Dragon’s Crown: New Difficulty and Dungeon Available Now

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Dragon’s Crown: New Difficulty and Dungeon Available Now

Dragon's Crown
‘Twas the week before Christmas, and all through the house,
No DualShock was stirring because you didn’t know there was a new Dragon’s Crown patch out.
The players are all partying in the tavern with cheer,
Because “Holy Crap!” a new difficulty level and dungeon are here!

I’m fairly certain that’s how that poem begins, and I refuse to accept any corrections to it.

It’s been a while since Dragon’s Crown launched, but we haven’t stopped working to make it better. We added cross play, improved the game balance, and tweaked many things to make the game even more fun. You would think we were done by now, but today we have a true holiday miracle for you: another brand new feature. So knock the cobwebs off your Fighters, Elves, Wizards, and the rest, because we’re adding in a lot of new content with The Fifth Dragon’s Crown Patch.

If you’ve ever played a Vanillaware game before (Odin Sphere and Muramasa: Rebirth spring to mind), you know the brutal difficulty the games are known for. We got the impression that a lot of people didn’t feel Dragon’s Crown was hard enough on the way to level 99, so now there’s a brand new Ultimate difficulty level. After you clear the ninth layer of the Labyrinth of Chaos, you can access the new difficulty in the Temple.

So what’s it do? Well, it makes things harder, for one. But harder monsters mean players need to be better, stronger, and faster, so we’re raising the level cap from 99 to 255. You read that right, you now have 156 levels to grind out.

Dragon's Crown, 04Dragon's Crown

“But that’s a lot of grinding the same levels over and over again,” you’ll say. Well, we have you covered there, too! Once you’re on Ultimate difficulty, there will be a new dungeon unlocked, called the Tower of Mirages. It’s randomly generated and it has tens of thousands of levels. TENS. OF. THOUSANDS. I say this with all sincerity, since I know some of you are going to try to KO it: “Good luck.”

Finding it hard to give up your maxed-out Dwarf to start a new character? We fixed that too (sort of). As long as you have a save file with the Story mode cleared, you can make a new character that skips over that part and leads straight into the Talisman collection quest. Now there are no excuses for not making alts!

In addition to all that, we threw in a few other improvements for gameplay stability and various other tweaks to controls, NPCs, and character skills.

So go forth this holiday season and enjoy all the new stuff from Dragon’s Crown!

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  • This game is easily one of the best purchases for my Vita of 2013. The base game was good but I love that Vanillaware/Atlus have been working to make it better and better.

  • I’m crying tears of joy.

  • I was hoping that Vanillaware / Atlus would expand the game further with more characters or more DLC.
    But this is perfectly fine as well.

    Onwards to dungeon floor 10000 with my Elf waifu.

  • Is this available now?

  • All hail based George Kamitani (+his Vanillaware crew) and Atlus.

    Luckily I didn’t have to write any tear-stained letters to John when I heard about the Japanese patch earlier today.

    Now about the subject of that Devil Survivor 2: Break Record image that was in the Atlus logo in that Xmas newsletter that was sent to the Faithfuls…

  • Expansion for Dragon’s Crown: Princess Vivian playable character.

  • Is this for PS3 and Vita versions?

  • Wow. This now gives me motivation to Platinum it finally. That initial grind when creating a new character was driving me nuts. >_<

  • Holy bejeezus!

    I guess I need to get back to playing some Dragon’s Crown on my Vita then!

    Awesome news! Love free post-launch support!

  • OMG this is so awesome!

  • Bought this when it released but I have not yet started playing it. Unfortunately this is another one added to my growing back-log of games I need to play.

    I have more games than time to play I am afraid.

    It’s always calling my name, and soon I shall answer. I hope.

  • Nice. Just unlocked Hard difficulty with my Amazon last night, and saw this pop up.

    Totally digging this game. Was a big fan of the Mystara games and Golden Axe, and love the direction that Kamitani-san and co. were able to grow the genre in.

    Best game on Vita? Quite possibly. Best game on my Vita. Mostdefinitely.

    • Nice! Yeah, amazon was my first character, but man oh man did I hit a difficulty wall with her. I rerolled a dwarf. Don’t tell!

  • If there’s a list someone is keeping of “Games to add to PS+” Dragon’s Crown better be on it. More people need to experience it.

  • Wonderful game. Extend my thanks to everyone at vanillaware for their continued support!

  • Just read what Void_Incarnate said they need to bring the Capcom arcade games like D&D Mystara series along with other great Capcom arcade games to the Vita.

  • Thank you very much! I’ve been actually wanting to play this again lately. Trying to platinum The Last of Us and playing some of my PS1 JRPGs has been keeping me away from this amazing title. If anybody wants to play feel free to send me an invite and let me know in a message “DC” so I know why you’re adding me. My witch is mostly a defensive class how I made her, so hopefully someone wants to play. Happy gaming!

  • It’s absolute good to have level cap at 255, but what is the point if I can only farm the same map with the same weapon over and over and over?

    There should be a silver trophy for level 99 and golden trophy for lv255.

    I already beat lv99 boss in the dungeon, and I see no significant improvements on item drops, as well as character damage dealt and skill points. So why bother if there is no trophy to hunt?
    Besides, there are plenty of ways to kill time.

    I have no motivation to play it after I platinum the game.

  • @Max_Sterling: Totally. My Steam friends had a blast playing Mystara online together (I’m in a different timezone, so missed out). PSVita port, pls, sony/capcom!

  • The gift that keeps on giving! Thank you, Atlus, for giving us the greatest gift of all – mo’ Dragon’s Crown.

  • I saw the patch when I fired the game up this morning and it was a really pleasant surprise! After getting my rear handed to me in Spelunky repeatedly, I started playing DC again for a change of pace. I LOVE the artwork in this game.

  • It is amazing to me that this could of easily been DLC to charge for but instead they went the old ways and offered it for free. They made an already huge game so much bigger. Awesome stuff.

  • I love you guys, Atlus and Vanillaware.

  • Perfect timing! Im gonna play Dragons crown again! =)

  • One of my favorite games of the year. And you actually have improved it on significant ways. Played it for around 100 hours and got every trophy. Respect for you, guys.

  • Too bad they broke dashing with the analog sticks this update. I tried 2 different controllers and my bud also said he has the same issue with his vita analog stick. Dashing hardly comes out anymore like they fixed up the input window or something.

    Lame. Hope they find this and fix it soon.

  • Awesome… I haven’t comeback to the game for a while, but now I don’t ever have to put it down :)

  • Will ask about that.

  • Nice, I stopped playing when I bought Muramasa: Rebirth. I guess I’ll have to shuffle between them both now.

  • Thanks, Atlus + Vanillaware, you guys rock!

  • I need to get back to playing this. Stopped playing so I could dwindle down my backlog of games before it gets out of control. Glad to see Dragon`s Crown still being supported after all this time.

    I should be getting back to the game pretty soon, gonna get back to my lv 81 Elf and get her to 99 and get goign through that Labyrinth. I also have a few trophies left to get before I can plat this…. Yes I`m looking at you specifically Legendary Strike and Gourmand. >_>

    Regardless great patch I’ll get to downloading it on both my PS3 and VITA when I get back home from work. :)

  • Oh my freaking god…. are you guys serious?!?!?!?!?!

    I’ll be playing this game on my vita again…

    You guys are awesome!

    Yo, Clements…. BEYOND, mah man

  • Nice, now I think I’m a little more confident to try out the Labrinyth of chaos now, lol. I REALLY want to unlock that Ultimate difficulty now!

  • Vanillaware… Atlus… THANKS!!!! T.T (I’m so happy now)

  • too much fun with Dragon Crown ~ love VITA version ~!!!
    waiting for Dragon Crown 2 ~!!!!!!

  • Seriously?!? This is the game that keeps on giving! Thanks ATLUS and Merry Christmas! :)

  • Almost all positive comments on the US PS blog … I must be dreaming

  • the best.

  • I bought my vita day one in anticipation of this game and ended up waiting more than a year for its release. those were tough times, but with that said- the wait was definitely worth it! this is up there for my GOTY. we all appreciate the continued support.

    pretty OT, but i feel it needs to be said- it’s a shame grand knights history never made its way over. my PSP was so ready :(

  • Platinum’d the game around 150 hours in (my very first plat ever), still playing it with 345+hours on the save file. The game’s just so fun to play.

    Now 1.05 upped the enemy and boss dynamics in a great way. The new character skills and weapon affixes allow for more combo variety (tossing flaming hammers while tossing exploding enemies? so good.)

    Vanillaware and Atlus, thanks for making 2013 a really fun year of gaming for me. :D

  • I picked this up for vita about a month or so ago when it went on sale. I’ve only put in a couple of hours so far, but I definitely plan on diving back in, and now with this update it seems like as fitting a time as ever to do so. Thanks!

  • Thanks for the new update, Dragon’s Crown was probably the one game I most looked forward to all this year and it’s good to see both Vanillaware and Atlus continue to support the title with all these little tweaks and now this huge update with more content. Along with the upcoming DLC for Muramasa Rebirth it really feels good to have Vanillaware on the go, now if you guys were to convince Vanillaware to release an updated Odin Sphere for the Vita…

    Anyway I just wanted to share my thanks for this unexpected update and for all the other excellent portable titles you have released this year. Hopefully next year will be just as good as this one.

  • my body is not ready for this punishment, however i just picked up Dragon’s Crown 2 weeks ago! i love it, i really love the score most of all, but geeezzzzzzzzzzz 10,000 levels………. i know what im doing on christmas break..guess i’ll put the ps4 down for a couple of days, haha

  • This update is amazing, and I LOVE that Vanillaware has been updating this as it’s by far one of my favorite Vita games/games EVER! It’s SOOOOO goood. The transparency this has really made it easy to keep an eye on my character as well.

    I’m a long-time Vanillaware fan and I just want to say thank you for your amazing games!

    Lastly, is there any news regarding the DLC for Muramasa: Rebirth on Vita which was promised to be offered at some point? I know Vanillaware has been busy with Dragon’s Crown and I know it’s a small company, so I figure they haven’t had time. I haven’t minded because I’ve been busy with DC as well! I’m hoping the Muramasa DLC is indeed still coming out at some point and wasn’t thrown into the black abyss of empty promises. I’ll still love you anyway though, because I’m a Vanillaware fanboy. (Seriously, I have loved all of your games.) Plus I live right by your studio in Osaka and I mean that in the least creepy way possible. *queue shifty eyes*

  • Can you please add a patch or update that changes the female characters’ completely sexist outfits? I would really love to play this game with my wife, but she took one look at the sorceress and amazon and said no way.
    I mean seriously?!? An outfit where her breasts are literally hanging out of dress? Come on!
    We loved Odin Sphere on the PS2, so it’s a major let down that this is the art direction you took. I’m sure you made plenty of 13 year old boys happy, but dang it’s a huge slap in the face to all women. Grow up already, you’re grown men (and probably some women). Wasn’t this game made by adults?
    Sorry to rant, but this is ridiculous. I’d love to play future Vanillaware games with my wife and daughter.
    Thank you.

  • A) Awesome and thank you!, B) WTF! Why are there no new weapons, magic spells, or abilities, WHYYYYY?

    Skill Points should have been increased as well!

  • In a future patch, can you guys add new characters? I had one in mind, a marksman like mercenary with two guns and a sword and a shapeshifter mage-like character. If you have any new characters in mind thats fine too. I love the game and glad to be part of it!

  • i really need to get back on this, seems alot of things changed from this game since november which i last played ^^’

    thanks for the huge update Vanillaware and Atlus

  • you have no idea how happy im am to see this game getting updated me and my friends still play this we were getting borde with noting else to do (especially me due to the fact that i had for both ps3 and vita so i paly on the go XD ) we hit lvl 99 with all six classes some of them twice (on the same accout that is) and we thought it wouldnt get better then this but now WOOHOO this will makes us play twices as much XD and to know that this game got an update like this gives me hope that there is more to come like a new class maybe hmmm

    (cough cough) dark elf (cough cough)

    . . . . .yeah im sure you can see that. . . .putting cough didnt help hide it at all ( -_-). . .

  • A level 255 Sorceress!?

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