Tearaway Out Today on PS Vita

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Tearaway Out Today on PS Vita

Tearaway is out today!

You can buy it from your local store, or download it straight to your PS Vita from PlayStation Store — the choice is yours. There’s also a free trial available to download, leaving you Vita owners no excuse to miss out on the fun.

For the last few weeks, the game has been in the hands of reviewers, and they seem to have enjoyed it. We’ve poured so much of ourselves into this game, so we really hope you enjoy it. We’re especially excited about seeing your photos and papercraft on Tearaway.me!

In case you missed it earlier in the week, we put together a special launch trailer…

If you’re waiting for your download to finish, or just want to know more about the making of Tearaway, check out this series of behind-the-scenes videos.

The Story Trailer
The Paper Trailer
The Music Trailer
The Vita Trailer
The Media Molecule Trailer

We really hope you love Tearaway. Grab the game (or the free trial), and see you over on Tearaway.me!

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  • @myrulesmylife, Try closing and re-opening your store. It just hit so you might need to refresh.

  • only see the demo.. the full out yet?

  • Fantastic title. I’m loving Tearaway. Haven’t been as happy to own a Vita… well since Gravity Rush.

  • It’s great to see a TV commercial for a Vita game, but why EU only? US needs a commercial for this!

  • up on store – search for it. i bought already.

  • Not getting the game till christmas, so gonna get the free trial later to hold me over!

  • Purchased, and downloading. It looks amazing.

  • got it!

    what a cool looking game.. the animations are beautiful

  • Wasnt at Best Buy from some reason. I have a gift card there so i got Super Mario 3D World for now but I WILL GET IT SOON

  • i love this game its one of my favorite vita games along with littlebigplanet i also loved the midnight launch it was for xbox but more people showed up for tearaway was cool you guys make awesome games

  • Shame that SCEA is doing nothing to try and make it sell more than 1000 copies here.

    SCEA, why do you hate the PS Vita?

  • @54: Um, because SCEE actually cares (and provides new content to PS Vita) while SCEA doesn’t (and only puts out ports).

  • THIS GAME IS GOOD! I’m glad it is finally out. I have been playing nonstop since I picked it up at midnight (getting in front of some Xbox One pre-orders), so worth the wait!

  • I just finished the demo and I loved it! I smiled through the whole thing. I wish that on the parts where you draw, it used the rear touchscreen though. My fingers get in the way and I can’t see what I’m drawing. That is a very small gripe though. Amazing game and unlike anything I’ve ever played before. Money is tight this month because I already preordered Ys, but I’ll be buying this next month for sure.

  • I just started the game and I cannot stop smiling, it’s just the cutest game I’ve played in ages. Love it!! Obviously I’ve not gotten far into the game but just the bit I’ve played has really charmed me and I don’t want to put it down. SCEA.. why aren’t you promoting this game to the heavens????

  • I know this will probably not reach them, but I would just like to congratulate MediaMolecule on their outstanding job with this game. I am a long time supporter of your games and a big fan of LBP, and to be honest I did not know it would be possible for you guys to create something even more charming than Little Big Planet. But you did it again. This game exudes charm, personality and style from every single thing on screen. It is not only one of the best games on the Vita, but also one of the best games this year (and in a year where we got Last of Us, GTAV, Rayman Legends, Super Mario 3D World, Ni no Kuni and many more, that is a big achievement).

    I honestly believe that to play 5 minutes of this game and not smile at least once is a sign that you are dead inside.

    This game deserves all the praise it is receiving from the critics and more. This game deserves to be promoted, and to be a system seller.

    Thank you very much for providing us with this fantastic experience. Keep up the good work.

  • This game is a AAA title so needless to say a MUST HAVE for a Vita owner. I got it yesterday and literally have been up all night between it and Resogun. Sony keep titles like this coming it’s a major breath of fresh air.

  • Where’s patch for PSN version? Retail version has day one 1.01 patch with a lot of fixes. PSN is “trial & unlock” version 1.0 with no patch available. I bought full game, not trail + unlock. What’s going on?

  • I have the same issue here. I purchased the full game from the web store, downloaded it on my Vita, and yet its listed as “Trial & Unlock”. I can’t get the 1.01 patch either. When will this be fixed?

  • Just finished it. Well guess who’s PS4 is getting ignored for a few more days, IT’S MINE that is.
    I love this game and will keep playing it.
    MM, you have done it again!
    Guess I should make this my first Platinum!

  • Just got it and its AMAZING. *-* loving it and loving even more my Vita each time a great game launches

  • I’m on THE HARBOR, I think it’s great so far. Are there any DLC plans to expand the game?

  • Just bought Tearaway on the PS Store, I can’t wait to play it after its done downloading! Love you guys at M.M. <3

  • It’s one of those rare game moments when my heart fills with a heavy paint of optimism and anticipation… and that was only from the trailer! Also I may be the only one with a feeling of excitement when I found there’s some customization, followed by an actual use of the rear touch pad. This’ll be a game that’ll keep me staring at the base of the Christmas tree for it.

  • Great looking game! Will buy sometime soon! This along with killzone mercenary and persona 4 have to be some of the best vita games! Thanks MM!.

    I just had to say this but anyone who hasn’t played ni no kuni is missing out on an amazing game! I wish we had ni no kuni also for vita as it has Pokemon style gameplay. :)

  • Amazing game. I’ve spent the entire playthrough so far just constantly discovering new things. I’m amazed at everything I’m doing so far. Great soundtrack as well. I always smile when I see my face in the sun.

  • Any comment on the patch? Full version from PSN is marked as Trial & Unlock, we can’t get patch for it.
    EU version isn’t “Trial & Unlock” and has 1.01 patch right away. What’s wrong?

  • Picked it up on Friday, finished it yesterday :P I loved it. SO cute :D

  • only demo in my play station store, anyone knows why? :(

  • Error C2-12828-1 persists on this game only will not load up. Tried all reformatting and restore steps. Really was looking forward to this game. Support and Forums are no help. Anyone have an explanation.

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