PlayStation Plus: Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons for Members

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PlayStation Plus: Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons for Members

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons was praised by game critics last year for its successful meshing of story and gameplay. Controlling the two brothers of the story with one analog stick each can take some getting used to, but you’ll find your rhythm as you solve puzzles with the end goal of saving your ailing father.

Starting tomorrow you can get your friends together and pit your wormy soldiers against each other in Worms: Battle Island on PS Vita. The adorable franchise has remained a favorite over the years with its classic turn-based strategy gameplay. With options like dressing your worms how you want and using oddball weapons like a Holy Hand Grenade, your fights will have plenty of pizzaz.

Finally, there’s a new PS Vita PLAY sale starting with OlliOlli. If you like music and rhythm games there’s also an entire sale dedicated to titles in those genres, so check out all the discounts below.

You can download Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and Worms: Battle Islands after the PlayStation Store updates tomorrow, 1/21.

PlayStation Plus Update 1/21/14

PlayStation Plus: Instant Game Collection

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (PS3)

Free for PS Plus members


Share in the epic journey of two brothers, as they set out to find a cure for their dying father. Travel across beautiful vistas, through dark and foreboding forests, down perilous rivers, up hazardous mountain sides and experience the wonders of Nordic mythology along the way. Use the unique control system to control each brother with a thumb stick, for concurrent gameplay throughout the adventure. Use both brothers cooperatively to solve puzzles, explore the environments and in boss encounters.“10/10. Starbreeze’s fairytale adventure is so finely crafted, you’d be hard pressed to find many better games this year.” – Giant Bomb.

Worms: Battle Islands (PSP|PS VITA)

Free for PS Plus members

Worms Battle Islands
Battle up to three other players offline or online on one of six landscape themes, using one of forty classic Worms weapons or some of your own creation in the weapons factory. With sixty single player challenges, five game modes, a powerful level editor and a massive selection of ways to personalize your worm army and customize your game experience, it’s a package sky-high on entertainment!

PlayStation Plus: Discounts

PS Vita Play Sale

OlliOlli $10.39

Music Sale

Game Title PS Plus Price Original Price
Rock Band Blitz $6.99 $14.99
Bon Jovi Greatest Hits $9.79 $19.99
The Doors Greatest Hits $9.79 $19.99
Aerosmith Greatest Dimension Pack $4.89 $9.99
Kickbeat PS3 (Cross-buy) $2.99 $9.99
Kickbeat PS Vita (Cross-buy) $2.99 $9.99
Sound Shapes PS4 (Cross-buy) $7.34 $14.99
Sound Shapes PS3 (Cross-buy) $7.34 $14.99
Sound Shapes PS Vita (Cross-buy) $7.34 $14.99
Everyday Shooter $2.50 $9.99
Everyday Shooter $2.00 $7.99
Retro/Grade $2.99 $9.99

PlayStation Plus: Last Chance

If you’ve got feedback on today’s Plus update make sure vote in the poll and leave a comment below. To discuss all things PlayStation, including this update, you can also head over to the PlayStation Community Forums where you’ll find topics you can contribute your thoughts to, or start one for yourself.

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7 Author Replies

  • So we’ve had the month to compare EU sales vs US sales. You have to understand more than a few of us are disappointed. sure we loved the 14/14 sale but when we compare it to their January blowout or whatever it was it just doesn’t stack up.

    For the most part the blogs look identical on a daily basis with he same articles focusing on the same content so why can’t we get the same great sales they get. I know this won’t get answered since we’ve asked hundreds of times but still had to ask.

  • nvm just an error on my side :l

  • @99 wow they did that’s messed up

  • Bioshock Infinite awesome First-Person Shooter

  • Bioshock Is an awesome shooter


    The error message that pops up indicating you’ll get the game for free as part of the “Instant Game Collection” seems to pop-up in error. If you brave it and click add to cart and continue it will appear in your cart for $9. I checked my account on the web and Soul Sacrifice isn’t attached to an expiration date. Get this game now before tonight’s end 1/20 if you wanted to “own it” but was running into the same problem I had.

  • Ill have to wait another week for Smart As…. -3-

  • Discounts on DLC on PS4 for PS+ members would be nice. I mean, hey we bought your new console and know there aren’t alot of games out yet. The free games are appreciated though.

  • Looking forward to Brothers. Keep switching it up on IGC and I’ll likely stay happy. Different genres spreads out the satisfaction of the service.

    Sales are pretty weak, though. Good thing I’ve got the stuff I bought last week plus DmC and Bioshock Infinite to keep me tided over.

    On that note, Rain was an enjoyable experience. Wish it wasn’t so short though. It’s a neat idea but I guess they wanted to keep the game tight and not let it drag out. Tight and short works better than long with too much pointless filler. $15 full price would have been too much for it but $3.75 for PS+ was worth it for a few hours of enjoyment. Beautiful game too.

  • And here I thought I’d have money.

  • Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons!!! I was waiting for this game!!. Thanks so much for the post, Kristine and thanks Sony for the games. I really enjoy it.

  • Despite the awesome 14/14 discounts, being a plus member as a vita owner is kinda disappointing. I wont question the quality of the games (since it’s much bout ones taste), but PSP games on the IGC is really SAD. Why not hit low budget VITA games instead? Makes me wonder if I rather stop paying for plus services and go for a cfw PSP then…

  • nothing for me this week. I just want some new stuff for my PS4. I want some COOP games or RPGs. Don’t Starve is awesome but felt like it was just a tiding until next month. Can’t wait for Outlast and Infamous.

  • Bioshock Infinite last week, Brothers this week!

  • Sound Shapes, Kick Beat, Brothers, and Worms. Hard to pass up SoundShapes and Kick Beat at those prices. I know nothing about Everyday Shooter, so I’m not sold.

  • I hope the DLC for Sound Shapes in on sale also.

  • Well I for 1 like the deals, 14 for 14 was the best for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @ PsienceWins: You’re in luck! All of the DLC for Sound Shapes is currently on sale for $0.99, and they’re also cross-buy, so you’ll get it on PS Vita, PS3 and PS4 if you purchase it. Have fun! :)

  • Looking forward to playing Brothers! Was hoping Smart As came out tomorrow as well.

  • Can we please get these titles on PS4????

  • If you haven’t played Brothers you have no excuse now

  • oh my…

    yesterday was the first time i’ve purchased PSPlus. i was going to wait until today, but i saw the sales ended on the 20th and got it last night. i would have been devastated if i missed the puppeteer sale O_O

    so just for my information, PS+ updates on mondays.

  • I would be getting some Sound Shapes DLC in this sale, except that for some reason Sound Shapes and the DLC I have purchased doesn’t show up as owned in the store for me (though it’s still in my download list). Don’t want to accidentally re-purchase what I already own.

  • W33K LoL

  • Looking forward to Brothers! I hope February’s lineup for IGC is if not the same but better than this month’s (though I nabbed some sweet titles to play in the future already! so thanks for that! :) )

  • Was underwhelmed by the demo, but I will give Brothers a second chance. Can’t beat the price – FREE!


    Looking forward to Brothers! Way I’ve seen folks go on about it, it may be this year’s “Journey experience” (or closest equivalent) for me from 2013 (though I’d be about a month behind, yeah).


    Already have Sound Shapes, though my sister’s pushed further along in it than I have. Definitely got into Guthrie’s #Sworcery-lookin’ stages, and damn if the vehicle pack wasn’t a laugh riot to watch my sister grapple with it!


    Assuming the Everyday Shooters are PS3 and PSP, separately. Already have the former, and I now only boot up my PiSP for exclusives. Doesn’t mean I’m up for…wait, Rock Band Blitz is a PS3 title, innit? Well, I’ll still hold out. Retro/Grade is my sole purpose for guitar controllers, anyway.


    Definitely’ll jump on Kickbeat for three bucks. Not that my friend or I were any good at the demo, but I’d like to see what ZEN’s cooked up outside the pinballs.


  • @121 Husteen – PlayStation Plus updates with the rest of the Store’s games content, on Tuesdays. The update process takes hours, though, during which sale prices of the previous week switch out of effect, so it’s still sound advice to purchase what you will before the end of Monday. The Plus updates are merely announced on Mondays (with the Instant Game Collection selection for the month laid out in the first Plus update of the month).

  • YES!! I LOST my job and been looking at buying worms for Vita and now it’s free! Great update for me! PS Plus is tottaly worth $50 a year.

  • Cant believe a lot of the people here are not wanting the game Brothers. Its a fantastic game I already beat it once but I will gladly take another copy of it and play it again. Hopefully next month we will get even better games.

  • Will be trying out Brothers. Not too excited for Worms because I bought it for $5 a year ago. A game like that I would rather keep it forever than have it for free for a limited time.

    @juuichi-11 Makes me wonder why you do not have a PS3? Because you sold it? That’s sad. I thought everyone that posts on the blog should have a PS3 by now. I find it really SAD that you just own a Vita when you could have spend that money on a PS3 or a PS4. Even if the Vita game is low budget, people are still going to complain no matter what. I bet next week’s PS+ update the trolls are going to march like zombies and rate it 1 star even though they knew it was coming.

    @SuperTiso Sweet, you found a way to bypass the system to buy the game if you already own it for free. Will be using that method of yours if I want to buy a game and own it for free from now on. That would have been really helpful so I can get Hotline Miami a few weeks ago.

  • To all the people who are complaining about the ps4 not having the ability to play mp3s or music cds and all that stuff, I do remember sony stating clearly that this system was to be a GAMING power house. Not an all in one system, they tried it with the ps3 it didn’t work in the end, now xbox is doing it and look at the differences in sales sony up by 1.2M by the end of Dec. I personally would rather have a gaming powerhouse that i can choose to listen to music through music unlimited which i prefer over mp3 or cd anyday, over a system that can’t keep good speeds and still run at 1080 because it does everything. Get over yourselves, sony didn’t backtrack they gave us a VIDEO GAME SYSYTEM.

  • @93 you do realize that every new iteration of say a tablet brand runs off the same architecture as the previous tablet … Ok the ps3 has a cell processor it’s architecture is vastly different then the ps4 X86 64 architecture I really don’t mean to offend you but that analogy you used makes it seem like you really need to read up on this stuff i recommend looking up the cell processor and how it uses spu’s

  • still waiting for some new ps vita games, with ps plus sale :) 14 for 14 was the best sale for a long time :)

  • I wish they would add trophies to Everyday Shooter. It was such an excellent underrated game.
    Unfortunately I know a lot of people who aren’t buying it simply because it’s older and has no trophy support.

    I recommend this to anyone who wants a very unique twin stick style shooter with excellent and well designed levels.

  • @127: Thanks, i realized that after i made my post. i wasn’t sure if ps+ updated on monday or tuesday and didn’t want to take the chance. next time, i’ll wait until monday night at the latest.

    @101: I hope it was just a mistake because i’ve been doing that too. i have resogun, contrast, don’t starve, and some demos in my downloads list for my future ps4. i’t shouldn’t be a problem since the players paid for ps+.

  • My mistake cell processor and how it uses SPE’s

  • Any chance you guys will put up FF13-2 in the plus section in the near future? :)
    Definitely getting Brothers thou thanks!
    Also…i hope you guys don’t put the 14in14 games that were on sale in the plus section this year..that would be a slap in the face! :P

  • Bummersauce. Looks like I’ll be waiting a bit on OlliOlli. I was hoping we’d get a demo. I knew the dev said he thought about it after it was submitted but I don’t think they worked on one. The game looks super intriguing but unfortunately, I’m a bit cautious of the price simply because I’m not sure if I’ll like the play-style or not.

  • Any word on if Outlast is coming to PS4 next month for Plus? I know it is in Europe.

  • As a PS3 & Vita owner, I’ve never been so happy as when the Plus deals come out each month. Life would be complete if Extermination and The Thing were added to the already awesome PS2 classics library. Anyways, thanx for another great week of games Sony.

  • Great update. I can’t wait to play Worms on the Vita. Online multiplayer! yeah!!
    And I’m so glad and grateful that we’ll get Brothers ATOTS. I had my eye on that and I will fire it up tonight!
    Keep the awesome content coming PSN. I’m trying to keep up. Still fighting with the awesome DMC.

  • Sony is the king of the world and all, but they did say months ago that a patch to make the Pulse Elite headphones “fully” compatible with the PS4 would be coming “early January”. I just want use my incredible (turtle beach destroyiing) Pulse Elite headphones wireless and with 7.1 surroujnd sound. Since they first announced this “early January” date months ago nothing has been said since regarding the situation.

  • @131 WHAT GAMES????

  • you mean the 1 month of gameplay then getting stuck playing cod and bf4 for the next 3 months oh ok NOT

  • Will last week discounted games still be discounted or will they be back to regular price after today?
    I don’t see anything that says either way.

  • Oh I’ve been waiting for Brothers…played the demo and game felt great,don’t know when I will start it though lol.Thank you Sony for giving this game for free….I couldn’t be more thankful.Also will get that Worms game….guess for free won’t hurt nobody,always wanted to try anyways so…its good too.

  • I wished PS Plus has more JRPG games in the Instant Game Collection. Like I want Tales of Graces f and Valkyria Chronicles to be part of the Instant Game Collection. Because of this, after playing Xillia and watching lots of animes, I want even more Japanese games to be localized in North America.

  • I can’t believe all the idiots complaining about YouTube and Mp3 playback. Do you know have a computer? You do know these AMAZING things called computer play Youtube and MP3’s far better then ANY game console ever could. Half you idiots shouldn’t even be allowed to own a game console. If you want a media machine, buy a PS3 or jump to the Xbox One crew because EVERYONE knew the PS4’s MAIN FOCUS was gaming just as it should be. It could play no music, no movies, and only play PS4 game’s and I’d STILL be happy with it because GAMING is the only reason I own it.

  • @63

    The PS4 costs $399.00 not $500.00, you must be thinking of that other system you know the one that doesn’t have live streaming on twitch yet, only has 5min of dvr recording for puting up game clips as opposed to PS4’s 15min, the “one” that boasts a slow/weaker 5gb of DDR3 ram compared to PS4’s 5gb of GDDR5 ram which is more powerful/faster, the one that makes u wait an hr to install your game b4 u can play it, the one that doesn’t support native 1080p on major games like CoD Ghosts when PS4 does, doesn’t have 3D gaming, has a far less innovative controller ie no speaker on the controller no touchpad no six axis ect., looks like a 1986 VCR & takes way more space, doesn’t have any free games, caters to non games, gives no headset with purchase but charges 100$ more, has no companion device like the Vita/no remote play, lies & reverses its policies i.e. drm, is not currently making a vr headset, has a non removable hd, has less indies/free2plays, less quality exclusives in their company, rushed their system, is greedy & is selling an inferior product for more $, y anyone would buy an XBONE is beyond me.

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