Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition Out Today on PS4

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Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition Out Today on PS4

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition is often declared a passion project at Crystal Dynamics, and in my opinion it shows. Lara’s next-gen debut united three studios — leads from Crystal, longtime partner Nixxes, and Sleeping Dogs’ United Front Games — to usher Tomb Raider into a new generation of gaming.

Definitive Edition pairs the vision and artistry of the original release with technological improvements that allowed for a truly definitive experience, and one that only hints at what the future holds for Lara. We’re really eager to get Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition into your hands, or the hands of your friends if they’ve yet to venture to Yamatai. Below you’ll find a few words from the team thanking you for your support, and for spreading the word about Lara’s first journey on next-gen.

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition Out Today on PS4

“Thanks in advance everyone! Enjoy the improved Lara!”
Mike Abahazy, Senior Technical Artist

“I just wanted to say thanks to all the TR fans out there — old and new! It was great fun working on the Definitive Edition. We worked our hearts out to deliver the best experience possible. We hope you like it!”
Kam Yu, Principal Artist

“We’re excited to have the game in everyone’s hands — whether it’s your first trip to Yamatai or a return visit, enjoy!”
Chris Johnston, Associate Brand Manager

“I’m especially proud of the cross collaboration between United Front Games, Nixxes and Crystal to bring you the best possible version of Tomb Raider game to Gen4 consoles. Enjoy!”
Brian Horton, Senior Art Director

“Hello, Tomb Raiders! This Definitive Edition is from all of us to all of you! We wouldn’t be here living the dream, and making great games without your faith, support, and passion for all things Lara.”
Scot Amos, Executive Producer

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  • $60 == “NO”;

  • I already paid $60 once on the PS3, I’m not paying $60 again. I would definitely pay a $10 upgrade fee though like other PS3 to PS4 games did.

  • Meagan, can you tell us if ‘The General’ MP character is required for the ‘Shopaholic’ trophy? PS3 version was patched to not require him.

  • Glad I decided to get a PS3 this Year and play all the games I missed instead of jumping right into the PS4.
    $10 today at best buy for the tomb raider PS3 Version ;)
    would like to see them add Tomb Raider Chronicles ( PSone Classic ) to the Store!

  • hey Meagan, i am very impressed with improved graphic including particle effects and lighting.. i gonna buy this in psn store when psn store update.. i want support Crystal Dynamic.. i love Tomb Raider.. Amazing game !!! i didn’t buy it on ps3 last year so this game gonna be worth 60 to me with better graphic on ps4.. can’t wait to play it soon later today

  • I will waiting a special offer

  • Not paying $60 for this. I understand that proof of purchase may be difficult to establish for those who bought the PS3 version on disc. At least give those who bought it digitally a $10 upgrade option, otherwise no deal. There are newer, never-released, native PS4 games coming, not getting double-dipped for $60 again.

  • @2
    If you already bought the game, you’re probably not the target audience. I don’t think anyone expects you to pay 60$ again.

  • Where is it on the Store? When will it be available to download?

  • i will not pay 60 for GTA 5 Goty Edition on ps4 whenever it release on ps4 later this year without improved graphic and any new contents on that game.. i already have it on ps3 as digital version

  • I’ll buy it if it had a $10 upgrade deal. I see no point in paying another $60 for a game I currently own on PS3

  • So funny reading comments about the price. You’re not buying it? Good for you. You don’t need to announce it to the world.

    Why shouldn’t TR:DE be a full $60 game? It’s brand new to the console. If you played it on PS360/PC, they’re not forcing you to buy this one. Guess what? There are a lot of people out there that never played TR. There are a lot of people out there that never had a PS360 and just got a PS4/XB1. New platform. New audience.

    If they released this game on the PS360 for $60, you MIGHT have an argument to make but that isn’t the case so stop your whining.

  • hey MK24everUS, it will be up soon when PSN Store update around 1pm to 3pm on eastern time

  • I agree that it is probably best to wait and see the price drop (which will definitely occur within a few months) if you have already bought the game on PS3. What confuses me with this game (and all others) is why is it not available at midnight in the local markets or at least by midnight PST. It seems silly to me that in our world that is quickly moving to digital distribution that we have to wait until Sony’s nebulous 5-7pm EST store update to be able to purchase new games. Any chance this will ever change? I know some games seem to skirt around it (GTA V), but why can’t it be universal?

  • What’s even funnier is how angry and entitled people are.




    “$60? NO!!!!”

    Gamers are weird. I’m embarrassed to be looped in with you.

  • haha, i agree with Firelogic about that.. whoever didn’t play it or didn’t buy it on ps3 if they not interesting to play until this time then they make good decision to buy this game for ps4 instead ps3 if they don’t want try play it on ps3 and wait until TR release on ps4

  • LOL i heard the PS4 version of Tomb Raider toned down the violence or blood in the game. Sorry but I will not purchase some watered down version, labeled as definitive edition, with features being removed.
    Also guys don’t waste your money on this version either, I have a few friends who got this game and said it’s literally the same as PS3 version nothing big of a difference worth paying another $60. Maybe if it’s $39.99 grab it

  • Managed to get the game friday, and enjoying some of the new visual touches.

  • Theres no way i will pay $60 for this game. However if i never did played this game before then i would have been the first in line to pick up this game but since i am not ill just not buy this game untill the price drops

  • @12 It’s good for the consumers to be heard. Developers often engage conversation on PS Blog. Why turn down more money if a large amount of consumers would be willing to pay an upgrade fee? I laugh at YOUR comment.

  • Thank you hawjboi2009.

  • @9 as always, when the store updates this afternoon *broken record*

  • @22 Some games are available right after midnight, as it should actually, since the price is the same as in retail, why at least not make it more convenient, I mean, it’s faster/easier to pick it at retail than to download it?… Makes no sense to me…

  • This is a great game! Well worth the price. I never played on PS3 so I picked it up on Sunday and played some when I could get my girlfriend to hand over the controller. She loves it too!

  • What’s the file size for digital purchase?? Just three games into owning a PS4 and my 1.5TB HDD already has a huge chunk taken out of it.

  • MK24everUS , lol well, disc install is more faster than wait for download finish then install it before play game.. i prefer buy digtal version mostly than disc version . i only buy disc version if game don’t come to digital version

  • Wow, you people are pathetic. It’s so sad how you act. No one is forcing you to buy this (amazing) game.

  • MaulRx, it is 16.6 gb sound like go to 17gb to download .. hey MaulRx, how much space left when you finished install it on your ps4 ? 1.4gb on system management store ?

  • haha i agree with BrianMcGuinness, no one force people’s decision to buy this game.. it up to their decison and their own money.. not my money

  • @ hawjboi2009 Is the network is stable and the game is 17Gb, that will take me 14m to download :)

    I also prefer the digital versions, I hate swapping discs, it’s so more practical to always have them on the HDD…

  • you mean 14 minutes ? that not bad.. it take me around 20 minutes to done download and install games.. i doubt Infamous second son take around 35gb to 40gb to download and install it .. i agree with you about swapping discs everytime you want change game to play

  • I don’t know why you guys are complaining about people who do not want to pay $60 again after buying the PS3 version. What’s wrong about voicing their opinions? Sure, they may not be the target audience of this PS4 version, but certainly the PS3 version has sold a good quantity and the developer will want to sell the PS4 version to these same customers again, no?

    Would the developer want to at least get a $10 from them for upgrade, or get nothing from them as they refuse to upgrade at $60 (and they do that quietly, without voicing it to the developer)?

    There are smart developers who understand this market dynamics and have already shown how to get these customers to buy again – that’s through the $10 upgrade program. What’s so pathetic about smart customers expecting the developer to follow what other smart developers have done?

    You’ve heard me (and I shall be heard), take my $10 or get nothing more from me.

  • I’ve gone digital only so now where can I download this? Oh wait I can’t download it yet because I have to wait until it’s almost evening until sony updates the store. Microsoft has this up since 3am in the morning. Sony – you should REALLY rethink your strategy about putting games onto the PSN store.

    I’ve migrated from Xbox to PS4 and the fact that sony doesn’t allow people that have gone digital to acquire the games at the same time they are available in store is what disturbs me the most so far.

  • Where it is? Is it up?
    Psn aways behind and slow for us ;/

  • Minutes yes, I suspect both of us are not using american ISPs :)
    The game is fantastic, I already played it but since I’m a graphics AND Tomb Raider appreciator, playing it on PS4 again is a joy.
    People complaint to much these days, I’m just glad that it’s coming and that there was a real effort to make the game look as good as possible on PS4.

  • @32 GummyCore Very well said. Power to the consumer. If we sit back and stay quiet like a bunch of pansies, corporations will always screw us over. Like I said before, developers often engage in conversation with consumers here on PS Blog.

  • lol.. xD.. MK24everUS, i want let you know that i already added you on ps4 friend list.. i don’t like force people’s decision with their money to buy it on ps4 or not.. that not my money.. i only buy games with my own decision and my own money on games.. if Naughty Dogs plan to release The last of us GOTY edition for ps4 then i might buy it again for ps4 because it is amazing and best game ever i played on ps3 .. oh well that too bad for me to not have ps3 system anymore because it already died last month so i don’t want buy new ps3 system again if i already have ps4 system..

  • There is a point to some of your comments about no one “forcing” anyone to buy the same game twice… But before you continue your little close minded rants of ignorance and bash people who are griping about the $60 price tag, attempt to wrap your sheep/accept everything as it’s given to me, mentality around something….

    There just might be some people who have the game already on ps3 who want the upgraded version…. And the absence of any kind of “upgrade pack” value WOULD leave them with only one option, buying it over again. Creating that kind of situation for fans of the genre or this specific game is not acceptable… Nor is it ok to neglect people who bought the first incarnation of the game. It’s the same kind of bs we have seen before as with a Diablo 3’s upgraded version on ps4 and it’s predecessor lacking it, which pretty much gives you the same choice.

  • Everyone complaining has a right to complain, so Crystal dynamics/Sqenix can see the amount of demand for such a deal for those who are unwilling to keep wasting money over corporate greed. So sick and tired of people flaming anyone negative on these blogs… What did the fanboy theatre let out early or something? What do you think the blog is for? Strictly brown nosing? Freedom of speech ladies and gentleman…look it up.

    And for those who are upset…try to be patient… Often those upgrade deals are announced after a release not before. I know it’s lame but another wonderful tactics of your friendly neighborhood publisher.

  • This game shouldn’t be $60 again, pretty ridiculous. I’ll buy it used in a few months for $20.

    They should’ve released it at $40 and given us some respect, I’d buy it then. Oh well.

  • Welp, I didn’t even finish the PC version, so why not…I am sadly known for buying multiple copies of the same game up to 2 times. Thanks Playstation Plus!

  • Oh and guys…chill down…it’s still $50 on Steam -_- Yea Square is getting a bit greedy.

  • @41 What does this have to do with PS+?

  • @43 Cause most of the games I have on PC are eventually avaliable on PS+. Sleeping Dogs, Hitman, Borderlands 2, the works…

  • i hope there is discount price for this game if you are playstation plus

  • Where the hell is the PSN update ? jesus chirst, if you guys want the digital purchaces to increase or became a standard you need to work better, release at midnight… now we have to wait until when to it comes on the PStore ?


  • @36

    Gaming companies exist to make money and all of them will make the decisions they think will make them more cash, those decisions only prove to be the right ones after they are applied and the results of it show off some time later.

    Square decided to charge a full price because they probably believe that since there’s a huge demand for next-gen games and really no big competition, they can charge a full-price and many people will buy the game because there’s really not many games to choose from right now, they also know of course, that they will lose many sales because many gamers won’t accept to pay a full price again, that was their decision, now, if they chose to charge less, maybe more people would buy the game again and new people to the game would also buy it more likely, but they would make less dollars per copy sold… now, can anyone know for sure what decision would make them more money? Well, no, that’s an incognito, so it’s to the companies CEOs to decide what direction to take.

  • Will Tomb Raider: DE be available on Amazon later today digitally?

    Also, just some feedback, I hope that the games would be released at midnight now since the download sizes are so large. It’s kind of inconvenient to plan on playing the game, and the game gets put up when Sony feels like putting it up. I think it would be nice and convenient to have the game download at midnight and be done by the time we get off of work. Just saying .
    Please answer my question about Amazon please.

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