Terraria Out Today on PS Vita

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Terraria Out Today on PS Vita

We’re delighted to be giving PS Vita players the chance to jump into the world of Terraria, and satisfy the requests of so many fans in the process. The core game that so many Terrarians know and love remains the same, however the Vita has allowed us to introduce a bunch of new features and functionality, making the Vita version super-fun to play and great looking at the same time!

It’s the revamped control system that’s seen the most focus this time around, in terms of really delivering something new and unique; introducing touch support to make the gameplay experience more immediate, tactile, and absorbing. You can use touch controls to combine and craft intuitively within the item interface, but also when digging, building, and creating your own environments — this time with added finesse.

Terraria on PS VitaTerraria on PS Vita

You can also jump in and enjoy online multiplayer with up to eight players, whether that’s battling each other in a fight for survival, or teaming up to take on bosses and build bigger and better worlds together. Not only that, but you’ve got the added benefits of cross platform play and cross save with your PS3. Play Terraria against whoever you want, wherever you want, however you want.

The Vita version gives you all the original Terraria content, in your hands, along with a glimpse of the new content from the recent 1.2 PC update too (more details here).

There really has never been a better time to pick up and play Terraria.

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  • Not liking these pricing experiments that Sony is forcing upon indie devs at all. Voting with my wallet by keeping it *closed*. First, Pinball Arcade can’t offer discounts *they* want to give their fans and now this. It’s also more expensive than any other version.

    Is the high price and lack of discount/cross-buy because Sony thinks they have a captive audience at this point? Is this is early PS3-era Sony anti-consumers hubris come back to disappoint fans?

  • Note that I do think it’s awesome that there is cross-platform play with PS3 and Vita, and I guess PC as well? It says “Play Terraria against whoever you want, wherever you want”.

  • “Play Terraria against whoever you want, wherever you want…” …as long as you are playing with vita (wherever you want) along side a person playing with a vita or ps3… (whoever you want)

    Anyways, I bought it. Cant upload my PS3 world to the cloud, bummer, but im assuming that is being worked on as i type this since it’s a relatively big feature promoted in all the promotey promotions.

  • The game is awesome, BUT I already own it on Xbox 360 and on PC so 14.99 is a big no from me. Maybe if it had cross-buy, but there’s no way I’m paying this much again. Too bad I didn’t wait for it to be on vita before buying for 360, but at least on 360 I can play with my gf.

  • soooooooooo, nothing solid on the full update and/or a ps4 port?
    thatd be awesome, otherwise, Im waiting on starbound, which is freaking awesome so far in the beta, its like a more in depth,refined terraria

  • Beware, both the control settings for digging are horrendous. I say this as a hardcore Terraria fan, DON’T BUY THIS VERSION OF THE GAME!

    I don’t get why Sony would sell this game without a demo or a warning about the controls, but I feel like I just got scammed out of $13. Really awful thing to do to one of the few people with a Vita too.

  • @56 There is a demo. I played it for a little bit and I thought the controls were fine. I will never buy the game because of the way 505 games treated vita owners though. It was supposed to come out in the summer, but they just left us hanging without any information for months. Then they finally give us a Dec 4th release date, but instead of releasing the game they put the PS3 version on sale for $3.75. Now after all that, they give us a dollar discount, and don’t even reply to a single comment?!


  • <————– That guy is near getting a hard mode on DEMO TERRARIA LOL

  • really lame that they are charging full price for this. it’s almost a free game on steam, sells for about $2-3 any day of the week. easy to trade items for also.

    no cross buy either? nice move with the ps3 sale trap last week..
    greedy developers.
    this is a port with nothing new, and the developers are mainly working on their next game ‘starbound’.

    son i am disappoint.

  • What exactly do you mean when you say that the Vita version of Terraria has just a “glimpse” of the 1.2 PC patch? Does it not have everything the patch adds to the PC version of the game? If so, will the Vita version receive the full patch later?

  • if u wanna play multiplayer with me on terraria add me Dropout_Kid00137

  • Awesome. The more Sony brings to Vita from Steam, the happier I’ll be.

    Steamworld Dig for Vita, please!

  • Thats weird that Terraria was supposed to be discounted but I had to pay full price. As a Plus member.

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