PlayStation 4 Launch Events – San Francisco and More

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PlayStation 4 Launch Events – San Francisco and More

Hard to believe, but PlayStation 4’s North American launch is mere days away. We’re tremendously excited for everyone to pick up the system starting Nov. 15 and help usher in the next generation of gaming. If you want to be among the first to pick up a PS4 – and if you are reading the PlayStation Blog, it’s a safe bet that you do – retailers across the country will be open when the clock strikes midnight on Nov. 15. Check out the information below to find a store nearest you.

In addition, we are doing something extra special for the PS4 launch in our home turf of San Francisco. We’ll be at the GameStop on 830 Market Street near San Francisco’s Union Square in full force with a midnight launch event.

PlayStation 4

We have fun activities planned for attendees, including contests for the chance to win PS4’s, PS Vita’s, games, and more. You’re invited to show your PS pride and come dressed up as your favorite character, whether that’s Nathan Drake, Sweet Tooth, Kratos, or even Knack (good luck with that costume!).

Spike TV will also broadcast from the San Francisco event as part of our live PS4 All Access: Greatness Awaits launch event. The show starts in New York City on November 14th at 11:00pm Eastern Time/Pacific Time on regular cable providers and 11pm Eastern Time/8pm Pacific Time on DirecTV and streaming.

Here’s how to find a PS4 at midnight in your hometown:

  • Best Buy – Many Best Buy stores around the country will have midnight PS4 events. Visit their Midnight Store Openings page to find one nearest you.
  • GameStop – All eligible GameStop stores will remain open the evening of November 14 for the midnight release of PS4. For a complete listing of all U.S. GameStop store locations, visit
  • Walmart – Walmart stores will hold PS4 midnight events at locations across the country. Visit Walmart’s store locator to find your nearest store, and call to ask whether they are holding a PS4 midnight event.
  • Meijer – Select Meijer stores will be hosting PS4 midnight events. Visit to learn more.
  • Sony Store – Sony Stores will hold PS4 midnight events at locations across the country. Visit their store locator to find your nearest store, and call to ask whether they are holding a PS4 midnight event. Or, click here for a list of stores opening at midnight.

Here are the details of our San Francisco event:

PS4 San Francisco Launch Event
  • Location:
    830 Market St, San Francisco
  • Date/time:
    Activities start at 6:00pm
  • Activities:
    PS4 demos & contests
    Wear your PS gear, bring your PS Vita, and show your PlayStation pride.
    Food trucks
  • Giveaways include:
    PS4 Grand Prize Pack, which includes a PS4 signed by Jack Tretton, and a Mark Cerny autographed Knack poster
    PS Vita Prize Pack, which includes a system and a wealth of games
    The Last Of Us Prize Pack, which includes the Post Pandemic Edition, The Last Of Us polo shirt, and The Last Of Us Infected Bust
    Tearaway charms
    PS4 t-shirts
    …and more!
    Follow @HeyPlayStation for all of the details on the giveaways and contests

We want to say a big THANK YOU to our longtime fans that lined up for our past consoles and are planning on lining up again for PS4. None of this would be possible without your support, and we hope you enjoy the PS4 as much as we do.

PlayStation Nation – the wait for the PS4 is almost over. Greatness Awaits all of you!

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  • So gonna go to midnight launch at Best Buy.

  • Got my ps4 and KZ pre ordered and paid off.

    Now for the love of jebus please just list the complete launch Drop already, waiting for Friday makes no sense since you would want gamers to have time to prepare/plan their purchases.

  • Very cool :-)

    I’ve been at all the PlayStation launches and I’ll be at the midnight launch for the PS4. This is harder to wait for than when I was a kid waiting for Christmas lol

    I saw a picture on the Internet of PS4s of skids as far as the eye could see…it was so beautiful :-)
    I’m soooo ready for the next generation but still loving the PS3 too…I have loads of games yet to get caught up on :-)

    Thank you Sony for all the amazing fun since the PS1.,,I know the fun will keep continuing with PS4 and long after too.

    Greatness Awaits

  • Ah yes the PS4 is on its way very quickly, out of all the people on here who is actually getting the system? PS4 day 1 shipping I’m out

  • Wish I lived in San Fran to be a part of this event. Unfortunately i am here on the East Coast and will not be able to attend.

  • Took a day off from work to camp out for my ps2.
    Called out sick to line up day 1 to get my ps3.
    Will be at midnight launch @Jamaica Queens NY Gamestop to pick up my ps4.
    Greatness Awaits.
    As always, Keep on Gaming.

  • I pre-ordered my 4 the very day it was made available at my local “Game Stop” hear in upstate NY. The local Game Stop GM’s here in town have the county and town police on hand for the midnight release events and boy am I ever glad about that. I can’t wait for the system (been waiting sense it was announced) I got Knack, Killzone, Assassins Creed, Lego Marvel Super Heros, Watch Dogs (to bad we gotta wait till June) an extra controller, all paid in full. I have had a spot singled out and ready to go with an HDMI and digital optical cabling so all I have to do is “plug & play”… Greatness Awaits!

  • OH! Right! I just remembered that I’ll be sick on Friday. Odd how that coincides with the PS4’s launch. Must be a spout of good luck.
    Oh, well. It’ll be the only day I’ve missed of school all year so far.

  • I did not pre order it’s sold out everywhere can you still come by and try to win?

  • @#49xscorpionx- that really sucks about them canceling your preorder. I know on the website there’s a few people that are thinking about canceling their PS4 preorder from Amazon. If you wanted one, go there and look in the PS4 PreOrder Thread. Won’t cost you any extra either. Also I think BestBuy is supposed to be getting a lot of extra systems in, but you would have to camp for one I’m sure.

    I’ve had mine preordered and paid off since the announcement at E3. Picking up 6-7 games this week, along with an extra DualShock4 and the camera. There’s so many good deal this week for PS4 games/accessories. Target, Best Buy, Amazon, and ToysRUs all have deals! There’s no reason not to purchase some extra games. Was only planing on buying 3 games, but I can not pass up the deals. Seriously how often did the DualShock3 go on sale? Especially at launch!

  • im not buying a ps4 until it can do everything the ps3 can. music specifically. i can live with no backwards compatability, but not being able to play music….bullocks.

    (note: i am currently a music unlimited member, and happily so. but the idea of beeing FORCED to use it bothers me)

    come on sony. you were on the ball, but your dropping it just short of the goal line.

  • I saw the reviews and technical specifications for the playstation4 here >

    really impressed, gonna buy it as soon as its released !!!!

  • Freaking campers lol

  • Sure would be nice if we could put are own music on this epic system, AKA MP3/MP4 support…
    be even better if we could take our saved game play videos and put them on a pc. No point in even recording except just to show off to people in the room. I don’t use face book, i don’t use twitch because i don’t live broad cast. i just want to edit my footage and then post it…. make it look good…. pleas fix this…

    it would mean the world to me.

  • Greatness Arrives…

  • I wish I was in san francisco.. they r gonna have so much fun..

  • We don’t need a PS4 preorder at this location in order to participate, do we?

  • I have a technical question about the PS4.

    Currently I live in California, however in a few months ill be moving to Japan.
    Currently as it stands with the PS3 I can use my same U.S NTSC PS3 to both play Japanese NTSC-J or American NTSC disc based games and or download games from either the U.S Playstation Store or by making a Japanese account, buy games from the Japanese Playstation Store.

    My question is, will the PS4 operate in the same fashion? I have read that PS4 for disc based games is region free, however I no nothing of the account creation and if the PS4’s region of origin is locked down to using either the U.S or Japanese Playstation Store.
    Are their any location-based restrictions that would block me?

    Basically my dilemma is that I wish to be able to buy a Japanese PS4 when I get to Japan and not worry about online service based region locking so that I can still access and make purchases from the U.S Store.

    I hope I can get this question answered so I know when to make my purchase!

    Thank you! –Alex

  • Can anyone tell me where i can find the pictures they took? isn’t really helpful since it updates constantly and its been a few weeks since the launch event i SF.
    If anyone has knowledge of photo albums and such please let me know. I know i was in a couple of good ones :P.
    Especially when we were downstairs gaming.

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