Ys: Memories of Celceta Out Today for PS Vita

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Ys: Memories of Celceta Out Today for PS Vita

It’s here! Ys: Memories of Celceta, the latest installment in Nihon Falcom’s storied Ys series, is out today for PS Vita. It’s $39.99 for the digital or physical standard edition, and $59.99 for the swanky Silver Anniversary Edition. The Silver Edition comes with a 130-page “Travel Journal” full of art, maps, and strategies, a cloth map depicting the lands of Celceta, a three CD compilation of original and arranged music, and a logo-emblazoned compass.

Last time on the blog, I spoke of Celceta’s myriad features, its basic premise, and the history of the many games called “Ys IV,” but one question I kept hearing was, “Is this a good place to start if I’ve never played an Ys game before?”

And while I did my best to reassure you all that you’ll be just fine starting your adventure here in Celceta, I thought it might be prudent to go into a little more detail on what the series is, how it’s changed over the years, and just how accessible its games really are.

So… let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

The Ys series debuted in 1987 on various Japanese computer systems, and was an instant hit due to its fast-paced action, its exquisitely ’80s, glam-rock soundtrack, and its unexpected plot twists (particularly for the time). The primary key to its success, though, lay in its combat, often referred to as the “bump system.”

Ys: Memories of CelcetaYs: Memories of Celceta

Essentially, combat required the use of no buttons beyond standard movement controls, as attacks were performed simply by ramming your character sprite into the opponent’s, with effectiveness determined by the angle and trajectory of impact. It may sound a bit silly, but as anyone who’s played Ys I & II Chronicles can attest, it works surprisingly well; perhaps because it’s a battle system that encourages you to keep moving, backed by a soundtrack full of speed-metal beats and shred guitar. A friend of mine once said it felt like playing a Rocky training montage, and I think that about sums up the experience rather nicely.

Ys I & II are very much products of their time, however, and thus may not be the best Ys titles to start with unless you’re a retro gamer at heart. It’s better to save them for after you’ve already familiarized yourself with what Ys has to offer through one of its more modern installments.

And the reason that’s so key here is because the Ys franchise, as a whole, is constantly changing. While the bump system was revisited once more in the original release of Ys IV, every other title in the series went in a completely different direction. Ys III: Wanderers From Ys, for example, was a side-scrolling platformer RPG. Meanwhile, the latest numbered Ys title, Ys SEVEN, was developed exclusively for the PSP and features a party system with complex skill and dodging mechanics, multiple weapon types, and more.

Perhaps because the series kept reinventing itself from one installment to the next, it also adopted an episodic approach to storytelling. Rather than each sequel picking up where the previous one left off and continuing an overarching storyline, we’re instead treated to a new and unique tale from the many heroic chronicles of red-haired swordsman Adol Christin.

Generally, every Ys game opens with Adol arriving in some new land to find it plagued by evil, and ends with him setting sail for his next adventure after successfully saving the day. There are recurring characters and themes from time to time, but they’re typically utilized in such a way that you can play the series in any order of your choosing without confusion.

Ys: Memories of Celceta

Ys: Memories of CelcetaYs: Memories of Celceta

So with every game presenting a unique experience and an original tale of adventure in a new land, how does Ys: Memories of Celceta measure up? Well… it’s a game developed to mark the series’ 25th anniversary, so as you might imagine, it does its job rather nicely. Although the land of Celceta was visited previously in Ys IV, Memories of Celceta serves more or less as a replacement for that title, reinventing the land and its people.

This makes Ys: Memories of Celceta an absolutely ideal starting point for those who’ve never played an Ys game before. Modern mechanics and visuals mix with new arrangements of classic music and themes to create a game that truly showcases what’s kept this series going strong for over a quarter of a century.

There are a lot of Ys titles to choose from, and there’s not a bad game to be found in the bunch… but if you’re looking to jump in somewhere, why not start with Celceta? Come join the silver anniversary celebration, and see why this is a series worth remembering.

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  • Yay! Looking forward to picking this up. Y’s Seven was the first game I really sunk into on the vita.

  • Thank you XSEED for bringing this to the west! Just waiting for my silver edition to arrive. Looking forward to Trails Second Chapter! Hoping that you guys will bring more Legend of heroes and Ys games to the west :) Cheers!

  • I’ll buy it round Christmas time. Isn’t available physically here till 2-3 days after they say it’s released either way. Title should say Street Date

  • I May get it

  • Hopefully I’ll be able to find that Limited Edition in a few weeks, too much Christmas shopping to do for the kids right now to buy it in good conscience. Man, this looks great, though. XSEED, you guys rock.

  • Getting this one.

    Hey, Tom Lipschultz, I think you should tell more people they can play digital PSP Ys titles on Vita; don’t underestimate the the amount of people who ignore that fact.

    • I actually had some info to that effect in the first draft of this blog entry, but I have a tendency to write VERY LONG THINGS, and it seems that part got edited out before the entry went live. Ah well… que sera sera!

  • i want this game badly, but $40 is too much for me right now. Wish that was just the price for retail and digital was only $29.99. I’ll have to wait for a price drop, unfortuanetly.

    Also, please bring back the Wild Arms series. its been ages since the last one appeared back on ps2. i’d even settle for an HD remaster of Wild Arms 3 for ps3.

    • Back in my day, new RPGs were upwards of $80, you know! You should count yourself lucky that we’re living in an era where you can get a solid 30-40 hour game for $40. (/old-fogey)

      Seriously, though, the game is well worth the cost. Especially if you shell out $60 for the Silver Anniversary Edition — then you not only get the game, but four hours of music on 3 CDs, a 130-page book, a cloth map and a compass!

      As for Wild Arms, remember, we’re not a developer — we don’t make games, we just translate them to English and publish them in the west. In order for us to publish a new Wild Arms game, the original developers would have to make one.

      If they did, though, believe you me, we’d be all over that!

  • My Silver Anniversary Edition should arrive tomorrow. It’s going to be fun! >.<

  • Not my style but great for vita

  • Can you please offer the PSP YS titles on Sale in celebration of this launch. Pretty please :)

  • Any news about a possible sale on the PSP games? I’d love to tackle I+II and Felghana before getting to this one (since it’s a remake of IV) but since this game’s coming out I figure there might be an Ys sale and I don’t want to overpay if they’re going on sale soon.

    • Keep an eye on the store today. You might find yourself pleasantly surprised!

      Honestly, though, there’s no need to worry about playing this series in order — as the blog mentions, it might actually be better NOT to start with Ys I & II, as they’re very different from the rest of the series and a lot more “old school/hardcore.” If you want my advice, start with Ys: The Oath in Felghana… or this one. ;)

  • I should be picking up my Silver Anniversary addition today if the shipment comes in on time! I’m really looking forward to it. The Ys series is one I recently got into, thanks to Ys I&II on Steam. I then picked up Ys Seven and now this! Even though the games really are as diverse as you say I have to say I’ve found a reason to love all the ones I’ve played so far. Thanks XSEED for giving me that opportunity!

  • nooooooooooooo, why isn’t the digital price 35.99 as the other digital games? I have 38.15 usd in my wallet TT_TT I won’t be able to afford it for a couple of cents!

  • Worst week for me.. No Black Friday PSN Sale announcement.. So this is the only game that I’ll be getting in the store.. :/

  • Cool. When will I be able to play on a Vita TV? >:)

    • Right away, theoretically. AFAIK, it’s compatible out-of-the-box. But… I don’t know if the American release is compatible with the Japanese Vita TV (anyone test this out yet?), soooo… Sony, Vita TV when?! ;)

  • If this is anything like Ragnarok I’ll pass…I thought that games was super boring and limiting.

    I did play the old Ys on psp but they weren’t like this:P

    • It’s not a thing like any Ragnarok game. Not even close! If you enjoyed one Ys game, chances are you’ll enjoy this one too — the series does change quite a bit from one installment to the next, but in the end, it’s always Ys.

  • Will be getting this today for sure! All I want for my Vita is some RPG love. Can you tell us the file size of the digital version? My memory card is getting rather full, and it’s getting tough to delete enough to make room for more, without getting rid of something I’d rather not. :)

    • Until it goes live on PSN, it’ll be hard to say for sure (PSN compression affects download size differently from game to game), but the Japanese version of it was a 911 MB download with a minimum save game requirement of 100 MB on top of that, so I’d say it’s safe to expect this to be around 1 GB or so.

      Remember, though, you may need to have some extra blank space on your memory stick on top of the download size in order for the game to install, too…

  • @17 It’s not at all like Ragnarok. It’s more like Secret Of Mana at the speed of light. It’s top notch.

  • @17: Liquidation– Nothing like Ragnarok, sir. It’s more like a Final Fantasy meets Zelda-type adventure.

    DAT WATERFALL- Resolution on this game looks beautiful… I’ll be picking up my Collector’s Edition in about 30 minutes or so. <3

    Highlight of an already really rough week… I'll be alternating between this game and Tearaway for the next couple months.

  • @L1qu1dat1on : The games is similar to Ys seven in terms of combat. Its story based action RPG, nothing like Ragnorak Odyssey.

    On topic, even though I imported this game last year, I’m getting this day one digital ^^

  • Im new to the series so, this game have an auto attack system? I mean you just move your characters to the enemie and they just auto attack? I like when Im the one doing the combos =/

    • Heavens no! The Ys series would never be caught dead with an auto-attack system. ;) You control everything yourself, no worries there!

  • Preordered and picking mine up this afternoon. SS gets added to the igc today and then Rainbow Moon comes to the Vita next week. Good times ahead!

  • @22 TeamGreen615– Rainbow Moon is NEXT WEEK?!! My Vita is going to be getting more love this holiday season than my PS4… Hahah. Should have just boxed that thing up and opened it up for Christmas for myself.

  • got my amazon pre order in so hopefully being sent out.

  • Going within the hour to pick up my copy. Then it’s the agonizing wait till the work day is over to play. =)

  • I was going to buy digital today, but that cloth map and compass and art book were too much to resist. Ordered the Silver Anniversary set now.

    Vita is getting all my gaming time lately.

  • how good is the story in this game? i love rpgs with deep great stories like persona and final fantasy

    • The Ys series has always been more about gameplay than story, though Celceta does have a deeper narrative than most. If you’re expecting to be blown away by intricate political drama or something, you might be disappointed, but if you’re OK with something simple and elegant, it should totally deliver.

      Sounds to me like The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky might be more your speed, though — that’s Falcom’s other flagship series, and it’s renowned for its deep, complex storyline and tremendously well-developed world and characters. It’s also available on PSP, both physically and through PSN, and is fully Vita-compatible.

  • Do I hear JYB as Adol in the launch trailer? 10/10 with the voice work XSEED. Picking up my Silver Edition copy after class :D

  • is the digital version available for dowload yet? I’ve been going back to the PS store on my vita for a while now expecting the download to be available, but nope.

    • It’ll be available whenever PSN updates today. Which is usually around midday PST, though it’s always hard to pinpoint exactly what time.

  • I never heard of these games before but wow looks pretty awesome. Few questions
    1) How many Ys games are there? And does missing out on the others matter?
    2) When does this game come to the EU?
    3) Is there a demo for newbies? And if yes, can a EU account download the american demo?

    • There are a LOT of Ys games. The series has been around since 1987 and is up to Ys Seven in the numbered series, with a prequel called Ys Origin on top of that and several remakes that are so different, they’re basically completely new games (much like Memories of Celceta).

      Depending on what you consider to be a unique game, there are anywhere from 10 to 12 Ys titles — and lots more if you count all the spinoffs, cell phone games, etc.

      As the blog notes, you do NOT have to play these in order — they’re completely episodic, and there’s no problem jumping in absolutely anywhere. I recommend starting either here, or with Ys: The Oath in Felghana.

      The EU release of Memories of Celceta is slated for sometime in 2014 through NIS America.

      And no, there is no English-language demo for Celceta just yet, but our PC release of Ys Origin does have a free demo available for download, and that should give you some idea what kind of game you’re in for (Celceta is obviously quite different, but every Ys game is in the same genre and has a similar feel to it):


  • So far no one in my town or the nearby towns have the physical copy, even online sites list it as weds at the earliest or even no release date yet.

    Of course I’m in Canada so sometimes we get things a little late, but not usually. (and usually if it arrives late, the sites say it’s on time)

    Thankfully there’s the PSN version, now I just have to decide if I’m patient enough to wait for a copy for my shelf.

    Thanks for bringing us the good games.

    • We always try to get games to you guys ON release day, but we’re a little too small for that to work most of the time. Hopefully you’ll have it soon, though — sorry for the wait!

  • Awesome! I get my Silver Anniversary Edition today. The bonuses really look incredible, art book and music especially

  • Psn better update fast. i can’t wait

  • Any chance of a demo? It looks sweet, but I’ve never played a Ys game, so not willing to buy blind.

    • There’s a demo in Japan which we might release somewhere down the line, but for now, there is no demo of Ys: Memories of Celceta in English, I’m afraid.

      One of our PC Ys titles did receive a free demo, however, and while it is a very different game, it’s got the same “spirit” to it — so if you’re curious to get a taste of the Ys series, feel free to download the Ys Origin demo here and check it out:


      If you like it even a little bit, then chances are you’d love Ys: Memories of Celceta too.

  • I preordered the Silver Edition, so it should be in my mailbox later today. I’m at work, but I won’t be able to play it anyway, because I’m still going through Ys Seven and loving it!

  • HELP!!!!!!, I went to Gamestop to preorder it yesterday and was told people wouldn’t get their copies of Y’s in time. :( What the heck?

    • For physical copies, today is technically the ship date — meaning some stores may not get it until tomorrow, and a small handful of very unlucky stores may not get it until even later than that.

      I know that kinda sucks, but the only alternative would be to delay each of our releases by a week or two in order to make sure every store has its copies in stock and ready to go on release day. But that would mean people who might otherwise be able to play the game right away would have to wait days or even weeks before they’d be allowed to, and that’s just not cool! So we don’t do that.

      Sorry for the delay, though, either way. I know how much it sucks to wait, but rest assured, it’ll be worth it in the end!

  • @37 magooser I just went to gamestop to pick up a copy. Got a bad habit of not preordering sometimes and just buying on a whim. They didn’t have it and won’t have it till tomorrow. =(

  • I’m relly pissed off. I arived at the store for pick up my copy and they say that it hasn’t arrived yet. They told me to wait and it’s been almost 3 hours and still waiting. I want it now.

  • Lucky retail buyers (in certain areas) you guys get to buy your copy from gamestop which opens at 10 AM here while we have to play guess when.I wish sony would tell us when they start and stop store updates.

  • Just bought the game from the store

    Can’t wait to get home and play it.

  • @12(mod post):

    I read that comment about the sales probably becoming a reality and truly said out loud.. “Awe, man… my money…”

  • Dammit, Gamestop…..The whole point of pre-ordering (and release dates, for that matter) is to pick it up on DAY ONE….not day 2, or 3, etc.

    No I will not be buying it on PSN as I’ve already spent $60 on the Silver Edition.

  • waiting for this game

  • My PS3 in console store has Y’s up already! (not the webstore)

    It’s 784.1MB apparently.

  • I will be playing the Silver Anniversary Edition when it drops in my front door today and hoping that the PSP versions go on sale as well today once the store updates. I love my Tearaway and this is the only thing that will separate me from that game anytime soon.
    So thanks again for bringing it to the USA!

  • And yes, I just found it on the webstore as well as on my PS3, can’t wait to get this game!

  • Thanks very much for your reply. Will check out this free PC demo. :D

  • I just got this game shipped to me, and oh my, the cloth map is huge! That sure is one big overworld compared to previous entries. Great job Tom and all the people from XSEED Games, you never fail to surprise me.

    I remember engaging on a conversation with you Tom on Siliconera when you guys announced the LE, and I asked you if the cloth map was bigger than the one that came on the Ys Seven LE, and well now comparing the two, it is indeed bigger. The compass is functional, The travel Journal is very detailed and the 3-CD Soundtrack is simply amazing, a lot of nostalgic tunes in there.

    I have to say this is one of the best LE’s that you can get for 59.99. Happy Silver Anniversary Ys and Falcom!

  • lol @ me and that ‘ I always want to use. Obviously I meant Ys Celceta is in the PSN store (ps3 version, Ontario Canada).

    Also from browsing the Current price of the other Ys games (psp) in ps3, they list to me at 7.49, they’re not in the sale section yet, but that might be the sale price (1+2 chronicles, Oath in F, Ys 7)

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