Dragon’s Crown: New Difficulty and Dungeon Available Now

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Dragon’s Crown: New Difficulty and Dungeon Available Now

Dragon's Crown
‘Twas the week before Christmas, and all through the house,
No DualShock was stirring because you didn’t know there was a new Dragon’s Crown patch out.
The players are all partying in the tavern with cheer,
Because “Holy Crap!” a new difficulty level and dungeon are here!

I’m fairly certain that’s how that poem begins, and I refuse to accept any corrections to it.

It’s been a while since Dragon’s Crown launched, but we haven’t stopped working to make it better. We added cross play, improved the game balance, and tweaked many things to make the game even more fun. You would think we were done by now, but today we have a true holiday miracle for you: another brand new feature. So knock the cobwebs off your Fighters, Elves, Wizards, and the rest, because we’re adding in a lot of new content with The Fifth Dragon’s Crown Patch.

If you’ve ever played a Vanillaware game before (Odin Sphere and Muramasa: Rebirth spring to mind), you know the brutal difficulty the games are known for. We got the impression that a lot of people didn’t feel Dragon’s Crown was hard enough on the way to level 99, so now there’s a brand new Ultimate difficulty level. After you clear the ninth layer of the Labyrinth of Chaos, you can access the new difficulty in the Temple.

So what’s it do? Well, it makes things harder, for one. But harder monsters mean players need to be better, stronger, and faster, so we’re raising the level cap from 99 to 255. You read that right, you now have 156 levels to grind out.

Dragon's Crown, 04Dragon's Crown

“But that’s a lot of grinding the same levels over and over again,” you’ll say. Well, we have you covered there, too! Once you’re on Ultimate difficulty, there will be a new dungeon unlocked, called the Tower of Mirages. It’s randomly generated and it has tens of thousands of levels. TENS. OF. THOUSANDS. I say this with all sincerity, since I know some of you are going to try to KO it: “Good luck.”

Finding it hard to give up your maxed-out Dwarf to start a new character? We fixed that too (sort of). As long as you have a save file with the Story mode cleared, you can make a new character that skips over that part and leads straight into the Talisman collection quest. Now there are no excuses for not making alts!

In addition to all that, we threw in a few other improvements for gameplay stability and various other tweaks to controls, NPCs, and character skills.

So go forth this holiday season and enjoy all the new stuff from Dragon’s Crown!

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  • This game is awesome and has good ass graffics.

  • first let me say this. the game is amazing and is the thing i’ve been waiting on for so long. final fight is dead, armored warriors sleeps in a deep grave and battle circuit has gone the way of ahnuld. so thank you a million times over.

    this is the stupid “goku and cloud should be in smash bros part” feel free to skip
    i found myself at times playing the game and seeing the lizard man thinking to myself “that would be an amazing character to play as!! as would a thief type!!” and then i max out at about 12 character designs total. then take a second look as most everyone in the game fills that role even if in a small way here and there. so i’ve got to put the seiken densetsu 3 out of my head and love it for what it is.

  • in all earnest however, i already plan to play everyday, even though i’ve got a level 255 set of bones in my pile [already!?] but community inspired and selected daily or weekly quest would be amazing!! even a monthly 4 or 5 from vanillaware direct. it wouldn’t need art but if that route was the choice, you guys could contact people who’ve created fan art and ask them if they’d want their work featured in the game as quest rewards.

    ok fangasm over. there is one more serious question so hopefully my laundry list didn’t turn you away. is there a complete changelist anywhere on the net for the patches? sorta wanna know why enemies my dwarf throws turn punk and why the wizard dodges in place. thanks!!

  • I’m 30 hours into this update (410 hours before patch). I think it’s a mixed bag:

    1) The Tower of Mirages being endless makes for an aimless end game. You just play it until you get fed up. I preferred LoC, which had a definite end.

    2) The ToM’s equipment drops has no pattern to their order and repeat like crazy. You’re encouraged to keep climbing to see if there’s anything that’s good.

    3) Ultimate’s level ID for enemies is misleading. L255 enemies in ToM (up tlo floor 30 anyway), on LoC floor 99, and the new stages are all different in strength.

    4) The experience gain per level is now astronomical. I was hoping it would be capped at some point, but it’s not. I need over 11 million experience to go from Level 129 to Level 130. It’s going to be impractical to raise a single character to Level 255, far less multiple ones. You’re pretty much forced to specialise now.

    5) Elf got nerfed unnecessarily. Arrow drops during bosses makes for a frustrating experience.

    6) The camera is annoying as hell now.

    I know they said this was the last patch, but I’m hoping they can release one last patch to “fix” stuff. As it is, I think 1.04 DC was a much better game than 1.05 DC, even with less content.

  • Does the new dungeon uses the same graphics?

    I’d love to see some new stuff added…

  • @ShinUltima:

    1. Yeah but you don`t have to do the Storythings over and over. So i think it`s a good Thing!

    2. –


    4. Yeah but you have now a Game for Months/Years to play like the old good days with Diablo 2, where you have spend a lots of Time to claim 99!

    I love the new Update =D

  • play-asia has it very cheap.

  • I wish the Tower of Mirages had a limited number of levels so that you could actually “beat” it, but the levels were different and harder every time you visited it. That way you could actually have something to aim towards (finish the current instance) other than just the grind.

  • AWESOME, I love everything about this game the art the characters the atmosphere and now you give us even more. You have made me a loyal fan of Atlus and Vanilaware. George katanami is now my favourite artist. If you made a sequel I would buy if you made an animated movie I would buy it.

  • Im late but i justed updated to the new patch. you guys should really add a new playable Dlc. Dragon Crown great just short.

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