NBA 2K14 PS4 Dev Diary: MyCAREER

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NBA 2K14 PS4 Dev Diary: MyCAREER

MyCAREER has been one of NBA 2K14‘s most-played modes. The question is, with the next generation of technology, how do we create a fresh experience beyond playing games on the court? Creating a new cinematic experience that rivals a Hollywood film – that’s how!

With over 300 pages of script, MyCAREER on PS4 takes you on an emotional journey like you’ve never experienced before. Our goal was to place you IN the game. From competing on the court, to decisions you make off the court, the experience has been expanded in an immersive journey through next gen technology.

For example, early on you may not get the minutes you want as a rookie. As your team calls a timeout, you have a decision to make – remain sitting or get up and celebrate with your teammates. Each decision affects the way you are viewed both from your team’s viewpoint and the way fans look at you. This is just one of many deep decisions you make, with your actions opening up hours and hours of completely new content both on and off the court.

NBA 2K14 on PS4, 07

Things like personality, choosing to answer in polite ways or with arrogance, fans liking you, endorsements and personality badges all factor into your decisions. Even choosing which endorsements to sign with (ala adidas, Nike or Jordan brand, for example) have an effect on your career. Your decisions even affect things like potential trades, social media feeds and endorsements and MyCAREER relationships (team chemistry, GM relationships, loyalty with local and national fans etc). Things like rhythm and team chemistry can impact the way your team plays. The first year experience will take you through all 82 games, and you can chose to play Key Games in the second season onward.

Simply put, MyCAREER lets you make decisions about your NBA career like never before seen. Of course, this is just a small taste of the exciting next-gen MyCAREER mode. We have plenty of surprises up our sleeves. You can grab NBA 2K14 on PS4 right now! Get your journey started and make a name for yourself. This is your story. Your legacy. Your career.

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  • Hey guys! Hope you’re loving NBA 2K14 action on PS4. Let’s discuss MyCAREER!

  • Can we discuss when the game is getting a patch? Still no roster update and the game has many flaws in its gameplay.

    • Hi Miggy. There was a patch update yesterday. The roster update will come shortly after that other console has a patch.

      Can you be specific when you say “flaws in gameplay”? Most everyone says this is by far the best gameplay experience NBA 2K has ever had.

  • just got the patch. My mycareer was working fine before, but after the path i get error ce-34878-0. Whats the solution to this. the patch actually made it worse!

    • Please refer to the PlayStation support page on the CE-34878-0 issue. If you have further trouble, please work with @2KSupport on Twitter.

  • I want to know do y’all have a fix for the Mycareer crashes or not.

  • I paid 400 for the ps4 60 for the game just to play 2k. And I am disappointed that I can’t get this fixed. It’s been 3 weeks. I installed the update. Nothing change. I reported it to 2ksupport. Nothing. Can you please be upfront and let us know why it’s doing this. And if you do or don’t have a fix for it now. Because that’s nearly 500 dollars down the drain. And seeing that I’m in college. I have no money to be wasted on a brick game.

  • Any insight to possibly including the ability to alter rosters for MyCareer (for the sake of tendencies). Or altering sliders for MyCareer. I know this may seem like a way to cheese online MyPlayers, but for everyone else it could help us cater the gameplay perfectly.

  • What difficulty is it set to when playing online? I am a bit rusty after not playing since 2K11, but I found it actually easier than before to score.

  • There is no way to view metric stats in MyCareer unless you wait for a “PER Report” news story, and click on that. Any plans to give it a menu option like it used to have?

    • Good feedback, will pass to the dev team. Like you said, it’s tracking it for that news story overlay so doesn’t seem like it would be anything preventative.

  • Also any plans to patch audio for streams? I saw that Battlefield 4 will be doing that soon.. I understand that the soundtrack is probably an issue.

  • Disappointed in the limitations we have when it comes to creating a player. Can’t customize the faces or create players outside of My Career mode. :(

  • Plus, for teams that are missing players, it’s tempting to wait until mid-season to start a MyCareer so that updated rosters are included. Being able to alter these things while in a season may not be something an NBA player can do (and therefore not 100% true to the experience) but it will go a long way toward allowing us to enjoy the game even more… which is crazy because it’s amazing!

    • This is one of those weird ones… some people don’t want rosters edited. Not to mention “fantasy” transactions happen within the mode itself. Would those be overwritten by a roster update? There’s no perfect solution to this.

  • After the most recent patch released yesterday, myCareer doesn’t work at all. It stays in the loading screen and never goes beyond. The Park I cannot get to even open as well. This patch made my game worse than it already was… Not to mention all the player/object clipping I experience in quick games.

    • Our data shows a serious uptick in activity in both of these modes since yesterday’s update. However, if you’re running into issues, don’t hesitate for a second to contact @2KSupport on twitter.

  • Is it possible to update the game for people to make their own faces like last gen, or even take pictures like EA does with it’s sports games? If it is possible, will we see that sometime this year with NBA 2K14 or will they definitely place that in NBA 2k15? It seemed like a bit of a step back for the franchise in that mode. I do understand that Next-Gen is more work and there were time constraints, but given this game has made leaps and bounds ahead of the last-gen version, i’d expect either via update or next year that it should what it has as well as what the last-gen offered.

  • Thanks for the reply. Some issues I had were too many offensive rebounds because for some reason the CPU doesn’t box out. Also passing is a little suspect as the ball will sometimes be given straight to the defender even when player was clearly able to accept a pass. I also have a problem with the menu such as not being able to save your roster to your hard drive. Yes this is my favorite 2k game, but these issues really hold it back being great. Thank you for reading.

    • Is this since yesterday? A lot of smaller gameplay things were addressed in the update. I will pass along what you are referring to. One thing about the passing you should be aware of: it depends a lot on the passer’s passer rating.

      Rosters are shared to the Cloud. When the roster update happens, you’re going to see why that’s going to be majorly popular.

  • I love the more personal turn you guys took with MyCareer – I used to HATE the press conference after every game last year, but now I look forward to the various things that can happen between games. Hopefully you’ll keep expanding on it next year.

    • It’s been massively popular and is my favorite thing as well. It’s something we’re proud of so I imagine it will be a continued development in future years.

  • Also, why can’t we modify rosters outside of MyCareer? A few people need a their accessories updated. Is this something that could come later, or will we have to wait for NBA 2K15?

  • I’m enjoying MyCareer mode, but I’d like to see some bugs fixed. Last weekend, my internet went down and I got kicked out of the game mid-jumpshot. I wasn’t even playing online! Also, last night I couldn’t load the MyCareer mode (kept hanging on one of the “after the game” load screens); finally I was successfull at loading MyCareer after turning OFF my PS4’s internet connection.

    A single-player game mode should not be affected by one’s internet connection and I consider these very serious bugs. BTW, the first bug occured before the most recent patch and the second bug after.

    Really digging the game beside this and the confusing menus. This is my first b-ball game and I’m addicted.

    • Glad to hear. One reason online is necessary is that we want everyone to be on equal footing when it comes to their MyCAREER.

  • Game is amazing..and looks more amazing on the ps4..but i just wanted to ask is there a way to add my character to a nba team roster without the carrer mode..i just want to be able to get an alley oop from dwade and be the jordan player of the

    • We have always kept the MyPLAYER exclusive to that mode but it’s good feedback and something I can certainly tell our team.

  • Hi Ronnie, when the patch will be released to Europe, cause I can’t still download it.

    • In Europe, the patch was combined with the day one patch. Meaning if you’ve played online, you already have the patch!

  • Why haven’t the issues with online leagues been addressed? There is an online community who buys the game specifically for online leagues and that game mode is incomplete at best. It’s pretty disappointing that 2k has gone from one of the best online leagues to this. This is completely unacceptable. Will online leagues be updated in the next patch since it went ignored this patch? Online leagues now have a 0% chance of finishing due to the lack of commish controls. You can’t change minutes, difficulty, and one playoff game series. That doesn’t sound very sim…

    • This is the 1st year of MyGM and Online Leagues and it’ll be something we’ll be building and growing over time. We appreciate the feedback you guys give us in turning this into the mode that you guys want.

  • I will play the game again with new patch. Was not aware of gameplay changes in it. Thanks again for reply.

  • Some settings still don’t save between games, just like last year (Playvision settings in particular, possibly others.) Known issue? Annoying to have to change settings before every game, but not disastrous.

    Announcing – it would be nice if you could set it so the announcers will just say the first name of your player (assimung you chose from the list) rather than one of the nicknames. Just haven’t been able to find one I like. Also in MyCareer specifically, I wonder if you could set it so they talk about your team/players on your team less… it leads to a lot of recycled audio and the same comments about the same players every game. If they focused on the other team more it would at least be less noticeable.

    • Playbooks are associated with roster updates so that’s why you can’t save those. Settings the team is aware of.

      If your name is in the database, they do say it. We have one of the most (if not THE most) extensive audio libraries of any sports game out there. But there’s a lot of names to record in the world. I am likely going to set up a forum where people can get their names submitted so we can record them. We can’t have the announcers say names that aren’t recorded!

  • The game is completely broken for me after yesterdays patch. When i try mycareer it wont load and just hangs at the loading screen. I have to force close the game to get back to the main menu. Deleted the game and reinstalled. Still cant play.

  • “Glad to hear. One reason online is necessary is that we want everyone to be on equal footing when it comes to their MyCAREER.”

    Sorry Ronnie, I don’t understand. I played MyCareer mode offline last night, so a connection doesn’t seem required. What do you mean by ensuring everyone is on equal footing? Does it report gameplay statics for balancing purposes or something?

    • It’s not required but we want to make sure it’s not hex editted or anything. A lot of people do end up playing great modes like The Park and the last thing we want to see is Giant MyPlayers like 2K11!

  • Thanks for taking time for the fans Ronnie, you’re awesome.

    Also, is there a resource somewhere that shows us the PS3 touchpad gestures? Can’t find them in the manual or online anywhere. I accidentally called an iso the other day and wanted to replicate it!

    • Thanks for the words Joe!

      That’s a video we need to do. I definitely think we need to inform the fans of the touchpad, that thing is a major resource. Let me see if we can set up a livestream about that subject.

  • I love the NBA2k Series and have been playing it since the Dreamcast.

    1. I was very disappointed in the lack of a proper player creation system. This is the PS4 where it could have been amazing to have a player look like you. I bought the game for PS3 and PS4 and all the work I put in on the PS3 version was a waste.(I knew full well I was taking a risk by getting the PS3 version)

    2. Why can’t I carry my player with me year after year. I typically can only get 1-2 seasons all year. It would be great if I could just continue next year with the same player. My career would be much more compelling if I could progress over several years building my player.

    3. The music section is good but not nearly as great as it’s has been in the past. I’ve always found the NBA2K sound track to be a well curated selection that matched basketball culture, tempo, and atmosphere. This year’s songs are good songs but they don’t quite gel with the game as in previous years.

    • Thanks for the support!

      1. I hear you. There are a lot of options that gets it close but I understand you want your exact guy.

      2. Well moving to next-gen sort of made the cross over impossible, especially since the mode is completely transformed. But even year to year, we add so many different things to the mode that a lot of it makes your last year’s MyPLAYER irrelevant.

      3. Blame LeBron. Just kidding. I actually disagree, I think it’s our best soundtrack of all time. Kudos LeBron for picking an amazing soundtrack.

  • Hey Ronnie Me and a couple of my friends were trying to team up together in the park and it wouldn’t let us . we went to the list with play with friends which wouldn’t show none of my friends and all of were online . So whats the issue ?

  • This is not the 1st year of online leagues… you guys had them up until 2k11 I believe. My point is if you are going to include them in the game make sure it’s not broken 1st. I didn’t expect anything great but I expected a playable mode. Do you feel the mode is playable as successful?

    • That’s entirely different. 2K11 OL’s were replaced by OA’s. Now we’re going to our next stage of growth in that area.

      Many people are playing the mode and enjoying it thoroughly. I am sorry if it’s not the OA or old OL that you remember. We will continue to push the envelope and make it something that grows.

  • A few things in myCareer need to be looked at:

    1. The settings for camera cuts from ocassional switch to never, even if saved.

    2. The settings for show play art change randomly, even when saved.

    3. Cannot view award races and all-star selections without it being on the NBA home screen. Its needs its own tab.

    4. It would help if decision pop-ups would not already have an option picked. I sometimes just kepp clicking X, for a pass in game and then a decision popup would occur.

    5. No option for an under shirt, which is wierd cause it was there before day one patch.

    6. It would be nice to still call screens when having icons up.


    • Talked about the saved settings earlier, I have sent an email to the team.

      The awards are on the intended screens.

      I see what you’re talking about with 4-6, I’ll pass that to team.

  • I’m in the playoffs now and Michael Beasley just fouled out but the game keeps him in and I just made him received a (7)th foul and he still was not removed from the game… what the hell is up with that??? Then in the same series Blake Griffin broke his ankle but game let him play the rest of the series for 2 minutes!!! please fix this.

  • This is by far, the best NBA game ever. Congratulations guys, you did it again!

  • agree with the post above.. I’m really enjoying this NBA 2K14. Keep it up guys

  • Not trying to be rude, I enjoy this game a lot and in my opinion it is the best NBA 2k game I have ever experienced.

    However.. VC needed a LOT of tuning. it is no longer satisfying to upgrade your my player when all you have to do is play games OUTSIDE of my career to improve your players skill.

    it just isn’t satisfying, also the accessories are insaaaaanely overpriced. I have no problems with VC outside of my career, u can raise VC all you want in those modes, but please, my career is about developing YOUR player and it would be more satisfying to sense your work earns skill.

    with that said, I love this game, keep up the good work. Ronnie2K you do an awesome job I love your tweets!

    • You could pick up a good chunk in MyCAREER once you get minutes but I hear you early on. A lot of people address this with The Park, which is running nice since yesterday’s update.

      A lot of the clothing/accessories is for The Park.

  • Thank you Ronnie for responding It shows that you care ! Please can you give this feedback to the team about not being able to play with your friends in the park , because it would mean a lot if they could fix it .

    • Will make sure to let them know. Crazy how addicting that feature already is in Year One and where it’ll go in future years.

  • Any possibility we will be able to pick our favorite team to play for in my career? I have restarted 3 different times hopping my team would pick me in the draft. That’s all I want.

    • It’s hard to get drafted by the team you want (a lot of factors go into where you’re drafted), but if you gain enough pull in your career, you can pull strings to get yourself moved to your favorite team. But watch what decisions you make, every action has a reaction.

  • ok, well now I know you are BS’n because no one is enjoying the online league experience. Have you taken a look at your online league forums? They are dead. Even if there was 1 active league on the planet I couldn’t join it because you can’t replace owners mid league. 1 owner goes missing and the whole lg will never make it to the playoffs… Do you see how this is frustrating?? It’s even more frustrating that this wasn’t brought up until after launch. I get it, 2k is more concerned about VC than pleasing it’s fans

  • I am get the ce-34878-0 error for MyCareer it loads the the error pops up some people have been saying I need to restart MyCareer but I spent like 45$ on VC and I don’t wanna have to start over again.

  • How much weight is placed on your choices of favorite team and which team you want to play for in the Draft? It’s a good idea that you added something like this, because although going in a realistic spot in the draft is nice… playing for a team you care about seems more important to me. I’ve been drafted by the Sixers two years in a row now, and I just don’t really care about them.

    • In real life, you wouldn’t necessarily get drafted to your favorite team so we’re simming that. That being said, post draft, if you manage it well, you can work your way to your favorite team.

      The 76ers must have a major need for whatever skill set you play style is addressing.

  • CAN WE GET COLLEGE HOOPS 2K15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • We don’t own the license to make a college game at this time. This could always change in the future but we can’t as of this time.

  • I’ve been playing 2K basketball (and baseball) for years now.

    I’ve only ever played offline.

    So please for the love of gamers, don’t create a game where it screws up if you have connection issues while PLAYING OFFLINE!!!

    Who cares if people have good My Players? To each their own. Just patch in something to make sure the game runs the exact same when offline.

    Other than the issues caused by this, I’ve had no problems (other than the fact that NBA for the PS4 is lacking a LOT of BASIC and advanced features etc… that until now were standard in a basketball game)

    • It does run the same. We just don’t want you to be stuck one way if a fan changes his mind and wants to jump on and play with his MyPLAYER online.

      Would really suck if you built a 99, decided you wanted to play The Park, and now couldn’t.

  • what were the other small gameplay tweaks that were included in this patch? Would be awesome if you could provide patch notes!

    • A lot of it’s very nitty gritty so not sure it makes sense for notes this time but you’ll see the benefit in the game.

  • In my player mode I keep asking for a trade and everytime I do none of my 3 selections are honored. And those 3 were 3 of the top 5 teams that were interested in me. Orlando Miami and Golden State. Yet the game trades me to the Spurs and Sixers. I just want to play with these teams and each time they were the in the top 5 and Orlando was top 1 twice and I did not get traded to the team requested. This needs to be fixed. I can see if I was requesting below top 5 teams that won’t interested but it adds on an additional 20 minutes of me purposely fouling out to get through the 2-3 games so that I can request another trade.

    • Depends on your personal attributes and the need of the team. If you are a positive influence (said the right thing at press conferences, been a good teammate behind the scenes, etc.), you’re more likely to get to go where you want.

      The odds are the team doesn’t need your skill set and you were a meanie during press conferences.

  • Loving this game, I was hesitant about the career mode but it’s definitely a step in the right direction. My only real complaint is the lack of control over how your character reacts to certain things, some of the stuff is automatic (;like bragging about being on magazine covers when you play Ellis in the first regular season match up).

    MyGM is awesome, can’t wait to see how that mode develops. Unfortunately you sort of have to play the games, because if you don’t, you don’t have enough VC to buy upgrades. Since it’s a manager mode I would like to see you receive more VC just from the management side.

    Unfortunately as of about four hours ago, I can’t play ANY game modes. I’ve spent money on VC and can’t even play the game? Come on now. I know it’s probably the PSN end of things, but surely 2k can try to get into dialogue with Sony about this ce-34878-0 Error

  • If I request a trade and my 3 selections of teams are in the top 5 of teams interested in me including 1 (orl) who was interested in me as the top team twice in my request why aren’t my request of teams being honored. The logic would seem if at least 2 of your selections are top 5 then one of them should be honored. Now I have to waste 20 minutes trying to purposely fouling out so I can get to another GM meeting to ask for a trade and then demand a list of teams I am interested in…..


  • Thats the 1st thing you said I agree with “2k lgs are important to the future”.

    But I’m not talking about the future right now. I’m addressing the present right now. I’m hopefule 2k15 lgs will be fixed. But what about 2k14 leagues? You can’t sit there and say they are acceptable as currently constructed. If you do you are either delusional or just won’t admit a mistake. I think your company owes the online league players a big apology for trying to even think that mode is acceptable. I guess the point is are online league in the plans for the next patch? Otherwise the game is pointless to me as I just spent $60 on a money grabbing VC myplayer game.

  • I made my player on next gen on launch day I used my account from ps3 is that why myPlayer is a overall 25 online in park mode? And do I have to make a new account?

    • You may be using the wrong MyPlayer. I did hear of a visual issue but I thought was was addressed. Regardless, your real rating in the game is what it will be in The Park.

  • I just want to ask if in patch #3 if the substitution issues in mycareer will be addressed. Example:

    1. Playing as starter with 41 minutes – i am playing the whole 3rd and 4th quarter. In spite of committing my 5th foul mid-3rd, i am still in the game. IMO, this is unrealistic.

    2. When there is that goal to cut the deficit to 5, I will not be substituted even though Im flat out and no energy or even in foul trouble. SAD thing is that this glitch (if this is a glitch) is there since 2k13 and in 2k14 (360).

    Looking forward to your answer. Thanks.

  • So is it true with your headset you can be given a technical foul if you swear through your headset?

    I saw a video for Xbox360 version is this true for the ps4?

    Also a suggestion for MyPlayer Mode. Team Rivals I know Ellis is a rival but I think more hard fouls and skirmishes would make it seem more then just a friendly rivalry because he comes off as someone I’d slap in real life on the court lol. I would love to hard foul him to the wood and have him get up really angry and maybe even get tossed.. or the ability to purposely commit “flagrant” fouls

  • I didnt record it sadly but it was weird the game kept playing Blake Griffin after the injury but only as a starter for 2 minutes then removed from playing afterwards every game. I’m also having issues with myGM mode it keeps gettin an error code after the playoffs finish and Im on season 3 of it. the error keeps appearing in the same spot over and over when it shows who won the championship that year and mvp then crashes.

  • Where is Couch co-op MYGM/Season Mode??? I can understand taking it off in MYGM but season mode cmon man…

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