Zen Pinball 2 Coming to PS4 on December 17th

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Zen Pinball 2 Coming to PS4 on December 17th

It’s Pinball time on PS4! Zen Pinball 2 will launch on December 17th for PS4, featuring a selection of tables from the previous generation’s table library. If you already own these tables on PS3 or PS Vita, we invite you to download them for FREE on PS4.

For those of you that have never played Zen Pinball, the Sorcerer’s Lair table is absolutely free for all players, giving you the opportunity to try the game risk free.

Additionally, Marvel’s Doctor Strange will launch as brand new content. That’s right; the Sorcerer Supreme will be day one content for Zen Pinball 2 on PS4 for $2.99. If you haven’t purchased a PS4 yet, Doctor Strange will also be available in Zen Pinball 2 on PS3 and PS Vita for $2.99.

Zen Pinball 2 on PS4, 03Zen Pinball 2 on PS4, 02

Here’s the table lineup for Zen Pinball 2 on PS4:

  • Star Wars Pinball
  • Star Wars Pinball: Balance of the Force
  • Marvel Pinball
  • Marvel Pinball:Avengers Chronicles
  • Marvel’s Doctor Strange
  • Plants vs. Zombies Pinball
  • Epic Quest
  • Paranormal
  • Earth Defense

Zen Studios has HUGE plans for pinball in 2014, including more Star Wars Pinball and Marvel Pinball tables, as well as tables based on more iconic and exciting brands. We can’t wait to share all the pinball goodness!

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  • Wow. Awesome. Just awesome. This is incredible work, Zen! You win. I appreciate The Pinball Arcade and enjoy both platforms for different reasons but this is how it’s done. Tables carrying over from PS3/Vita purchase. A real release date. 1080p. 60 fps. Stereoscopic 3D. I assume the leader boards will carry over. I am in awe. There is nothing that would make this announcement better. Well done!
    Thanks for the update, Bobby!

  • Loving the fact that we’ll be getting 1080p 3D. Playing the Plants versus Zombies table in 3D is *awesome*.

    Will the PS4 version bring back the cool “spark” particle/lighting effect on the Tesla table? In the original Zen Pinball, Tesla was our favorite table because of the cool sparks and that effect went missing in Zen Pinball 2 on PS3 and Vita.

    Will the PS4 version be getting higher-quality audio assets (24-bit/lossless or higher bitrate Ogg) for new and/or existing tables?

    Will my husband be able to play multiplayer remotely on the VIta while I’m on the PS4? while both of us are signed in on the same PSN account?

    any additional lighting, texture, particle, or physics improvements in the PS4 version besides the resolution and framerate bump?

    thanks for continuing to support your awesome game!!! :)

  • I’m actually really excited about the clean slate leaderboards. The cabinets will have a fresh and different feel so it makes sense to start everyone off equally. Plus it’ll just be fun to launch into fresh scores and it’ll be a fun excuse to re-discover some old favorites.

  • I’ve been looking forward to the Dr. Strange table for awhile, and will be grabbing it day one and playing it on PS4, as well as giving the older tables a try again.

    I’d like to see all the previous pinball tables available on PS4 eventually too, it’d be nice!

  • “Zen Studios has HUGE plans for pinball in 2014”

    Sounds like a HOWARD THE DUCK confirmation, to me. Yay!

  • Great news that you can get your tables free! That will allow me buy lots of New ones! Zen is a great pinball game.Countdown to the 17 started. Don’t miss this one!!!

  • Very odd that there’s just the one marvel table instead of the usual set of 4.

    That being said I’ll be buying it and enjoying it and all the other tables when it hits the ps4

    Great choice of Dr Strange.

  • If you can only bring 20 tables to the PS4, just remove everything on your list after Dr Strange and fill those spots with as many Marvel (good) tables as possible!

  • Importing tables I already purchased on PS3 & Vita? Excellent. THIS (and the excellent track record) is why I continue to support you Zen Studios and buy every table they put out on PSN sight unseen.

    Question: Will the remaining Zen Pinball 2 tables be coming to PS4 down-the-road or will I always have to go back to the older systems to play them?

  • Wow. Now this is how you treat your customers! Zen Pinball 2 is the greatest, and I will download this for PS4 day one! And just to say thanks for making all your tables cross-buy (for Vita, too!) I will be buying Doctor Strange and that second set of Star Wars tables I haven’t played yet! You guys are the best!!

  • I see you said in response to someone’s question that the other ZP2 tables wouldn’t be being ported to PS4. This makes me sad that the PS4 version won’t be the definitive collection. I will have to go back to the PS3 version, I guess. Shouldn’t be ungrateful for what is being offered at no cost though.

    Assuming, this is a decision that CAN be changed down the road, consider this a vote being cast to bring the COMPLETE ZP2 collection to PS4 in the future.

  • Holy cow! You just ripped Farsight a new one. Cross-buy across all 3 PS platforms and we get Sorcerer’s Lair for free. Amazing Zen!

  • STOP BASHING FARSIGHT!!! It’s not their fault the PS4 version isn’t cross buy compatible, that was Sony’s decision. It’s not their fault the game isn’t out yet, that’s Sony’s doing. I’m also happy that Zen is coming to ps4 but I’m not going to dump all over Farsight like some juvenile. Honestly I like Zen a lot but I’m sick to death of their tables. Star Wars Ep. V is my all time favorite table ever, real or digital, but I’ve played it soooo much along with all the others that I’ve just gotten tired of their designs and need a break from them. And by the way I hate Marvel. Please stop with the effing Marvel already, I bought almost all of them and I almost never play them… I will say this though, if this launches before TPA I’ll be really pi**ed. At Sony, not Farsight.

  • Oh and whoever mentioned Indiana Jones: Just play ‘El Dorado’ that’s basically what that table is.

  • And by the way we all know TPA is going to look a lot better in terms of graphics and lighting. Ok I’m done sorry.

  • Is the worst game that ps+ could give us. Thanks ps+ for this boring game.
    Maybe can give us better games

  • You picked the right 20! Zen, you are awesome. Thanks again for pulling this off! Now to go play some of the Starfighter Assault Star Wars table on PS3 while I wait for December 17th to arrive…

  • My top 3 Zen Pinball tables at the moment: Star Wars Starfighter Assault, Spiderman, and Sorcerer’s Lair. Although it is very hard to pick favorite ones, usually it is simply the one I’m playing! What are everyone else’s Top 3?

  • Very nice to see this game free on PS4 I will defiantly take it. But I wish some of my favorites would of made the cut like Mars and Excalibur man do I love Excalibur. Cant wait to see some new tables that are not marvel or star wars its getting kinda boring to see the same old tables month after month. Lets get a table that will blow us away with different looks.

  • Now the game s are coming to the PS4 people patience is a virtue.

  • TPA and ZP shouldn’t be put against each other. They’re both bringing the wonderful game of Pinball back to life (along with Stern and Jersey Jack). One is made up of great tables that only rich people can get their hands on, and the other is made up of a “sci-fi” version of pinball (things that cannot be done in a real pinball table). I support both of them, since I love pinball.

    Anyway, that’s great news! I can’t wait to play them on the PS4. You guys are the best!

    Question: You guys ever considered making real pinball tables? :D

  • I agree with Viewtiful_Josh. The Pinball Arcard and Zen Pinball are both different and fantastic in their own ways!

  • @ Rezolution77

    Go away. Forever. Please. There’s nothing else to say to you, as you will just never “get it”.

    @ The topic

    Awesome stuff as usual from Zen. Dr. Strange is a day-1 purchase for me as all pinball tables always are. Yes, FarSight’s and Zen’s pinball games are both awesome in their own way. I don’t know why people keep comparing them. Can’t wait to see what tables both teams bring us next! Pinball never gets old.

  • Overall good choices on the 20. Personally I would have swapped out Epic Quest and Earth Defense with Fantastic Four and Captain America, but each to his own.

    Interesting that you have to buy on PS3 to get it on all three systems (PS3, PS4 and Vita). Will that be true going forward or is this a one time good deal for Dr. Strange? There’s too many tables left behind to give up on the PS3. Of course, I’ll probably mostly play new and available on the PS4 and vita.

    I, for one, want to thank you for some cross buy. I cant afford to buy all the tables on Xbox, PS, Android and iOS. Looks like this generation I’ll focus on Playstation.

  • every time i see a blog about Zen pinball i ask about the ps3 version being laggy and no one answers.

    On my ps3 zen pinball 2 the star wars tables ……the flippers are very delayed. Was there an update I’m missing?

  • I have a few technical questions.
    1) Will Dr. Strange be released for both Marvel Pinball and ZP2 on the PS3?
    2) If we buy future Marvel Pinball tables, will they import into ZP2 on PS4 like they do PS3?
    3) Similar to 2, if we buy future Star Wars Pinball tables, will they import into ZP2 on PS4 like they do on PS3?
    4) Do you plan to release Marvel/Star Wars pinball apps for PS4, or will you be discontinuing them as separate entities and just going with Zen Pinball 2 on next-gen?
    5) Do you guys and gals over at Zen Studios always have to be this awesome?

    As you can see, I like having my favorite pinball tables available everywhere. It’s really awesome to show off how I can play them across both Vita and PS3 right now, and soon the PS4. And really glad to hear that you’re still supporting 3D for these tables. Epic Quest and Sorcerer’s Lair are probably my two favorite tables, followed by Fantastic Four (*sadface.jpg). Thanks for the cross-buy, the Dr. Strange table, and for whatever else you bring to us in the future. :)

  • please move on studio has alot of potential being wasted on tables

  • love the game, have all the tables.. but no PS4… not til next year anyway… always looking forward to new tables.. Indiana Jones would be great as well as some new original tables.. or maybe the Zen take on tables that exist in real life… like the Terminator table and some other notable classics.. i know Pinball Arcade has many of those down pat, but it would be cooler still if we saw the Zen touch…
    great job Zen team…

  • Yea! I have every table on PS3… and got a Vita too! *Happy Dance*

  • Ah yeah this will be the best for sure, can’t wait to pay this on my PS4!!!!!!!!!!

  • thank you for supporting zen pinball with a steady supply of new content, and cross buy option on all your tables. you are showing up a lot of other developers in the game industry in terms of customer service. always happy to hear about new tables. any news on golden goal?

  • Do we know if it will be in 3D like on the PS3?

  • Yup. They already responded to another comment and it will be in 3D. Can’t wait!

  • in 3d modod batsmen not respond in real time, has a huge delay in response, will fix this or is it some setting?

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