Introducing the Video Unlimited Service and Music Unlimited Service on PlayStation 4

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Introducing the Video Unlimited Service and Music Unlimited Service on PlayStation 4

We know you’re excited to get your hands on the PlayStation 4. We’re just as excited to show off what’s new when it comes to the Video Unlimited service and Music Unlimited service.

What’s new on the Video Unlimited service:

  • Faster start times and quicker navigation
  • Access to over 200,000 movies and TV episodes
  • Instant streaming of new purchases that accounts for bandwidth to minimize buffering
  • Cloud storage of all new purchases, eliminating hard drive clutter
  • Past purchases will soon be available through cloud storage
  • Social features that show what your friends have watched and rated

What’s new on the Music Unlimited service:

  • Completely redesigned user interface
  • Enhanced discoverability to help you navigate our vast library of 22 million tracks
  • High quality audio streaming for every song
  • System-level integration that lets you play songs from your playlists while playing games, accessible through the mini-player that appears after pressing the PS Button

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  • Thank you for this.

    Please bring Video Unlimited to the web so I can watch it on any computer’s browser.

    Please have Video Unlimited support ultraviolet. You already Sony Pictures already support it.

    Please bring Video Unlimited app to Android and iOS.


  • can you update the screensaver in music unlimited??? currently it takes 5 minutes to start, then ANYTHING interupts it and restarts the timer. i have a plasma tv, and dont want the screen getting burned.

    can you shorter the timer to maybe, 1 minute? and can you add screensaver options? similiar to the options on ps3 when you play music?? anything would be better than what it is now.

    or make it so that nothing interputs the screensaver except button commands, NOT notifications. obviously a game would not allow the screensaver.

    please? i enjoy music unlimited but the screensaver is garbage….

  • DEAR Sony i tried my best to give you props but certain things you do don’t make since to me specifically music unlimited its a good concept but one feature i think you should add is giving us the option to upload are own personal music to the cloud to listen to i get your trying to sell a product but at least give us an option of are own i think it would benefit us all and that or give us a basic app were we can listen to are own music even Google play does this or add the Google play app to your roster which for the life of me i don’t get how you work with Google in certain areas but not others, phones tablets TV but not the consoles i always wanted to see the chrome browser on a PS3/PS4 Google play music would work perfectly i still think Google TV was meant for PS3/PS4 i dont get why it hasn’t been implemented Sony needs to implement a stronger app line up even ask consumers what apps they would like to see???????

  • It would have been nice if you gave PS4 users a free video rental. Yes i know we getting the $10 credit in the new ps4 boxes but still would have been nice just to give us a free rental so we could see how the ps4 does movies and such.

    trust me i would have rather had 5 free movie rentals over the music unlimited we getting in the box lol

  • ULTRAVIOLET still missing :(

    All this sounds kind of nice. But what Video Unlimited needs most of all is to become part of the UltraViolet digital rights sharing service. I’m never going to buy a movie or TV show through Video Unlimited if I can only use those purchased rights through Sony products. If Video Unlimited was tied into UltraViolet, I would buy all of my digital movies through Video Unlimited. Until Video Unlimited joins up with UltraViolet it will be a second tier service that isn’t customer focused.

  • I have a gigantic music library. I’m not going to pay to subscribe to another one. Listening to my music on another system is only a minor inconvenience, but letting me listen to it on PS4 would be a nice piece of customer service.

  • Great, thanks Elina.

    Also wanted to thank you for bringing Man of Steel 3D to the 3D section.

    Keep up the great work !

  • @3 – lele1620.

    With Music Unlimited, you can upload your own personal music to the cloud, as well as have what Sony provides.

    I think you meant doing it without Music Unlimited, but the service does have a feature to do this already.

    I fully agree that we need to be able to have DNLA and mp3 support on the PS4 and from what I’ve been reading, it’s coming in a future update.

    I currently have Music Unlimted and purchased this under PS + last year for $1 per month, which was a great deal.

    Just recently (last week) received an email from Sony, extending the $1 per month for 3 more months.

    Sure would be a great feature if Sony could allow PS + members the $1 per mth deal ongoing and not for a limited time, but I know it costs to provide the service and the servers.

  • is it still region locked ? i really wanted to use it since it came out and missed out on alot of good offers but region lock is a big problem :(

  • I have no plans to ever use Music Unlimited or Video Unlimited. We see from previews they are built in to the Playstation 4 UI. Will there be a way to hide them?

    In the mean time, credit where credit is due: Sony listened and will be restoring CD + MP3 playback to PS4. Much appreciated, because Music Unlimited wasn’t going to happen for me either way.

  • The following is a portion of a quote from an interview that the GiantBomb website did with Mr. Shuhei Yoshida recently on the topic of the PS4’s lack of support for MP3, audio CDs, & DLNA:
    “The biggest surprise for us all internally was… There are so many people who passionately reacted to our announcement that there’s no MP3 support and DLNA support on day 1. It’s not like we actively decided, “Yeah, let’s not do this feature so that people will subscribe to Music Unlimited…” That’s not like that……So, as we speak, the teams in Japan and in the US – the system guys – are discussing how and when we can put these features on PS4.”



  • In regards to videos, I don’t really need them to be streaming. Living in the city, my bandwidth can be fairly unpredictable, and I really hate it when a video adjusts itself to a lower bit-rate to accommodate. Even when it’s streaming at optimal conditions, the videos still don’t have as high a bit-rate as a stored file would.

    That’s one of the reasons I enjoyed renting videos on the PlayStation Store. I had the option to just download the high quality file, if I wanted, which I do so that I can make use of my nice television and sound system.

    I’m all for options, but I didn’t see you guys mention anything about being able to download videos. Will this still be an option?

  • is this Service available in middle east???

  • Please let me watch the movies I buy on any device, including Android and iOS tablets and phones. You can check my account and see I buy literally all my movies on VUDU via PS3. VUDU supports Ultraviolet and the content automatically shows up on the Flixster app and VUDU website, which basically means all devices I have in my house will play it. Please support Ultraviolet. Thanks.

  • I am one of the many people who are really upset by the lack of DLNA/MP3/audio CD support on the PS4. I really hope that gets patched later!

  • While I love Music Unlimited, ( I had a one year subscription ) it’s just too expensive for the amount that I actually use it. Maybe if you have a sale again, I’ll re-up.

  • I like what I see … I was hoping to see bigger and better changes. I have bought videos and movies from other services. But to be honest I didn’t buy much through the PS store due to the fact it wasn’t streamed. Now I can do my purchases all from one service.

  • Why is there no Vita app for this Sony?

  • is this Service available in middle east??

  • I read that the ps4 will not support 3d Blu Rays. I find this very unacceptable. I had 3 ps3’s 2 were 120 gig slim models and 1 was the older 60 gig model. The 60 gig models don’t play 3d blu rays which is why I had the 120 gig models. I sold both of these so I could buy my ps4 which is on preorder, and now I only have the 60 gig model. I wasn’t worried about it because the PS4 is supposed to handle blu rays, I assumed that meant 3d blu rays as well, now I’m hearing that it won’t? This better be fixed Sony. I’m glad to hear that your looking into cd’s, mp3s and external hdd support, this needs to be added to the list as well.

  • Can . Use a separate account using these services since my account is U S and my music unlimited is Canada?

  • I am confused. No offline play of videos at all now?

    What if I want to download my movie to watch later when I’m not online? Is this still possible?

    Not everyone has online 24/7 so is PS3 our solution for that?

    I do like online streaming if its fast and no lag or pauses waiting for the next scene or 10 seconds to download etc. (hiccups). But not everyone has fast enough internet or internet 24/7.


  • @13 & 19 – ninja000assassin.

    From what I last saw posted on Video Unlimited, the countries that support the feature are;

    Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, United States, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand and the United Kingdom

  • You know, I would love to use Music Unlimited on the PS4 but since it no longer works on the Playstation products (ps3, vita), I don’t know the cause or reason, and I have done multiple restarting procedures plus communicated directly with Sony and still can not fix the problem, I don’t think I’ll be able to use it on the PS4. The sad thing is, my subscription is still active.

  • Hopefully 3D bluray support for movies will come in a future update like it did on the PS3.

    I’ve read that 3D game support is included and on Oct 28/13 the Trine 2 post mentioned that

    “PlayStation 4 has allowed us to go all-out on the technical side, so you’ll get to enjoy the beautiful graphics in 1080p resolution at 60 FPS! What’s more, the game also supports stereoscopic 3D! With 3D displays becoming more common every day, we’ve made sure Trine 2: Complete Story is a treat to play in 3D as well.”

  • Enhanced discoverability for Music Unlimited sounds promising. Enhancing the algorithm that chooses what songs to play for you on the radio stations based on your preferences would be even better.

  • @26: I couldn’t agree more regarding poor music channel selections on MU.

    I’ve had MU for a year and stopped using it a few months ago in favor of Pandora, which selects the proper music for the channels I create 95% of the time without even training it. To say MU channels get it right 25% of the time would be generous. Sometimes the selections even fall into the WTF? category… like getting a hardcore rap song with explicit lyrics or Irish pub songs on an easy listening channel.

    Another problem I have with MU, and why I would never renew my membership once my year runs out, is because often the system can’t connect to songs/albums I want to listen to. I know it’s not my internet connection that’s the problem because I can listen to other songs on MU, and a day or two later, I can listen to the songs it wouldn’t connect to before. It just makes no sense to me, and makes the service completely useless as far as I’m concerned.

  • I agree on UltraViolet, without UVVU support = no thanks for me :D

  • i don’t care about Sony’s limited video/music streaming service. Just let us play our own mp4 video and mp3 audio files on the console like we can on ps3.

  • Question: I had purchase my 1 year music unlimited 4 12 bucks for plus members last year. My subscription will run out next month when it does will it auto-renew at the standard price 4 49.99?

  • I really like Music Unlimited, but for the price, I’d rather not use it. I got a year sub for $12 bucks, which I thought it was great. Keep making deals like that, and I’ll join in.

  • Does anyone who has video unlimited also use Netflix and Hulu by chance? If I can, I’d love to get the same material, but right now I have yet to touch Video Unlimited.

  • @27 You are absolutely correct. I’m glad someone else is noticing the issues too. Pandora is the king of selecting music that you will probably want to hear, and I fear they may have a patent on their algorithm that uses the simple idea of playing music that other listeners like you have said they “like”. This is my theory which explains why Spotify and Music Unlimited are horrendously bad at choosing music. Of course MU and Spotify have the added bonus of letting you look up exactly what you want to listen to and build playlists. But sometimes I want to listen to the “radio”, but I want the music to be good.

    Seriously, I have created channels based on artists like Coldplay or Mumford & Sons or whatever, and I will sit there for hours hitting like and dislike (mostly dislike) and nothing changes. They still play song after song of the same bands that I’ve never heard of. Literally never heard of. Sometimes they play the very songs I’ve said I dislike.

  • @ viceforce: Only if you have the “Auto-Renew” setting turned on in your Account Management settings. If you don’t want it to auto-renew, go make sure that’s off.

    These services are nice and all, and it’s great that they’re planning to put in MP3 playback (come on people, stop saying they’re “putting it back”. If it wasn’t there in the PS4 to begin with, they didn’t take it away…), but if they don’t also make MP3 playback work in the background during gaming, then people are still going to be upset, since that’s supposedly a big part of why people were upset by the absence of this feature.

    I’m more pleased with the news of DLNA getting added into the system at some point. I stream my AmazonMP3 purchases from my PC to my PS3. It’d be nice to be able to do that with the PS4 as well. For now, I’ll just keep using my PS3 for this feature.

  • Thanks for providing high quality audio tracks. My friends and I can totally hear the difference, and really appreciate Sony differentiating themselves from iTunes. (Spotify is still the kind with 320kbps Ogg tracks, though.) As an indie music artist (“the making of the making of” already on MU!), I appreciate fans hearing my songs in good quality.

    Will there ever be losslessly-compressed audio streaming from Music Unlimited? That would be quite disruptive and really awesome. Since Sony led the way with SACD, being the first streaming service to have true HD audio would seem like a natural fit ;)

  • Some questions about Video Unlimited:
    -what are the 1080p bitrates? Netflix’s “SuperHD” looks pretty good, but still has banding and other issues. I’m not looking for 35mbps AVC, just curious if it’s better than Netflix’s ~8mbps.

    -are the frame rate conversion issues fixed? the PS3 wouldn’t output 24fps natively from PSN-bought videos or Netflix, even to TVs that support it, resulting in judder and lip sync issues. (24fps native output *does* work on blurays and DVDs, though.)

    -how does VU’s audio compare to Netflix’s? audio quality is Netflix’s weakeast aspect since they only stream 384kbps Dolby Digital, espeically compared to VUDU’s awesome DTS-HD audio. is VU’s audio codec/bitrate better than Netflix, at least?

    -are there any plans for Plus members to get free rentals from VU?

  • + GGCAN why???
    AS YOU, we have rights to enjoy music. :(

  • we needs whats right for us

    we are gamer’s tow :((

  • @yes allow streaming through PC

    and also merge Sony Reader accounts with SEN accounts so you can have one wallet and maybe later merge the stores into one? and give updates on the SEN blog about the newest Books and expand the availability of the Reader Store

  • Will music from outside the USA be available in MU? I tried searching for some popular Japanese artists and came up with nothing…

  • This just makes the PS4 content that much more cool. PS4 day 1 shipping I’m out!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • @30 49.99??? Where did you get that number from? It has never been that as far as I’ve known about it. It’s 9.99 a month, which is 120 a year or 4.99 per month for use “only on a PS3.”

    I would keep it for 12 dollas a year. Maybe even 20, but anything over that is too much for me. Sony’s Music service is a JOKE! That Vidzone app is an Ad app. Watch one Music Video, then listen to three ads or the same ad repeated 3 times.

    C’mon SONY, if you’re gonna charge a buck twenty, give us a LOT more than this.

  • Problem I have with this is the limited regional support. Why bake Video and music unlimited services so deep into the console only to restrict it to very very few territories?

    Well, at least Netflix is there so thank God for that.

  • @ 37 – ninja000assassin .

    Yes, I agree and it’s a good service.

    Canada is next the the US and we had to wait 2 – 3 years to get the service.

    It’s the country laws that can hold up the process of getting the service into your country.

    I’m sure Sony would love to have more countries supported, but there are legal issues involved as well.

    Hopefully you’ll get the service soon too.

  • well im wonder is the online servers are free for ps4 if not your just screwing up who wants to buy for ps4 then keep paying for online we already do that with Time Warner so please don’t do what i think your going to do because people are just will got pc

  • Waiting for the “MP3, audio CD and DLNA service.

    Please bring back music ownership.

  • I don’t know how they thought not including support for MP3, audio CDs, & DLNA was a good idea. Freaking morons. Removing choices won’t make people choose yours.



    I couldn’t wait to place my pre order, and on that 1st day we could, I did! Ive been so excited like many others, but then the REAL details started leaking out, and ALL the excitement I had, from SONY decimating XBOX One, XBO’s horrible press conference and we all made fun of them.

    I went through each line of the PS4 FAQ’s list.and saw VERY KEY, VITAL, IMPORTANT features, NOT included, NOT available and NOT BEING ABLE TO “HANDLE IT”. Every bit of excitement, emotion I had, was SUCKED OUT OF ME IN A SINGLE HEARTBEAT!

    The PS1 could only do so much. The PS2 came and all the advancements it had, made it absolutely phenomenal! Then the PS3 came, and did everything the PS2 could do, and 100x’s MORE…granted the backwards compatibility was only on the 60gb, and became a sore spot for all when it was stopped.


    EVERYTHING the PS3 can do should’ve been the 1st heading under, What should the PS4 have?

  • Please bring Spotify support to the PS4!

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