Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster Coming to PS3 March 18th, 2014

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Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster Coming to PS3 March 18th, 2014

We’re thrilled to announce that Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster is coming to North America on March 18th, 2014. We also have a brand new trailer to show off.

Want more of that nostalgic feeling rushing back? You can check out the extended version of the trailer on our official website.

But ladies and gentleman, the news doesn’t end there. We have completely updated the Limited Edition Packaging with this gorgeous HD render of Tidus and Yuna, which I just absolutely fell in love with when I first saw this image. We also updated the concept artbook with Yoshitaka Amano’s iconic image from Final Fantasy X and X-2. Why did we update it, you ask? It will all make sense later, I promise.

For those of you that didn’t know about this until now, you can still pre-order the game and receive a free upgrade to the Limited Edition with the exclusive concept artbook packaging, but quantity is very limited!

Final Fantasy X | X-2 Remaster, 02

Final Fantasy X is near and dear to my heart. I played it for more than 180 hours, got through the entire sphere grid on all characters, and it made me feel so many different emotions like no game before. I also had a mad crush on Khimari.

I know everyone has stories to share, and I’d love to hear everyone’s memories about Final Fantasy X and X-2.

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  • Yes what about the Vita version, I won’t be buying the PS3 version but I will be buying the Vita versions?

  • march next year? dang, thats close to when Tales of Symphonia HD releases i think.

  • darn. I was fully expecting it by December 2013 so will have to do with Lightning Returns till this arrives. thanks for the update though!

  • Just in case you missed it on the first page, There are about 80% posts about a VITA version.. which was announced — and is releasing on time in Japan… but not in NA.

    You’re delaying this to SPRING — which is another lie. AND the Vita version, which many more people are excited about, seems to be just about SCRAPPED since there was no mention about it in this post. Thanks a whole lot, Square. My respect for you is dwindling. I’ll make sure to get your next game used, since they drop in price in two weeks time anyways.

    • Vita version is still coming to Vita. We unfortunately didn’t have details to share at the moment. We assure you the full details on the Vita is coming soon!

  • FINALLY! time to relive the glory days of square enix

  • People asking for this to be PS4 instead of PS3 are being totally unreasonable. PS4 isn’t even out in Japan when this releases there, and the userbase is so much tinier, especially for fans of Japanese games.

  • Of course they would do a remake of 2 games that came out for the PlayStation 2, I’ve not finished playing FF 10 on my PS2 unit, also I don’t have X-2 for the PS2 yet.

    Now these 2 great games come out for the PS3, ( which I don’t have ). Is this remake going to be able to play on the PlayStation 4, cause I’m hearing it it might not be able to work on the new console

  • As many others have asked – Vita? As glad as I am to have any release date posted, my interest is strictly in the handheld version.

  • Does the Vita version release the same day?

  • Finally, we have an official U.S. date. One of my favorites in the Final Fantasy series.

  • Any word on the Vita version? I’m excited to play this for the first time, but it won’t be on my TV.

  • Little Disappointed this is coming so late, especially 5 months into the PS4’s life. Yet still very happy to finally have an HD version of the game with a solid release date finally set.


  • YES! Finally making its way to the West ^_^

  • So I’m guessing this is going to be digital-only for the Vita, then? If so, that’s a shame — I would totally pick up this sort of collector’s edition for the Vita. Not so sure for the PS3.

    I’ve also heard it rumored that the Vita version will be broken into two separate purchases/downloads. If this is true, I’ll probably just skip X-2 and go straight for X, depending on price.

  • Oh, and to people complaining about it being on PS3 instead of PS4, this comes out for Japan at the end of December. The PS4 does not launch over there until February 22. And anyway, wasn’t this HD remaster announced for the PS3 before the PS4 was even announced?

  • I feel kinda stupid know after watching the trailer, because I asked about the Vita versions and at the end of the trailer it lists the Vita versions.

    • Thanks for noticing! Yes the Vita version has not gone away. We just didn’t have details to share at the moment! Didn’t want to hold off on the PS3 details any further!

  • vitaaaaa, please tell vita is STILL COMING after all.
    I’m very worried that it’s going cancelled just like One Piece Musou 2 vita version

    that aside, I have no need for ps3 version because ps4 won’t play it without Gaikai the Unknown

  • I will still get this game for PS3 but it would be better to play on PS4.

  • Also, people should get used to Japan still putting out PS3 games for a while. PS1 and PS2 put out new Japan games for years… Persona 4 was a very highly rated game that came out 2 years after the PS3 came out, for example. If you’re a fan of Japanese games, theres no reason to unhook your PS3 since it’ll still be alive for a while since the ballooning costs of console development is really not not viable for most Japanese companies, since they don’t have the budgets or sales potential of Western developers.

  • Where is the news on the Vita version?

    It better get a retail release with all the other super niche Vita games getting physical releases like the Curry God game and Danganronpa.

  • it would be cool to play this on PS4, I agree with everyone were is the vita version :)

  • VITA? No Vita? Why do you do this :( So disappointed. I felt this would be the perfect game for the vita even if it’s only a port of an old game. This would have been a great reason to own a vita. But no, there is no news for it’s release. Sadly I feel it will share the same fate as Ratchet and Clank Full Frontal Assault and JAK Collection where not enough care was put into it. Both those games disappointed me very much. Let’s hope FFX HD for the vita will be good and hope square enix/ sony gives us an update about the vita version.

  • So sad no vita… Where are yo shu…

  • PS Plus post! XD lets see it :)

  • If it’s not going to be released until March 2014, then SE should really make a Playstation 4 version.

  • where is the PS Vita release date?

  • @75

    It releases on December 26th in the most important territory for SE, and that 2 months before PS4 releases in Japan. They’d have to delay it in Japan to make it PS4 just for territories where the game won’t sell as much. That doesn’t make sense for a userbase of a couple million people vs 80 million PS3 owners.

  • I really would like to know what keeps Sony from getting more RPG’s on the Vita. There’s clearly demand for it. And if you look at the 3DS, the BIGGEST reason it sells as much as it does……cause the games that people care about on a handheld (RPG, JRPG, Strategy, Platforming, etc.) are on the 3DS. If Sony would push hard to get any and all of those game types available, onto the Vita in a perpetual manner, we’d see the Vita selling through the roof. Instead, we keep getting lackluster ports of old games we’ve played too many times already.

    P.S. SquareEnix – It’s wrong to not give info on the one version (vita) that people care about concerning this game. Also, the fact that PS3 gets both games (X and X2) for the same price as only one of the games (each sold separately on the Vita) is wrong. Do you really think that won’t affect sales?

  • Yeah, I too would like a digital PSN release for either the PS3 or Vita. Cross-buy would be even better, if you can pull that off.

    More importantly, I really hope with development on this winding down you guys have started with the Final Fantasy XII HD release.

  • @77 They don’t have to delay it to make a PS4 version… Release it for the PS3, then release it for the PS4. By the time it does come out, I might not even have my PS3 connected to my main TV. Hell, I’d be fine with them going downloadable-only like MGSV:GZs for PS4.

  • only interested if coming to Vita….else, kiss off S-E

  • I just knew they wouldn’t make their 2013 time-frame. *sigh*

    Sure would like to hear about what’s happening with the Vita version.

  • Why not on PS4!!! I feel left out, Final Fantasy X, X-2, and Shadow of the Colossus are only on PS3. WHY??????????????????

  • Well, if it’s released on the specified date (where’s your “2013” now?) my pre-order will be 8 months old >_< I hope Amazon throws something to sweeten the deal because it will be a long wait…

  • They’ve handled the Vita versions so poorly. Square Enix acted as though these two PS2 ports were some sort of great display of support, and are effectively a test to see if the userbase will buy anything as long as it has a big name on it. But they’ve ensured they’re going to be projects of limited viability on a global scale. In Japan it launches on the same day as the version on a much more successful platform. At best we’d have the same situation play out in the west, instead it looks like it’ll be much worse as they’ll be PSN-only releases coming out at a later date. I figured these weren’t getting a retail release on Vita because of how non-committal the western branches have been and the $40 PS3 price point pretty much making it impossible. No one has a done a $20 retail Vita release, and I figured SE weren’t insane enough to try charging $30 for each game. Development for this HD remaster apparently led on Vita, so they should have released that version at retail first before following up with the PS3 version a few months after. The only way to make this situation worse is if they didn’t release the Vita versions, or we find out they’re missing content and do not run well.

  • Also, now that I’m looking at some european gaming sites, will we get a 24 page artbook, like stated in Amazon, or a 48 page artbook like the european sites are telling they’ll get?

  • I’d also like to point out that the PS4 has over 1 million users after one day and there will be more than twice as many people with a PS4 than a Vita by the time this releases in March 2014. So no, for the 5 million+ that will have a PS4 by the time this releases, I don’t think wanting this on the PS4 is at all unreasonable.

  • So where’s the announcement for the Vita version?

    If the Japanese are getting their Vita versions together with the PS3 version on the same date, it’s odd that you guys manage to completely ignore the Vita version when you announce this. Simply unbelievable.

  • Tsk…might as well just import it from Japan. It comes out December 26th this year for them..besides, you can set it to English like in the imports on the PS2 versions.

  • Shoot, I was hoping for December release.
    That’s close to Tales of Symphonia Chronicles release, it’s going to be a good time for rpgs it seems

  • where’s ps vita version??????????

  • So I looked on the official Site for NA, it only has the PS3 logo at the bottom of the site, no joke if the Vita version doesn’t hit NA same time or earlier and have a physical release. GOODBYE SQUARE ENIX SUPPORT. Cause I’m getting tired of the crappy support as of late. Making FFvs13 (now XV) multiplat. KH3 on XBO, really? STILL waiting on type-0. I’m going to be done with em.

  • I’ll get it on PS3 since I’ll probably still have it.

  • @Telfon02: You’re right, the Vita logo used to be there. No mention of the Vita version on the site anymore. What is going on???

  • I don’t know if I want to pre-order a PS3 game when I may be playing on the PS4 by then. It is also funny that the official Final Fantasy X | X-2 site still shows a 2013 release date :) /fail

  • Finally a release date!! This is great!!!

  • No mention of the Vita version? Disappointed.

  • That’s not winter

  • Would like to play on PS4. Could we at least get the option to use the PS3 disc in the PS4 as a registration key like some of the other popular games? Please look into options.

  • I hope this is sort of like the Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Limited Edition which was beautiful. Looks like it’s going to be. :D

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