PS4 System Software Update 1.51 Coming Soon

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PS4 System Software Update 1.51 Coming Soon

Later today, the next system software update for PlayStation 4 (version 1.51) will be available. With this minor required update, stability of system software has been improved. In addition, minor refinements to elements of the system UI (such as clearly indicating when a user downloads a game and a game patch at the same time) have been introduced.

In the North American region, automatic downloads for system and game updates are enabled by default when PS4 is in stand-by mode. Once system software update 1.51 is available later tonight, your PS4 will automatically download it, enabling you to update quickly and easily.

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  • Way to keep on top of it, guys!

  • Things getting better and better =D awesome as always guys ;) thank you!

  • That is good news, keep it up!

  • Sweet!! Excited to update :D

    Was wondering, if we are also going to be able to pause a game download on the PS4 too?

  • Glad to see the quick iteration! Can’t wait for YouTube integration :)

  • Add where we can see when our friends sign on or off pleaze and bring back download list like on PS3 i cant download my bonus map for call of duty ghost it shows i have it but when i add it to the q online store to download on PS4 again it wont redownload even on stand by mode :-( bring the download list back like on PS3 also add video chat :-)

  • I like the hard work and effort being put into such a fast patch. Please consider the following for the next one.

    1) media support (music & photos)
    2) friend notifications (when they come online, start playing a game, broadcasting, etc.)
    3) sorting capability for home UI
    Future updates I would like to see

    1) Give us a real twitch app, not just one that plays PS4 streams. (I want to watch MLG, SC2, LOL, etc.)
    2) Make use of all the wasted space on the right side of the screen while broadcasting a game.
    3) Give me a Youtube app!!!
    4) More voice commands for PS Camera

    Keep up the great work. I’m loving the new system.

  • What about Pulse Elite support!!!???

    That should be a priority!!!

  • Good news but already to the next update? Not saying it’s bad but hey, an update is and update. As long as it fixes stuff, of course. You guys should look into the share feature. I posted a screenshot and the top of it is all glitchy. My gameplay at that time was fine.

    Also, can we have a list of downloads separately? Especially for add-ons. I seem to not be getting the other DLC for Assassin’s Creed IV.

  • Great news!

    Please include the ability to mute/disable the camera during multiplayer gameplay in a future patch.

    keep up the great work.

  • This is great and all but when are we going to have music, video, photo and game sections back instead of new feed layouts. And when are we going to get external HDD / USB support as well as media servers back. You know, the good stuff instead of being LIMITED to Music / Video Unlimited.

  • For the next update, please look into fixing the automatic game capture. Most of the time, it is not the most recent 15 minutes as it should be. I’ve confirmed this with many other users.

  • Nice!!! Fast respond.. cant wait .. cant wait.. great job guys!!!

  • The web browser is lacking, no flash, no save as, no copy paste it would be great if you put this into the current browser.

  • Thank you for releasing a patch so quickly. Here are some things I’d like to see in future updates:

    1. Ability to export a video file to MP4 or AVI format.
    2. Transparent overlay of Twitch chat & info in customizable colors and location.
    3. Customizable sorting options for the most recently played, frequently used, last used items on the Playstation menu screen.
    4. Hotkey mapping & custom shortcuts while in the Playstation menu screen. Example: Pressing R1 + R3 + Up on D pad brings up download list or volume control screen.

  • Please add a option to pause a download and a option to view your download list on the playstation store

  • I hope you guys add avatar support in the future. Currently, all the avatars I bought or earned on my PS3 cannot be changed on my PS4 or Vita. I have to go to my PS3 to change to one of those avatars. *crosses fingers*

  • will this patch fix trophie syncing, for instance i played resogun and earned a ton of trophies on it and everytime i go sync it gives me error, and it doesnt even show up at all on my trophie list, like i dont even own the game. same goes for killzone. please fix this, and want do i, do the get my trophies back, because when i try to replay the games the trophies dont come up anymore and thinks i already have them when i dont,

  • Glad you guys are on top of things. The stability updates should help calm the naysayers a bit.

    One thing I’d like to see down the line is the introduction of blinking (versus solid) standby lights to differentiate the system when it’s truly sleeping versus doing some stuff (downloading/installing).

  • nice. Way to get a software update out so quick keep it up

  • Hey Eric, does the ps4 notify us when a friends gets online? im asking this question because im not really sure, i havent been notified by my ps4 yet but i dont know if its my ps4 not working properly or thats the way it is now.

  • Looks good, but I was thinking of something when I tried out Twitch. When you put it on full screen mode, it won’t show comments, but I was thinking that maybe the comments could be on the full screen without the background of gray under the layer, if you know what I mean. Maybe pass it onto the PS devs and see what they could come up with. Worth a shot.

  • These guys are taking this very serious and I am so happy to be a PS loyal fan. Keep up the good work guys!!!

  • Great ! Excited to update!

    Just wanted to ask , will you guys be making a update sometime soon in regards to seeing notifications when your friends get online .

  • Will this allow for use of the sony wireless elite headset?

  • And the community cries about the problems, Sony will fix these problems have patience. And if you don’t have it you better develop some.

  • Am I the only one that can’t log in to PSN? Will this Update help that? My internet works fine with computers even when getting wifi on our phones. It’s just that it doesn’t let me go online. Thanks.

  • Any chance of making the trophy lists viewable offline? The network security I’m around most often doesn’t support the PS4.

  • Please add

    – The ability to pause downloads
    – Notifications when friends are online
    – Ability to appear offline
    – Add more video support
    – Update browser, it’s missing even more plug-ins than PS3 did :(
    – Turn lightbar off
    – Being able to customize your background (miss dynamic themes)
    – Being able to share to Youtube
    – Letting you use a non-facebook profile picture (hate Facebook)

  • Nice. I really hope you guys keep rapidly iterating on the UI. It’s already pretty great, but seems to have lots of room to grow.

  • Excited for the update! Hope this stabilizes some things like the BF4 crashes.

    Side note: I created an UserVoice today for PS4 feature requests and Shuhei Yoshida retweeted my post about it. It got quite a lot of feedback! Hope you guys can take a look at what community wants for future updates!

    Here it is:

  • OK…I’m 4 yr lo ng X360 Gamer. I recently purchased turtle beach XP500 headphones $250. I love them, they have bluetooth audio so they are completely wireless, NO wire from headset to controller anymore.It really is pleasure to not have that wire. My problem thu:

    I got PS4 on release night and love playing it however the headphone that came with it to be honest…it sucks. I want to use my XP500 but can’t. I need you to allow bluetooth. Aside from just spending $250 for headphones I now can’t use with the ps4. I can’t enjoy multiplayer.

    Not sure if you guys read this but really could use your help. I want to enjoy the ps4, I really do.

    Thanks for reading,

    PS: Youtube app would be cool too

  • Any fix for sub account to master account upgrading coming? This should be a top priority since sub accounts cannot use the Share button and making a new account is not an option for those of use who have years of PS Plus membership and have made many PSN purchases already.

  • Fat Princess, 1080p60, voxel based, everything destructible, get to work

  • Amazon told me this should fix the system lock ups that happen in their app. Hopefully it does.

  • Can we get an update to remove games from appearing in the Library section? I downloaded the NBA Live demo and deleted it after seeing that it was 9GB, now the NBA Live icon is still in the Library section.

  • Great hope it fix some of my issues and THANKS FOR THE GREAT SYSTEM !! It’s Amazing and im a Happy with it.

  • Was hoping to see something concerning USB headsets. Would also like to see an option like PS3 has to make your chat audio come out of the tv or whatever you’d like it to come out of. Can’t have the earbud in my ear.

  • There is also a setting in the master account that says “Allow or block viewing of user generated video and pictures” which should enable the Share button for sub accounts, but the PS4 still blocks it. Please find a solution to this problem since I am disappointed that I cannot enjoy the use of the Share button and there is no fix in sight.

  • for all the bf4 users I hope you fix the conquest patch, and be able to sqaud up in menus of the game.

  • Also it is mentioned in the PS4 user guide that sub accounts can record gameplay, but they can’t share any of it. What is the point of recording gameplay if you can’t do anything with it?

  • Changelog please!!!

  • Way to respond quickly folks! Couple suggestions
    – I know you’re working on Pulse Elite support. Faster would be better. ;)
    – What happened to the ability to sort your trophies by most recent / alphabetical / original order?
    – Add to that, sort by rarity (which is a great new metric, by the by). A rarest trophies list might be nice as well. :)
    – And sorting the games on the main menu into folders or the like would be appreciated as well.

    Great system ladies and gents! Loving it.

  • Thanks for the update! This is just the beginning of the saga known as the PS4!

    Some features I’d love to see in the near future:

    – Sorting capabilities and more notification updates with regards to the Friends list
    – Personal Media Support (the use of our own Video, Music and Photos (much like the PS3)) through USB and DLNA
    – Licensed Media Apps such as SoundCloud, YouTube, and TuneIn
    – The use of other music apps in-game besides music unlimited
    – More customization with the Dynamic Menu. Sorting content options, new colours for icons and backgrounds, changing what you see in the “What’s New” section (for example, limiting it to just trophies friends have earned, or a combination of game progress, and new friends, etc.)

    Overall though, I’m in-love with my PS4, and really enjoy how quick everything works. It’s a MASSIVE step up from PS3, and really addressed some of the many hard hitting issues that PS3 had! Glad to see you all listing to our concerns.

  • Also wireless headsets.

  • i like the fast response keep it up

  • How is it that PS4 didnt have custom soundtrack support, or any support for playing our videos/mp3s/photos?
    Why didnt you reuse the code from PSP/PS3/Vita? Surely some dev was competent enough to make their code reusable

  • I’m glad it’s happening tonight as opposed to later in the week or something like that.

  • Does this fix HDCP issues people are having? If not, when can we expect a fix?

  • Something I noticed that is missing from PS3 is showing when was the last time that someone was online.

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