Guacamelee Bundle Fantástico Out Today

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Guacamelee Bundle Fantástico Out Today

2013 was an amazing year for videogames, and an amazing year for DrinkBox Studios. The critical and commercial response to Guacamelee! has been staggering and humbling. To celebrate, we’re releasing the Guacamelee! Bundle Fantástico which includes:

  • Cross-Buy Game (of course!)
  • El Diablo’s Domain DLC
  • Costume Pack DLC
  • Official Game Soundtrack (remastered)
  • All 3 Guacamelee themes
  • Our 10 favorite avatars

Only 5 dollars more than the game itself! 5 dollars?! I’m buying 10 copies RIGHT NOW.

Guacamelee! Bundle Fantastico

Wait… what’s Guacamelee?

A modern Metroid-vania style action-platformer-brawler set in a magical Mexican inspired world. Featuring beautiful graphics, non-stop fighting action, multi-dimensional platforming and 2 player co-op. Some people say that it’s one of the top digital releases in 2013. Watch the launch trailer here. I’m incredibly jealous that you’ll get to play it for the first time.

I already own Guacamelee!

Thank you so much! While this bundle isn’t meant for you, know that we love you.

Guacamelee! Bundle Fantastico

El Diablo’s Domain

17 trials set inside the office tower of the devil. Each trial has a different goal – race against the clock, perform a huge combo, fight without dodging, etc. Player’s will need to think differently and develop new strategies to overcome each unique challenge. The flexible and the successful are rewarded with medals leading to new costumes and finally… respect.

Costume Pack DLC

3 costumes that not only change how you look – but how you play! Can you finish the game with infinite stamina (and no health orbs)? Can you finish the game with weaker throws (but extra damaging punches/kicks)? Those brave enough to conquer the game while looking more ridiculous than usual will be rewarded with Trophies.

Guacamelee! Bundle FantasticoGuacamelee! Bundle Fantastico

Official Game Soundtrack

30 re-mastered tracks (over an hour of original music) plus four additional remixes not heard in the game. Rom Di Prisco and Peter Chapman’s genre defying soundtrack expertly marries mariachi with electronica. Trumpets soar above atmospheric synths, while Spanish guitars accompany electric beats. Don’t forget – you can copy the soundtrack to your computer!

3 Themes and 10 Avatars

Guacamelee! Bundle Fantastico

The smoothly animated dynamic theme, and other gorgeous static themes add some spice to your lonely XMB. The avatars ensure your online profile will never look better, or ever get dull.

To recap, for 5 dollars more you get the El Diablo’s Domain, Costume Pack, Official Game Soundtrack, all 3 themes and 10 favorite avatars. Even the harshest critics are impressed!

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6 Author Replies

  • Great game! Bought it when it was recently on sale :)
    Definitely quite some challenging parts but still very fun none the less, and I love the Cross Save and Play feature! First time I’ve used it :D
    I’ll have to check out the DLC soon. Also, I’m excited for the PS4 version!

  • Would buy again and again! PS4 version… cant wait!

  • No word on online co-op?

  • If I were to buy this bundle, would I get a discount for the PS4 version when it releases?

  • So early supporters have to get El Diablo’s domain for 2.99, Costume Pack 1 for 1.99, 3 themes for 2.99, .99, and .99, and 10 avatars at .49 each. Couldn’t find the soundtrack, but thats 14.85 plus however much the soundtrack is, so basically its too bad to anyone who bought the game early since buying all the stuff individually is almost the same as buying the game for this new discount price.

    • Thanks so much for being an early supporter! Guacamelee! has been out for awhile (and been on sale a few times), so we’re trying to renew interest in our platform brawling wunderkind. Some people have been suffering without Guacamelee! since April, and we’re trying to ease their pain. Thanks again.

  • I’ve had Guacamelee since launch and I’m pretty proud of that, but I just had one question. The soundtrack in the bundle, is it the same as the one on the DrinkBox Bandcamp page?

  • Got Guacamelee! (Vita) at launch and it’s the only game I’ve ever Plat’d!

    I just wish you guys would put the DLC on sale. Every time the base game is on sale, but never the DLC :(. I don’t care about costumes, but the Diablo Domain one would be nice.

  • Amazing game! Bought it a while back and loved every white-knuckle, boss-cursing moment! If you don’t have this one, don’t hesitate. It’s made of pure awesome.

  • I already own Guacamelee but I’m really interested in this bundle. Will I be able to purchase it or it will be blocked because I “already own this content”?

  • Day 1 Guacamelee gamer here. I’m still waiting for more single player DLC. Any word on its release ?
    Thanks and as always, Keep on Gaming.

  • ehhh put it on ps+ yhen ill bit

  • So when are we gonna get Guacamelee panels on vita? vita avatars?

  • “I already own Guacamelee!” (I saw the title and thought “discount is coming!!”)


    “Thank you so much! While this bundle isn’t meant for you, know that we love you.”

    Well, It is an awesome game, so I love you too!!

  • It’s a cool bundle, if I didn’t already own the game since launch day I would get this.

  • I just picked it up on the sale and it is fantastic! Is the soundtrack available separately or just part of the bundle?

  • Damn it only a bundle, this hurts me.

  • Got it on launch , waiting for PS4 Version alongside Online fcking COOP! Guys c’mon, give us “Definitive Edition” with Online CooP , all DLCs, Off Soundtrack and Themes/Avatars for PS4 at a reasonable Price of 19.99$ and I’ll buy 10 copies! No seriously , I’ll buy 10 COPIES! My fcking Platformer of YEAR!

    Please and Thank you ^_~

  • Come on guys I know you can just move the mouse over the price point and offer a discount for early adopters, please!!!

  • Love this game. I’d sure like to see a sale on the DLC.

  • I can feel Guacamelee standard version free on Instant Game Collection.. SOON.
    (I can feel it through the force)

  • So owners of the base game can’t buy this bundle at $5?

    Anyway, cheers from Toronto, rooting for the hometeam :)

  • This game is pure awesomesauce! Get it if you don’t already own it! My inner mexican is praying for a sequel!

  • It would be great if I could gift the actual game to someone and keep the DLC, since I already own it already.

  • Guacamelee! was easily one of the best games of 2013, and I didn’t even discover it until it went on sale near the end of the year. I’ve never played a 2D fighting game with so much depth, and the platforming was difficult, but supremely rewarding (and an absolute blast!). Every Vita/PS3 owner should own a copy of this game!

  • I’ve been thinking about getting the game but I’m nervous about this deal. I really would just want the game, and I think it’s going to be on sale when it get’s an award from the peoples choice 2013 here on the blog.

  • I purchased this game but haven’t gotten around to playing it. I loved Mutant Blobs and this is supposed to be better so I need to find some time to play it. Drinkbox is a quality developer, I hope Sony treats them right.

  • Way to support those who supported you on day 1 \s

  • Being that I’m Mexican I felt some sort of obligation to platinum this game… And you bet your a** I did! tough Sierra Morena and Tule Tree orbs were tough to get it!!! It still haunts me till this day! lol

  • Congrats on the success. Planning to buy the soundtrack on it’s own since I already have the game.

  • Many thanks to DrinkBox Studios \o/

    Guacamelee is one of the best games I played in my life! I have the full trophies collection.

    Suggestions: Take a look at these ideas:

    1) Create a “ARENA FIGHTING” with select characters (like Street Fighter) with ALL Luchadores!

    Juan Aguacate
    Flame Face
    Jaguar Javier
    … All others Luchadores from Santa Luchita with exclusive characteristics.
    Carlos Calaca (normal form = first boss… demon form = final boss)
    Uay Chivo and El Diablo (Two secret boss fight … LOL)

    2) Create new adventures: I WANT “GUACAMELEE 2”

  • So can you guys bundle together a golden aquave upgrade pack for those of us who’ve been working on pushing the game?

  • This game is hardly Mexican, more stereotypcial than anything. At least it wasn’t offensive, but still a good game.

  • I really don’t see how anyone suffers from this. Early supporters got to play the game at launch, while people who buy this bundle had to wait all this time for it to exist. Besides, this is really for the people who weren’t sold on getting just the game for $15 and/or missed out on all the previous sales. But they also have to be completists with fat PSN wallets: If I’m reading this right, the bundle will be $20.

    I can easily see all the extras going on sale for 50% off sometime soon, which would make the whole thing cost roughly the same as the bundle.

    The one thing I do agree with is the idea of bundling the extras together for people who have the game already. Even if it costs $10 on the store, the savings would be worth it.

  • @Jim McGinley, please, consider an option for converting a save from Hard to Normal. Superb game.

  • As someone who had also bought the game day 1, would love to see a bundle that just includes the extras. Amazing game, thank you guys.

  • was a good game. def happy with my purchase.

  • So what did I learned today – never support developers by buying the game day 1, Steam got gold edition, those who waited might get this bundle.

  • Bought this for my vita today and got a c2-12383-7 when i tried install the game. Damn would really hope i could play this today. Now i gotta wait 3-5 days for refund.

  • Yeah I got an error when downloading this to my vita too. Is there any solution for this??

  • doesn’t seem like there is a solution to this. i just contact customer support and spoke to a live chat tech and he is requesting a refund for me. Need to wait couple days to find out if sony approve it or not.

  • Got the same error as above (c2-12383-7), is this a problem on sony’s end? Has anyone been able to fix this?

  • After reading these comments, we’re checking into the Vita installation error (c2-12383-7) people are receiving. Thanks for pointing out the problem and thanks for your patience while we investigate. I will post a followup.

  • Cool bundle but I already bought Guacamelee some weeks ago when it was discounted….would get this bundle since I like the DLCs.

  • Is there any update on the error code for downloading to the vita? I contacted support and they told me to restore my memory card and my system. Is this true?

  • Tried re-downloading a few times, no go. Has anyone got this to work on the vita?

  • Estoy triste. : (

  • Vita Install Error Update (sorry for the delay in reply)
    There was an error in the store that caused this. It has now been fixed.

    If you encountered the Vita install problem, you need to contact Sony customer service (who should now be aware of the problem). Sony will refund your money, then delete the bundle you purchased. You then need to purchase the bundle again. This is the only way to fix the problem, and we’re extremely sorry there is not an easier way. Once again, thanks for alerting us so early.

    Sony has not mentioned restoring the memory card and system to solve this.
    I believe that information is incorrect.

  • Like most people with the installation on the PS Vita, i get those errors c2-12383-7 or c2-13270-3, SONY AND THE DEVELOPER MUST GIVE US A RESPONSE HERE! AND SOLVE THE PROBLEM ON PSN!, I bet there’s a lot of people with the same problem!, I just bougth the game to play on the go and now i can’t play because the installer is corrupt… and no, isn’t my network’s fault, i tried to redownload some games and this one is just this one is getting the error D:< (I don't want my money back, i wanna play the game and get this working!)

  • @Jim McGinley can i get this solved by Chat Customer Service?, i’m not so fluent with my english. Also, how many time is needed to get this refund on the PSN Account?

  • Customer service said it would take 2-4 weeks for the refund request to go through and then 3-5 business days for the refund to return to the account. And being that their PSN agreement states that all purchases are final, there is no guarantee. :’ (

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