PS Vita PLAY: 4 New Vita Games, PS Plus discounts and more

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PS Vita PLAY: 4 New Vita Games, PS Plus discounts and more

Hello! Since 2014 is a brand new year, we wanted to introduce a brand new PlayStation Store program to start it off with a bang. I’m excited to announce PS Vita PLAY, our new four-week program featuring a rad lineup of PS Vita games, exclusive discounts for PS Plus members and special offers.

PS Vita Play Sale

Each week for the next four weeks on PS Store, a new PS Vita game will be released as part of the PS Vita PLAY promotion. If you are a PlayStation Plus member, you will receive a 20% discount on each PS Vita PLAY game during the launch week of each respective game. As an added bonus, anyone who purchases two or more PS Vita PLAY games from January 21st through February 17th will receive a bonus SEN wallet credit.

  • Buy any 4 PS Vita PLAY games to get $10
  • Buy any 3 PS Vita PLAY games to get $6
  • Buy any 2 PS Vita PLAY games to get $3

Over the next four weeks, you’ll get to skate like a pro, blast Kamehameha waves, clean the world in style and rock a colorfully modern take on a classic arcade shooter. What am I talking about?! Check the lineup below:

Title Launch Week PS Plus Launch Week Price Regular Price
OlliOlli (1/21) 1/21 through 1/27 $10.39 $12.99
Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z (1/28) 1/28 through 2/3 $31.99 $39.99
Dustforce (2/4) 2/4 through 2/10 $7.99 $9.99
TxK (2/11) 2/11 through 2/17 $7.99 $9.99

Want to know more? Let’s hear from the developers themselves:

OlliOlli – Tom Hegarty // Director, Roll 7

“We’re stoked to be bringing OlliOlli to you guys, we’re a small team based in London and we’re actually skateboarders (at least we were in our youth) as well as huge gamers, so this project really has been a labour of love for us. We can’t wait to see what scores people start posting and we’re giving you a five day head start before we unleash our senior coder, Nikos onto the nearest Vita and he starts busting some serious scores. You have been warned. And remember, just don’t slam on your face…”

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z – Brandon Williams // Producer, Namco

“Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z is a completely new DBZ game focused on team battles, letting you create your ultimate DBZ dream team and battling online head to head in teams of 4 vs. 4 or even up to 8 players simultaneously across the globe! The game follows the classic DBZ storyline and features many “what if” scenarios which are sure to please the fans. The graphical look of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z blends the best aspects of the manga and the anime creating visually striking action. Fans will also get a chance to play characters from the new movie “DRAGON BALL Z BATTLE OF GODS” for the first time! With massive co-op and competitive online battles, giant bosses waiting to be taken down, huge character roster and 60 unforgettable missions, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z will make you want to go Super Saiyan in no time! To try the demo, click here.”

Dustforce – Rey Jimenez // Producer, Capcom

“Everyone at Capcom is thrilled to bring Dustforce, the critically-acclaimed PC title from indie developer Hitbox Team, to PS3 and PS Vita fans. Continuing the tradition of today’s boutique developers, Dustforce has an art style and soundtrack that’s utterly unique and addicting. Dustforce is a simple and pure platformer that asks only one thing of the gamer…Be the fastest you can be.”

TxK – Jeff Minter // Designer, Llamasoft

“We bring 30 years of arcade design experience to bear in TxK, the latest and greatest evolution of the abstract arcade shooter style that we pioneered back in the 90s. TxK features beautiful vector graphics that look stunning on the Vita’s screen, an outstanding and extensive original soundtrack and absorbing, satisfying gameplay that’ll take you to tranced-out arcade nirvana. TxK is neon candy for your thumbs and your mind – come get your supply!”

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7 Author Replies

  • Every week you guys find out a new way to dig into my pocket, and for some reason, I don’t mind!

  • Awesome plus deals on VITA!

  • Wish Gunslugs was part of the promo . . . oh well, Olliolli and Dustforce for me!

  • God, i wish it was the ps3 version of Battle of Z on sale instead. I heard the Vita version won’t come with any of the dlc in NA because its digital only. :(

    I might still get it for Vita at $32 if the reviews are stellar. Not interested at all for the other indie titles listed.

  • Buying Dustforce and TxK for sure! I’m a big fan of Tempest 2000 and cannot wait to try this one, especially at a discount.

  • Awesome deal but what’s up with the $12.99 price for Olliolli… Should have been $9.99 like the other PSN games. Hopefully this deal will be available in Europe aswell D:

  • TXK should really be a Cross-Buy game. It would look awesome on the PS4 and PS3 in 3D.

    As much as I want to buy Minter’ s new game I don’t like playing games on a small screen.

    • Although that would be nice, I can verify the game is built for play on the PS Vita and looks amazing on the screen

  • Any other sales news for next week?

  • Not to pester, but, some video content (if any exists) my help this sale a bit. Instead of me having to go off and find them myself – not that its troublesome – for convenience.

    I’m on the fense currently if i want to take part in this sale.

  • and by fense i mean fence.

  • And toukiden is 11 – 02.

  • Dustforce is the best precision platformer on PC as far as I’m concerned. It’s awesome to see it coming to another platform, and anyone who’s a fan of Super Meat Boy or similar titles should absolutely pick it up.

  • Can you ask Namco Bandai why the Vita version of Dragon Ball Z is lacking the preorder content the console versions have? Japan, and Europe is getting this stuff for Vita so it’s not like they didn’t create it for the platform.

  • Sadly, nothing of any interest for me. Good for those excited about this.

  • Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Z looks awesome. I played the Demo and I totally loved it!

    But I’ll wait to see how T: Age of Demons looks like.

  • Guys, please answer about digital content for Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z. Europe not only gets physical game, but several DLC for day 1. What about NA??? This would never be a problem if Sony had just made the Vita like the PS3, i.e., allowing several different region accounts in one single console….

  • Wow I looked at the article and recognized it and said “It’s this program supposed to be in the summer?” But looking at the article and saw O it’s the Vita version which is a first. Have to say that Battle of Z is the most appealing one to be. I would get it if my 32 gig memory card wasn’t full.

  • @13

    Namco doesn’t care about NA. Its been obvious with their there last couple releases. One Piece Pirate Warriors 2 was digital only over here and they still refused to give us the preorder outfits that EU got. So we had to pay full price for a digital copy and still buy the ‘free’ dlc other countries got on top of it.

    I don’t know whats going on over there but they are insane for not offering us a preorder option on the vita version and then expecting us to later buy the dlc.

  • On this subject, it makes no sense to me that you create a fully region free portable gaming device, then lock owners out of having access to multiple region digital content….After getting it so right with the PS3, this is a major step backward…

  • @20

    Sony took some steps backwards with the ps4 as well, so its just something they do unfortunately.

  • Oh man. Was already looking to get OlliOllie and DBZ: Battle of Z this month, but didn’t know Dustforce is next month! Definitely buying those three for sure. Awesome to see some Vita sales like this. =)

  • I just bought 3 games last week for the vita. Does this week sale also applies to last week?

  • Oh very nice Sony…shame that I won’t be picking up any of these games…already got an insane backlog of Vita games to play,I’ve never heard of that TxK game….and I gotta say I’m very interested on it…may end up buying it if I see a gameplay video.

  • Only interested in Dustforce for now.. Just bought Lone Survivor and Stealth Inc from the last sale so my vita has been busy. Plus, Toukiden comes out next month so I’m set for awhile.

  • Buying all four to show my support for Vita games and Vita sales promotions like this.

  • Will definitely be getting TxK. I’m an older gamer and I grew up over in England, and Jeff Minter is a legend there. Great to see that he’s still making games. The Vita’s beautiful OLED screen seems like the perfect match for his trippy visuals. :)

  • Oh cool, can’t wait to pick up DBZ on my birthday at a discount~

  • A Capcom platformer for the Vita? Yeah I’m pretty much sold

  • hey Sharon, any news about the promotion for 10 or 20 credit by spend every 50 or 100 for March with pre-order any full games for ps4 and ps3 in psn store ?

  • Odd, I think I’ll pick up all of them except the DBZ game. o_o

  • Wasn’t planning on even buying Ollie Ollie as I just picked up a grip of great games on vita last week velocity ultra Thomas was alone limbo killzone

    Now with dustforce and Ollie Ollie sale and plus discount. Jeeze can’t say no

    Thanks Sony! For spending money I wasn’t even planning to spend.

  • Is it safe to say that the DIgital version of the DBZ game doesnt have the Pre-order DLC, or even DLC at all? the lack of communication (not from Sony, but Bandai) just seems a bit unprofessional! Really hope some information is told soon! i would love to get this game, but if the dlc are only on ps3 ill probably just get it on that!

  • Can’t wait to pick these games up :)

  • Getting all of them…I actually really wanted DBZ…I can’t believe it has such an amazing discount!

    Any news on getting the Sonic racing transformed DLC to Vita? I know this aint the section..just asking!

  • Looking forward to these games, also keep bringing Steam games to PS Vita!

  • Wow thats awesome the DBZ game will be almost $10 off at launch – I was already planning to buy it anyway! Too bad the others are Indies I’d probably never play :/

  • Can someone answer me this, what ever happen to the game/app for the vita called travel bug?

  • Think I’m down for the 3 non-DBZ games. Not compeltely cold on TxK, but it does look like fun.

    Definitely getting OlliOlli & Dustforce though

  • Misleading title is Misleading.

    Most of these aren’t Vita games, they’re Indie games playable on Vita.

    There are sooo, sooo many games on Vita that are only out in Asia and this is the kind of support NA gets?!

    Thanks for putting the DBZ game on there, I don’t want it but at least it’s a Vita game (albeit a ps3 port like most)

    I know you’ll probably never bring back pre order bonuses like the occasional 10% off plus members would get, but can we at least get pre orders of REAL ps4, ps3 and Vita games on the psn already/again?!

  • are any games cross buy supported?

  • Really want a Vita now that TxK is so close to release. That game looks excellent. Loved the Jaguar game.

  • Looking at OlliOlli and Dustforce. I am not sure about TxK and I really do not understnd Dragonball anything!

  • Well I was gonna get Battle of Z anyway (duh, look at my name), Dustforce is amazing, and OlliOlli caught my eye reading about it yesterday.

    Yeeeeeeeeeah might as well get ’em all.

  • Awesome! Does the DBZ game come with the Naruto costume on Vita though?

  • You know I’m exited for OlliOlli but I think that $10 even on sale is a lot, and I always get burnt on these sales because in a couple months time these will all be on sale here and there and be cheaper in the long run (even with the cash back program) and in like 5/6 months one will be free on plus and that would really hurt the wallet.

    Just assumptions here, but it happened last time with ibb&Bob being free, stealth inc and cloud berry kingdom being on ridiculous sales. Ducktales HD had a pretty good sale not too long after as well…

    I’m not trying to complain cuz I love you Playstation and especially PS Plus. I mean your 14 for 14 sale is pretty badass, but I need incentive with something like this.

    Thanks for the rant, now I’ll go back to FF14: ARR and Tales of Xillia. Both which were $10 each on PS Plus at seperate times thank you! :o)

  • Damn, I so do wish I actually had cash right now. OlliOlli looks like a most wonderful time killer.

  • finally a release date for dustforce! calander marked

    dbz seems really out of place in this offer, but I’m not mad at it. def picking up the other three games. keep those Indies coming!

  • Aren’t PSN games that are also on Vita Cards usually 10% off already? (Looking at you BDZ BoZ)
    Honestly,I just glad it’s coming to the Vita, for some time, I tough it was only going to be on PS3…
    But next time make those particular games 25% off. Then promote it as “From 20% to 25% off”.

  • @SpooNManX: If TxK sells well enough, you never know what Llamasoft may make on PS4 next. ;-)
    For those who need info on TxK, here’s a video from November last year:

  • I need update to allow more bubbles on my Vita card. Down to three allowed. I have 97 icon bubbles already.

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