NBA 2K14 PS4 Dev Diary: MyCAREER

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NBA 2K14 PS4 Dev Diary: MyCAREER

MyCAREER has been one of NBA 2K14‘s most-played modes. The question is, with the next generation of technology, how do we create a fresh experience beyond playing games on the court? Creating a new cinematic experience that rivals a Hollywood film – that’s how!

With over 300 pages of script, MyCAREER on PS4 takes you on an emotional journey like you’ve never experienced before. Our goal was to place you IN the game. From competing on the court, to decisions you make off the court, the experience has been expanded in an immersive journey through next gen technology.

For example, early on you may not get the minutes you want as a rookie. As your team calls a timeout, you have a decision to make – remain sitting or get up and celebrate with your teammates. Each decision affects the way you are viewed both from your team’s viewpoint and the way fans look at you. This is just one of many deep decisions you make, with your actions opening up hours and hours of completely new content both on and off the court.

NBA 2K14 on PS4, 07

Things like personality, choosing to answer in polite ways or with arrogance, fans liking you, endorsements and personality badges all factor into your decisions. Even choosing which endorsements to sign with (ala adidas, Nike or Jordan brand, for example) have an effect on your career. Your decisions even affect things like potential trades, social media feeds and endorsements and MyCAREER relationships (team chemistry, GM relationships, loyalty with local and national fans etc). Things like rhythm and team chemistry can impact the way your team plays. The first year experience will take you through all 82 games, and you can chose to play Key Games in the second season onward.

Simply put, MyCAREER lets you make decisions about your NBA career like never before seen. Of course, this is just a small taste of the exciting next-gen MyCAREER mode. We have plenty of surprises up our sleeves. You can grab NBA 2K14 on PS4 right now! Get your journey started and make a name for yourself. This is your story. Your legacy. Your career.

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  • ronnie can yall fix that twitching that occurs during timeouts with the jerseys. everyones jerseys jump in unison and its very awkward watching it, other than that, im happy. havent tried my career mode yet.

  • I know it’s not career mode, but how do I do a three team trade in My GM?

    We’ve been able to do that for years, and a league like the NBA NEEDS 3 team trade to make anything of significance happen.

    So am I missing something with the complicated new layout, or are multi team trades yet another basic feature missing in this game?

  • Can you tell us, if there will be a patch to fix the online leagues on 2k14?


  • Ronnie I just have some comments, I love the game! I really do and have enjoyed the franchise since 2k11. To be honest with you though there are some small things that haven’t been ironed out from the last games and I’d just like to inform you being a huge fan and wanting to help in anyway cause I really think this needs to be addressed.

    Stealing/Ball Physics: I steal the ball it goes bouncing none of the AI react it’s strange. Or a it’s a mad scramble, and they get the ball back when it’s right in front of me! 2k13 was the same way I feel. Another example I go for the spin move and I got guys going through my arms! Most annoying though is the teleporting ball I’ll get the block clearly then all of the sudden the guy make that dunk same thing when they go for a lob. Magnet hands.

    Volleyball: That Volleyball Cheese man!

    Shooting: I don’t know what you guys did here but something is off, I make D+ shots not any A+ or B’s it almost seems backwards, and when I’m expecting to make a Splash! Off that pick with a A+ and miss! What is that Cheese!!!

    I get the game needs to looks good but there is some small hinges in the game play that hardcore fans have been complaining about for years with no prevail.

  • Good to hear they’re trying to get the error fixed.

    I forgot to add, on My Career you often get dynamic goals from the coach like “score the next ten points to give us the lead”. But not everyone plays as a scoring player, could the goals actually be more dynamic? Like if I’m, a pass-first point guard can they ask me to assist on the next ten points, or if I’m a defensive big man can they ask me to lock down the paint and not allow any shots in there for the next three minutes? etc etc

    It just doesn’t seem fair, you wouldn’t ask Jose Calderon to take over the game by scoring a lot of buckets, not everyone is a volume scorer.

    Just another small flaw that will hopefully be sorted by next year, great game mode in general. 2k14 is the only truly “next gen” game I’ve played.

    • There are different goals for non-scoring ones but that probably should be based on your playstyle. I will pass it along.

  • Don’t get me wrong Ronnie I love the game I really do, everything is dope from the soundtrack to the smoothness of the cut scene transitions it looks amazing and I appreciate that but I really wish you’d iron out those things above that I mentioned that have been around for awhile now.

  • Please, please patch in the ability to skip cut scenes. They’re not great, repetitive, and boring. How many times do I have to hear my player ask the GM about feeling like he’s in a video game, or that it’s Charlie’s birthday again?!

    And the awful stuff in the beginning of the MyCareer mode. I don’t want to start a new MyCareer player because I don’t want to hear my agent say “AIGHT” at the end of every one of his sentences, AIGHT?

  • Sorry, didn’t mean to be all negative. Besides that inability to skip cut scenes, I’ve really enjoyed NBA 2k14 on PS4!

    • We want you guys to watch those scenes. They’re crucial for your career.

      I am sure it’s something we’ll build on though.

  • it’s link ok so will couch-op MYGM/Season mode be added in a future patch?? please answer so I can trade this game ASAP if not

  • My bad the term “Volleyball” is a term Chris Smoove uses when your team is going for the rebound and the ball is basically flying around in the air like a you know volleyball.
    It’s kind of a known problem that needs to get fixed it seems the ball gets tipped way too many times and is just flying high and a mad scramble of AI jumping all over.

    Sorry for the sarcasm brother, really hope to see these kinds of things fixed Ronnie! Thanks for your time on the blog!

  • I have not been in this situation but does the game deploy the “Hack a Howard” gameplan late in games against D-12. Or Maybe against likes of Blake Griffin or DeAndre Jordan. I think these would be even realistic or even if you playing against people with say under 70 rating for free through in late game situations or situations that make sense you can chose to foul international players with low ratings in order to come back or hender their ability to make a run

    • Interesting. A lot of teams obviously don’t employ this no matter how bad a FT shooter the other team has, but a good idea that some would. I’ll send to team for next year.

  • Thanks Ron for your response (response #47) yes its in the Dynamic goal. BUT even where there is no Dynamic goal, myCareer player still playing the whole 3-4 qtrs, in spite of fouls and fatigue (below 50%) and thats even when I have my Gatorade.

    I dont know if Im only experiencing on this in this thread, but I also read from other site (OS) that they too experience this long playing quarters (3-4) when you are in 41 minutes playing time as starter. Even if my settings is set on All Star, Simulation, 11 mins/quarter. I love to play the 10-12 minutes range so that i can really set up plays etc.

  • According to fellow online players my rating appears as 25 and my rating is an 86 is there anyway this can be resolved I really dnt wanna make a new player ……I know there is a mistake because when you first start a Athletic PG his rating will be a 63

  • I’m having some problems with MyGM on PS4. I can’t take any decission about the franchise or whatever, just only select a team and play games. Nothing else. I supossed itsn’t normal. Any solution???

    • You determine everything about a Franchise in MyGM. Wonder if you’re in a different menu? Chris (LD2K) and I are due a MyGM instructional live broadcast.

  • Nba 2k14 is amazing!! But I have a couple of ?s…

    1. Why did you guys take out the leg length and how come I can’t make my myplayer skinny, he looks to bulky/swole lol.

    2. How come the padded leg sleeve is not available to purchase in the myplayer store?

    Other than that 2k14 is the unanimous basketball sim yet again!

    Ps. R.I.P NBA Live

    • Length is there. I hear you on the bulk.

      Accessories are going to be continue to be added but I think that one is there.

  • How about in game team rivalries or playoff basketball. Example we all know playoff basketball is extremely physical. We know about the Heat and BKN rivalry now and Heat and Pacers get chippy and physical. Will the game adjust to this style when your team makes the playoffs. More contact fouls. Also are there flagrant fouls in the game? I drive the lot to the hoop as I have posterizer and finisher. I find it hard to believe I can go to the hoop game in and game out and not more injuries occur. I mean I get knocked down at least 10 times a game and also do some knocking down myself about 10-20 times. No injuries?

    Or are there sliders we can adjust in the myplayer mode to change this?

  • Thanks for responding Ron! Appreciate it!

  • One more statement about the same situation my player doesn’t dunk online in park mode with a dunk rating of 92 once I made a new account the player dunks with a rating of 66 this is odd…….can I give u my player information to check it out?

  • Can we lower the accesories prices… I mean 5000 for some gear like leg sleeves and arm sleeves? These things should be no more then 100-300 VC and how do I get team colored gear? Do I choose generic sleeves and change the color or have you brought back the team color sleeves in MyPlayer gear.

  • Yeah after the patch My Career no longer works. I’ve decided to return the game. This year was too frustrating to be fun. I hate that my player is so micromanaged by the servers. Who cares if I played a maxed character in MY CAREER?! Why should I be forced to struggle in a game I spent $60 on because 2K feels that I should grind for VC or Pay even more money for points. I also think it’s unfair to cut my VC earnings in half because I play on Rookie difficulty. I’m not that good at the game so Rookie difficulty is the right setting for me. Why punish the consumer????

    I won’t be buying next year if you guys keep it like this.

    • Are you getting an error? When you say doesn’t work, what do you mean? Make sure to get with @2KSupport, they can help you before you return a game unnecessarily.

  • Will there be a fix for the optical audio issues where the sounds starts to skip?

  • Yes body length but not leg length it was there day one but after patch it was removed… Lol my pg looks like a big body builder… No the hex padded leg sleeve is not in store only the hex knee pad


  • Thank you for the replies and hard work.

    Even with some features from previous years missing, this is a fantastic game.

    When I bought my PS4 I had no idea I’d be spending more time on this than any other game.

    Great game, and hopefully next year will have more of the features we’ve come to know and enjoy.

  • Thankd for the answer Ron. I load the game and then select the MyGM mode. Then select a team and then just appears the screen with the next matches. No interview with President, no option to change anything of my team or players or whatever. Maybe should I have to change anything in any menu option??? Where???

  • So do I have to restart MyCareer mode to ensure everything works right or is the patch suppose to fix the error of force closing in an already started MyCareer. Because mine still will not pass the part it forced closed at. I’m more than willing to start a new MyCareer if it means it will not be corrupted by the forced closing error.

  • Ohhh gotcha… Many thanks ronnie boy!!!! … Also do cutscenes run out after your first season or all the way until you retire ???

  • Thanks for replying back Ronnie. if you search “PS4 NBA2K Bistream optical audio glitching out” on youtube, you will see a perfect example. A lot of users from the gamefaqs board and playstation community forums have experience the same issue.


  • Can you guys fix the error CE-34878-0 from MyCareer. The patch that just came out did not even fix it.

  • Well, it still forced closed where it did last time, so I will try to start from scratch. Like I said earlier, I’m fine with. I really enjoy the game, just trying to get MyCareer to work properly. Thanks for responding.

  • I will say this is the best looking video game I have ever seen. From the details of the sweat to player waves… Oh how come i can’t give my MyPlayer waves. I like the cool hair designs but I want some spinning waves too LOL will there be an update and also more cornrolls options.

  • I’m enjoying the MyCAREER mode, but the lack of couch co-op and create-a-player in MYGM is frustrating, especially since couch co-op was patched out of the game. Any chance of these two being added in for MYGM mode in a patch?

  • Myplayer’s weight from 145 to 300 pounds have no difference. In currrent gen when first creating a player you could see the weight being put on/taken off when adjusting the weight. I just want myplayer to match the size of the other point guards in the league. Can you guys please address this?

  • the game does have gameplay errors dude. the ball still morphs right thru players hands during on the ball steals, blocks and passing lane steals. not all the time but it does. and the game still feels like your walking/running on ice on defense playing off the ball. also sometimes the controls are non responsive jumping for rebounds or timing blocks. this happens multiple times during a game trying to time rebounds and block when using Roy Hibbert. I don’t know if this is just the realism in the game and dudes super dumb but yea it sucks when I time a rebound hit jump and crap happens and the damn CPU gets the offensive rebound. just please fix the morphs its been years now and this still happens not as bad as last year but it still happening way to often. If your a defensive player like me you know what am talking about. I have no issues on offense except missing FT with A+ release. WACK. It cost me a game last night missing 2 back to back with PG24 last 2 min in the 4th with A- release on both. FIX IT. Thanks game is awesome still been a 2k fan since Dreamcast 9/10……..oh yea why no mascots/association/roster saves to hard drive?

  • And as pretty as the game looks for PS4 with players like Lebron Rose and KD looking super freaking real. non scanned players like the entire Clipper roster look wack especially Dudley. I think A Miller (Nuggets) is the worst player model in the game. Can 2k continue to get players scanned? and when they do the roster update update models also?

  • This is cool might check this out soon, since i have the game.

  • I know that you can use the remote play feature to play this on the ps vita, but would you consider releasing a standalone PS Vita version for those of us who don’t have a PS4? Many Vita owners would buy it for the Vita. Please consider releasing this on the Vita as well.

  • 2ksuport isnt responding back to me when i send my ticket number

  • I love the game by far, but it has its problems. One problem is sometimes when i play online, all the shoot timing is delayed, making it to where i have to hold it longer to make. Another thing is will y’all make online leagues like associations, or bring online associations back? I loved those a lot, especially playing against bots & the fantasy draft.

  • Sadly to say, I restarted an MyCareer from scratch and it forced closed again. So, I don’t know what else to do. I guess I will sit on it until it is fixed for me. Sometimes I wonder if it is something on my end that isn’t working correctly and it making everything mess up. Who knows.

  • 1..
    Hi Ronnie, is it possible 2k could please put in a patch for us to have more control on viewing player highlights/replays? I have requested this feature over the years and even spoke about this to Mr. Mike Wang which he said he would mention to the presentation guys but it has basically been ignored for the last couple years its a very simple thing to add for the user to be able to view any highlight they wish during the game (could even be a foul or a great play that doesnt have to be a made basket) and choose whatever camera angle such as the ones in the player highlights and for however long of the play. Simply can add this in the instant replay to view the whole play like we can but put in the custom cameras for us to choose from having the camera follow the ball go in the basket then back to the player like it does. When I view a players highlight it usually only shows one camera angle and it cuts off right after a made basket.. Please extend the duration of a highlight from beginning of the full play to the very end of the of the whole play.

  • 2..
    I enjoy making highlights all the time and is just frustrating after a few years of us still not getting a chance to create our own highlights, we basically have no control on it and the directors cut basically does nothing as it usually doesnt even show the whole play and the speed is to fast. I would just love to be able to choose any camera angle and view it in the full play..thanks and hope that wasnt to confusing.

  • My biggest complaint is that my user settings don’t save. I have to change them back to the way I want them everytime I start up 2K14 for first time. Have this problem been reported, because I’m not have these issue with other titles.

  • My game plays fine!! I love it.. only thing I’m concerned with is my MYPLAYER account. I know I had one for 2k13 on XBox 360. But, I don’t remember setting one up for PS4 and everything I can think of that I would set it up with has failed. Is there anyone it can be checked on or do I have to delete my MYPLAYER and start ALL OVER AGAIN????

  • I bought this game already but still don’t got the PS4 I’ll be getting soon I so can’t wait to play this epic basketball experience 2K Sports you guys deliver graphics look out this world from what I’ve seen :)

  • After i requested for a trade my game kept crashing and i have not been able to progress since then. Just wondering if this issue has been fixed??? PLEASE.

  • My player is one of the only reasons I play this game! It is awesome on PS4. I have played most of the games out already, and it is probably the best graphically for next gen so far, IE cut scenes and stuff. Good work.. But please, fix my GM.. It has to be the weakest mode ever in terms of making us pay to unlock normal features. Some people like simming and actually being the GM!! If you don’t play, you can’t get VC.. No VC means no features!

  • I think when you buy VC it causes the game to become glitched and it causes the error message of force closing. Because I made an MyCareer and progressed with no issues at all. Made a new I.D and bought VC and it immediately started force closing. Also, once you buy VC…the MyCareer forever becomes glitched…at least in what I have learned…Is there going to be a way to fix this?

  • I’d like to point out the audio issues as well during gameplay, it doesn’t happen all the time but the audio will cut out for 2-3 seconds every now and then.

    As far as MyCareer mode, I would love to see even more new cutscenes for the next game and perhaps different voice actors also. Something that would be neat every My___ mode is if you could bring up the scores from the real life game and compare it against ours.

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