Warframe PS4 Pre-order Bonuses Detailed

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Warframe PS4 Pre-order Bonuses Detailed

We are less than a week away from the PS4 launch, and the Digital Extremes’ team has been hard at work polishing up Warframe and getting it ready for its debut on launch day, when players turn on their PS4s for the first time. We’re imagining the squeals of delight at the thought of firing that baby up on Day 1…ZOMG!

So, what have we been up to? In addition to working on the game, we’ve also been coming up with ways to help PS4 players get into the game quickly. Not too long ago, we released our special Warframe: Ultimate Fan Pack — a pre-order Pack specifically for PlayStation fans that includes an exclusive PlayStation Braton Rifle weapon skin, 50 Platinum, and 20,000 Credits. With this pack you’ll be able to get a step ahead of the enemy, and take advantage of items in the Market utilizing your Credits and Platinum (and look good doing it with your PlayStation branded Braton Rifle). Oh, and did we mention the pre-order and everything in the pack are absolutely free?

To get this pack on launch day (or when you get your PS4), you’ll have to pre-order Warframe either through SEN on the web, or through PlayStation Store on your PS3 — found in the PS4 section — by November 12th.

Remember, Warframe is free-to-play, so really you’re just reserving this pack to be added to your Warframe account once you download the game when PS4 launches. Once you get your PS4, log online, and download Warframe to unleash your inner ninja.

Warframe on PS4, 03

Warframe on PS4, 02Warframe on PS4, 01

We’ve also added tons of new content and polish to the game since we revealed it at E3; including new planets, modes, weapons, and Warframes. Most importantly, we’re super excited to see how the PlayStation community embraces all the tweaks and additions we’ve made. We still have a few surprises lined up as launch draws closer and days turn to hours. More information about Warframe, its story, and its universe will soon be revealed. This includes a new trailer for the PS4 launch exclusive, which we teased above.

So what about post-launch? DE will continue to bring more stuff to the community, including PS+ members, so keep an eye out. We expect to have regular content updates on PS4 similar to what we’ve done with the PC Beta, and we’ll keep you up to date through Facebook, Twitter and the official PS4 Forums, which will go live on launch day at www.warframe.com. Join the community and tell us what you think of the game; constant updates mean fast fixes and changes based on your feedback!

So, that’s it for now, thanks for reading, and we hope to see you in the game on November 15th. <Squeal!>

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  • hmmmm. Did someone hack Sony again? Item not availabe on PS3 Sen store. Page not found on web SEN store. PSN web page wont let me log in. Bad Gateway.

  • 1) I’m glad I’m not the only one with this problem (still not good though). I too just heard about this today and came straight here to pre-order it, but nothing works.

    2) The article clearly states: “To get this pack on launch day (or when you get your PS4), you’ll have to pre-order Warframe either through SEN on the web, or through PlayStation Store on your PS3 — found in the PS4 section — by November 12th.”

    To reiterate, we all should be able to pre-order Warframe until November 12. Sony better fix this or I’m contacting support ASAP.

  • link is broken for me, i would love to preorder…

  • Trying to pre – order this on PS3 and it won’t let me. It says not available at this time. Please help PSN!

  • Like the rest…can NOT pre-order this through the Playstation Store or SEN on the web :(

  • It can’t be found on the web and on PS Store it says this content cannot be viewed. What gives? Everywhere has been hyping this up and it doesn’t work, go figure. I hope that it’s fixed before the November 12th Date.

  • It won’t let me preorder the game on either the ps3 or the web store

  • Thanks for not helping us figure out how/why we can’t pre-order this admins! YOU RULE!

  • STILL not working. STILL no response from Sony.
    “Hey guys we have this cool thing for you guys. You only have 1 week to get it. Oh! BTW you have no way of actually getting it! and we are going to completely ignore any all problems related to this post! Cheers!

  • I tried to the per-order link, but it says page not found. ;__;

  • Anyone know how to pre oreder Warframe? I searched for it via PS3 and the Sony site. Doesn’t give a pre order option. Thanks.

  • Is the reason nobody can pre-order this because this offer is only available to US residents?

    If this is the case, it might be helpful if you mentioned that in the article.

    The article states “To get this pack on launch day (or when you get your PS4), you’ll have to pre-order Warframe either through SEN on the web, or through PlayStation Store on your PS3 — found in the PS4 section — by November 12th.” The link in the article does not work and as for the PS4 section of the PS Store…. well there isn’t a PS4 section in the EU PS Store.

  • MEZAIAL, I am in the U.S. and can’t do it either. Reading other comments after I posted yesterday it seems their is just something wrong. I noticed the site was done for quite some time a day or two ago. I think they changed something and broke it. Hopefully it will get fixed soon. I really want to get the “per-order” bonus.

  • I’m in the US and same thing, the page doesn’t exist and when I search for Warframe, I get a page with info for the game, but no links to pre-order the game or nothing.

  • I’m in the US too, been checking everyday for the last 4 days…What’s going on SEN/PSN admins? anyone try calling them or emailing support yet? That’s probably going to be my next move before the 12th…

  • It’s really bumming me out that I can’t pre-order Warframe. I hope we can still qualify for these bonuses, since this is clearly a mistake on Sony’s part. What’s most upsetting is the fact that no one is responding to all these requests for help.

  • DACLOUD804 I’m having the same issue and wanted to email in, but I can’t even find a spot to do that. And support just wants you to search through the pre-set stuff.

  • I’m live chatting with support now guys…let’s see how that goes

  • *Update on my last comment.
    From the support rep, “Thank you for your patience. At this time, I am unable to locate the game for purchase on the PlayStation Store. You may wish to check back on Tuesday, when the weekly update occurs. If the game is still not yet available for purchase. I would suggest contacting the publisher of that title.”

    Me: the problem there is that the preorder incentive were only up to the 12th, so we don’t have any guarantees that we’ll still get the bonuses if we get it after Tuesday.
    Rep: Due to the urgency of your request, you may wish to contact the publisher at your convenience.
    Me: any suggestions on how to do that?
    Rep: Their website is https://warframe.com/ However, I am unable to locate any contact information.
    Me: so was there an issue with the psn store?
    Rep: The PlayStation Store is working just fine. It only means that the title has been removed for purchase.
    Me: but we don’t know why?
    Rep.: The content is made available by the publishers.
    Me: ok, I’ll try them somehow, thank you
    Rep: I do not have any additional information about this title. I am sorry.

    I’ll try the publisher then…will report back later guys

  • @68 please let us know how that goes…. Maybe I will give them a call so they realize this is affecting everybody…

  • I posted my conversation, but it’s “awaiting moderation”, but basically they said its on the publisher, not SEN or PSN, to remove the content, so I created a support request on Warframe’s member site.

  • “Unfortunately, if the items are no longer available for pre-order on the store there is no way to pre-order the content. I do apologize, but the only thing that I can suggest doing is checking the store at a later time.” Was the reply i got from PSN :/ so going to try and get a hold of the Warframe people themselves.

  • Can’t believe the deadline was 5 days but that it only took 2 days (give or take) for the pre-order deal to be over… Assuming that’s what happened here. Even if it’s not what happened, it’s quite unprofessional of the parties involved not to address the issue and letting everyone know about it.

    Oh well…

  • Okay, this is really starting to get annoying. Now not only is the “PS4 Pre-orders” page not loading on the SEN webstore, the entire link is gone from the webpage now. You can no longer even see a listing for Pre-Orders, even though this offer was supposed to be in effect until November 12th. I don’t care what their support says, Sony messed this up, and they need to get us the pre-orders back. Why would they remove them for EVERY single game that was on the store? This isn’t on ED, this is on Sony. Plain and simple.

  • Er, typo… Meant DE, not ED… Digital Extremes… they are most likely completely not at fault here. Hopefully…

  • This game looks so awesome! Can’t wait until Friday to play this among other great games on PS4!

  • I pre-ordered it before they started announcing all the benefits, then it vanished from my Queue. I just talked with someone from Sony who never heard of any of the problems about Warframe which well I’m not the only one apparently. He said the site updates every Tuesday and it should be back then if not well at least it’s still a free game right? =^_^=

  • @Kurayune Well, yeah… all things considered, it’s after all a free game in the end :)

  • It’s in the PSN store. Go to Games > Coming Soon > PS4 Pre Orders.. then you should see Warframe on the list

  • It’s not letting me pre-order any PS4 games. The link’s no longer exist. Very sad. I wanted to get Warframe and Knack but now I can’t.

  • The link doesn’t work, but it IS in the PS store

  • Woops, bad punctuation. Anyway, please fix. We were told we could pre-order at any time before Tuesday and it is Monday.

  • @81 SinnEternal: I tried looking first. I tried the link when I couldn’t find it anywhere. Is it not visible on the web store? Should I go on my PS3?

  • Yeah on the PS3 … I just happened to run across it about 5-6 mins ago. follow the trail I left up on post 79

  • Hmm, thanks. I thought the two stores were pretty much in sync. Oh well. At least there’s a way. Good thing I own a PS3. Not everyone getting a PS4 has a PS3.

  • Good find SinnEternal.

    And THANKS! Strange it’s not in the ps3-ps4 part where they have a tile and video of the game.

    Also to add to the strange I got an email from playstation today that had a “Get Ready” button. Clicked it and it had accessories and games to pre-order. Warframe was listed but was same broken link at SEN site.

  • I wanted to pre-order but was unable to. Leaving a post here so maybe if we get lucky Sony will fix this for everyone that wanted to but could not, which appears to be most people.

  • I was really hoping to preorder this game yesterday and kinda sucks we wont get the bonuses. Hopefully they will figure this thing out before its too late. =/

  • Well that sucks, I been trying to do this for about 4 days from website can’t do it from my ps3 cause I got rid of it >.<

  • Damn, missed it by one day

  • It’s ridiculous they are not honoring the bonus pack, I’ve been trying for a week to get the pack by pre ordering and it was never available, I may just end up passing on this game after this much effort just to get a silly pack

  • Yes it will be cross platform once the game builds are synced. You can transfer your PC account to PS4 once that happens but it’s a one way trip. You can’t transfer it back to PC again.

  • Bummer, I never heard of this game until I looked at free to play games in the playstation store when I got my PS4. Missed the preorder bonus by 3 days. Boooo!

  • I mean, yeah, I’ve been trying for a week to get the pack by pre ordering and it was never available. This sucks, and hopefully I get it too later….blink…blink

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