Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition Out Today on PS4

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Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition Out Today on PS4

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition is often declared a passion project at Crystal Dynamics, and in my opinion it shows. Lara’s next-gen debut united three studios — leads from Crystal, longtime partner Nixxes, and Sleeping Dogs’ United Front Games — to usher Tomb Raider into a new generation of gaming.

Definitive Edition pairs the vision and artistry of the original release with technological improvements that allowed for a truly definitive experience, and one that only hints at what the future holds for Lara. We’re really eager to get Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition into your hands, or the hands of your friends if they’ve yet to venture to Yamatai. Below you’ll find a few words from the team thanking you for your support, and for spreading the word about Lara’s first journey on next-gen.

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition Out Today on PS4

“Thanks in advance everyone! Enjoy the improved Lara!”
Mike Abahazy, Senior Technical Artist

“I just wanted to say thanks to all the TR fans out there — old and new! It was great fun working on the Definitive Edition. We worked our hearts out to deliver the best experience possible. We hope you like it!”
Kam Yu, Principal Artist

“We’re excited to have the game in everyone’s hands — whether it’s your first trip to Yamatai or a return visit, enjoy!”
Chris Johnston, Associate Brand Manager

“I’m especially proud of the cross collaboration between United Front Games, Nixxes and Crystal to bring you the best possible version of Tomb Raider game to Gen4 consoles. Enjoy!”
Brian Horton, Senior Art Director

“Hello, Tomb Raiders! This Definitive Edition is from all of us to all of you! We wouldn’t be here living the dream, and making great games without your faith, support, and passion for all things Lara.”
Scot Amos, Executive Producer

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  • In the end it’s us consumers who will prove the CEOs decisions right or wrong, people can just not buy the game for the full price now and force a price drop sooner than the company wanted, not buy the game at all and wait for new games, or maybe many gamers never played the game at all and are hungry for new games and will gladly buy the game for full price proving that price decision to be the right one for the companie.

  • @hawjboi2009

    You mean how much space did that 1.5TB have after install? 1368GB

  • oh thank alot.. i planning on buy 1.5 tb hard drive to install it on my ps4 soon as possible

  • Talk about timing. Best Buy selling PS3 version today for $10

  • Please unleash the secret sauce from the major speed servers for this, i’m tired to analy slow downloads in psn

  • Sweet, Getting this today on my PS4!

  • @17 they always said it was the same game LMAo, what’s your point? The target market for this is people who have not played it yet or 60 bucks is no issue for them..Herp Derp.

    Did anyone expect it to be a different game?

    You’re also full of it they never took anything out of the game.

  • Please bring more games from PS3 over to PS4

  • @54 psn downloads fast for me, don;t blame psn for your internet.

  • Tomb Raider: Cash-Grabber edition out today on PS4.

  • Is it true that the violence/blood has been toned down/censored/removed or is that just a few fans being nitpicky about non-existent issues?

  • I think it’s fair to ask the full retail price for this game because enough extra work has gone into it to make it a unique title.

    Still, the upgrade program would have been welcomed.


    I got the HGST Travelstar 5K1500 from; it’s 1.5 TB for 127.99 w\free shipping. You’ll need a flash drive also to install it but the process is effortless.

  • @60, it’s hogwash.

  • @58 surely is my isp pal, i just need to figure why i get 100% of contracted download speed in computer and why i only get less than a 1/3 of full speed in psn. When i’m direct ethernet, all ports open, dmz, etc. So i will keep blame.

  • Where is the digital edition? I thought all games were day 1 digital. I can’t even find a trace of it!!

  • Wow, all I see is people whining on the PS Blog comments; people are whining on ESO about the subscription fee, whining about the game “Smart As…” in the IGC for the Vita, they are whining here about the $60 price tag.

    Whether you have to pay, repay or get something free you guys keep whining, come on…

  • I agree that an upgrade price for existing PS3 owners would be a nice to have, and it might make me consider buying the game again, but otherwise no. I enjoyed it on the PS3 but it’s not worth $60 for me to get an modified character model, improved hair realism, and better graphics.

    I understand that existing PS3 game owners may not be the target audience, but in the bigger picture anyone with a PS4 is the target audience and that includes people who already purchased the game for PS3. Offering some sort of discount to these users will likely result in more $$ for Crystal, since they’re bound to sell more copies to this particular group of users with the discount than without. It’s something more developers should think about, and something that Sony should make more of an effort to offer.

    (Of course, this is the same Sony that can’t get the PSN store updated until 17 hours after midnight on average, so maybe that’s expecting too much)

  • YAY! Out today! I’ve been playing it since friday 24th. Thank you very much.

  • All theses people saying that they won’t buy it again are full of sh#t !! I liked the game and i want to plat it on my new ps4 !

  • I own this game on PC with all DLC and im still gunna buy it on the PS4 today for the $60 the graphics are looking amazing plus i never quite finished or even remember for that fact the story

  • The Store update time is driving me mad….

  • MK24everUS, true

  • People, stop complaining about this game being re-released. I’m sure their intention was to originally release the game like it is in the Definitive Edition, but because of hardware restraints it just wasn’t possible at that time. It can be said that it is the same game that was release before, but do you really think that everybody in this entire world that may be interested in this has already played it? For $60 we are getting the game as it was intended to be all along. If you do not like the $60 price tag then that is fine, but at least support Crystal Dynamics in their decision to introduce this amazing game to a new generation of gamers.

  • Even though I played the PS3 version, I think I’ll pick this up for the PS4, excited about the 60 FPS and better graphics, I really enjoyed the game, so I should have fun with it again.

    Do I wish it was cheaper? Yes. I’ll still buy it because my job provides me the luxury of not having to debate making a $60 purchase on a video game.

    Lol, really get a kick reading all these entitled comments, I’m sure they really do not care that you will not buy the game as I’m sure they will sell quite a high number of copies, especially since it will be out on the XB1 as well.

  • Is this even going to be on the Playstation Store? I’m desperately waiting for it so I can have something new to play.

  • I, for one, am excited about picking this up today! I never played the PS3 version so this just feels like a bonus. With the limited selection of games on the PS4 this just seems like a no brainer. It’s a bummer if you’ve already purchased the game and now would have to pay full retail in order to have the graphical upgrade, but as many have said, it’s a business. Making games isn’t cheap, and from everything I’ve read, they put a lot of additional work into this upgraded version. Is it worth another 60.00? Depends on your position.

  • Psn should be updating within the hour….one can hope

  • Don’t worry, it’ll be available used for half the price in a month.

  • I would like to see an early update before I go to work, that is before 1:30pm Pacific time. Plz

  • Plz add more PSone Sales! am digging those sales… I’d probably buy 10 of those if you do.

  • Wish that there was some upgrade from PS3 to PS4 program in place, but I’ll look forward to the next Tomb Raider ;)

  • Not interested.

  • To the guys that are not whining about the price of a new game for a new video game console and that are looking to download it, this is the URL link to get it from when the store updates for you:!/cid=UP0082-CUSA00107_00-000000TOMBRAIDER?emcid=pa-we-195

    It’s not up yet for me, but hopefully it will be soon.

    Sony, we need to talk about Day1Digital and your missed opportunities when it come to getting games out in parity with retail…

  • downloading now !

  • was really disappointed with the frame rate analysis video by digitalfoundry for this game. i heard it’s 60fps on ps4, but it’s more like 40.

    as for the $60 price tag, i didn’t get the ps3 version, but even i wouldn’t pay full price for the ps4 version. it should be a $40 game, but honestly, there will be an inevitable sale on it in the future for people to take advantage of.

  • This game is great. I don’t think I’ll buy it for that price, though. It’s not worth $60 for me. But I think it’s a fantastic package/price for anybody that somehow missed playing it.

    I will buy it again for $20. Even $30, maybe. I can wait =)

  • 60 dolaras for new graphics and all the DLC´s, itn´t sounds good to me, i hope the price low very fast, to purchased the game

  • There’s a large potential audience of PS4 owners who already own the last gen version of this game who are interested but find paying full price twice insulting when other games have offered cheap upgrades. Hope Square Enix is smart enough to capitalize on this large audience and the dollars they represent, instead of ignoring them. They will buy your game twice and give you money if you cut them a deal.

  • I bought it simply because the only other game I have for PS4 is KZ Shadowfall, I never played it on PS3, and I had a gift card. I know this game will be good. I have spent $60 on a game before that received “amazing” reviews, only to find the people that reviewed it probably never played a game before and couldn’t back up their review when it was questioned.

  • just purchased via remote play <3

  • Square Enix already announced that Final Fantasy XIV a Realm Reborn will be free for all all players who already have PS3

  • So PS4 gamers will be able to download the PS4 version for free, why it did not happen with this Tomb Raider ?

  • Why do people think they are entitled to a digital upgrade? Tomb Raider costs 10 bucks new so you should get this version for $20? Think about it. Also, this version has all the DLC, re-worked graphics, etc. This took time. Do I think its worth $60…definitely not, but it’s Square so should you be surprised? Definitely not. This is a $40 game all day long that they are charging a premium for since there are no new PS4 games out for a while. Basically milking the cow. This game will drop in price once Infamous Second Son comes out, if not sooner, guarantee it!

  • Oh also, you guys seem to forget that Square Enix considered Tomb Raider a failure in terms of its overall sales so this is a way to recoup losses and justify a sequel which I seriously want since the game was amazing.

  • Its really sad to see so much whining and complaining about the price of a brand new game.

  • Glad to see a lot of you not double-dipping on the game for a full $60. I’m on the same boat, let this be an example to the publishers to not take advantage of us. I plan to buy it once it’s AT LEAST $40!

  • Love the game but I gotta say knowing the story because i played it on the PS3 doesn’t help me grabbing it again on the PS4, great game for the people who didn’t experience Tomb Raider on the PS3 ;)

  • Yeah, this should be a $5 upgrade game from PS3. That way I can go to Best Buy, pick up a copy of the PS3 version for 10 bucks, and then just pay an extra $5 for the PS4 version. Win!

  • To all the anti whiner comments good for you gives me a lil hope for my fellow gamers LoL … Now I’m between buying this game or some wax from a medicinal club in cali … Hmmm decisions decisions

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