PS Vita PLAY: 4 New Vita Games, PS Plus discounts and more

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PS Vita PLAY: 4 New Vita Games, PS Plus discounts and more

Hello! Since 2014 is a brand new year, we wanted to introduce a brand new PlayStation Store program to start it off with a bang. I’m excited to announce PS Vita PLAY, our new four-week program featuring a rad lineup of PS Vita games, exclusive discounts for PS Plus members and special offers.

PS Vita Play Sale

Each week for the next four weeks on PS Store, a new PS Vita game will be released as part of the PS Vita PLAY promotion. If you are a PlayStation Plus member, you will receive a 20% discount on each PS Vita PLAY game during the launch week of each respective game. As an added bonus, anyone who purchases two or more PS Vita PLAY games from January 21st through February 17th will receive a bonus SEN wallet credit.

  • Buy any 4 PS Vita PLAY games to get $10
  • Buy any 3 PS Vita PLAY games to get $6
  • Buy any 2 PS Vita PLAY games to get $3

Over the next four weeks, you’ll get to skate like a pro, blast Kamehameha waves, clean the world in style and rock a colorfully modern take on a classic arcade shooter. What am I talking about?! Check the lineup below:

Title Launch Week PS Plus Launch Week Price Regular Price
OlliOlli (1/21) 1/21 through 1/27 $10.39 $12.99
Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z (1/28) 1/28 through 2/3 $31.99 $39.99
Dustforce (2/4) 2/4 through 2/10 $7.99 $9.99
TxK (2/11) 2/11 through 2/17 $7.99 $9.99

Want to know more? Let’s hear from the developers themselves:

OlliOlli – Tom Hegarty // Director, Roll 7

“We’re stoked to be bringing OlliOlli to you guys, we’re a small team based in London and we’re actually skateboarders (at least we were in our youth) as well as huge gamers, so this project really has been a labour of love for us. We can’t wait to see what scores people start posting and we’re giving you a five day head start before we unleash our senior coder, Nikos onto the nearest Vita and he starts busting some serious scores. You have been warned. And remember, just don’t slam on your face…”

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z – Brandon Williams // Producer, Namco

“Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z is a completely new DBZ game focused on team battles, letting you create your ultimate DBZ dream team and battling online head to head in teams of 4 vs. 4 or even up to 8 players simultaneously across the globe! The game follows the classic DBZ storyline and features many “what if” scenarios which are sure to please the fans. The graphical look of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z blends the best aspects of the manga and the anime creating visually striking action. Fans will also get a chance to play characters from the new movie “DRAGON BALL Z BATTLE OF GODS” for the first time! With massive co-op and competitive online battles, giant bosses waiting to be taken down, huge character roster and 60 unforgettable missions, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z will make you want to go Super Saiyan in no time! To try the demo, click here.”

Dustforce – Rey Jimenez // Producer, Capcom

“Everyone at Capcom is thrilled to bring Dustforce, the critically-acclaimed PC title from indie developer Hitbox Team, to PS3 and PS Vita fans. Continuing the tradition of today’s boutique developers, Dustforce has an art style and soundtrack that’s utterly unique and addicting. Dustforce is a simple and pure platformer that asks only one thing of the gamer…Be the fastest you can be.”

TxK – Jeff Minter // Designer, Llamasoft

“We bring 30 years of arcade design experience to bear in TxK, the latest and greatest evolution of the abstract arcade shooter style that we pioneered back in the 90s. TxK features beautiful vector graphics that look stunning on the Vita’s screen, an outstanding and extensive original soundtrack and absorbing, satisfying gameplay that’ll take you to tranced-out arcade nirvana. TxK is neon candy for your thumbs and your mind – come get your supply!”

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7 Author Replies

  • @49. Damn!
    I just need more memory. 64Gb or 128Gb Memory Cards.

  • I’m so sick of indie games. 95% of them suck.

    I know the Vita is struggling a bit, but I would like to see some bigger games on it. Thanks for trying though.

  • Can’t wait for TxK! :)

  • Well that’s neat. I already planned on buying DBZ: Battle of Z on the Vita and now it looks like I can get it for a slightly cheaper price. $31.99 is cool with me.

  • I called my local gamestop and DBZ battle of z is offering a Goku figurine and 2 extra dlc characters if you pre order it for the full price of 39.99, he did say their probably won’t be no physical copy at least of yet for the ps vita, and I’m just curious if anybody here knows how much data does the actual game take on the vita memory card??

  • I keep hitting the 100 app limit over and over again. Even though I have 20+GB of free space I won’t be able to download any of these.

    Why won’t Sony patch it out now that we have 64GB cards?

  • I’m guessing that the people complaining about indies havent had much experience with the ouya or xblig. they couldn’t pay me to play 99% of that crap.

  • @ mmaher: That’s a wonderful sentiment. “I won’t buy it now because it’ll be cheaper later.” Isn’t that true with EVERYTHING? The point of buying at launch is because you WANT the game, and a discount is just a nice bonus. Waiting for everything to go on sale doesn’t help support developers, especially indies devs who make stuff like OlliOlli and ibb&obb. Impulse buying when something is cheap is different. If you waited for everything you wanted to be on sale because you’re worried about buyer’s remorse, you should never buy ANYTHING, cause it will all be cheaper at some point. Basically, don’t buy something unless you plan to play it RIGHT NOW, that’s what you’re paying a premium for. The only times I’ve had buyer’s remorse is when I buy something because I think it’s cheap and I was kind of interested in it, then I never play it, and a few months later, it gets even cheaper. If I’d waited until I was ready to play it I’d have saved even more money, but that’s my fault, not Sony’s or the devs/publisher.


    On topic, gonna look into TxK a bit. Not really into score-chasing games, and I’ve heard massively bad things about BoZ from most people who played the demo.

  • Hooray Sale ! Wait , nothing interests me …

  • Ah more PS Vita games incoming couldn’t be more happier, I see at least 3 games that I want to get!!!!!!!!!

  • Keep it up with the great promotions! Loved the 14 for 14 sale. This Vita sale is great too!

  • Thank god I just got a job! My credit card is yucking it up!

  • @AizawaYuuichi

    For your logical retort to my juvenile rant, I will be buying OlliOlli on Tuesday. But only to support the developer.

  • While it won’t be eligible for the promotion to do so, are any/all of these titles available as a physical release? I prefer physical release and do not mind paying more to have a physical copy and support the Vita/Developers/Physical Releases. Also, please tell SCEJ to implement a removal of the 100 app-limit on the Vita. 3rd, release higher-capacity Vita memory cards in 2014!

    Thanks ;)

  • Was already set to buy TxK the minute it was released, even better to know it’ll be on sale!! Can’t wait!

  • Yes, we desperately need an update to allow more bubbles on the Vita memory card(s) AND we also need the 64 GB card released in the states ASAP!

  • Now I have to buy DBZ!

  • Awesome!

    If I buy 8 games, will I get $20 back?? or its just one time only?

  • I only want one (Dustforce)… I’m importing the physical copy of DBZ from Europe.

  • Would rather have Project Diva…

  • @powvex,

    The promotion is only on the games listed above. They do promotions like this in the summer, when if you buy the new release games you get a “rebate” on your purchase. So you must purchase 2 or more of the games above during the time frame, so you could wait until the last week and buy all 4 and still qualify if done before the promotion end date.

  • #Spyro #Crash #Vita

  • No complaints here at all! Already got a hold of OlliOlli and will be grabbing the rest as they come out!

  • @51
    Doesn’t matter.
    Sony does not seem to care about customers with 64GB memory cards nor the ones who prefer to have all their games downloaded and have hit the 100 app limit, which got hindered by the built in app taking away from that total.
    I guess we’ll have to get very loud about this.

  • I’m super excited for TxK! Tempest 2000 was one of my all time favorite games. I also just bough OlliOlli as it looks fun. So that’s a $3 rebate right there. I’ll probably be getting Dustforce as well, so $6 to me, plus the PS+ discounts. Yeah!

  • guys why my playstation plus tab missing in my store. i have a 1 year ps plus.

  • Hi, just wanna ask if will there be another sale in the us ps store like the one last week that includes games like KZM, not just indie games. Hope you will reply

  • So is there any word on Vita users getting the DLC? I’d love to play as Super Vegito, and SS Bardock.

  • Will any of the persona games be on sale this week?

  • where is dbz boz? its the 28th andnot on ps store right now.

  • and i think ssvegito and ss bardock are dlc

  • On what date will the SEN credit be added to our accounts?

  • I bought 3 of the games, and should be getting $6. How/when exactly does that happen?

  • Can anyone tell me why i havent gotten my $3 yet. I bought Dragonball Z:battle of Z and TxK for my PSVita and i havent gotten any $3 code on my email or my PSN.Please help.

  • Any word on the vouchers?

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