Ys: Memories of Celceta Out Today for PS Vita

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Ys: Memories of Celceta Out Today for PS Vita

It’s here! Ys: Memories of Celceta, the latest installment in Nihon Falcom’s storied Ys series, is out today for PS Vita. It’s $39.99 for the digital or physical standard edition, and $59.99 for the swanky Silver Anniversary Edition. The Silver Edition comes with a 130-page “Travel Journal” full of art, maps, and strategies, a cloth map depicting the lands of Celceta, a three CD compilation of original and arranged music, and a logo-emblazoned compass.

Last time on the blog, I spoke of Celceta’s myriad features, its basic premise, and the history of the many games called “Ys IV,” but one question I kept hearing was, “Is this a good place to start if I’ve never played an Ys game before?”

And while I did my best to reassure you all that you’ll be just fine starting your adventure here in Celceta, I thought it might be prudent to go into a little more detail on what the series is, how it’s changed over the years, and just how accessible its games really are.

So… let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

The Ys series debuted in 1987 on various Japanese computer systems, and was an instant hit due to its fast-paced action, its exquisitely ’80s, glam-rock soundtrack, and its unexpected plot twists (particularly for the time). The primary key to its success, though, lay in its combat, often referred to as the “bump system.”

Ys: Memories of CelcetaYs: Memories of Celceta

Essentially, combat required the use of no buttons beyond standard movement controls, as attacks were performed simply by ramming your character sprite into the opponent’s, with effectiveness determined by the angle and trajectory of impact. It may sound a bit silly, but as anyone who’s played Ys I & II Chronicles can attest, it works surprisingly well; perhaps because it’s a battle system that encourages you to keep moving, backed by a soundtrack full of speed-metal beats and shred guitar. A friend of mine once said it felt like playing a Rocky training montage, and I think that about sums up the experience rather nicely.

Ys I & II are very much products of their time, however, and thus may not be the best Ys titles to start with unless you’re a retro gamer at heart. It’s better to save them for after you’ve already familiarized yourself with what Ys has to offer through one of its more modern installments.

And the reason that’s so key here is because the Ys franchise, as a whole, is constantly changing. While the bump system was revisited once more in the original release of Ys IV, every other title in the series went in a completely different direction. Ys III: Wanderers From Ys, for example, was a side-scrolling platformer RPG. Meanwhile, the latest numbered Ys title, Ys SEVEN, was developed exclusively for the PSP and features a party system with complex skill and dodging mechanics, multiple weapon types, and more.

Perhaps because the series kept reinventing itself from one installment to the next, it also adopted an episodic approach to storytelling. Rather than each sequel picking up where the previous one left off and continuing an overarching storyline, we’re instead treated to a new and unique tale from the many heroic chronicles of red-haired swordsman Adol Christin.

Generally, every Ys game opens with Adol arriving in some new land to find it plagued by evil, and ends with him setting sail for his next adventure after successfully saving the day. There are recurring characters and themes from time to time, but they’re typically utilized in such a way that you can play the series in any order of your choosing without confusion.

Ys: Memories of Celceta

Ys: Memories of CelcetaYs: Memories of Celceta

So with every game presenting a unique experience and an original tale of adventure in a new land, how does Ys: Memories of Celceta measure up? Well… it’s a game developed to mark the series’ 25th anniversary, so as you might imagine, it does its job rather nicely. Although the land of Celceta was visited previously in Ys IV, Memories of Celceta serves more or less as a replacement for that title, reinventing the land and its people.

This makes Ys: Memories of Celceta an absolutely ideal starting point for those who’ve never played an Ys game before. Modern mechanics and visuals mix with new arrangements of classic music and themes to create a game that truly showcases what’s kept this series going strong for over a quarter of a century.

There are a lot of Ys titles to choose from, and there’s not a bad game to be found in the bunch… but if you’re looking to jump in somewhere, why not start with Celceta? Come join the silver anniversary celebration, and see why this is a series worth remembering.

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  • @boomstickbhg So the PSP games are at discount right now? How much are they usually?

  • @51 Most of them (including LoH) AFAIK are $20 usually.

  • uuuuuuu the Ys games are 7.49!!!! omg omg omg …. i must buy them!!! Ys 3 and 7 are 7.49 oh and Ys 1&2 also 7.49 … i dont really like that one though lol

  • theyre 14.99 usually

  • @ 51

    One look at the Weekly deals section on the PS Vita Store shows that all Ys (Ys I & II Cronicles, Ys Seven, Ys: The Oath in Felghana) are on discount.

    If I remember correctly they were $19.99 before, not sure though, I bought them all waaaaaay back. But even 19.99 was a steal for what you get. I would recommend you to get Ys Seven for you to get familiar with the gameplay that Ys Memories of Celceta has to offer.

  • @ItaChu

    I remember when I played the original Ys Book I & II on the TurboGrafx engine way back, I used to think that the game could not get any better, and when I played the remastered version on the PSP it was even better.

    So don’t be afraid give it a try! It’s a pure RPG experience :)

  • @ Tom Lipschultz

    Ok thanks! Will give it a shot! I loved the PSP games and from the trialer I thought it would play like Ragnarok….I didn’t get into that game.

    Thanks for response and community involvement!

  • and downloading

  • So! If I get the silver edition which is psvita it comes with 3 cd’s of music that I can not play on my vita or ps4. Sounds wonderful!!!!

    • Audio CDs will never die! Chances are, you’ve got SOMETHING that can play them — and if so, you’ll own four hours of awesome music to play on it, should you buy the Silver Anniversary Edition!

  • Not really wanting to sink $40 bucks into Vita games, when PS 3 has more to offer for around the same.

    Being limited, still does not give good reason based on principle.
    Although it may very well be a good game.

    I may pick up Ys Seven though, and see what I think.

    • A good game is a good game. Doesn’t matter what system it’s on. And personally, I’d rather spend $40 on a top-notch Vita game than $30 on a mediocre PS3 game. The experience is what truly counts.

  • 785 mb i don’t know if i can wait that long =(

    XSEED good job i’m going to love this game!!!!!

  • And Abes’ PS One classics are $5.99 now. FYI.

  • And for the record, when IGN gives it a raving review, then you can call it good.
    Untill then, it is just hype.

    • I wouldn’t blindly trust any reviewer, personally. Some of my favorite games are titles that critics have universally hated, and some of my least favorite games are critical darlings. Just because other people love something doesn’t mean you will, and just because other people hate it doesn’t mean you will either.

      …That said, I anticipate most critics loving Ys Celceta. But if they don’t, don’t you let it discourage you! Check out videos and fan reactions, and judge for yourself if it seems like something you might enjoy.

  • I very much enjoyed Ys 7 on PSP, although the final boss was really tough! I have Memories of Celceta ordered and it looks absolutely fantastic, this is why I play JRPGs!

    I also really like the music for the Adol trailer, is that in-game or not?

    • Yep, the music in all seven (!) of our Celceta trailers (eight if you count our E3 trailer) comes straight from the game.


    *sits next to mailbox, waiting on Silver Anniversary Edition to get here*

  • @63

    So until IGN gives it a 9.9 is not considered a good game? Got it.

    But let me tell you one thing, if you only consider buying games that get “raving” reviews (opinions) from the video game media, you’re missing on A LOT of truly GOOD games and hidden gems.

    Just keep that in mind for your next purchase :)

  • I can’t wait until the PS Store updates so I can get this game! (First world PS problems)

  • Those of you buying the game at Gamestop: Go to the game’s page on their site, and click Pick up at store. If your store shows up in that list, you may be in luck, but if not….refresh that page every so often, as more stores in my area are being added to the list, although with “low stock”.

  • @67 its there (im in canada)

    25 more minutes for bliss!

  • @66

    Hahaha sarcasm. See, I don’t really read reviews for games I truly look forward to – as to me, reviews are just another opinion. I seriously wish people would not depend so much on review scores, or hate on review(er)s that are given a score that doesn’t satisfy its readers (urgh, Gamespot…)

    I mean, seriously – they have a running series called Feedbackula, where they take the worst comments in any given news story and read them out loud with silly voices (and often times, it’s pretty funny, even though the source content is not). And their more recent episodes have been based from their recent reviews (this week being a game from that other next gen platform).

    Anywho, a good game is a good game! As soon as my GS has it in stock (hopefully later today as I said in @68), I’m running back out there to pick it (Ys MoC) up!

    Also….how do you pronounce Celceta? The guys on the Blogcast couldn’t pronounce it, and neither can I.

  • And you are definately right about a good game being a good game.
    An with that said, Thank You!!! for the price drops, and Via support for the other Ys selections.

    *I simply wish you would compete sooner, and with better pricing than retail for those of us trying to go digital, since. we do not resell / trade*

    After a little youtubing, Oath looks more to my playing style(and very much so), but will still likely getSeven as well.

    I may have tried 1 and 2 , but Abe still needs some attenion

    Thanks Again.

  • Awesome. Downloading now. :)

  • @ 66

    Give it a rest.

    So you would listen to anonymous critics? Or for that matter a salesperson/spokesperson from the company who issues their paycheck?

    And BTW , you. added your own comments to mine.

    Noone said anything about a 9.9, but if you think IGN has not given some pretty acurate reviews, then you are an idiot.

  • @all Thanks for the recommendations and answers to my initial discount questions. I will be grabbing them all to play on my PSVita and my Silver Anniversary Edition should be here very soon to enjoy as well.
    I will be enjoying some Ys today!

  • I can see why some might question IGN(it’s a very long story). However gents, this is a Y’s game.

    If you love your action RPG’s, there is a sense of shame you must feel for not having tried at least one in the series.
    (That PSP series sale is made of rainbows and awesome BTW)

    The combat is always a highlight in a Y’s game. Smooth action that seems to be rare in localized ARPGs these days.
    (One of the greatest was Dark Cloud 2, so take it as almost any Y’s sitting next to that)
    Someone making the poor association to the Monster Hunter series usually pays the price for days with downvotes, “Well Actually”s and comments about their intelligence.

    In ending, thanks XSEED for bringing what will most likely be another sweet game to North America.
    That sale on the PSP Y’s games is again pure rainbow loaded awesome.

    • Man, what a great comment! But… the purist in me can’t help pointing out that it’s Ys (no apostrophe, pronounced “eece,” rhymes with “fleece”), not Y’s. It’s named after an ancient French legend (more or less the French version of Atlantis), which is why it’s such an odd word with such an odd pronunciation.

      You clearly have good taste, though, so I think we can look past the mistake… this time. ;)

  • Waiting on UPS to deliver my “release day” Silver Anniversary Edition from Amazon …

  • I may have asked this before, but does anyone know if this is the franchise which inspired the Falcom Maker character(s) from the Hyperdimension Neptunia series?

    For those who aren’t aware, each Maker in that series represents a game company, or series, which has allowed IF/CH to feature an official mascot character for. Falcom has two versions of their own Maker character (Mk2 and V), representing incarnations of herself from parallel dimensions.

    Speaking of which, since V is up on the North American PSN today, those who go for it as a digital download might then be able to add (both versions of) Falcom as a DLC add-on. Plus, the younger version is included in Re;Birth 1 on the Vita in Japan, though no announcement for that one has been made as of yet.

    I wonder if Falcom themselves would consider making either version available as a DLC option for one of their own games? (NIS did something similar, when they poached their Nisa-chan mascot for use in the Disgaea series. Bit since she hasn’t been seen in a Nep game since, I’d hope that such a cameo wouldn’t prevent either version of Falcom-chan from making a presence in her host franchise.)

    • Pretty sure the Falcom character in Neptunia is meant as a mixture of Adol Christin from the Ys series and Estelle Bright from the Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky series. Those are Falcom’s two flagship titles, after all, so it would only stand to reason a character designed to represent them as a company would strive to emulate the main protagonists from both series.

  • That will be my last game on PS VITA this year …. but at the beginning of December with my last salary.
    Thank you XSEED to bring us this kind of games in occident ! I hope this game will have the success it deserves !

  • Tom:

    *checks LoH wiki*

    I see what you mean. Both versions of Falcom even have the same Japanese voice actress (Akemi Kanda) as Estelle.

    So I guess that’s two series which Nihon Falcom could reverse-enginner her into as a cameo character…

    Speaking of Makers, one other such character who appeared at the same time as V Falcom was MarvelousAQL – who has the same Japanese VA as Asuka from Senran Kagura. (Her character design is pretty heavily inspired by SK, too.) Like V Falcom, she is also in Re: Birth 1.

    Given how well that franchise is doing on a rival system, is there any chance that Marvy-chan might not be the only representation of that particular series on a PlayStation platform to make it over to the West?

  • I preordered the silver anniversary edition from Amazon, but it won’t be here until tomorrow. I have played all the ys games available for vita already, but was hoping for a sale on LOH Trails in the Sky. It’s never been on sale. I really want to try it, but I think $20 is a little steep.

    • $20, steep? For a game that will easily last you 50+ hours, with emphasis on the plus? It’s a steal at that price, man!

  • now if only you would lower the price point of your absolutely ridiculously and criminally overpriced memory cards then i might actually be able to buy a game off the psn store.. as it is i need a hard copy of every game because buying a game on the psn costs double the price because i will need a new card to fit it

  • @80 IMHO All worth it. I have that one, from the store, and it is a treat to play!
    Now on to downloading Ys (all of them) from the PSN store while I await my delivery to come home!

  • Hi Tom,
    You will publish the game in Europe early 2014? Also how does the localization of the Second Chapter of Trails in the Sky goes? I saw the mention of Estelle in the comments and remembered it…

    • NIS America is handling the EU release of Celceta. I believe they’re on track for early 2014, but you’d have to ask them to be sure.

      Trails SC is coming along, but still quite a ways from being finished. I wouldn’t expect too much more news on that until later in 2014.

  • Thanks for the advice. I would have downloaded it too, but both my wife and I own Vitas and have our accounts. We both want to play it and 80 dollars is way too much for us to both buy it. Hope cartridges never die out for the Vita.

  • i just cant wait the a third party comes out with a micro sd adapter and catches you with your pants down.. you guys are being thieves and your “price drop” on the vita memory cards was absolutely laughable and devastating all at the same time..

    you want to know why the 3DS is flushing the vita down the toilet.. maybe its because they launched it to use REGULAR SD CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so people bought it and now it can have good games cause it sells good.
    but no instead you chose to release with a grossly overpriced proprietary memory card and kill your system before it was even out of the gate.

    I don’t even care about the fact that its proprietary but please lower the price to a reasonable amount.. I have no idea what possessed you to charge 100 dollars for 32 GB of space. after all even 32 gigs is a measly amount of room. 30 gig cards should be NO MORE than 32 dollars… any more than a dollar a GB in this day and age is absolutely ludicrous and insulting to your fans.


  • Quick question: Does Konami still have the distribution rights to Ark of Napishtim or do you guys have distribution rights to the entire series? If you have the rights to all of them it would be really great to be able to play Ark of Napishtim again.

    • They only ever had rights to the PSP and PS2 versions of the game, which I believe they still retain. The original PC version, however, is up for grabs AFAIK…

  • @73, for the most part, if you listen to IGN, you are still technically listening to an anonymous critic. They’re just popularly anonymous critics.
    I personally take everything from IGN with heavy skepticism, but more specifically with their RPG reviews.
    They’ve been horrid at reviewing a few of the more niche-classified RPGs overall, but they’ve been taking many steps to improve of late, so I’ll give them credit on that. Yet I’d still really recommend a different review page for RPGs, at least for now. (But that’s mostly just because their reviewers and I like different things.. Yet their 5=horrid scale really does tarnish any reviewers validity, as 5 is supposed to be “okay” by every normal scale.)
    Or just do your own research into the game first as I do.
    Since the one who knows your interests better than anyone else is you.

    Anyway, I actually got interested in this game after scrolling through Vita releases and then lots of internet digging, but with holidays around the corner, I’m not allowed to buy anything (it all goes on a really early X-Mas list)… o.o;

  • well,my copy should arrive before thanksgiving day so i should be good.i’m not going to start playing till i finish etrian odyssey on my other handheld.on top of that, i need to play my free copy of valhalla knights 2 that i got from the psn when xseed was giving it for free!
    btw,thank you for the free game based xseed!
    that is all :)

  • My Silver Anniversary Edition is coming in soon! I don’t have a Vita to play it.

    SONY, please consider bringing over the Vita TV to Western countries! I believe it could expand the user base for the Vita platform and make it more accessible. Work on DualShock 4 and full library compatibility, then you will receive even more support!

    I would love to play Ys: Memories of Celceta on Vita TV.

  • I really want this but I just bought the PS4 on the 15th and Tearaway a week later. I can’t keep dropping all this money on games, especially when I don’t have enough time to get through them quickly. I will hopefully get it before too long, though!

  • Man, it’s so tempting. For me, the soundtrack, cloth map, and artbook alone is worth the $60. I just got my Vita recently and I don’t be able to pay for a Silver Anniversary Edition anytime soon. I just hope retailers have more of these by the time I have enough money to buy one. And talking a look at the digital version, it’s only 784 MB. That’s pretty small for a Vita game. Now I can’t decide whether I should by the Silver Anniversary Edition or the digital version. I plan to only buy Vita games digitally. Decisions, decisions.

  • If I HATE Ys Seven, will I like this game? I’ve played the other Ys games released on Steam and PSP and loved them. I thought Seven was slow and boring. I just couldn’t get into it.

    • If it’s the combat you hated in Ys SEVEN, then I wouldn’t hold out too much hope for Celceta, honestly — the combat system has been refined, but is still based on the same formula.

      If it was more the pacing and flow of the story, however, there’s a good chance you’ll like Celceta significantly more. Story scenes are shorter but overall better-written, with more fleshed-out characters and more interesting scenarios. In fact, story-wise, this is easily one of the best games in the series.

  • @ Tom: Ah, darn. I was specifically hoping for the PSP or PS2 version to be released for play on the PS3 or Vita. Oh well, if you guys were to release the PC version I would still get that. Just a suggestion.

    • The PS2 and PSP versions would be in Konami’s jurisdiction, I’m afraid. They definitely own those versions of the game, and would have to put them on PSN themselves. PC would be all we can do, I think.

      I might suggest writing in to Konami with your request, as it would definitely be nice to see Ys VI playable on current-gen consoles.

  • Any chance the PSP version of “The Ark of Napishtim” will come to the PSN store?

  • Sorry, I see this answered above.

  • Hey guys, I went to gamestop and asked if my copy was there and they had an extra special edition so I paid the extra 20 and got it!

  • Great to see more PS Vita games coming out to the system. This will be superb hopefully at some point I can get this.

  • Just picked up my copy earlier today and looking forward to playing it. I’ve bought all the Ys games you brought over for the PSP, unfortunately I was only able to beat Ys Seven since the UMD drive on my PSP began having problems. However now that there is a sale for the PSP games I’ll probably purchase Oath and finally get to see why it is so well-loved. I’m sure it’ll fit in perfectly with all the other PSP games on my Vita.

  • Picked up my preorder today and love it. Well worth the money and a good start point for the ones who have not played the older ones. I have played them all but like the new style play with this one. Great job as always XSEED. :)

  • Picked up my Silver Anniversary Edition at EB Games today. Thank you for an amazing release. The journal is amazing, the compass and map are nice, and the 3 CD soundtrack is a work of art and effort.
    As an Ys fan who got Wanderers on SNES for my birthday years ago, I look forward to every single release that comes stateside.
    This leads to a few questions:
    1) Seeing that Adol lost his memories of Celceta, is it safe to assume that this game is somewhat of a sequel to one of the 3 versions of Ys 4 (or all 3 versions in one way or another)?
    2) This being Falcom’s canon venture into 4, is there any murmurs about the same treatment for 5? Kefin is the only one I ahve not played, even the fan translation is not complete yet after all this time. If you guys haven;t heard anything, please try to use whatever channels available to let Falcom know that we want a new release of Ys 5.
    3) Was it a long time for your team to go through the massive sound library to find which tracks to include on the soundtrack?
    4) A song from the PC Typing game? That’s great. Only thing missing was a song form the MMO that was short lived, Ys Online. And Ys Strategy, but let’s forget that was a thing.

    • 1. It’s more a replacement for Ys IV — a totally new retelling of the events that occurred in Celceta.

      2. No “murmurs,” per se, but I think it’s almost inevitable that Falcom will remake Ys V at some point. It’s less a matter of if, and more a matter of when. ;)

      3. It took a while, but was a lot of fun. I went on a bit of an Ys musical adventure, listening through every single Ys album I owned and even buying a few new ones just to see what stood out as the “best of the best.”

      4. Ah, but neither Ys Online nor Ys Strategy were developed by Falcom… whereas The Typing of Ys was! ;) It was a minigame in their lesser-known action RPG “Zwei!!”, and that song’s first appearance was actually on the Zwei!! Original Soundtrack.

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