Terraria Out Today on PS Vita

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Terraria Out Today on PS Vita

We’re delighted to be giving PS Vita players the chance to jump into the world of Terraria, and satisfy the requests of so many fans in the process. The core game that so many Terrarians know and love remains the same, however the Vita has allowed us to introduce a bunch of new features and functionality, making the Vita version super-fun to play and great looking at the same time!

It’s the revamped control system that’s seen the most focus this time around, in terms of really delivering something new and unique; introducing touch support to make the gameplay experience more immediate, tactile, and absorbing. You can use touch controls to combine and craft intuitively within the item interface, but also when digging, building, and creating your own environments — this time with added finesse.

Terraria on PS VitaTerraria on PS Vita

You can also jump in and enjoy online multiplayer with up to eight players, whether that’s battling each other in a fight for survival, or teaming up to take on bosses and build bigger and better worlds together. Not only that, but you’ve got the added benefits of cross platform play and cross save with your PS3. Play Terraria against whoever you want, wherever you want, however you want.

The Vita version gives you all the original Terraria content, in your hands, along with a glimpse of the new content from the recent 1.2 PC update too (more details here).

There really has never been a better time to pick up and play Terraria.

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  • Can you please tell me why it is $13.49 on “sale”? Especially considering the game was $3.75 on sale for the ps3 two weeks ago

  • Nice. Too bad I gave my Vita to my nephew. Any word on when the update will come out for the console versions? I’d be willing to pay 10 bucks for the update on consoles. I like playing with a physical controller so much more.

  • Por fin, terraria for mi vita yes yes yes.

  • Yeah I have to be the one to ask, is this crossbuy?

  • Dear Richard

    Can you elaborate which version of Terraria will Vita have? October 31, 2013 October 26, 2013
    1.2.1 October 25, 2013 October 9, 2013 October 9, 2013 October 3, 2013 October 1, 2013
    1.2 October 1, 2013

    I am aware there are a lot of bugs, and having 12.12 on vita would be the best :D

    also buying day one!!

  • I’d like to buy it, but not at the launch price. I bought it at Steam a few months ago for less than 5 bucks and it was even just on sale on PS3 for like 3 bucks. Sorry but I refuse to be ripped off like this. I’ll wait for a sale :)

  • I have a question pertaining to PS3/Vita connectivity – for those of us with satellite internet unsuitable for online play, will the game also support LAN play like Spelunky? I’d like to play with my brother over Christmas, but the high latency internet connection doesn’t allow for connecting to most servers (Terraria PS3’s included).

  • People may be complaining about the price compared to other versions of the game, but this is a brand new port. Time and energy was spent to create a version that could be played on the Vita. I appreciate the time that went into bringing this game to the Vita and will be purchasing during the holidays. Thanks!

  • It’s my understanding that this will not have local multiplayer at launch. Is this something you would consider adding in later?

  • IM veru grateful for the gifts of psplus, but i wanna know if the walking death season 2 of ps3 have cross buy? Or some season pass? snd when its release, thx!

  • when does it come out in singapore? :(

  • @10 – Seems kinda strange to ask a guy from 505 about a Telltale game, don’t ‘cha think?

    Already bought the PS3 version. Will be buying the Vita version AS SOON AS I CAN. :D

  • If it $15 I’ll wait for a sale,$15 is too much so such late port.

  • How does this compare to the PC version? I thought the PC and console versions were different but then you mentioned the 1.2 PC update so I’m confused. I do not own a PS3, but I’ve played quite a lot of Terraria on PC – mostly before the big update. Is the only difference in controls (I played with KB&M) or are there different enemies, items, and crafting recipes?

  • I’m totally in for this. At $15 it’ll be more than worth it. I’ve had more fun with this game than I have had with most others at double the price. Less than Pizza night and more fun in the long run! Terraria has given me hundreds of hours crafting by myself and with my friends and family. Not only that but they keep making the game better and better. Lunch breaks at work just got better!

  • Will be snagging this as soon as the store updates. Been waiting a while for this version!

  • No interest in it if it’s not cross buy. I mean after all I just bought the game on PSN for what was it? $3.75 last week?

  • This is giving me more excitement than FFX/X-2… which is ALOT of EXCITEMENT.
    This and the DBZ Demo will fill up my time for today.

  • Ya know, this is most likely the “best” version of Terraria. The last massive PC update added a ton of awesome things but most of it is either just for show or breaks the progression of the game. For example, farming bosses and enemies for materials to make Hard Mode weapons and items is now pointless as in the new update new enemies will straight up drop completed weapons that rival hardmode weapons, just requires farming one enemy instead of four for parts.

    Also with the new PC update it mostly just replaces old stuff with newer stuff that serves the same point. Around 7 low tier armors added, many that you won’t even wear. A “Crimson” biome taking the place of Corruption during world generation, new ores taking the place of old ores during world generation (though they have different set bonuses) and mostly just weapons that are weaker than what you are carrying.

    Just my two cents I guess. As much as I love Terraria the new update only lasted a few days for me and thats from starting a new Mediumcore character.

  • Any chance of a demo for Vita?

  • Looks great, can’t wait to play through it again on my Vita.

    Does this have shared trophy lists or separate? Hoping for separate!

  • Terraria has been $9.99 on PC for quite some time now, and it was just on sale for PS+ members for $3.75 for the PS3 version. And now you want us to pay $13.49?


    Nice try, but no thanks. I already own it on PC, and while it would be nice to have on the Vita for on-the-go, I can spend $13.49 on far better games. Seriously, this is straight up a ripoff.

  • Terraria is a solid buy. The more platforms the better :)

  • Gonna double dio in this one. Its totally worth it. For guys who doesnt want to pay the price then dont. Its easy as that :)

  • Knowing 505 games, Terraria is coming out tomorrow on ps vita.

  • whycant they eve just release a game on time…i mean really though i have been checking every hour since midnight…

  • I really think you guys should’ve had a SIZEABLE week one discount for those of us who waited such an obscenely long time for this version. As such, the game has been relegated to the “wait even longer” status for me, until it has a substantial sale.

  • ^@iSoulReap, hey, for the past few months the store has started updating around 3PM EST, so I would check around then. :)

  • Terraria and Minecraft the same day? awesome! =)

  • Um out when? Its nowhere to be seen on the Store. ??

  • just wondering, will the vita tutorial have hell under the water like on the ps3 ? also i wish i could play that map as a regular saveable map.

  • It’s currently not 13.49 on the online web app right now.. so I’ll settle with the demo of DBZ and Terraria at the moment..

  • I’ve been waiting since march to buy this on vita! With 20 hours into the ps3 version, I just beat the first boss! plus I can’t wait to build a phaseblade.

  • @ comment number 6: ‘ Sorry but I refuse to be ripped off like this’ How can you say that? youre not being ripped off in the least. The people that make these games work super hard and are darn good at what they do. im suprised they dont charge MORE. if you think its too much maybe just say youll wait for a price drop or something. they arent ripping you off. i dont usually post on here but after seeing all the complaining about playstation plus and all the whining about it i figured i would. PS plus is amazing and sony has done a brilliant job. if you dont like ps plus, go find a better program somewhere else and be happy with that. i ASSURE you that you wont find a better deal anywhere else. Thank you Sony for PS PLUS, i love what you guys have been doing on all fronts. Thanks for listening to us and delivering. i am truly grateful. Lets have fun people woo hoo!!! =D

  • No Pre-order for DBZ on Day1 :`( wow

  • I’m glad that the PS Vita is getting a port. It’s surprising to see the amount of complaints about the pricing but no one is forcing them to buy that game now. If they want it at a cheaper price, then wait. Regardless of paying $3 or $15, you’re getting your money’s worth of content and playtime. If you’re having fun with the game, the price of the game wouldn’t be a factor at all. 505 Games, thanks for supporting the PS Vita.

  • PLZ Sony make DBZ a full game for the psn

  • I’m only picking this up for Vita if it is Cross-buy.

    It was 3.75 the other day on PSN, and I’m not paying 5 times the price for just portability.

  • Is it cross buy or cross save??

  • oh n/m lol

  • This is another excellent title that has finally made it to the PS Vita, with all these great games shouldn’t have a difficult time in seeing the is a lot of great content on the system.

  • Terraria fulk game and demo up on webstore. But icant see ps plus discount yet. Dowoaded demo first and its AWE SOME!

  • Does anyone know when the PSN store updates today because i have literally checked the store 20+ times today and its not here yet

  • It’s on the store (both here and on my Vita).. but it also does NOT show the discount. And 14.99 is a bit stiff of a price point when most people own this at least one or two places elsewhere.

  • Its already up. With the discount and the demo. Check again. :)

  • I like terraria. But the control setting on vita is really ridiculous and you cannot change it ! I spent a day and a night and couldn’t build a single house.

  • Quick question, is there a way to get this game for free. I already purchased Terraria on the PS3 on release, and I don’t wish to re buy the game. Ratchet & Clank full frontal assault let you re-download the game of free, I was wondering if/when this game would do the same. (Yes I am aware they are two different companies)

  • For those of you whining about the lack of cross-buy… just pony up! Terraria is well-suited to the PS Vita and it will be worth many, MANY hours of fun. $13.49 is a small price to ask for that.

    Day one purchase for me. Thanks for finally porting the game over, guys!

  • I’ll wait for it to drop a couple dollars, need to save for other games too…

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