PS4 System Software Update 1.51 Coming Soon

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PS4 System Software Update 1.51 Coming Soon

Later today, the next system software update for PlayStation 4 (version 1.51) will be available. With this minor required update, stability of system software has been improved. In addition, minor refinements to elements of the system UI (such as clearly indicating when a user downloads a game and a game patch at the same time) have been introduced.

In the North American region, automatic downloads for system and game updates are enabled by default when PS4 is in stand-by mode. Once system software update 1.51 is available later tonight, your PS4 will automatically download it, enabling you to update quickly and easily.

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  • Good looking! The PS4 is a gateway to greatness!

  • so glad i bought a PS4!

  • It would be great if we could get an option to sort disc and digital games together through folder or what have you specially once more games start releasing.

  • Does it upgrade automatically while in stand by mode?

  • Lot’s of good suggestions in on this. I for one would REALLY like the HBO Go App!

    Please Make this happen! :D

  • Please consider adding the ability of sub accounts being able to upgrade to master accounts. It’s literally the only thing keeping me from the PS4.

  • 3D Bluray support please. Can we start a petition somewhere for this?

  • please add the ability to pause certain downloads.

  • Sony do you really read these? First off TY The PS4 is awesome, but please take into consideration, alot of fans including myself want media features like ps3 DNLA mp3 picture update and support please add media dnla soon please,TY sincerely,

  • Loving the PS4 so far! Here are some changes I hope you’ll bring the in the future

    1) MP3/DLNA/CD Support (I’m aware Sony is looking into this, just giving a kindly reminder!)
    2) Options For Sorting Trophies – can’t view trophies in alpha order at the moment, and I would prefer to.
    3) More options for surround sound – PS4 only supports 5.1 through Optical, whereas PS3 supported up to 7.1 through HDMI. The Netflix app also needs to be updated to support 5.1
    4) Folders for Dynamic Menu Icons, as well as the ability sort Dynamic Menu icons in an order other than “last played.”
    5) Support for Premium Avatars. I have many avatars I purchased on PS3 and Vita, however, on PS4 I cannot change my current avatar to anything besides the default ones.
    6) Notifications for when friends come online.

    That’s all I can think of at the moment. Thanks for the update!

  • Just need 2 things to make this beast awesome.

    1. Need notifications for when friends come off and online. (I understand it would be annoying for those that have 2,000 friends, but give us the option to turn them off/on in the privacy menu)

    2. How long it’s been since someone has been online.

  • Specifically for the friends list it would be great if we could add different friends to various groups (Favorites, Work, School, Killzone Clan, etc) for those with a lot of friends (not me yet, but who knows) :)

    Then changing different kinds of notifications for each group, and various features around this would be REALLY cool!

  • How is DLNA support coming along?

  • Just a couple things I would like to mention that I haven’t seen yet.

    1) If I have a USB keyboard/mouse combo plugged in I can turn on the PS4 with my vita but I cannot login and control the system because it asks who is controlling the keyboard or mouse. I don’t want to have to keep unplugging the keyboard, please fix this.

    2) Why does it have to ask me every time I login who is using the keyboard/mouse combo I have plugged into the USB ports. Make it so I can just assign it to my user so it remembers and doesn’t ask every time I login in.

    3) Make trophies auto sync with PS plus like it does with PS3.

  • constant weekly updates with 1 major update monthly would be epic

    features in each one with a major feature each month

    That would be great especially since everyone pays $$$ for online you should have enough dough to hire a large team

  • Netflix is outputting to 5.1 on PS4. Change it to Dolby or Dts in the audio settings.

    And yes to DNLA and also 3D Bluray.

  • I want to be able to broadcast my stream to my NEWS feed for others to see

    Also maybe integrate the broadcast with “My comment” section whenever you choose to add it

  • Really loving the PS4.

    Would be great to see some of the requests mentioned applied in a future update. Would also be convenient to add more voice commands to navigate the UI even faster.

  • Please thanks for the update. But I really need sound to be split from mic and speakers for voice chat like the playstation 3. I capture chat for my channel and I can’t capture the sound because it comes thru the small headset right now and it’s not helping. But tha ks Sony for updating so soon keep up the good work.

  • The ease to update the firmware of the PS4 is astounding. Well done, folks.

  • Please update, the PSN friends online status & messaging issue:

    For example, a PS3 online user cannot see if a PS4 user is online or playing a game.
    Although, PS4 users are able to view their PS4/PS3/PsVita friends online and what they’re doing.

    Also, when a PS4 user is trying to send a message to a PS3 user it certainly doesn’t send correctly because instead the PSN user of the PS4/PS3 will receieved it on their own PS3.

    Thanks Sony, for the updates! Hope every issue gets cleared off! GREATNESS AWAITS.

  • My recommendations are as follows. I realize some of these may be on their way but I’ll post anyway.

    1) Update friends list so that it show which system they are playing on. I can’t invite friends to my game that are playing on a PS3.
    2) Can’t find where to watch friends in-game or option to join them. I guess this is coming soon.
    3) See no home/friend screen option from which I can invite friends to play a game I’m currently playing.
    4) Expand the use of the touch pad to other areas such as the home screen, etc.
    5) Can’t seem to play a game while it’s downloading (not sure if function was supposed to apply to disc games downloading onto the hard drive or digital downloads). For example, Call of Duty downloaded in parts and even asked me which part of the game (single player or multi-player) I wanted to download first. The first part downloaded but it didn’t allow me to install it until the second part finished downloading.

  • 6) Would like to be able to change the home screen music and “menu select” sounds rather than simply being able to toggle them on/off. The music and sounds are a bit annoying. The music sounds like a massage parlor and the menu select sounds are too loud/harsh in my opinion. Softer tones would be much better. Minor complain, I know, but it would add to the overall polish of the experience. 7) Recommend being able to leave friends voice messages like xbox can do.
    8) Add function to allow the main menu icons (games, TV, music, etc) to be rearranged, grouped, etc. Basically user customization much like an Android device or iPhone.
    9) Notification menu is still a bit clunky. For example, when I game finishes downloading it is not clear if/when it is able to be played/installed.
    10) No function to “delete all” for uploads/downloads. This may apply to other notifications as well. I had nothing to delete in the other folders so I was unable to test it.
    11) Menus such as “privacy settings” load slowly reminiscent of the PS3.

  • Has anyone else been experiencing this glitch of downloading deja vu?
    I first noticed it when I downloaded the system update then a minutes later I had to do it again. When it first happened I thought no big deal but now it did it again with Killzone Shadow Fall. It started to download the game update for the multiplayer. And It said 80 minutes for this update to download.
    Frustration on download speeds aside has anyone else noticed this or did Killzone just release a new update and I’m just freaking out over nothing?

  • Glad you are rolling them out so quickly. Thank you.

    Like armenian6000 said, I hope there is an update soon to fix trophy siyncing when you have a lot of trophies. He got it with resogun but I got mine with Sound Shapes after cloud syncing (error np-32157-8 which is not on the known list of errors). Lots of trophies popped and couldn’t sync with PSN.

  • I don’t suppose this update will finally let me play Battlefield 4 will it? The game still crashes as soon as it gets to the menu everytime :'(

  • Sony please add Copy & Paste and ability to post pictures to facebook via Internet Browser. Facebook PS4 app maybe? :D and of course add ability to save pictures off Internet Browser onto PS4.

  • I’m am very happy they are trying fix all the things in the early going. Keep it up. I’m already in love with this system and the software can only get better from here.

  • So it’s the 20th… Where is the update?

  • Thanks for update , no problems here besides wanting my Wireless stereo headset to work..I have the Pulse headsets and I hope you can patch in support for all USB headsets.

    I really need my Pulse headsets for night sessions.

  • Thanks for the heads up Eric.

    Loving the PS4 so far with what I’ve seen.

    Hopefully we have some more great updates in the near future to bring some old features that the PS3 had previously, as well as new items to enhance this console even further.

    I can’t believe how much the PS3 changed from when I bought near it’s launch.

    Keep up the great work and thank you !

  • So when can we make a folder for games? Or remove non-downloaded apps from the video folder? Or have any actual control over the layout of the home screen?

  • Are you planing on patching it so the Official playstation headset to be compatible with ps4. Pretty choked sonys own Bluetooth headset does not work.

  • Awesome, Now fix the playstation plus issues.

  • – Where’s the top friends? I hate that I can’t tell when my friends are online unless I go check.
    – See trophies offline please, don’t get how this wasn’t implemented automatically
    – Alot of my videos I bought on the PS Store are missing on PS4, when will I get to stream them? This better not be a next Crash on Vita BS where I’ll never get my stuff.
    – Dynamic themes need to be there but before that, we Need custom colours, I hate Blue and would prefer to have Green or Orange as my background
    – I think you guys should have explained the new Library System so ppl knew what was going on. I was confused as hell at first with it.
    – Also hope the Neon Alley app comes soon as well as YouTube. Canada only gets 4 apps, which kinda defeats the purpose.
    – what happened to all PS4 titles having demos?

  • Thanks! Hope you guys add youtube upload support soon!

  • Well here are my requests:

    1) Let us elect to use our PSN IDs exclusively instead of first and last names on our own menus.

    2) Make deleted games disappear from the Library. Let us sort the Library.

    3) Add the normal graphic icon for a movie when a BluRay movie is inserted. It appears when you fast forward a movie, but not on the main menu.

    4) Let us customize the color of the light bar or TURN IT OFF/DIM it because it is ultra annoying for movie watching and blue looks cooler.

    5) Release an actual remote control like for the PS3!

    6) Custom themes please!!

    7) Fix problems with Linear PCM outputting as Stereo over HDMI to Sony receivers.

    8) Fix rampant pixel shimmer in games like Knack and especially AC IV.

  • video support and custom wallpapers PLEASE

  • Perfection!

  • Sony can you please address the following issues. I saved data to a USB drive under my old psn account and when I try to load it under my new psn account I get a no saved data message. So I log back in under my old psn account and it says its there. Please help me out.

  • Give us the ability to manage our own Game/Music/Video/Picture in the next update please, the new Ui is annoying because you won’t let me be able to organize and put things where I could find them.

  • good news, keep it up!

  • A video editing app that edit vids, put different videos together and also commentate. Will compliment your share feature nicely

  • Good work. It’s already working great. Keep adding features :D

  • Awesome thanks Sony!

  • Great! Keep up the good work guys!

  • Has the update dropped yet? I want to buy Ghosts off the store, but I figured I’d wait for the update before I do anything. East Coast here btw.

  • hey sony .m having a problem with call of duty ghosts onthe ps4. the “made it out alive” trophy is glitched and wont pop up. the trophy requires you to escape for the first time . ive escaped a few times now and still no luck. i belive the reason its happend is cause my stats for cod ghosts (ps3) were transfered to my cod ghosts on ps4. on ps3 i had already escaped so therefore when my stats transfered to ps4 it glitched the trophy on me. its like the game thinks i already have it or something. i have already contacted activision and they redirected me back to you guys. could you please release a patch for itas well please.? thanks

  • playstation is so awesome! :)

  • Nothing wrong with small updates as long as things are getting fixed. But it seems PS4 would/should have EVERYTHING the PS3 had: online friend notifications, custom themes and backgrounds, better net browser, comment section. I had a kool Oakland A’s theme I made from a picture and some green icons. Would like to bring it back.

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