Guacamelee Bundle Fantástico Out Today

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Guacamelee Bundle Fantástico Out Today

2013 was an amazing year for videogames, and an amazing year for DrinkBox Studios. The critical and commercial response to Guacamelee! has been staggering and humbling. To celebrate, we’re releasing the Guacamelee! Bundle Fantástico which includes:

  • Cross-Buy Game (of course!)
  • El Diablo’s Domain DLC
  • Costume Pack DLC
  • Official Game Soundtrack (remastered)
  • All 3 Guacamelee themes
  • Our 10 favorite avatars

Only 5 dollars more than the game itself! 5 dollars?! I’m buying 10 copies RIGHT NOW.

Guacamelee! Bundle Fantastico

Wait… what’s Guacamelee?

A modern Metroid-vania style action-platformer-brawler set in a magical Mexican inspired world. Featuring beautiful graphics, non-stop fighting action, multi-dimensional platforming and 2 player co-op. Some people say that it’s one of the top digital releases in 2013. Watch the launch trailer here. I’m incredibly jealous that you’ll get to play it for the first time.

I already own Guacamelee!

Thank you so much! While this bundle isn’t meant for you, know that we love you.

Guacamelee! Bundle Fantastico

El Diablo’s Domain

17 trials set inside the office tower of the devil. Each trial has a different goal – race against the clock, perform a huge combo, fight without dodging, etc. Player’s will need to think differently and develop new strategies to overcome each unique challenge. The flexible and the successful are rewarded with medals leading to new costumes and finally… respect.

Costume Pack DLC

3 costumes that not only change how you look – but how you play! Can you finish the game with infinite stamina (and no health orbs)? Can you finish the game with weaker throws (but extra damaging punches/kicks)? Those brave enough to conquer the game while looking more ridiculous than usual will be rewarded with Trophies.

Guacamelee! Bundle FantasticoGuacamelee! Bundle Fantastico

Official Game Soundtrack

30 re-mastered tracks (over an hour of original music) plus four additional remixes not heard in the game. Rom Di Prisco and Peter Chapman’s genre defying soundtrack expertly marries mariachi with electronica. Trumpets soar above atmospheric synths, while Spanish guitars accompany electric beats. Don’t forget – you can copy the soundtrack to your computer!

3 Themes and 10 Avatars

Guacamelee! Bundle Fantastico

The smoothly animated dynamic theme, and other gorgeous static themes add some spice to your lonely XMB. The avatars ensure your online profile will never look better, or ever get dull.

To recap, for 5 dollars more you get the El Diablo’s Domain, Costume Pack, Official Game Soundtrack, all 3 themes and 10 favorite avatars. Even the harshest critics are impressed!

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6 Author Replies

  • Thanks, I was able to get the refund to download it again! Estoy contento. : )

  • Indeed!! @StridentGear, i just got the same advise from Support. I just hope we can get our refund in time to buy again the new uploaded bundle, after all this error on the uploaded Vita files was not our fault!!

    That why i dont understand, is why they just cant reupload the file games on the same publishment?, or why they can’t make an automatic reversal to the buyers that bought this faulty files!

    Anyway, let’s just hope the bundle / offer doesn’t ends by the time we get a resolution to our refunds :(

  • @StridentGear :O!? do you got your refund within some minutes!?!?!

  • I love you guys too.

  • OK, i got the refund, and bought the game again! It’s working on my PS Vita! #Awwyeah!

  • My refund request was rejected, as “all sales are final” so it says.

    I guess I don’t get to play this on vita? :-(

  • Hello guys,

    Is the problem solved, or if I buy the bundle now it will give me the error?
    (I don’t have my vita with me to check, I don’t want the sale to end and discover that I can’t have a refund)

  • Thanks again everyone for your patience. We’re glad to hear that the refund process is working for most people. My previous replies got buried on Page1 so I’m going to repeat some things here while addressing new concerns. 2 key points:

    1. The bundle problem (Vita install fails) was SOLVED ~12 hours after release. The bundle is absolutely safe to purchase.

    2. If you encountered the Vita install problem, you need to contact Sony customer service. Sony will refund your money (which can take 2-3 weeks), then delete the bundle you purchased. You then need to purchase the bundle again. This is the only way to fix the problem. If you were affected, and Sony customer service is unable to help you, please e-mail us at

    @shamancamaro >
    The bundle / offer will be available for awhile. There will be more than enough time to get your refund and repurchase the bundle.

    @Boxie3 >
    Your refund request should absolutely not have been rejected. Can you try again? If that fails, please e-mail us

    Thanks again for helping us resolve this. Feel free to e-mail directly if you have any questions/concerns/feedback.

  • Ok, I bought Guacameele full price some months ago so I know DrinkBox loves me, but…. I guess I have to wait for some DLC pack for us early supporters. I’d love to have that soundtrack and the themes.

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