Tearaway Out Today on PS Vita

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Tearaway Out Today on PS Vita

Tearaway is out today!

You can buy it from your local store, or download it straight to your PS Vita from PlayStation Store — the choice is yours. There’s also a free trial available to download, leaving you Vita owners no excuse to miss out on the fun.

For the last few weeks, the game has been in the hands of reviewers, and they seem to have enjoyed it. We’ve poured so much of ourselves into this game, so we really hope you enjoy it. We’re especially excited about seeing your photos and papercraft on Tearaway.me!

In case you missed it earlier in the week, we put together a special launch trailer…

If you’re waiting for your download to finish, or just want to know more about the making of Tearaway, check out this series of behind-the-scenes videos.

The Story Trailer
The Paper Trailer
The Music Trailer
The Vita Trailer
The Media Molecule Trailer

We really hope you love Tearaway. Grab the game (or the free trial), and see you over on Tearaway.me!

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  • Please update the store already so we can play it :)

  • Looking forward to trying this. Thank you so much for releasing a demo!

  • Is it up on the store? I need this in my life!

  • It’s not out here yet, but I absolutely love the trial.

  • Can’t wait to play this game! Thanks Media Molecule for making the Vita game that shows off what it can do!

  • Oh My God!!! Put it in the Store already!!! I Cant stand it anymore!!! PUT IT ONLINE NOW!!!

  • It ain’t in the store yet!

  • LOL, sorry, had to post it :3

  • 22/11? Yes! PStore? No yet! ; (

  • Still not available on the store where as it was available on the european store at midnight :(

  • Grace, push the button. PSN doesn’t have it yet…

  • Please James update the store! Me and a lot of other people have been waiting since midnight to play this.

  • Can you let us know when we can download this from the store!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I got it yesterday! Very fun and imaginative I would have to say.

  • give us Tearaway, we demand it!

  • Are we being punished for buying Digital????

  • So, when can non-EU PSN customers expect to see the game available for purchase? Tuesday?

  • I’d really like to give Sony and Media Molecule money today, but the digital PSN version isn’t up. Thanks.

  • why does SCEA want this game ( and more specifically the vita) to die???

    there is ZERO support coming from them in any direction.

    this game shoulda gone live at midnight….but no – its okay that it didnt i’ll just download when I wake up in the morning… but no. still not there

    there IS however a blog post telling me I can buy it…..some where.

  • I honestly can’t understand why Sony would post on their North American blog about a game that can’t be downloaded from the North American store. I understand that it’s available at retail, but they specifically state you can “download it straight to your PS Vita from PlayStation Store”.

    Um, no.

    Left hand, meet right hand, sigh.

  • I understand it’s likely more complicated than many of us realize, but it is quite annoying to be told it will be avalible to download today, and then it’s kind of a game in itself to see when “today” is. Would love for Sony to have a set time to update the store (especially on Tuesdays), so even if it isn’t right at midnight, we’d at least know when we can grab it.

    Anyways, incredibly excited to play this. Love my Vita, love Media Molecule. TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY :)

  • When will it be available in the PlayStation Store? I know that a midnight release was hard, but I really hope I don‘t have to wait until Tuesday to play this game!

  • @Swotam The problem is that this post is a slightly altered version of the post in the EU PSBlog (they just removed the reviews part), that is why they say we can get something THAT WE DON’T!!!

  • If you pretend people to think the PSN is at the same level that Xbox Live you will have to do a better job than this, if you announce a game is going to be available on a day people will assume it will be available at midnight when the day starts and not when you want, heck, the PS Store on tuesdays should be updated at a standard time as well, its ridiculous what you do Sony, RIDICULOUS. An now that you are going to charge for online you better strengthen your network and not the sub-standard experience we get right now. Sorry guys I love you but you have a lot of work to do…

  • OK… correcting: “THAT WE CAN’T”, not “THAT WE DON’T”…
    I’m so desperate that I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore…
    I’m just pressing F5 in the PS Store window AND closing and opening the PS Store on my Vita on and on and on again!!!
    I want a ending to my suffering!!! NOW!!!

  • demo now!!!!

  • LAUNCH IT… NOW!!!!

  • This is getting ridiculous. Everbody is playing it right now. This is what you get for going digital?

  • Got this game at a midnight launch last night.
    I really am loving it so far(this much love->).

    A little bit in and I will say that this is one of THE games to own for the Vita.
    So spectacular you will believe pigs can fly.

    Only quip is not getting the pre-order DLC yet. Waiting for a call back from the EB Games employee.

  • I can’t wait to go pick up my preorder. Much love, MM.

  • Buying games digitally on PSN can’t be taken seriously until there is a regular time of day for release. If I walked into Best Buy right now I’d pick up a copy of the game and buy it, they wouldn’t tell me “Well, we have it in the back, but we’re not going to put it out on the shelves until some random time today, come back later and maybe it’ll be out.”

  • 。°°(≧□≦)°°。

  • Yay its finally here….the wait was tough….cant wait anymore…my copy shall be delivered in no time.Mm you guys are outstanding geniuses.You have my support forever.

  • I will Tear all into this later today. (See what I did there) LOL. Vita love baby.

  • Really my only complaint about going all digital is the fact that we get it so much later than everyone else that goes retail. :)

  • Why isn’t it up on PSN yet?

  • It will be releasing today in NA PSN, I assume around the same time that PSN updates on Tuesdays.

    So don’t expect the game until 4 p.m + :)

  • Ugh!!! i was planning on playing this all day today. Come on PSN….UPDATE ALREADY!!!! ='(

  • Really hope this sells well. :(

  • i wasn’t the biggest fan of LGP, so i’ll have to wait till this hits ps plus IGC eventually.


    pretty plz?

  • Crazy day to release a game.

    I’m grabbing Zelda, as much as I had fun playing this at PAX, I’m going to hold off until after black friday.

    Enjoy a really great game all that get Day 1.

  • It’s almost an hour past one and I still don’t see it. Is anyone else having this problem? Or is it seriously still not out on the US store yet?

  • When games are released on days besides Tuesdays, they should really be on the store at midnight. Tearaway could have been uploaded on Tuesday and hidden from view until 12 AM Friday. It is pretty ridiculous that people are still waiting (1 PM EST) for the digital copy of this game. Part of the convenience of going for the digital copy on release day is that they are convenient; this isn’t very convenient.

  • The people are sick of Grace Chen. Time to reevaluate your employees SCEA.

  • IT’S UP!!! GO GET IT!!! :)

  • Yup it’s up:)

  • OMG finally. Have fun exploring everybody =)

  • I got this title physically and am now experiencing the dreaded C2-12828-1 error with this title. Anyone else having this issue?

  • I REALLY WANT DIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOOO BAD!!!!! *.*
    is every1 else seeing it in da store? plzz reply fast

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