PlayStation 4 Launch Events – San Francisco and More

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PlayStation 4 Launch Events – San Francisco and More

Hard to believe, but PlayStation 4’s North American launch is mere days away. We’re tremendously excited for everyone to pick up the system starting Nov. 15 and help usher in the next generation of gaming. If you want to be among the first to pick up a PS4 – and if you are reading the PlayStation Blog, it’s a safe bet that you do – retailers across the country will be open when the clock strikes midnight on Nov. 15. Check out the information below to find a store nearest you.

In addition, we are doing something extra special for the PS4 launch in our home turf of San Francisco. We’ll be at the GameStop on 830 Market Street near San Francisco’s Union Square in full force with a midnight launch event.

PlayStation 4

We have fun activities planned for attendees, including contests for the chance to win PS4’s, PS Vita’s, games, and more. You’re invited to show your PS pride and come dressed up as your favorite character, whether that’s Nathan Drake, Sweet Tooth, Kratos, or even Knack (good luck with that costume!).

Spike TV will also broadcast from the San Francisco event as part of our live PS4 All Access: Greatness Awaits launch event. The show starts in New York City on November 14th at 11:00pm Eastern Time/Pacific Time on regular cable providers and 11pm Eastern Time/8pm Pacific Time on DirecTV and streaming.

Here’s how to find a PS4 at midnight in your hometown:

  • Best Buy – Many Best Buy stores around the country will have midnight PS4 events. Visit their Midnight Store Openings page to find one nearest you.
  • GameStop – All eligible GameStop stores will remain open the evening of November 14 for the midnight release of PS4. For a complete listing of all U.S. GameStop store locations, visit
  • Walmart – Walmart stores will hold PS4 midnight events at locations across the country. Visit Walmart’s store locator to find your nearest store, and call to ask whether they are holding a PS4 midnight event.
  • Meijer – Select Meijer stores will be hosting PS4 midnight events. Visit to learn more.
  • Sony Store – Sony Stores will hold PS4 midnight events at locations across the country. Visit their store locator to find your nearest store, and call to ask whether they are holding a PS4 midnight event. Or, click here for a list of stores opening at midnight.

Here are the details of our San Francisco event:

PS4 San Francisco Launch Event
  • Location:
    830 Market St, San Francisco
  • Date/time:
    Activities start at 6:00pm
  • Activities:
    PS4 demos & contests
    Wear your PS gear, bring your PS Vita, and show your PlayStation pride.
    Food trucks
  • Giveaways include:
    PS4 Grand Prize Pack, which includes a PS4 signed by Jack Tretton, and a Mark Cerny autographed Knack poster
    PS Vita Prize Pack, which includes a system and a wealth of games
    The Last Of Us Prize Pack, which includes the Post Pandemic Edition, The Last Of Us polo shirt, and The Last Of Us Infected Bust
    Tearaway charms
    PS4 t-shirts
    …and more!
    Follow @HeyPlayStation for all of the details on the giveaways and contests

We want to say a big THANK YOU to our longtime fans that lined up for our past consoles and are planning on lining up again for PS4. None of this would be possible without your support, and we hope you enjoy the PS4 as much as we do.

PlayStation Nation – the wait for the PS4 is almost over. Greatness Awaits all of you!

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  • Will Antonio Banderas show up at any of these events?

  • Any chance of an online stream? These things will help me past the long overly excited sleepless night that will be thursday night while I anticipate Friday.

    If not I guess there is always gametrailers event.

  • To bad you can’t let the reigns off of to send their consoles out so they arrive on the 14th.

  • I want it to be Thursday night already!!!!! Greatness awaits!!

  • antoniobanderas.gif!

  • These launch events are great unless your like me and didn’t preorder PS4 dues to the fact Playstation held system info until last week. Go Sony I’ll buy one next year maybe and I’m still not buying a Vita

  • this is you boy J-tight from the tester season 3 and im going to be there

  • I want a PS4 t-shirt, I’ll take any PS4 swag… to bad i live in Philadelphia :(

  • When will I get my pre-ordered PS4? Friday before noon?

  • Working till 10pm that day. thankfully i have mine pre-ordered and paid for as well so just need to show up and get my console!

  • Im locked in! I will be at Best Buy a few hours early. Not feeling the back of the line thing.

  • Will there be a playstation protection plan for playstation 4?
    how much will it cost?
    how long will it last?

  • Would you like me to sign any autographs?

  • i’ll be at my local gamestop to pick up my console around 11:40pm. not really in the mood for any partying though. just want to get in and get out as fast as

  • Where did all of the PS4 pre-order’s go on the PSN store?

    Also didn’t we have till the 12th to pre-order Warframe for the bonus?

    Look up this post made Nov 7th for more details:
    Warframe PS4 Pre-order Bonuses Detailed
    Posted by Pat Kudirka // Associate Producer, Digital Extremes 2013 11 07 warframe-ps4-pre-order-bonuses-detailed

  • I live in the U.S. Virgin Island and there are no launch events here….So all of you who are going to any ps4 midnight event have fun for me too.

  • I’ll be at GameStop here in NY !!

  • Here’s hoping the PS4 becomes THE CONSOLE of this generation, just like the ps2 did!

  • Am I only one wait till Christmas to get this amazing console I feel left out :(

  • Unfortunatly i wont be able to get one at launch (Damn you college) but i will still be celebrating by watching the livestream with friends

  • Oh, boy its happening …! I’m ready !

  • Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit’ssssssssssss… CAMPERS TIME! >8D.
    I gotta wait until november 29th -.-.

  • @12 I called and talked to someone at Sony and he told me yes they will have an extended protection plan in the PSN store. Not sure how much it’ll cost,or for how long. 2 year extended warranties are the norm.

  • what about all those buy 2 ps4 games get 1 free on amazon etc will the psn store be doing somthing similar for digital games

  • Amazon pre-orders have a garaunteed 8pm est delivery time on 11/15. Are you kidding me? Why did I not pre-order from Gamestop and get it at midnight? I feel like a noob. #fail

  • Sony needs to sell those sexy PlayStation pillows at the NY press event. I’d buy two.

  • Is it cool if we just come by and hang out and try to win?

    You know… because we’re too cheap to buy a new console just yet?

  • Can’t wait! :)


  • I can’t afford the PS4 right now (I need a job……badly) and I hope the launch event goes well even in Canada’s Wal-Mart and Best Buy.

  • That first response and reply lol

  • oh snap, dat first post with a gif reply!

  • I sure am glad I pre-ordered Launch edition from amazon. Its supposed to be below freezing where I live so I do not want to stand outside in a long line all night. Ill just be VERY rested when my system gets here Friday. Ill probably wake up at 10am still though, don’t want to leave it on the porch too long!

  • Hopefully UPS doesn’t take all day Friday. Got the Battlefield 4 edition and a few day

  • day one release titles coming.

  • C’mon folks… Make hashtag #Staycation4Playstation4 happen!

  • Wrong place ask, figured it was worth a shot.

    When will be able to download the ps4 os? Was hoping to do so when the psn servers weren’t all jammed up with people downloading games and such

  • I reeeealy wish I had the money right now to get one! Love you sony!

  • Can not wait to get mine at midnight.

  • @J-Tight how’s it going, you’re the 3rd person from the tester I’ve ran into.

    @Bad_Brains yup, they said they’ll be streaming the event on Ustream and here on the blog.

    @Crazymanwalking1 I feel ya…

  • Does anybody know if we can unsync the DS4 from the Playstation 4?
    This was a huge issue with fighting games and actually forced the DS3 to be banned from larger fighting game tournaments. I hope this will not still be an issue.

  • I wonder when we will see the Playstation App for Phones and Tablets. I’ll be keeping my eyes open on the Playstation Blog. Looking forward to the Playstation App coming soon (Hopefully this week). Please let us know.


    PS I’ll be getting my Playstation 4 at Gamestop. It’s already paid for looking forward to getting it on Friday. Played a sample of it and I love it.

  • Yesterday I traded in my ps3 and last two games for ps4 accessories and my first game for ps4! Have had ps4 pre-ordered and paid for as well as some games! I am definitely going to be at midnight launch to pick it all up! So excited! BTW! I am a #travel agent so check out my #website to #BOOK your #vacay at #Peace and love!

  • I am ready for this new Generation to start and will be picking up my PS4 Friday

  • I’ve gotten every Playstation console and handheld on its launch day and I will keep the streak going on Friday!

  • Midnight at Gamestop in AZ! Getting/have CoD:Ghosts, BF4, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Need for Speed: Rivals, and all the free games and maybe more. Add me on PS4! Adults only please.

    -Brought to you by ‘Not a Hater Industries’.

  • I won’t be able to get my PS4 until Christmas. Greatness will Await me for another month I guess, but I will enjoy watching my fellow gamers pick up their PS4s on launch day/midnight!

  • I’ll be watching the livestream while hanging out at my local Gamestop. Lucky for me, I’m on the west coast, so the livestream will help me kill time until midnight over here, haha. It’s gonna be awesome!

  • Ugh, it’s so painful to read about all of these pre-release info when I had my PS4 preordered since June only to hear that Walmart canceled my order this past week for some stupid f%#king reason. I died a little inside when I heard this because now, there’s no where to buy one (I’m not spending $700 on ebay, that’s just dumb). Please, Sony, restock more systems as soon as possible!

  • Greatness awaits indeed. That first post and response is classic lol

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