video game tackling slavery. interesting take and i didn’t buy AC4 but this i will definitely check out for $15 and if it’s as fun as I remember Brotherhood and Liberation being then this may end up making me buy AC4 after all.

    day 1 download.

  • @death8u4u, what are you talking about? I don’t own AC:Black Flag friend, nor have i played it. Im sure there is a difference between this standalone and the small amount of naval missions that were available in AC3.

    So im curious, whats so sad about me purchasing a game, that interests me, and that i have never played before??

  • You need to actually read what you posted originally and read who you were targeting in that post. The guy you said makes you feel “bad” because he lets a trophy determine if he gets a game or not…already owns the DLC…

  • SDkngsht not a logical choice to gauge your interest on the full game. The DLC was extremely limited and provided very little content through and through. You can entirely finish it in a couple of hours, even have the best weapons in the first 15 minutes or so.

  • @Death8u4u, i was speaking about games in general pal-o. Not just the DLC. They obviously have this “no platinum=no buy” mentality with other games. And i do feel bad, i’m sure he/she misses out on many fun and entertaining games that don’t have platinum’s.

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