Bit.Trip’s Runner2 Coming to PS Vita December 17th

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Bit.Trip’s Runner2 Coming to PS Vita December 17th

Greetings, current and future best friends. For those of you unfamiliar with our humble studio, we’re the folks behind the Bit.Trip series, as well as the recently released Bit.Trip Presents… Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien. We also invented the cheese-flavored cough drop, but due to a pending lawsuit, aren’t permitted to speak of that.

Since releasing Runner2 for console and PC, we’ve had countless people ask us about a potential Vita version. This was, as you can surely imagine, very flattering. We were stoked that people enjoyed the game as much as they did, and even more stoked that they wanted to see it on additional platforms (I promise not to use “stoked” again in this post). This inspired us to give it our all with the Vita version, and to make it just as good as its console counterparts. As it turns out, this wasn’t such a difficult task. As any Vita owner can confirm, it’s an incredibly powerful platform.

Whether this will be your first time playing the game or you’re a seasoned vet, rest assured that no expense was spared in achieving total parity between the Vita and console versions. You can expect the same amount of content, the same beautiful graphics, the same drunk pickle, and the same awesome platformer gameplay. Also, the same DLC. That’s right: The Good Friends Character Pack DLC will be available at launch.

Runner 2 on PS Vita

Runner 2 on PS VitaRunner 2 on PS Vita

All that said, we’re aware that some of you waited a lot longer than you wanted to for the game’s release. We can’t thank you enough for your patience, and if we could we’d hug each and every one of you. You know how sometimes a relative or friend will hug you just long enough to where it’s kind of awkward? That’s what we’d do. In lieu of hugging, however, we can offer up some tasty details about pricing! In the very next paragraph! Directly below this one!

Runner2 will retail for $9.99 on the Vita, and PS Plus users can expect a 20% discount at launch, bringing the price down to $7.99. Additionally, The Good Friends Character Pack will be 30% off for PS Plus users, bringing the $2.99 price tag down to $2.09. In other words, you’ll have a couple bucks left to spend on fun things like Lunchables and seasons of Fraggle Rock!

I’m going to shut up now, but feel free to ask any questions you might have in the comments. Unless, of course, your question is about the aforementioned cough drops. Please don’t ask us about those.

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  • Wow, never heard of this game. The price point is perfect. I’ve only been able to play my Vita since I’ve deployed and I’ve been binging on indie titles since I’ve been here and I’ve fallen in love with gaming again as a result. I’ll get this when it releases.

  • I would love this for PS4 and yes… Bit.Trip’s Runner3 would be AWESOME! Thanks for making a basic-fun-dificult-enjoyable-addicting game :D

  • Another vote for a PS4 version. Amazing game!!

  • Definitely getting this!

    Would love to see this on ps4 as well! Would love to see the original on ps4/vita too!

  • when is it coming to PS4?

  • LOL @ Seasons of Fraggle Rock!!!!!

  • Yeah ! You made my day !

  • Awesome. Got this for free on PS3 with PS+, but will gladly pay the $8 to play it on the go on my shiny Vita. Looks like the perfect game to play on the gym bike!

  • Aaah great news….Runner 2 must be great on Vita…this game is so much fun….I played just a bit but its really fun….also I’m really happy that it’ll have a separated trophy list…really happy….games that share the trophy list are a shame….but leaderboards should be the same as PS3.

    @ Dant Rambo – You’re funny man.

  • Finally! Despite getting it for PS+ on PS3, I just don’t enjoy playing that type of game on PS3. So didn’t really get too far into it.

    Really looking forward to this. How long will the PS+ discount be? Trying to hold off to see if I get a PSN card for Xmas.

  • I have been waiting for this game for awhile..and Im glad the time has come. Now if we can work on some other PS3 PSN games that can be transferred to the SHANK, JOE DANGER, Bionic Commander Rearmed 2 and seriously NBA JAM AND NFL BLITZ!!! These kind of PSN GAMES on the VITA would make the handheld system a lot more exciting to have. but yeah back to the main topic..I will be purchasing this as my own xmas gift – times are

  • Does it run in locked 30 or 60fps? I just got my PS4 -and, by extension, $10 credit- so your timing is quite impeccable.

  • Day One purchase definitely this will make me stop feeling guilty about getting it for free on PS3 :) not to mention I always go for the Vita port of a game when I get the chance,. I’ll be sure to get the Vita DLC as well as I’d have to buy a $10 PSN card anyways and I have $0.29 to spare. If possible you should port the original Runner onto PSVita I think it’d fit right in :)

  • G’day there Mr Rambo, super excited to play the game on my Vita, just discovered it on the Aus store and it gave me a big ol’ grin! I would go absolutely balistic if BIT.TRIP SAGA were made available on the Vita along with Runner2! Would be incredible, I’d pay a lot of money for it, promise!

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