Final Fantasy XIV PS4 Coming April 14th, Collector’s Edition Revealed

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Final Fantasy XIV PS4 Coming April 14th, Collector’s Edition Revealed

Final Fantasy XIV: Collector's Edition

Since Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, the second MMO in the Final Fantasy series, was released on PC and PS3 , more than 1.5 million accounts have been registered, and filled more than 60 worlds with a living, breathing community. And since then, PS4 has been released, and millions of you have welcomed the new console into your homes. But admit it — you felt that something was missing, didn’t you?

Final Fantasy and PlayStation have been a dream team since the early days, and good friendships never die. So we’re happy to announce that Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will begin beta on February 22nd, and then launch on April 14th.

But that’s not all. What would Final Fantasy be without a sumptuous Collector’s Edition? If you want to know more, read on!

You will defend the realm of Eorzea against a smorgasbord of enemies — no, I’m not even kidding, you should be happy if something doesn’t constantly try to snap you in half or just save itself the trouble and swallow you whole to begin with. In a world like this, an adventurer needs any help he can find.

Final Fantasy XIV_ A Realm Reborn, 04Final Fantasy XIV_ A Realm Reborn, 05

And instead of the standard version, which gets you the game and 30 days of game time, there’s also a unique Collector’s Edition, which will look great in your collection. It features art, music and movies you can proudly show off to your friends, but also offers you the support every professional adventurer needs in the form of in-game items!

The Collector’s Edition contains these physical items:

  • Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn exclusive box
  • Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn artbook — The Art of Eorzea: A Realm Reimagined
  • Final Fantasy XIV Seventh Umbral Era movie disc — The Waning of the Sixth Sun
  • Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn soundtrack — The Sounds of Eorzea
  • Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn art card set
  • Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn themed security token

As well as some sweet, sweet in-game items:

  • Fat Chocobo Mount
  • Coeurl Mount
  • Behemoth Barding for your Chocobo Mount
  • Wind-Up Moogle Minion
  • Baby Behemoth Minion
  • Helm of Light (increases your earned experience by 20% until level 10!)

My personal favourite? The Fat Chocobo Mount! Ample, soft space to sit on, huggable, and even when you’re trapped in an icy chasm, you can be sure that he’ll find his way to your next meal — even if he has to peck himself through 50 yalms of pure ice, dangit! The true survivalist’s choice.

So, what are you waiting for? The pre-orders start now. And if you’re still not convinced, keep your eyes peeled on this space — we’ve got more to share, soon!

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9 Author Replies

  • For those of us who have it for pc and upgrade to the collectors edition – will we receive that Fat Chocobo Mount as well if we also have the PS3 / PS4 version of the game? Thinking about upgrading for this mount… >.<

  • Is this game worth paying for to play? I only get like 4-5 hours max each day to play. Plus do you constantly have to sit and wait for a party like in XI? These are my concerns..

  • cant wait to start streaming coil with the rest of my fc!

  • Very excited about the Game Card. However, there appear to be only the 60-days card available. Anyway to work around it if I wish to take advantage of the 180-days subscription for the $13/month discount?
    Just curious. I am happy with the current entry level month-to-month subscription.

  • @52 no this game is stupidly casual/solo friendly i play only 3 hours a day in in that time can gain one level plus get about 600 tokens fir my endgame armor (it takes 6k tokens for a full armor set)

  • +Matt Hilton, I have a couple questions to ask.

    1) If we purchased the physical Collector’s Edition on the PS3, does this mean we have to buy the PS4 edition, or will it recognize the PS3 purchase?
    2) Are there any rewards for people that purchased the PC 1.0 version, the PS3 2.0 version, and the PS4 Collector’s Editions?
    3) Is the Fat Chocobo Mount exclusive to the PS4 Collector’s Edition?
    4) Is the Beta available for anyone that pre-ordered, and will there be server wipes?

    Thank you for reading.

  • Man, it would be nice to have had this upgrade path (or some upgrade option) for those playing on the PC.

  • ANDSv2, you can use your PC account on the PS4, no need for a separate account, so if you get the Collector’s Edition items on the PS4, you can use those items on your PC account.

    I am pretty sure they had a digital deluxe edition as well.

  • Matt Hilton, you think now that FFIV A Realm Reborn being such a success. Plus the HD of X and X-2. We might actually get our long awaited wish come true in the form of FFVII in HD?

  • I’m curious about this,

    I already own Collection Edition for PC and Regular Standard for PS3, so I can play both. Since It coming to PS4 coming day for beta, I am exciting to transfer this PS3 to PS4 this summer.

    Do I eligibility to have Fat Chocobo Mount and Moggle Minion ? I went to Mog Station shown that I am Legacy Player and Collection Edition icon together that meant I still get it those 2 bonus ?

    Let me know!


  • What about trophies? I have 47% of the trophies on the PS3 version. When I upgrade to the PS4 version, will the trophy list upgrade too or am I going to have to earn them all over again and have a incomplete PS3 trophy list?

  • I have been playing this game on my PC, since I already have a level 50 and many achievements unlocked, when i go to the PS4, will my acheivements sychronize with PS4 trophies that others are talking about?

  • Will there be a pre-order bonus for the CE like with the pc/ps3 version (hint-hint cait sit / mog hat)?

  • Ok I am convinced! But excuse me. could anyone just help me with a question please? If I buy now the PS3 Collectors Edition, will I become the bonus for pre order passing to the ps4 later?
    I wanna start today :D

  • Hi.. i have some questions and I would really like to get them answered.. i’ve always been interested in playing the pc version of a realm reborn. and still am.. but im ONLY INTERESTED IN PLAYING if I can get my hands on dat collectors edition. I didnt have a job back when it launched on pc and now i cant find it on square enix’s page. or anywhere for that matter unless i’m willing to pay 200+ usd. Now, i’m not interested in buying a ps4…just yet… but ps4 version has sparked new interest in me simply because its collector’s edition is exactly the same as pc version BUT will sadly, not work on my pc.Now my questions are: Is buying the ps4 collector’s edition BUT STILL playing the game digitally (through just the subscription) on my pc (until i eventually get a ps4) a sound idea?

  • (continued from above)… (considering i still get my way of having the collector’s items for just 79.99 and not paying 200+) or should i just try and get a good deal on pc version? If i do get ps4 collector’s edition AND play on pc for the time being… will i be able to transfer everything FOR FREE to ps4 version when iI eventually get the console (If I ever do)? is it the same account? Can i pay for just ONE subscription and use that ONE subscription across multiple platforms? or is there a required fee? and last question… if its only ONE SUBSCRIPTION… will I be able to redeem the digital dlc content that comes with the ps4 version to use ON MY PC before i get the ps4? and if it doenst.. is there some sort of time limit for redeeming?.. that would be huge for me because i dont know when Im getting a ps4 but i do want to use everything the collector brings on my pc.. Im mostly interested in the physical content (soundtrack, artbook, etc.) that comes with it though, which is why i’m even thinking on getting a ps4 version but play on pc.. please.. reply and sorry for the long post

  • I have looked at all stores and non of them are selling this version of the game collector’s edition that is, im gonna buy it for my ps4 but i cant seem to find a sore, can someone help

  • Hey Matt, 2 questions;

    I cleared the Beta on PS4, I want that game, am I better to purchase the CE for PS3 now to level my toon and transfer everything to the PS4 in April or wait for the PS4 CE version?

    Second question, for the subscription, is it possible to pay for like 6 months or more at 12.99$/month without a credit card? Don’t answer me about the 60 days time card at 15$/month. What about the Crysta? Any Paypal option or else?


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