First Look: PS4’s New UI Revealed

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First Look: PS4’s New UI Revealed

With just hours to go until PS4’s debut in North America, it’s time to take a closer look at PS4’s new UI — it’s a slick little piece of work dubbed the Connected User Experience. Sony Network Entertainment Vice President Eric Lempel gave me a full tour, showing off PlayStation Store’s speedy response time (even mid-game), live game broadcasting via Twitch and UStream, and social feeds that show what your friends are buying and watching. But that’s just a start: Check out Eric’s video tour below.

Another new feature worth calling out is Play As You Download, which enables PlayStation Store users to start playing supported games after downloading a portion of the game’s data, leaving the rest of the game to download in the background.

With PS4 debuting nationwide tonight, many of you will have a chance to get plenty of hands-on time. Try it out and let us know what you think in the comments!

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  • after all the time and effort that’s gone into the design of the ps4 I cant believe that you cant even change the background colour?? I no its not a major issue but its something I think every ps4 user would like to do. like on the ps3 you could customise wallpaper/theme etc. I think its madness that such a simple thing cant be brought onto the ps4. blue is crap I want it pink lol…hopefully the next update will include this.

  • The Whats New section should have the time and date that that person did that activity. I think we should also be given the option to appear offline.

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