PlayStation Now Streaming Game Service Coming this Summer

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PlayStation Now Streaming Game Service Coming this Summer

PS Now

Today, at CES 2014 in Las Vegas, we announced that PlayStation Now (PS Now), our new streaming game service, will be available in the US this summer. With PlayStation Now, you will be able to stream popular hits and classic games from the PS3 library, first on PS4 and PS3 systems, followed by PS Vita.

In addition to PlayStation platforms, most 2014 US models of Sony’s BRAVIA TV lineup will support PS Now. Eventually the service will expand beyond PlayStation platforms and Sony devices, allowing you to stream PlayStation games across a broad range of Internet-connected devices.

Leveraging Gaikai’s advanced cloud-based technology, PlayStation Now will allow you to:

  • Play video games instantly across multiple devices, similar to the way you might stream TV, movies, and music.
  • Stream full games to all of your compatible PlayStation devices including PS4, PS3, and PlayStation Vita as well as non-PlayStation devices, beginning with 2014 BRAVIA TV models and expanding to numerous other Internet-connected devices.
  • Always play the most updated version of your game. With games hosted in the cloud, you can take your game with you – just log in with your Sony Entertainment Network account on a compatible device and your games and saved progress will be easily available.

We want to offer you choice when it comes to how you want to access content on PS Now, so you will be able to rent by title for specific games you are interested in. We’ll also offer a subscription that will enable you to explore a range of titles.

PS Now will begin a Beta program in the US at the end of January with an expected full roll-out in the US this summer. Be sure to check the PlayStation.Blog regularly for more updates on the PS Now service.

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  • Yeah, I kinda wanna know, how will that affect already digitally-purchased PlayStation titles?

    And how will the stream work? Will it like remote play or will it download?

    What about Trophies obtained from these games?

    • The stream is instant – no downloading, no installing, no patching. You get the most up-to-date version of the game streaming to your device from our remote servers. You also get Trophies, Friends List, and other PSN features.

  • Am I the only one that thinks it’s super greedy of the people expecting PS Now to be part of PS+? Like we don’t get enough for our $4/month

  • Take my money…..GO ON TAKE IT!

    This sounds super sweet!

  • Would like to be in the beta. I have a Bravia Smart TV, PS3, PS4 and a Vita. (If there is a beta, lol)

  • How can we get in the beta?

  • How will you roll out the beta. Will you go to PSplus subscribers orate you doing it a different way?

  • US only? D:

  • I’m hoping the closed beta won’t be based on the number of Gold Trophies PSN users have….there’s been several cases of trophy exploitation in the past :(

  • Completely agree with #52! They will obviously clear this up closer to launch, but if PS Now is as great as it seems and affordable it might just make more sense to subscribe to that and *gasp* ditch PS+.

  • Will this be a part of PS+ or will there be a discount? Also games that I already own digitally will I be able to stream them with out a sub?

  • Sorry forgot to ask:

    If it’s like actual video streaming of gameplay, what of input lag and such?

    • We are laser focused on the gaming experience and making it great no matter what title you are playing. In our internal test, PS Now has been proven to provide a low latency gaming experience.

  • I hope this means that Sony and its partners will be rolling out trophies for PSone and PS2 games.
    I also hope you stream PSP games as well.

  • I’m really excited about this service, but where I think most of us are nervous is in wondering — will we have to rebuy games we already digitally own in order to use them on this service, or will it be more like PS+ where a limited library is offered for a subscription fee and then you also get access to your owned digital content if you’re a subscriber?

    I was an early adopter of OnLive, and it was really neat 3 years ago (though it’s a pitiful shell now). Gaikai was always the superior service, so I’d expect it’s only gotten better since Sony acquired it. Here’s to hoping this is as exciting as it sounds.

  • Wow Amazing

  • Hey when psvita coming here anybody know i heard jan 16

  • I wonder how this affects our digital game purchase

  • opp i mean psvita tv coming in jan 16

  • I have been waiting for Gaikai stuff since Feb of 2013. :) I hope I will be able to sign up for the beta somehow. I would love to be a part of the testing out of this stuff. :)

  • Okay, this is pretty badass! Can’t wait to hear more.

  • @sshuman Please sign me up for the beta, NOW!

  • When will the update happen where I can use my Sony Headset????

  • Will there be trophy support for the PS1 and PS2 classics? How about widescreen?

  • Had a heart attack almost when I realized I will be able to play The Last of Us on my Vita.

  • Please sign me up I’m dying to try this!!!!

  • Can games be downloaded or only streamed? This is awesome I can’t wait to play The Last of Us on PS4/Vita. But if only streaming then we will need a constant internet connection while playing single player, which could be a nightmare if our connection drops or more likely there is a problem with the stream

    • PS Now is a streaming service, but you of course will continue to be able to download titles to PlayStation devices from the PlayStation Store. If your connection drops while using PS Now, we may temporarily and adaptively reduce your resolution to maintain a responsive experience.

  • Mr. Harper\Shuman I have a big, serious question about this service.
    based on how you are describing this service (virtually all PS games playable on a variety of devices) What will then be the point in owning the actually console? Say a PS3\PS4 if I can play these games on things like a Bravia TV..

    Thanks for any clarification.

    • Mr. Shepp – I commented on this previously so please excuse the cut and paste. To start, we will be offering PS3 content via PS Now on PS3, PS4, Vita and BRAVIA TVs. PS4 will still be delivering the most immersive game play and new entertainment experiences such as “Share” that is only possible on a dedicated console. Given that, I’d say PS Now gives you more reason to own PlayStation devices.

  • Will we still be able to purchase and play classic titles on the ps4?

  • Does that mean we can play ps3 based games on ps4 (digitally)?

  • I love it!

  • Give me Beta info ASAP!!

  • Does this mean we’ll be able to play classic PS1 and PS2 games on the PS4? Will all classic games be available the moment the service is released?


  • This is awesome! So if we play games off the cloud from PS3 on PS4 or Vita, will it still unlock trophies? =) Just curious.

  • It’s a streaming service, so obviously streamed…

  • So will it be possible to use already owned PS3 games and play them on PS4 without paying for the game again on PS Now?

  • Truly amazed at the possibilites. If they’ll get this running well, I have my doubts, since we can’t even sort our games the way we want and they can’t manage a timely update. But this is truly the future, IMO.
    And they should release a ‘one month trial’. for you to test your network capabilites and to be completely hooked by their service.

  • I am excited, would love to be part of the beta!!!

  • The idea seems good, and based on the good value of PS Plus, I doubt this service will be overpriced. That being said, I have a ton of digital PS/PS2/PS3 games on my PS3. Can someone give me insight as to whether or not I will have to pay for those again?

  • Can’t wait, hope i get in the beta.

  • Should be part of PS+ like Amazon just keeps adding more value and features to Prime.

  • i dont get it….

  • Wow!

    Very Nice!

    Would definitely like to be part of the BETA. Sign me up SONY!



  • Now if the can only get the HDMI issues fixed with the PS4…..

  • Is this the backward compatibility solution? :(

  • For that matter, would I have to repurchase digital copies of the PS3 discs I already own if I wanted to play on the PS4?

  • HOLY CRAP!!!!! Finally was waiting for more details on this. Def worth getting, I just hope that my current digital library transfers over to this service that would be sweet. Sony has been on a roll, GJ!

    Now bring over the PS Vita TV and I will be set.

  • Oooo . . . I didn’t actually think this would come to the PS3, figured it would be a PS4 & Vita exclusive.

    Can’t wait to hear more details (mainly if there’ll be integration with everyone’s already purchased digital games, and if this will positively affect the PS+ Instant Game Collection).

    *goes to watch all the social things for beta info*

  • Matt Harpers non-answer to the question in comment 15 suggests that prior digital purchases WILL NOT be honoured as far as the PS Now service is concerned. All the more reason to hold off on a PS4 purchase till I can clear out my PS3 backlog. Disappointing news. If I’m missing something here, Sony folk are to feel free to clarify.

  • This is nice!! Can’t wait to see beta signups! Also, what will the minimum downspeed be? I think OnLive requires 1.5MBPS, I had a better experience with GaiKai latency-wise way back before you bought it, but I don’t know their minimum. I only have 10MegaBit download, I’m sure that’s more than enough.

  • Not interested. I can see why backwards compatibility was left out of PS4. I’ve a PlayStation gamer since 1995 and still have my games. No way I’ll pay to play games I already own. I’ll just stick to my previous generation physical copies. I guess this is good for those that missed out or were too young to play the older games, but me, no thanks.

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