Final Fantasy XIV PS4 Coming April 14th, Collector’s Edition Revealed

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Final Fantasy XIV PS4 Coming April 14th, Collector’s Edition Revealed

Final Fantasy XIV: Collector's Edition

Since Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, the second MMO in the Final Fantasy series, was released on PC and PS3 , more than 1.5 million accounts have been registered, and filled more than 60 worlds with a living, breathing community. And since then, PS4 has been released, and millions of you have welcomed the new console into your homes. But admit it — you felt that something was missing, didn’t you?

Final Fantasy and PlayStation have been a dream team since the early days, and good friendships never die. So we’re happy to announce that Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will begin beta on February 22nd, and then launch on April 14th.

But that’s not all. What would Final Fantasy be without a sumptuous Collector’s Edition? If you want to know more, read on!

You will defend the realm of Eorzea against a smorgasbord of enemies — no, I’m not even kidding, you should be happy if something doesn’t constantly try to snap you in half or just save itself the trouble and swallow you whole to begin with. In a world like this, an adventurer needs any help he can find.

Final Fantasy XIV_ A Realm Reborn, 04Final Fantasy XIV_ A Realm Reborn, 05

And instead of the standard version, which gets you the game and 30 days of game time, there’s also a unique Collector’s Edition, which will look great in your collection. It features art, music and movies you can proudly show off to your friends, but also offers you the support every professional adventurer needs in the form of in-game items!

The Collector’s Edition contains these physical items:

  • Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn exclusive box
  • Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn artbook — The Art of Eorzea: A Realm Reimagined
  • Final Fantasy XIV Seventh Umbral Era movie disc — The Waning of the Sixth Sun
  • Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn soundtrack — The Sounds of Eorzea
  • Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn art card set
  • Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn themed security token

As well as some sweet, sweet in-game items:

  • Fat Chocobo Mount
  • Coeurl Mount
  • Behemoth Barding for your Chocobo Mount
  • Wind-Up Moogle Minion
  • Baby Behemoth Minion
  • Helm of Light (increases your earned experience by 20% until level 10!)

My personal favourite? The Fat Chocobo Mount! Ample, soft space to sit on, huggable, and even when you’re trapped in an icy chasm, you can be sure that he’ll find his way to your next meal — even if he has to peck himself through 50 yalms of pure ice, dangit! The true survivalist’s choice.

So, what are you waiting for? The pre-orders start now. And if you’re still not convinced, keep your eyes peeled on this space — we’ve got more to share, soon!

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  • I’m soooooo excited for this version. Currently play on both PS3 and PC, but have minor gripes about each. The PS4 version is shaping up to be the absolute PERFECT version of the game for me. I’m a level 50 Black Mage, Bard, Paladin, Scholar, Summoner, Botanist, and Dragoon (all relic’d) on Hyperion. Currently working to find players to clear T5 with

    • Glad to hear it! Once you’ve gotten the Binding Coil of Bahamut Turn 5 down, you can share your wins live on the PS4. :)

  • Can’t wait for this version.

    Also, with Lightning Returns, FF14 ARR, FF10/10-2 all out, now stop making excuses and work on FF15 please.

  • Will this be sold on amazon?

  • Is it an open beta, do we sign up, or do the ones who played on the ps3 version get it?

  • Not interested in pointless artbooks and soundtracks. I’ll wait till i’m able to at least download the game free on psn. It seems ridiculous to charge for the game disk itself on top of a monthly subscription.

  • @4 Sign ups should begin sometime in February. That is all we really know about the beta/transfer process right now. I’m fairly certain in the live letter, it was mentioned all PS4 owners will be eligible for beta. You will not be able to play existing characters/servers in the early stages of beta.

  • What methods can US customers use to pay for their subscription? I don’t have a credit card…

    • We recently launched game time cards in the US! You can purchase 60 days worth of subscription time using these cards! The game time cards are available from retailers like Amazon, the Square Enix Online Store and more!

  • @7 You can buy 60 day time cards at your local Gamestop.

  • I’ll definitely be picking this up! I got the PC version at launch, and really enjoyed it for about 2 months, but decided to stop to focus on school. But because the PS4 version comes out just around exams, I can get it and play all throughout the summer whilst working.

    How much will the CE cost?

  • If i buy it for the ps4 and have it for the ps3 can i play on both or is it i can only play on one playstation system. Do u know if they will make it where u can pay throught psn at some point because i do not have a credit card?

  • I want to pre-order the Collector’s Edition NOW!

  • I bought the digital version of the CE on PS3, I heard for those that bought it on PS3, we get a free upgrade in April, right?

  • @ + DaggerDragon666

    If you buy or “upgrade” to the PS4 platform when moving your account you can only play console wise on the ps4. If you want to play on both you will need to have multiple copy/accounts. For the payment method most if all MMO type games besides the free to play market run on reoccurring subscription models.

    It would be best to either go to the NA site for them and use your Check/Credit card or wait and set the information on your home console.

  • Does anyone know if you can play this in an offline mode of some sort, without paying the monthly fee, I’m not a fan of MMO but I love FF, please advise

  • XIV??? oh gosh, when is it finally going to be final? figure yourself out!!!

  • I’ve at least beat the story so i should be happy to at least get 36% of the trophies so if another free weekend happens before april 14 i should work on the other trophies but if not just forget about the plat for ps3 and focuse on ps4 because i’ve at least got my moneys worth of playing it on ps3

  • been waiting for juicy stuff for my ps4 :) ps3 library has been growing again since launch and wanna start another section of my library :P this will be great addition. will pre-order as soon as i can get out of work lol

  • @ Darth_NyQuil: Just like any other MMO, no, there is no offline mode. It is a massively multiplayer ONLINE game. Hence the subscription fee to pay for the constant server uptime and patches, etc.

  • With the exception of the Fat Chocobo mount, this collector’s edition is identical to the PS3 version, and my wallet is VERY happy about that. Now I don’t need to buy a second collector’s edition of the same game. Thanks Square Enix! Can’t wait to transfer to the PS4 version of the game! :D

  • Yes, cannot wait to try this out on my PS4. I bought the PS3 version for $10 and haven’t played it yet. Going to hold off for PS4 to get my free month to try it out. I have heard great things so this will be my first MMO.

  • Where can we preorder? I’ve been waiting till the ps4 release to finally get this.

  • if i get this on the ps4 does that mean i have to start all over? I been playing on the ps3

    • Nope! As long as you continue using your same FFXIV account, all of your content/characters/items/everything will carry over. You’ll just be playing on PS4!

  • I am obviously a plus member. I have a question. Can you enjoy an MMO on PS4 without being a plus member? All online play requires a plus membership? I have a friend who does not have plus (I have tried to convince him to join for a while) who likes MMOs.

  • Monthly suscription? thanks but no thanks Square Enix.

  • is three a digital collectors edition too? if so does the collectors edition stuff carry over to the ps4 version for free as well?

  • @ 23. Not all online play requires a Plus membership. Games like Warframe, Planetside 2, and DCUO don’t require Plus membership. Including Final Fantasy XIV: A realm Reborn.

  • So how much for the Collector’s Edition? It was $80 on PS3, so I assume it’ll be the same here?

  • @5 yeah cause we dont have a million thing we have to pay for upfront than pay monthly for already… cars, houses, internet, alarm systems installed in a house, cable, etc etc this isnt a new concept. Also its a mere 15 bucks a month ooooo thats expensive…. oh wit no itd not even at minimum wage youd make that much in 2 hours…. sooooo if you work 40 hours a week…. which is 160 hours a month…. youre only spending 2 of those 160 hours on ffxiv a month?!?!? zomg!! thats a lot!!! -sarcasm- heck taxes take more out of your check than that

  • I want YouTube on my ps4.

  • If you’ve already purchased the PS3 Physical collectors edition, is there anyway to “upgrade” to PS4 version to receive the Fat Choco and Wind Up Moogle?

    • Good news! All existing Collector’s Edition owners will automatically receive the new in-game bonus items (the Fat Chocobo mount and Wind-up Moogle minion) for free!

  • @30

    CE owners on PS3/PC will get those in-game items for free when the PS4 version launches.

  • @31

    Very cool, thanks for the info :)

  • Still in January and Final Fantasy sale tomorrow, Feb brings Lightning Returns, March will have Final Fantasy X/X2 HD, and now this Final Fantasy XIV comes out for PS4 on April?. SE sure making sure 2014 starts with a lot of Final Fantasy…. I hope they finish it with one too like FFXV or maybe finally Type -0 here haha.

  • Haven’t been playing since december when I sold my PS3 for a PS4!

    Can’t wait to head back to Eorzea!!!

  • Will I be able to purchase this outside of the Square Enix store? I really don’t like having to use it unless necessary.

  • Shoot, it looks like I missed the round of question answering. Well, I’ll try anyway: The PS4 version will obviously support keyboards for chat, but can I use a mouse?

  • I’m going to pre-order the PS4 collector’s edition to have in in my collection, but plan on upgrading from the my PS3 version so I can keep my progress and characters. How exactly is the upgrade from PS3 to PS4 going to work?

  • So my question is this, Since I ordered the Collectors edition of the game on the PS3, do I get the new fat chocobo mount on the PS4 version?

  • Scratch my last post. I did not see the answer. I apologize for that.

  • Thank you for doing a CE for the PS4 version. I skipped the PS3 version for this one and am glad I don’t have I miss out on the CE.

  • So i have a question about the CE digital items. I got CE digital for PC last time due to the physical being out of stock. If i were to order this CE physical would i get a 2nd set of digital items? or will it come as a code like it did last time that i could give away to a friend? Im keen on buying the physical regardless but would like to know how the digital items would work this time around.

  • My internet kinda suck… will i be available to play it offline? If i dont use the internet, can i still play it although just alone….:(

  • Will the PS4 version of the game include patch 2.1 on the disc? Or will we have to download the update online?

  • Brilliant stuff Matt, thank you for your post & replies.
    Caught the early PS4 news on this via the excellent ARRpod cast.

    Being an enthusiastic PS3 player of XIV:ARR, a first time MMO-erist & massive Final Fantasy fan,
    I do have a simple question – yet I’m not sure if you could answer it at this time? I’ll give it a shot though.

    There has been some talk of one or two – quite hefty – 400+ page ‘tomes’ heading our way, player guides & maps? I think that’s a great idea. I hope these see worldwide release – that’s my cheeky ask sir ;D

  • I already bought FFXIV:ARR for PS3 and may upgrade to PS4, but I know I will still want to play on PS3 eventually. If I upgrade to PS4 can I re-buy it on the PS3 or should I wait and buy the PS4?

    I understand if you’re already playing on PS3 you will be able to switch over to PS4 for free from April 11th, but once you’ve done that, you won’t be able to switch back. I’m unclear on how that allows you to get the other.

    And I don’t suppose DualShock 3 support will be added for PS4.

  • I really like this & may have to think about this a little more. 15 bucks a month is very reasonable to me . But my dilemma will be the time because of school & work. There may be a solution though as there always is.

  • Releases on my birthday! Please make a Collector’s Edition for Final Fantasy XV as well! Thanks

  • Excited – can’t wait – gonna resub once this is out and I get my ps4 I think

  • If we still have the PC FFXIV original (and thus got a realm reborn for free) do we have to buy the PS4 version?

  • Will it support Bluetooth Keyboards at launch or soon after launch? I know that’s probably not a fair question since the PS4 firmware doesn’t currently support Bluetooth Keyboards right now, but I’d like to know if the keyboard I’ve been using on my PS3 will work on the PS4 either at launch or eventually.

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