Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster Coming to PS3 March 18th, 2014

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Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster Coming to PS3 March 18th, 2014

We’re thrilled to announce that Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster is coming to North America on March 18th, 2014. We also have a brand new trailer to show off.

Want more of that nostalgic feeling rushing back? You can check out the extended version of the trailer on our official website.

But ladies and gentleman, the news doesn’t end there. We have completely updated the Limited Edition Packaging with this gorgeous HD render of Tidus and Yuna, which I just absolutely fell in love with when I first saw this image. We also updated the concept artbook with Yoshitaka Amano’s iconic image from Final Fantasy X and X-2. Why did we update it, you ask? It will all make sense later, I promise.

For those of you that didn’t know about this until now, you can still pre-order the game and receive a free upgrade to the Limited Edition with the exclusive concept artbook packaging, but quantity is very limited!

Final Fantasy X | X-2 Remaster, 02

Final Fantasy X is near and dear to my heart. I played it for more than 180 hours, got through the entire sphere grid on all characters, and it made me feel so many different emotions like no game before. I also had a mad crush on Khimari.

I know everyone has stories to share, and I’d love to hear everyone’s memories about Final Fantasy X and X-2.

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  • Finally a release date! Don’t know why is it that long.

  • What about he PlayStation Vita version?

    • The Vita version is coming to North America as previously announced and as shown on the trailer. Unfortunately the details aren’t available at this very moment. Please be patient – we will have some information on this soon!

  • My.Body.Is.READY!

  • @ Gamerzlimited, Because Japan always get it first before the US or EU.

  • I don’t why we even have to ask about Vita version.

  • Where is the news on the Vita version

  • I’m afraid to ask… But, where’s the Vita version? The chance for me to buy this for the PS3 was before the PS4 was out. Now I’m only buying for the Vita.

  • Awesome! Looks better than ever! Can’t wait! :D

  • Who knows, the game could be finished already and they just don’t want it taking away Lightning’s thunder come February.

  • And the Vita version is…..where?

  • What about the version for psvita?

  • @CaptainRamirez It’s not that, but because of why did it take until now to announce it. We know the release date for Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMix when it was posted. Plus, it’s getting released after Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. I was kinda hoping it would release this year.

  • Wow….. nice job for delaying it that long.

  • Hopefully the Vita versions will be out on the same day. My PS3 will be retired by then. I don’t mind buying separate copies of X and X-2, but I hope that the limited edition is for the Vita, as well.

  • i see no date on the vita version so i guess it was push back till a later date. u have give it to third party games. they really like f-ing with vita owners…..

  • Slow Clap Sakura Minamida thank you for a date Sony but still waiting on that Ps Vita date.

  • where is the vita version??????????? the game was supposed to come out for the vita first!! give it to me!!! vitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Will the European release also have this new cover? It looks great!, compare to that empty logo as the old FFX cover had and the announcement before this… (Either way, I gonna get that new cover lol).

    I see that they did delay it so it will be released after that FF13-3, which dosen’t make it better because many people anyway when u see that stats of pre-orders, want FFX Hd Remaster way more then anything called FF13

  • Personally I’m waiting for the Vita version

  • Can you please don’t make this limited edition exclusive to NA retailers? a lot of people around the world playing NA versions of PS3 games and now I have to import it from USA, paying more than $100 instead of $40 if it’s available on Play-Asia and other Asian retailers.

  • 1. Did you guys really think you could create this post without the vast majority asking where the Vita version is?
    2. Why is there such a delay for a game that’s already completely translated into English?

    I’m mainly wanting to re-play this game on the Vita so I can have it on the go. I’ve no interest in the PS3 version. PS4 on the other hand…

    • We did know there will be a lot of questions regarding the Vita version but we also didn’t want hold off on information we could share any longer! We promise to get back to you all on the Vita. It is coming – please be patient, the details are coming soon!

  • Not even going to bother mentioning the Vita huh? Nice going there.

    Hey! I’ve decided to stop playing PS3 to prepare for my PS4 order next month, so I only keep PSVITA just for this game. Please announce something about PS VITA version, even end 2014 or next 2015, I don’t care. I just need PS VITA.

    Hoping for more RPG games come to PS VITA, because it’s great for you to play and carry it along with you anytime (to level your character, of course).

  • So glad we finally have a release date. Like some other people I have been planning on getting this for the Vita. I travel alot and there’s no way I would have the time to play it on the PS3. Perhaps you guys can verify if this date is for both versions since the Vita was mentioned.

  • Looking forward to FF15 :)

  • Not going to even acknowledge the existence of the Vita version I see….

  • I am really glad you are keeping the Japanese Box Art! Keep at it!


  • I really didn’t care for the Football game in FFX but overall game is top notch I still have both for these on PS2. I really never started playing X2..

    I also can not believe people are selling there PS3’s for a Vita I wont be but I do not travel much and I drive myself where I need to go. /buying a new car instead!!!!!

  • Date of vita version!!

  • watch the end of the video if you are a VITA owner is says? for vita also

  • Dat Delay…

  • Holy crap!!! That’s like a week before my birthday!!! Finally, some good news for a change.

  • Still so far away.

    Well I guess I’ll have some time to finish other PS3 games such as FFXIV and explore the PS4 until FFX finally hits.

    Also, as others have asked, curious about the Vita version.

  • What about the Vita version? PSN recently did it with Stick it to the Man where they only talked about the PS3 version. Should I be worried? Why do the PS Vita versions always get delayed behind the PS3 versions and why are they getting less coverage?

  • That’s cool and all

    But where my vita version at

  • PS Vita physical version? If not I’m going to be pissed, I dislike Digital when I can get physical and I only want this for PS Viita, my PS4 is now my home console of choice

  • Will there be a digital release? What happened to the Vita release?

  • Wait WTF, where is the PS Vita release date!?

  • A vita version? marvelous! when?

  • @31 Thanks I should have watched the video. I travel because my job requires me to. I won’t ever sell my PS3 either. Still have my PS1,PS2, & PSP. :)

  • No vita!? NO LOVE!
    Ps3 is not what I want this for. Please release the vita version now!

  • I’m so excited. I’ve never played the PS2 version. >.<

  • This game…really got to me emotionally. I can still remember crying my eyes out while playing this game. I know I will again. The one song from Final Fantasy X, that really captured the spirit of the entire game, has to be “Wandering Flame.” I still listen to that song, to this day. I’m gonna be holding back tears when I pick up my copy of FFX HD Remaster from my local game store on March 18th of next year. I’m looking forward to re-living this timeless masterpiece again.

  • Man I have had this on preorder for months now, even before they announced the Limited Edition, it’s going to have been almost an entire year between the time I preordered it and when it will actually be released.

  • I’m delaying to purchase a Vita hoping you to announce some bundle or special edition with Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD.

    But March is way too long, and this is for the PS3 version. What about the Vita version? This is the game that will define whether I get a 3DS or a Vita. Please, bring us news to the Vita version as soon as you have it.


  • What about VITA!? Also PS4!?

  • Seems late, but regardless im happy there’s a release date now

  • Since I now have a PS4, I seriously wish this was coming to the latest generation instead of the PS3. I mean it was delayed long enough. At least toss me a code for Gaikai support or maybe include cross-play for the Vita version if I ever get a Vita.

    I’ve had this preordered for more than half a year. FFX is my favorite Final Fantasy game, and FFX-2 was charming. I’ll see how I feel when March rolls around.

  • Yeah, I’m not getting the ps3 version since I’m selling my ps3 for a ps4 early next year.
    Where is the vita version ?

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