Introducing the Video Unlimited Service and Music Unlimited Service on PlayStation 4

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Introducing the Video Unlimited Service and Music Unlimited Service on PlayStation 4

We know you’re excited to get your hands on the PlayStation 4. We’re just as excited to show off what’s new when it comes to the Video Unlimited service and Music Unlimited service.

What’s new on the Video Unlimited service:

  • Faster start times and quicker navigation
  • Access to over 200,000 movies and TV episodes
  • Instant streaming of new purchases that accounts for bandwidth to minimize buffering
  • Cloud storage of all new purchases, eliminating hard drive clutter
  • Past purchases will soon be available through cloud storage
  • Social features that show what your friends have watched and rated

What’s new on the Music Unlimited service:

  • Completely redesigned user interface
  • Enhanced discoverability to help you navigate our vast library of 22 million tracks
  • High quality audio streaming for every song
  • System-level integration that lets you play songs from your playlists while playing games, accessible through the mini-player that appears after pressing the PS Button

What are you most excited about? Let us know on Twitter using #SENPS4!

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  • How can you make a system that plays Blu Ray disks but not CD’s? The absence of CD playback as well as no mp3 player/reader had be a little disappointed after the time I spent getting my ps4. Other than that the system works wonderfully. Just would like to see some sort of update in the near future that will allow ps4 owners to play/listen/connect their own music…

  • Streaming through Video unlimited sucks

  • I’m have a very hard time with Music Unlimited, and feeling pretty bummed about the concept. Not a day has gone by where Music Unlimited has abruptly stopped playing during the middle of a game (Call of Duty Ghosts included). I have to go back to the PS Menu, wait forever for Music Unlimited to reload, and trying playing music again. The process is so slow to try and get the program back up that it’s hard to motivate myself to even bother with it. I want to listen to music while I play, and Music Unlimited crashes too much for me to enjoy it. Slow and unresponsive. :( Help?

  • How about you guys fix Music Unlimited? I tried out the trial, with the intent to subscribe. But, as 8 songs out of 10 randomly stop playing for no apparent reason, I won’t be subscribing. I have the fastest internet in my town. With download speeds over 20mb. There is absolutely no excuse for songs to randomly stop playing, or the service choosing to skip a song altogether. FIX YOUR SERVICE, or give us network access to our own files Sony!

  • When you make these services the only way to access media on your console, a good idea is to make the service accessible first. When the hell is it reaching to the Caribbean ? Or do I need to move to the US to get the full experience?

  • Video unlimited needs a little more work, all my digital videos I purchased on my ps3 are available on my ps4, YAY! BUT the streaming needs help, weather it be my internet speed OR the service it constantly needs to buffer. There needs to be an option to be able to download your videos so you don’t have to stream them.

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