PlayStation Plus: Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons for Members

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PlayStation Plus: Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons for Members

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons was praised by game critics last year for its successful meshing of story and gameplay. Controlling the two brothers of the story with one analog stick each can take some getting used to, but you’ll find your rhythm as you solve puzzles with the end goal of saving your ailing father.

Starting tomorrow you can get your friends together and pit your wormy soldiers against each other in Worms: Battle Island on PS Vita. The adorable franchise has remained a favorite over the years with its classic turn-based strategy gameplay. With options like dressing your worms how you want and using oddball weapons like a Holy Hand Grenade, your fights will have plenty of pizzaz.

Finally, there’s a new PS Vita PLAY sale starting with OlliOlli. If you like music and rhythm games there’s also an entire sale dedicated to titles in those genres, so check out all the discounts below.

You can download Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and Worms: Battle Islands after the PlayStation Store updates tomorrow, 1/21.

PlayStation Plus Update 1/21/14

PlayStation Plus: Instant Game Collection

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (PS3)

Free for PS Plus members


Share in the epic journey of two brothers, as they set out to find a cure for their dying father. Travel across beautiful vistas, through dark and foreboding forests, down perilous rivers, up hazardous mountain sides and experience the wonders of Nordic mythology along the way. Use the unique control system to control each brother with a thumb stick, for concurrent gameplay throughout the adventure. Use both brothers cooperatively to solve puzzles, explore the environments and in boss encounters.“10/10. Starbreeze’s fairytale adventure is so finely crafted, you’d be hard pressed to find many better games this year.” – Giant Bomb.

Worms: Battle Islands (PSP|PS VITA)

Free for PS Plus members

Worms Battle Islands
Battle up to three other players offline or online on one of six landscape themes, using one of forty classic Worms weapons or some of your own creation in the weapons factory. With sixty single player challenges, five game modes, a powerful level editor and a massive selection of ways to personalize your worm army and customize your game experience, it’s a package sky-high on entertainment!

PlayStation Plus: Discounts

PS Vita Play Sale

OlliOlli $10.39

Music Sale

Game Title PS Plus Price Original Price
Rock Band Blitz $6.99 $14.99
Bon Jovi Greatest Hits $9.79 $19.99
The Doors Greatest Hits $9.79 $19.99
Aerosmith Greatest Dimension Pack $4.89 $9.99
Kickbeat PS3 (Cross-buy) $2.99 $9.99
Kickbeat PS Vita (Cross-buy) $2.99 $9.99
Sound Shapes PS4 (Cross-buy) $7.34 $14.99
Sound Shapes PS3 (Cross-buy) $7.34 $14.99
Sound Shapes PS Vita (Cross-buy) $7.34 $14.99
Everyday Shooter $2.50 $9.99
Everyday Shooter $2.00 $7.99
Retro/Grade $2.99 $9.99

PlayStation Plus: Last Chance

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7 Author Replies

  • Please bring DLC sales on the vita games!

    i live in mexico and games are understandingly overpriced, i can only afford a few every year, but with ps plus i have something to look forward every tuesday, i finished playing DmC the week it came out, and im trying to platinum bioshock infinite THANK YOU!!!

    i live in mexico and games are expensive, i can only afford a few every year, but with ps plus i have something to look forward every tuesday, i finished playing DmC, and im trying to platinum bioshock infinite THANK YOU!!!

  • Why isn’t the PS Store online or off my PS3 letting me buy Far Cry 3; Blood Dragon? I wanted to pick this up before the store updated today on the 14 for ’14 Sale. Keep getting an error message. Grrrr!!!

  • @99

    It’s hit or miss when it comes to sales on Plus. Last year they had good games on sale. I am glad nothing is on sale this week. Might get Brothers as I heard it was good.

  • You know video games have had a big impact on your life when #3 says “Brothers!” and you immediately hear Liquid Ocelot’s voice saying it like at the end of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty hahaha! Oh the passion I have for this industry <3

  • I want to download Brothers: a Tale of Two Sons but it is not showing up as free in the PlayStation store.

  • For some reason it keeps trying to charge me for brothers. I thought maybe my subscription was up but all my igc games are working and I still have the plus icon next to my name. What’s up with that? Also how do I know when my subscription up? I don’t remember exactly when I got it last year and I wanna renew it before it runs out cuz I don’t wanna lose my games. But I gotta say this month has been AWESOME for plus it makes up for that month that the resident evil rail shooters were the “AAA” title.

  • Just downloaded Brothers, thank you SONY.

  • Ok, Brothers is listed front-page as free for Plus members, but when I try to buy it charges me 14.99. Why is that? Yes, I am logged in, and yes I just bought Worms and Bioshock Infinite from the site.

  • @ JediMTrick – I had the same issue with Brothers then I downloaded the demo 1st then went back in to the store and it was available for free.

  • @ Big3Sixty – thanks, will try.

  • More than a little annoyed at PSN at the moment. When I was on my Vita this morning I saw some titles that I wanted to download and now they’re gone because of the update. They were part of the 14 for 14 sale. The titles added this week don’t even compare. Hoping next update gives me something that makes it worth my money to keep my PS+ membership.

  • Still waiting for the free Smart As… for Vita… ugg

  • Music Sale? Didn’t expect something like that. Which reminds me of Gitaroo Man, which reminds me of an old suggestion I told you time ago and I will bring up again:
    PS2 or PS1 games for IGC. Instead of the same crap again and again, like modern shooters, we all could enjoy better games from a better time, times where the creativity was all that mattered instead of the constant uninspired games that want to be either a movie or some artsy pretentious bulls***.
    For example, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is just an automatic “puzzle” game that I just don’t get how ‘that’ got good scores; you have a friking button for everything. EVERYTHING. Plus, the game is WAY TOO LINEAL for a “puzzle” game. And the story… what story? oh yeah, you shouldn’t even care about that to begin with. I mean, Closure doesn’t have story and is still a fantastic puzzle game. Quantum Conundrum is another good example, etc etc.
    Oh and I (and I know a lot of people) would like anime avatars. You know, the ones at the Japanese Store.

  • Oh and I never opine about the vita games because I don’t have one.
    But I do have to say that they have gotten cool games though.

  • just got ps plus for my ps vita, is it too late to get the worms game? it says £11.99 for it.

    also, its got gta: liberty city stories but it says psp. will that work on ps vita?

  • It’s been a great month for ps plus :D.great job Sony!!cant wait to try brothers once again.enjoyed my time with the demo.cant wait to see the February ps plus line up.also the 14 for 14 sale was great! I picked up crysis 3,tales of xilia,Thomas was alone,far cry blood dragon,lone survivor unless I’m confusing the name with the mark Walberg movie lol 0_o,pool nation.hope you continue great sales like this monthly you would clean house ; ).great job once again !

  • Shameless plug; search gamer flesh on Facebook great gaming group updated daily

  • I have to say PS+ is earning browning points each month. Thanks SONY for let me play Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and provide an unbelievable list of great titles. If I ever had any doubts of PS+ you guys already proven me nothing to fear. Please keep the great passing and try to bring these great titles to PS4.

  • BROTHERS download isn’t working. I click on the full 5.9GB download and it just downloads a 6KB file that says “Full Game Unlock”….’install completed’.

    Any one else having this issue?

  • I just finished Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons in one sitting. Wow! What an experience. Amazing. Thanks for the game. Will recommend to everyone.

  • i don’t find it in the store … and im “PLUS” and the instant game collection is the same as 4-5 month’s ago
    something’s wrong here?

  • @rudetoy: Have you ever downloaded the demo for Brothers? If so, you may need to find it in your download list if you can’t find it in the store. Either way, download the demo and install it. The game should now be complete and playable.

    Oh, and on my system it says Brothers is 625 MB after install. Just don’t want anyone to avoid it thinking the file size is that large.

    @SirEvix: What are you looking for? Brothers? Are you looking in the web store or on your PS3? When you click on PlayStation Plus, what does it show?

    On PS3, mine shows: BioShock Infinite, Brothers, DmC, Borderlands 2, etc.

  • Hello to whom reads this,

    Would you be willing to add the three games that were taken off this past week (Ico, Grid 2, and Galaga) back on for the rest of janurary to Ps Plus? At the beggining of the month ps plus made it seem like they were going to be there until the end of the month and I went to download them today, but they are gone :(

    Would you please put them back up for the remainder of the month and also announce the day in which a game will be taken off of ps plus? Expiring soon is too vague and makes it seem like you have until end of month.

    I’m not mad, in fact i’m happy. I’m merely suggesting a few tweeks to improve the playstation experience.

  • @dependswatuwant: Sorry, you’re not gonna get an official response at this late date.

    Grid 2 left the IGC on Jan. 7th. Galaga Legions DX on the 14th. Ico on the 21st. I’m quite sure they won’t be added back for the rest of the month, if ever again.

    If you check these Plus posts every Monday, you’ll always know which free games and discounts will be unavailable next week. The availability/unavailability of content always changes with the store update, Tuesdays by around 2pm PST.

    Yes, “expiring soon” (the wording on the PS store itself) seems a bit vague. But now you know: It means those deals will no longer be in effect after the next update.

  • @ThumbsOfSteel74- Thanks…what makes it confusing is that the full game file for BROTHERS is listed at 5.9GB in my download list. The demo next to it is 625MB. When I clicked on the FULL game to download, all it did was download a 6KB file that said “Full Game Unlock”….’install completed”. I went to my games list and nothing BROTHERS related was in there.

    I downloaded the demo instead and in my games list on XMB, it says BROTHERS and not the demo. So, I can only trust that the full game is now there.

    Why it didn’t download the 5.9GB file, I have no idea.

  • best….indie game ever made!

  • When does Season 2 of The Walking Dead come out on Vita? Been waiting for that since that’s where my saves are :-(

  • :( and Farcry3, need for speed most wanted, Metal Gear Rising, catherine, T-T, thanks for all the others

  • I would like to see these games in the US PS+

    1) Red Dead Redemption
    2) Max Payne 3
    3) Darksiders 2
    4) Batman Arkham City
    5) Mass Effect Trilogy
    6) Grand Theft Auto 4 complete
    7) God of War – Ascension
    9) Psychonauts
    10) Limbo
    11) L.A. Noire
    12) Beyond Good and Evil HD
    13) Dark Souls
    14) Lone Survivor
    15) Tomb Raider

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